Cinco De Mayo 2023 History, Message, Wish and Status

Cinco de Mayo is an annual celebration held on May 5, commemorating the anniversary of the conquest of Mexico by the 6th Emperor of Mexico General Ignacio led by Zaragoza. The victory of a small, poorly equipped Mexican force against a larger and better-armed French army boosted the morale of the Mexicans. Zaragoza died a few months after the battle from an illness, and a larger French force eventually defeated the Mexican army at the Second Battle of Puebla and captured Mexico City.

However, this was not the end of the war and as the American Civil War ended the Union began lending money and guns to Mexican liberals, pushing France and Mexican conservatives to the brink of defeat. At the opening of the French Chamber in January 1866, Napoleon III announced that he would withdraw French troops from Mexico.  In response to a French request for American neutrality, American Secretary of State William H. Seward replied that French withdrawal from Mexico should be unconditional.

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History Of Cinco De Mayo.

Let’s start by clearing up the biggest misconception: No, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less important or remarkable than it actually is, because the history behind it highlights the importance of the entire North American landscape. An economically struggling Mexico was intervened for a second time by the French, who hoped to gain control of the Latin American country under the rule of Napoleon III.

The French general, Charles de Laurence, directed his army toward the capital, Mexico City, with the intention of overthrowing Mexican President Benito Juarez. But things did not go as planned, as they encountered fierce resistance, culminating in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Even with their forces half the number of their opponents, the Mexican army led by Ignacio Zaragoza was able to.  Successfully defeated the French army at Puebla, just 70 miles from Mexico City.

Juárez declared Cinco de Mayo a national holiday. Although the battle was not a major strategic victory in itself, and the French took control of Mexico in 1864, it lifted the spirits of the Resistance and helped secure an alliance with the Americans to successfully withdraw Napoleon’s forces. Because it is believed that the French probably aided the Confederacy in the Civil War, Mexico’s resistance probably changed the history of the United States.

Pro-Union Mexican citizens in the state of California celebrated the victory at the Battle of Puebla widely, seeing it as a victory for the Union cause, later formalizing and spreading annual celebrations throughout California and among Mexican-Americans.

Why Cinco De Mayo Is Celebrated

Cinco de Mayo has become associated with Mexican America cultural celebrations. The celebration originated in California, where it has been celebrated annually since 1863. The day gained nationwide popularity beyond the Mexican American tradition in the 1980s due to advertising campaigns by beer, wine, and tequila companies.

Today, Cinco de Mayo sells as much beer as the Super Bowl. In Mexico, war commemorations continue mostly ceremonially, such as through military parades or battle reenactments. The city of Puebla marks the event with various festivals and battle reenactments.

How Cinco De Mayo Is Celebrated?

In Mexico, the festival is marked by historical re-enactments of the Battle of Puebla in the state of Puebla, parades, mariachi music, colorful costumes, and fireworks. It is not a federal holiday, so offices, banks, and shops will be open,” said Dr. Lavariga Monforti. The celebration is more visible in the United States.  Dr. Lavariga Monforti said some communities in the United States, particularly those with roots in the Puebla region, have tried to claim the celebration as their own in recent years.

These efforts are most visible in large cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago, where events are dedicated to celebrating dance, literature, and food from Puebla. In New York City, some Mexican folklore groups are also considering Cinco de Mayo as an opportunity to focus on the historical events and culture of the Puebla region. “It looks that these endeavors are a direct response to the consumerism surrounding Cinco de Mayo.

US presidents also traditionally mark the occasion. President Biden and Jill Biden, the first lady, will host a Cinco de Mayo reception in the Rose Garden on Thursday, with Mexico’s First Lady Beatriz Gutierrez Mueller also in attendance.

Cinco De Mayo Message.

In the United States, this day is widely interpreted as a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage, particularly in areas with significant Mexican American populations. We Have to Send a Message to the Mexican people and the United States for their special day.

  • Celebrating Cinco de Mayo is a must because it is a day to celebrate the gift of freedom that we have been given….  Let us come together and make it a great day and make it memorable day for our young generation.
  • Time to get busy celebrating and feasting… Time to be with your loved ones….  It’s time to enjoy the good times and get busy…it’s Cinco de Mayo, the amigo!!! Warm wishes on this amazing occasion!!!
  • Today is Cinco de Mayo, a day to celebrate the victory of our men. Let us go out and join the parade to honor our brave men who have made us proud.
  • Cinco de Mayo celebrations are incomplete without singing songs of joy. We were all winners that day
  • Let us add more colors of joy and happiness to the celebration of Cinco de Mayo We sing loudly and parade with great pride to make this day a glorious one. Have a nice day!!!

Cinco De Mayo Wish.

Chicano activists raised awareness of the holiday in the 1960s, as they identified it with the victory of indigenous Mexicans (such as Juarez) against European invaders during the Puebla War. This day is very important to Mexicans day we should send greeting messages to all Mexicans on this day.

  • Make Cinco de Mayo even more fun by shouting out that we are free on this auspicious day. Let us stand with great pride and salute the brave men who gave their lives for our freedom. Warm wishes for this day.
  • Today is the day to thank all the heroes who brought us the best gift. To those who brought us freedom. let us celebrate this great day with fervor and joy, cheer and joy. Wishing you a very happy day.
  • On the wonderful occasion of Cinco de Mayo, let us come together to give thanks to all the heroes who fought to give us our freedom. Let us celebrate, sing and dance together.
  • There is no greater gift than the gift of freedom and Cinco de Mayo is the day we all became free and were promised a glorious future.
  • Today is Cinco de Mayo… the day to proudly call yourself Mexican. It is a day to march with your head held high, dance, sing and have fun with your loved ones.

Cinco De Mayo Status.

Nowadays we all are connected with each other through social media if we share different statuses about this then everyone will be interested in the importance of the day and will be interested to celebrate this day and our future generation will know about the history and they will. Let’s keep the continuity of observing this day, and let’s know what kind of communication we can share.

  • Let us celebrate this day by promising ourselves that the sacrifices of our heroes will not be in vain and that we will enjoy our freedom with the utmost responsibility.
  • “It’s a day to observe, and expansion joy and happiness because it’s the best way to thank all our heroes for bringing us freedom!!!”
  • “We must celebrate Cinco de Mayo with excitement and joy as we must celebrate the glory our heroes brought to our nation.

Cinco De Mayo Quotes.

A quotation giving the estimated cost for a particular service. And it is related to life. Now I am telling you some quotes which are related to Cinco de Mayo Now let’s talk about Cinco Day Mayo.

  • Cinco de Mayo is historically significant, but it is not Mexican Independence Day.” — Kuno Becker.
  • “Cinco de Mayo is an important day. The Mexicans had to defend themselves from the French.” — Kuno Becker.
  • “I can think of many reasonable excuses for needing a cocktail, but Cinco De Mayo is always a no-brainer.” — Rachel Hollis.
  • People ask me all the time, ‘What do you do for Cinco de Mayo?’” — Marcela Valladolid.
  • Every year, thousands of Americans mistakenly refer to Cinco de Mayo as Mexico’s Independence Day.” — Joe Baca.

FAQ About Cinco De Mayo.

Which Date do We Celebrate Cinco De Mayo?

Ans: We Celebrate Cinco De Mayo on May 5. Source-Wikipedia

Why We Celebrate Cinco De Mayo?

Ans: Cinco de Mayo has become associated with Mexican-American cultural celebrations.

Cinco de Mayo is sometimes mistaken for Mexican Independence Day the most important national holiday in Mexico, which is celebrated on September 16, commemorating the Cry of Dolores in 1810, Cinco de Mayo Entertainment has been mentioned and featured in the media and has become an increasingly global celebration of Mexican culture, cuisine, and heritage.