Blogger Day 2023 History, Significance, Quotes and Status

Blogger Day is celebrated on the 5th of August every year around the world. It is a very famous day. Bloggers around the world come together to celebrate this day. Blogger Day one of the most popular bloggers in the world creates a festive atmosphere.

It is a great platform where you can build your trading system. From contemporary information to politics, sports, technology, lifestyle, and many other things, bloggers are constantly blogging. This is a great way where you can also earn money by publishing your lifestyle. This platform will give you freedom of speech.  Lots of people constantly depend on bloggers for up-to-date information.

And you’re monetizing and growing when people see or listen to your blog. Most people in the world are now familiar with WordPress which is a great platform for creating a blogging website. You can write blogs to entertain people. Blogs can be of any type. Today, thousands of people are achieving financial success from home by writing blogs. It is a great medium of entertainment or a great way to gather information as well as a great platform to earn money for the person writing the blog.

Here you can work completely independently. By publishing a blog on your own website, you can become well-known to people. There is no one to interfere with your activities here. This platform is suitable for independent self-centered people. So, bloggers across the world celebrate Blogger Day to thank this platform. And through Blogger Day let people know that it is possible to be self-centered from this platform.

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History of Blogger Day

On December 17, 1997, a person named “Jorn Barger” first coined the word ‘WEBLOG’.  Later, ‘Peter Merholz’ – jokingly split the word ‘WEBLOG’ into ‘BLOG’ in his blog in April or March of 1999. Since then the use of the term ‘BLOG’ has increased. A person named Evan Williams uses the word BLOG as both a noun and a verb. He coined the term ‘blogger’.

Before the popularity of ‘blogging’, other popular means of ‘digital community’ or ‘online communication’ were Usenet, GEnie, BiX, CompuServe, BBS, etc. Although they were popular at that time, the running conversation was done with difficulty. But thanks to modern blogging, people are now able to maintain social contacts very easily. Blogging has given people an identity of their own. People who blog are called bloggers.

Bloggers may also call themselves ‘Diarists’ or ‘Journalers’.  Justin Hall started personal blogging in 1994. He was studying at ‘Swarthmore College’ then. He is considered to be the oldest blogger in the history of blogging.  Some of the popular blogs running at that time were ‘Jerry Pournelle’ and ‘Dave Winer’s’ personal blogs. These were the oldest and longest-running popular blogs. As the popularity of blogging grows, so does its demand.

Various technologies are added to it. Because of that, some browser-based software is used to maintain the current blog sites, which works to maintain sites. Blogging grew in popularity in 1999 and is still there. A man named Bruce Ableson started a blog called ‘Open Diary’ in October 1998 and his blog grew in popularity overnight. Thousands of bloggers join his blog, and it is the first blog community where other bloggers are allowed to comment on their posts.

Additionally, Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan, who worked at Pyra Labs, launched their blog site “” in 1999, which was acquired by Google in February 2003.

Significance of Blogging Day

Blogger Day has a lot of significance. For some, blog is a technology that can make them earn a lot of money online. And, for many, a blog is a means of knowing or learning something on the Internet. Blogs are like your personal diary.

 It is a diary where you can write whatever you want, stories, tutorials, SMS, poems, magazines, articles, or anything. Blogging is a unique platform to express your thoughts. There are other ways to express feelings. But blogging is the most popular. Share your thoughts instantly with everyone. Something is written here which is of little benefit to others and many people come to the blog to read the words of others. A blog is like a friend to some.

There they write down their likes and dislikes. Blogs are a wonderful platform for establishing mutual friendships. Someone who you have never seen in this life is commenting on one of your posts. At the end of the day, it turns out that a blogger might become your best friend. Blogs are an ideal place to make new friends. There are many examples of friendship in blogs. Blogs are one of the places to exchange or gather knowledge.

Bloggers of various kinds have enlightening discussions on various topics, which everyone can enrich themselves with knowledge by reading. And to show all these examples to people, blogger day is celebrated on August 5th every year.

How to celebrate Blogger Day?

Blogging is one of the platforms to justify your writing. Bloggers include people from all walks of life. The quality of the writing is verified through their collective comments on a piece of writing. Some knowledgeable readers give important advice or comments on the writing so that it is possible to improve the quality of the writing.

Apart from that, many blogs are publishing books almost every year on the writings of bloggers which are playing an important role in creating new writers. Blogs are a beautiful world. Bloggers come up with some fantastic writings that are mind-boggling. The mind gets better. Time passes very happily. Blogging is one of the places to purify yourself.

Let’s say something sensational happened. In this regard, one’s thoughts can be compared with the thoughts of others.  By this one can get a correct idea about that particular subject very easily. For example, if a blogger writes about a topic, he/she has to give various references as evidence. Otherwise, it is not acceptable. Read normal newspapers but it is not possible. And for all these reasons, every year on August 5, bloggers around the world happily celebrate Blogger’s Day. You can also join in celebrating Blogger Day if you wish. Let’s know how to celebrate Blogger Day-

Start Blogging

Many prefer to hide. Or many are shy. Can’t hold their own in front of many people. Even after having his/her talent, thinking, and ability, he/she hides in fear of people and shame. Blogs are the perfect place to unleash their creativity. No one is watching you here.  Express your feelings with the sweetness of your heart.

Plus getting feedback from others is a bonus. Bloggers are collectively involved in various service activities. In several blogs, bloggers have extended a helping hand in self-help initiatives such as medical treatment of distressed children, humanitarian aid, and natural disasters. Which points to the good side of the blog. To engage in such service activities and express yourself, start blogging today. Let this be the initiative on Blogger Day today.

Reading Blogs

Not everyone blogs regularly. But it would be hard to find people who don’t read a blog even once a week. Once you log in, you can talk to many known friends and exchange ideas. In this way, it has become a meeting place to chat with friends. Besides, the blog can be said to be a platform for creating enlightened people. Regular blogging on a good blog site can drastically change one’s outlook. It is a golden opportunity to interact with some good people. As well as an introvert can make a blog snarky and defiant. Blogs can play a significant role in building a self-reliant nation.

 Blogs are written about all the world’s issues. How many types of posts – politics, social policy, economics, liberation war, diary, romance-satire, poetry, story, sports, travel, feature, photo blog, movie, religion, daily routine, history, tradition, environment, education, agriculture, business-  Trade, profession, etc.

Necessary-unnecessary posts. there is no topic that bloggers do not write about. Thousands of bloggers visit every day. So, all news is available daily in one blog.  This way you will make friends with many people, and you will be able to discuss current affairs with them your knowledge will increase so start reading blogs today on blogger day.

Blogger Day Quotes

One of the ways to get fresh news is to blog. They live in different parts of the country and abroad. He/she is writing the important news of his place as he/she can. As a result, we are getting various news very quickly. Many times, it is seen that there is no opportunity to know about certain newspapers due to government obligations.

That sensitive news is being reported by our bloggers. It sometimes causes problems, but ultimately the reader benefits. In this way, blogs are gradually turning into people’s publications. All newspapers/TVs deliver news according to their editorial style. Meanwhile, the readers also read the newspaper according to their taste. Exceptions to this are rare. Moreover, most people do not have the opportunity to read more than one newspaper.

A newspaper can’t satisfy the needs of all readers. All dailies can’t cover all sensational or philanthropic news. This is exactly where the role of the blog is significant. Just as blogging will increase your knowledge, writing a blog will increase your writing experience as well as income. The benefits of blogging cannot be overstated. Today I am sharing some motivational quotes on the occasion of blogger day. Which will motivate you to blog or blog. Take a look at the quotes on the occasion of Blogger’s Day-

  • “The first thing you learn when you’re blogging is that people are one click away from leaving you. So you’ve got to get to the point, you can’t waste people’s time, you’ve got to give them some value for their limited attention span.” ~ Alex Tabarrok
  • “Blogging is a great way to show your talents and interests to prospective employers while adding an edge to your resume. If you blog consistently it shows your dedication, passions, and creativity – all of which are key attributes employers look for in job candidates.” ~ Lauren Conrad
  • “Don’t try to plan everything out to the very last detail. I’m a big believer in just getting it out there: create a minimal viable product or website, launch it, and get feedback.” – Neil Patel
  • “Create a link through which you can market your dream products. Create a blog or a website of your own depending on what you want to be recognized for. Share your experiences through these media.” ― Israelmore Ayivor
  • “The real thing you should focus on if you want to break away and make blogging or writing, a cornerstone of your livelihood—is to make the medium you’re using a jumping-off point to other services you can offer.” – Darren Murph
  • “Nothing can beat a good solid reputation, and blogging makes an essential investment into this process because it allows you to share your perspective with your audience in a new way.” – Prism Global Marketing Solutions

Blogging Day Status

Blogging quality cannot be overstated. However, some problems are also observed. For example, many times it destroys privacy harms some people’s education, wastes time, inefficient writing is more, lacks consistency, is easy to start and difficult to maintain, and obscenity sometimes makes the blog environment miserable. The nasty touch of politics is also here.

Which sometimes exceeds the limit of tolerance. Loss of social life, health loss, eye damage, intolerance, requires an internet connection with a computer or advanced mobile phone, etc.  Many people use this platform for dishonest purposes.

But this platform is a great medium to become self-reliant. We all should use this platform as a means of beneficence and let others know about it. And to create awareness so that they do not use this platform for any dishonest purpose. So, we can make people aware with a status today on blogger day itself. Here are some statuses for your convenience which you can use on blogger day-

  • Different types of bloggers who are bringing forward different topics almost every day. New readers of writings are created. This platform helps us a lot. Happy Blogger Day.
  • Apart from this, bloggers are making a very important contribution to society from a strong position on all other philanthropic issues. Congratulations to all bloggers today on blogger day.
  • Blogging is a great and great way to earn online. Nowadays many people are making money through blogging. Many young people and those who are working, are making a lot of money by blogging along with their job. Thank you to this platform today on blogger day.

FAQ about Blogger Day?

What is the date of Blogger Day?

5 August.

Who is the first blogger?

Justin Hall

Who invented Blogger?

Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan 

Who named the blog?

Peter Merholz. Source-Wikipedia

Let us use this useful platform to benefit people and become self-reliant ourselves. Hope we have been able to provide all the information about Blogger Day and benefit you.  Thank you so much for being with us.