Happy World Sleep Day 2024

This day is observed on the third Friday of March every year. this year  17 march is World Sleep Day.

Every year the World Sleep Society raises awareness about the need for sleep and its impact on society through World Sleep Day.

 Sleep is an essential human physiological process.  Moderate sleep ensures good health.  It also reduces the risk of various diseases including heart disease.  It is necessary to sleep six to seven hours every day.  With this specific sleep, we can start the day with a healthy feeling every morning.  Insomnia causes various physical problems in the body.

 45% of the world’s population is at risk of health problems due to lack of sleep!

If the night sleep is not good, immunity decreases, children lose memory, and intelligence decreases.  Adults suffer from heart and nerve problems.  The risk of obesity, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s increases.  The World Health Organization has now declared the problem of “sleep loss” an “epidemic”.  The World Health Organization (WHO) says “chronic sleep deprivation” increases the risk of cancer.

History of World Sleep Day

Since 2008, the World Association of Sleep Medicine has decided to celebrate World Sleep Day to highlight the importance of sound sleep.  The day is observed every year on the Friday before the equinox in March.[1] The main objective of the day is to highlight the need for good sleep for health and insomnia and its treatment, prevention, and education.

So today is World Sleep Day among many days.  Since 2008, the day has been celebrated in many countries of the world.  The theme of this year’s World Sleep Day is ‘Quality Sleep, Healthy Mind, Happy World’.

 The World Sleep Day Committee of the World Association of Sleep Medicine celebrated this day for the first time.  The main objective of this committee is to make people aware of the physical and mental damage caused by lack of sleep.

 So get regular sleep to keep yourself healthy.  Keep yourself worry-free.  Avoid greed and be content with what you have.  Devote yourself to the service of humanity.  There is no substitute for a healthy and beautiful life.

How do people celebrate World Sleep Day?

Even though National Sleep Day is not celebrated in detail among the extra festivals, it is very important for the science of medicine. To this day, they try to reach the message to the general public.  The day is celebrated as a message to observe all these festivals so it is very important in our life so mainly the national day is celebrated on this day prominent people make the common people aware about sleep.

The main purpose of celebrating this day is to highlight the important aspects of sleep among the common people and to make people understand how important sleep is in human life. To understand this day, health scientists give messages in different ways and highlight the need for sleep in front of people like this.

Keeping the body healthy in busy life has become a challenge.  Many people go to bed too late after finishing work.  Many people can’t take their eyes off their smartphones.  As a result, many people sleep very late.  But experts recommend at least eight hours of sleep every night.  If you sleep less than this, nothing is surprising about tiredness in the morning and laziness throughout the day.  Not only that, it is dangerous to go to sleep on your own time!

 Apart from that, not sleeping at night only means that fatigue remains.  But it is not.  Night sleep takes care of the body in many ways.  And that is why it is said to pay special attention to night sleep.  If you do not sleep at night, it is difficult to work the next day.  With this, much more damage starts to occur inside the body.  It may not be felt in one day.  But slowly available.  On the other hand, regular good sleep also benefits the body.

1.  Boosts Immunity: Many people get colds and coughs after a few nights of sleep deprivation.  It is not surprising.  Sleep boosts immunity.  And lack of sleep reduces immunity.  So lack of sleep increases the tendency to get infections.

 2.  Helps in weight control: Good sleep keeps the metabolic rate in check.  And it becomes weak due to lack of sleep.  Many people think that exercising with less sleep will lead to weight loss.  That’s not right.  Losing weight is not easy if the metabolism rate is not good.  So sleep is very important to keep weight under control.

This day is mainly observed by various health workers and health scientists to make people aware of these requirements, through which the need for sleep can reach people and how sleep is beneficial for our health.

World Sleep Day quotes

Sleep is very important for every one of us. A good sleep indicates a good day and we need to sleep for half an hour regularly to refresh our body so that our brain can get proper rest and function well. A good rest is good work and thinking about it.  helps to.  Here are some sleep-day quotes –

Psychologist Anuttama Banerjee says, ‘Just as the charge of the mobile phone runs out, it has to be charged, just like our brain and nervous system have to be charged by ourselves.  We all have our body rhythms and need to sleep accordingly.  In this pandemic situation, many people have changed their sleeping patterns.  Some wake up more at night and sleep more during the day.  Some are the other way around, so we need to sleep as per our physical needs.  The daily sleep should be properly recovered by using the time of waking properly.’

 According to social activist Ratnavali Roy, he loves to sleep by himself.  So the need for sleep is always different for him.  He works with mental patients all over the state.  He said they make everyone eat and sleep according to the rules.

 He also says that many people think that people who sleep more mean lazy people, they may not be right.  Maybe they collect the energy of the body through sleep.  And if someone takes a nerve drug, he falls into excessive sleep, but not.  As we fight the battle of life, somewhere we all get a little helpless at times, and there is nothing more comforting than sleep.’

  • The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.” – Joseph Kosman
  • “A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book” – Irish Proverb
  • “Man should forget his anger before going to sleep.”  – Mahatma Gandhi
  • “Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep.”  – Mesut Barzani
  • “Sleep is the best meditation.”  – The Dalai Lama.

World Sleep Day messages

Sleep plays an important role in human brain health.  According to public health experts, a healthy diet and adequate sleep are essential to a healthy body.  For this, it is very important to sleep at the right time.

Doctors say that good sleep has a close link with memory.  Usually in old age memory loss naturally occurs, and mental weakness also develops.  Therefore, many people suffer from insomnia in old age.  If a person sleeps regularly in middle age, he can reap its benefits in old age.

 Besides, adequate sleep keeps the heart healthy.  Keeps weight under control.  Sleeping too much or too little will affect your life expectancy.  A 2010 study found that the majority of women who died between the ages of 50 and 79 died because of either too little or too little sleep.

Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and premature aging cause burning sensation in the body.  Research shows that people who sleep 6 hours or less a night are more likely to suffer from such problems.  Because the amount of inflammatory protein in their blood increases.  A 2010 study found that people who sleep less have higher levels of C-reactive protein, which increases the risk of heart attacks.

So in this world sleep day send a good sleep night Message to your favorite one.

  • As you lay straight on your bed. You need a healthy sleep in this position. Happy World Sleep Day. And good night to you.
  • Touch your heart and make a wish. And go for a sleep with sweet dream. Happy World Sleep Day.
  • As I’m sending a lovely good night, sealed with a kiss. I wish you have a healthy sleep tonight. Happy World Sleep Day.

World Sleep Day Status

If you’re a gamer, one of your weapons of success is undoubtedly sleeping.  According to a Stanford University study, college football players who slept 10 hours a night increased their stamina several times after 6-8 weeks.  All fatigue goes away.

Sleeping on your back is best.  Because it helps to reduce the stress on your spine and relaxes the whole body at the same time.  However, ensure a neutral position of your head, neck, and spine.  If one has lower back pain then sleeping this way will reduce the intensity of the pain. While side sleeping is good, it is not always comfortable.  Place a pillow between your knees.  If you sleep without a pillow, it creates more pressure on your spine. We just need proper sleep for healthy life. Sleep in your comfort place on your comfort position but make sure you have a healthy sleep. Post a happy sleep status on your timeline today.

  • Touch your heart and say a silent prayer. And forget your habit of insomonia. Happy World Sleep Day.
  • Today sleep in peace, because a new dawn means a new day. Happy World Sleep Day.
  • Sleep tight as I wish today. Good Night. Wishing you a Happy World Sleep Day.

World Sleep Day Wishes

Better prevention and management of sleep disorders will reduce sleep-related problems in society. So sleep is very important to our daily life. here are some wishes-

  • May lord bless you with good sleep and good health. Happy World Sleep Day.
  • I know you are so tired and weary . Wish you a healthy sleep tonight sweetheart. Happy World Sleep Day.
  • May you have a great sleep tonight. It’s important for you. Don’t think to much. Forget your all stress and go for a healthy sleep. Happy World Sleep Day too you.

FAQ about World Sleep Day

What is the date of World Sleep Day?

17 March. Source Wikipedia.

Why do people celebrate this day?

the World Sleep Society raises awareness about the need for sleep and its impact on society through World Sleep Day.

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Sleep is an essential human physiological process.  Moderate sleep ensures good health.  It also reduces the risk of various diseases including heart disease.  It is necessary to sleep six to seven hours every day. According to public health experts, a healthy diet and adequate sleep are essential to a healthy body.  For this, it is very important to sleep at the right time. Happy World Sleep Day too all.