Lubna Khondokar

Lubna Khondokar

National Dentist’s Day 2024

National Dentist's Day

Every year, March 6 is celebrated as National Dentist’s Day 2024. National Dentist’s Day is celebrated to appreciate the contribution of dentists to society and at the same time to raise awareness about oral hygiene. Not only is that but National…

World Hearing Day 2024

World Hearing Day

Today is World Hearing Day, and the World Health Organization has warned against hearing loss.  Hearing is very important for daily living.  If we don’t listen properly, communication becomes problematic.  And this problem is not only for the victim, if…

Happy World Compliment Day 2024

World Compliment Day

Today is World Compliment Day. The compliment is a very simple act.  But this is also very difficult.  Because to admire someone, there must be something to admire.  But we are often reticent to praise, even with reason.  But remember…

Happy Bangladesh Independence Day 2024

Bangladesh Independence Day

Humans are born free.  These protests when this birthright of theirs is robbed by others.  They try to establish his freedom in return for everything.  After 200 years of British colonial rule, the Bengali nation had to suffer brutal exploitation…