World Water Day 2023 History, Significance, Benefits, Quotes and Status

World Water Day is celebrated on 22 March every year. The day has been fixed as a special day to raise awareness for protecting clean water. World Water Day, people around the world are considered a day to raise public awareness of the importance of clean water and to protect water as a vital resource.

As people grow older, they understand how important water is in our lives. Everyone knows that good health cannot be maintained without pure water. Because of that, various campaigns to stop water wastage are seen every day somewhere or the other. Today it’s time to explain the importance of water once again.

Because today is World Water Day is celebrated around the world. Water is a very important part of our life.  It is used for irrigation, cooking, washing, drinking, etc. Water is essential for maintaining good health as it helps regulate body temperature, conduct normal functions, aid digestion, and flush out toxins from the body. We must protect our water resources and use them effectively and appropriately. 

History of World Water Day

World Water Day is celebrated on 22 March every year. The day has been fixed as a special day to raise awareness for protecting clean water. World Water Day, people around the world considered as a day to raise public awareness of the importance of clean water and to protect water as a vital resource. World Water Day officially started in 1992.

The issue was adopted at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro. World Water Day is celebrated every year since then.  This day is designated to raise awareness about the importance of clean water.

 Each year a theme related to water is adopted by IGRAC. Campaigns are conducted based on that. There are various sayings about water in the words and books of various famous people, “Pure water is the first and foremost medicine of the world.” This is a Slovak proverb. Again, it is said somewhere ‘water is life don’t waste it’. Water is the most essential element of our life.  A day is designated to signify the importance of that water.

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Significance of World Water Day

It focuses on the importance of water and how to conserve it. We know that water is essential for life, without water we cannot live. Up to 60% of the adult human body is water. All plants and animals need water to survive. Without water, there would be no life on earth. Therefore, it must be understood that natural resources are important for sustaining life on earth. Climate change damages the environment and ecosystems and results in water scarcity.

Due to floods, drought, and water pollution. Plants, soil, rivers, and lakes are degrading. According to the United Nations, the primary goal of this day is to provide clean drinking water and sanitation for all by 2030. Global warming, climate change, and wastage of drinking water – all these factors are reducing the level of fresh water.

Various initiatives are being taken to save water. More Water has enormous and complex value to the existence of our families, food, culture, health, education, economy, and our natural environment.  If we neglect any of these values, we risk destroying this infinite, irreplaceable resource.

How to celebrate World Water Day?

It is impossible to live on earth without water. Humans cannot survive for more than three or four days without drinking water. Up to 60% of an adult’s body is water. Of the planets in our solar system, only Earth has water, so Earth has life. Other planets do not have water. So there is no life on other planets. Water is essential in every aspect of human life. Without water, we cannot move for a moment. Water is needed for the production, processing, and transportation of our daily necessities. Water is life, life is water.

Two-thirds of our earth’s surface is water and one-third is land. But the amount of water for human use and drinking is very limited. 97% of the water on Earth is salt water and only 3% is fresh water. Again, of this 3% freshwater, 68.7% is ice, ice sheets, and glaciers, 30.1% is groundwater and only 0.3% is surface freshwater. Again, 87% of this 0.3% is in various lakes, of which only Lake contains half of the world’s freshwater, 11% is in various swamps and only 2% is in rivers, and canals for the use of the world.

So how insignificant. There is no usable drinking water for humans. But this is the water used by the entire animal world including 7.8 billion people and about 90% of the plant world. We are drinking, using it in daily activities, and using it in agriculture, industry, and fisheries.  Again, how stupidly we are polluting, and poisoning. Therefore, observing World Water Day on March 22 means making the people of the world understand the value of water and how to protect this essential resource in a better way. Let’s know how to celebrate World Water Day this time-

The United Nations and member countries celebrate this day by organizing campaigns and promoting global water conservation through practical activities. Every year this campaign is promoted by UN agencies to encourage people, to understand their water problems and coordinate with the international activities of World Water Day.

UN-Water is also responsible for selecting the theme for World Water Day, as well as distributing the global message, etc. In fact, along with UN members and agencies, various NGOs and non-governmental organizations are involved in promotional activities to make people aware.  All water issues are highlighted during these events and campaigns.

 Therefore, now is the time to step forward and unite to conserve our precious natural resources.

Importance of water for life

Not to mention the importance of water for health. The human body can survive without food for several weeks, but cannot survive without water for more than a few days. So water is very necessary for our survival.

 Hand washing with clean water is essential to keep us sterile and prevent the spread of germs.  Therefore, regular hand washing is the best way to remove germs, not get sick, and prevent spreading germs to others. Clean hands save lives. World Water Day is being celebrated in March this year. On average, 50-65 percent of the human body is water. The most water in the body of children is 78 percent water in the body of newborns.

Every day people need water for drinking, cooking, and maintaining personal health. Water is also inevitably required for sewage treatment. World Health Organization advice: 7.5 liters of water is needed to meet the daily needs of most people under most conditions. As much as 20 liters of water may be needed per person for basic health needs and personal health needs and clean food and drink. In the last decade some progress has been made in this field, 748 million people in this world do not have clean water as drinking water. 248 crore people do not have access to proper sanitation.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that water is a major part of the world’s nature. 1 million people flock to the city every week. One in two people on the planet lives in cities. 93 percent of urbanization is occurring in low- and middle-income countries, and 40 percent of urbanization is occurring in slum areas.  Thousands of kilometers long pipes carry water to the city for supply. Most of the water in these farces is wasted. 

Many cities do not have sewers. These are the challenges. Water use in industries is enormous. It takes more water to build a car than it takes to fill a swimming pool. Water is also food. Water is also needed to produce food. One liter of water is required to irrigate one calorie of food. Collecting water for families in developing countries daily puts a heavy burden on women, who spend 25 percent of the day collecting water.

Many people do not have access to clean water. Due to lack of clean drinking water, lack of proper sanitation, diarrhea, and water-borne diseases due to not washing hands with clean water, 842,000 people die in the world every year, and 2,300 people every day. The lack of clean water is the most in the poorest regions of the world. So that clean water can be provided to many people, various projects are being planned by the wise people of the nation.

World Water Day Quotes

Without clean water, we cannot live. Two-thirds of our body is water. And that is why it is said that the other name for water is life. Sufficient water is necessary to stay healthy and prevent disease. We eat a variety of foods throughout the day and water is the only one of these foods that is fat, sugar, and sugar-free. Our body’s internal organs need water to function properly.

 There is no substitute for clean food and water to stay healthy in human life. Not only humans but animals also need water for a normal life. Humans have struggled to collect clean drinking water since time immemorial. Ensuring the supply of clean drinking water is a major challenge for a healthy life.

Government as well as various organizations are active in providing clean drinking water. We should drink plenty of water every day to live healthily and keep our body cells working properly. In terms of water intake, a person should drink half an ounce of water per pound of body weight per day. There are many famous quotes about drinking water and the importance of water. Today on World Water Day, some quotes are presented to explain the importance of water-

  • “The earth, the air, the land, and the water are not an inheritance from our forefathers but on loan from our children. So we have to handover to them at least as it was handed over to us.” –  Gandhi
  • “A river is more than an amenity, it is a treasure.” – Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes
  • “Water is Life and Clean Water is Means Health.” – Audrey Hepburn
  • “Caring for water is caring for us all.” – The Dharma Trails
  • “In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time.”- Leonardo da Vinci
  • “Always be like water Float in the times of pain or dance like waves along with the wind which touches it “Love, like a river, will cut a new path whenever it meets an obstacle.” – Crystal Middlemas
  • “A drop of water, if it could write out its own history, would explain the universe to us.” – Lucy Larcom
  • “Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.” Conserve water. – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
  • “Water is the driving force of all nature.” Preserve water. – Leonardo da Vinci
  • “Water is the mother of the vine, the nurse and fountain of fecundity, the adorner, and refresher of the world.” – Charles Mackay
  • Water taught lessons that the rest of the world could not. Save Water.

World Water Day Status

This water is the main driving force of our body. Water fills 80% of the calories we consume every day. For some reason, if there is less than 2% of water in any part of the body, we can get heatstroke immediately along with dehydration. Our body needs water in every aspect. Water is the most essential element for the body in regulating body temperature, removing various wastes, digesting food, making blood, and building immunity.

So, we all must practice drinking water regularly. According to experts, we should drink two and a half liters of water every day to stay healthy. If physical exertion is more or the body sweats more, drink more water. Let’s share a useful status on World Water Day making people aware of drinking water. For your convenience, on the occasion of World Water Day, here are some statuses that you can share on your social media accounts today-

  • Drinking a glass of water every morning activates all the organs of the body, drinking water half an hour before eating helps digestion, and drinking a glass of water just before going to sleep reduces the risk of a heart attack. Happy World Water Day everyone.
  • Drinking enough water, there is no alternative to water to prevent headaches, body aches, heart problems, increased heart rate, asthma, kidney and urine problems, vomiting, gastric, diarrhea, and constipation, to remove toxins from the body and to stay free from various diseases including diabetes. Therefore, it is very important to drink enough water daily. Happy World Water Day everyone.
  • We should keep water bottles close at home to drink enough water every day. Keep a bottle of water close at hand on the table or desk at work. Those who work all day long or do heavy work should drink a little more water in between their work. If necessary, water can be mixed with lemon, sugar, and salt. Happy World Water Day to all.
  • We need to think about water sources now. Rivers and canals need to be restored. The government has already launched a crackdown on water pollution and illegal settlers encroaching on rivers. Care must be taken to ensure that industrial waste does not mix with water and pollute water. Happy World Water Day everyone.

FAQ about World Water Day

What is the date of World Water Day?

22 March. Source-Wikipedia

Why is World Water Day celebrated?

The day has been fixed as a special day to raise awareness for protecting clean water. 

What is the theme of World Water Day 2023?

Accelerating Change.”

Drinking water is very important for our bodies. So we should drink enough pure water regularly. Happy World Water Day everyone. Thank you so much for being with us.