Lubna Khondokar

Lubna Khondokar

World Oral Health Day 2024

World Oral Health Day

Some days are celebrated in different countries on certain days of each month every year.  All these days are celebrated to remember an important event of the past or to create public awareness about important issues on that particular day. …

Happy World Math’s Day 2024

World Math’s Day

World Math’s Day is celebrated on March 14th to show everyone how important mathematics is in our lives. Mathematics is essential to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  For example, mathematical models are used to understand global change and…

St. David’s Day 2024

St. David's Day

St. David’s Day is the patron saint of Wales and is celebrated on March 1.  589 falls on the date of St. David’s death.  The festival has been celebrated regularly since David’s canonization by Pope Calixtus II in the 12th…

National Safety Day 2024

National Safety Day

March 4 is National Safety Day.  As the name suggests, one of the main features of the day is safety awareness.  The National City Council of India has confirmed this day to raise awareness in the field of safety.  The…