Education Freedom Day 2023 History, Significance, Quotes and Status

Education Freedom Day is celebrated on 21st March every year. Education is the basic right of every human being. But still, there are some villages in the whole world where the light of education has not been reached. Being poor, the people of those places cannot get an education due to a lack of money or lack of necessary facilities. Hence Education Freedom Day is observed so that no child is deprived of the right to education.

And every state government should provide free education and make some educational software so that everyone can get an education for free. It has been proved long ago that the education rate has to be improved to make the backbone of a nation stand straight. From this requirement, every country will give the highest priority to the education sector, it is natural. Education is an open source of knowledge growth. Education is the first condition of human liberation.

Without education, man cannot make their life better. Can’t keep up with the progressive world and can’t lead the pure right way of life. Exchange, exchange of theories, and application of revelations are the possession of education. Education awakens people’s hidden, sleeping, thoughts. On the other hand, ignorance drags people down the path of lies and destruction.

Education brings people back to the path of truth, to progress. Education has to resort to the exchange of languages ​​and ideas of different regions. Education is needed in business, commerce, sales, transactions, accounting and even running a family. The importance of education as a protocol for nation-building is immense. By lighting the unquenchable lamp of education, people can know themselves and can know the mystery of creation.

A sense of self-awareness and great enthusiasm should be inculcated among the guardians. The new children should be shown the path of light and should develop their values ​​even amid poverty, and hardship.

History of Education Freedom Day

The main objective of the Education Freedom Day celebration is to provide education to all and provide free education through technology and ensure education for all. Education Freedom Day was established by the Freedom Foundation. Freedom Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides free software and open-source education to the general public. Freedom Foundation’s main mission is to ensure the right to education for all.

Through technology, we can achieve education at home.  Technology is now so advanced that we can get a quality education for free. In today’s world, most of the work is done based on technology. If we use technology for good, we can benefit a lot from technology. Education Freedom Day is a day that makes us realize that we can get an education anytime anywhere and it is free. Although today’s world is so developed, there are still many areas where the light of education has not been reached. The lifelong process of learning.

Children with special needs to the elderly can also receive an education. We all know there is no age to learn. Any person at any age can learn if they are interested. With the help of technology, education is now reaching homes. The Freedom Foundation provides the organization’s free educational tools. And Education Freedom Day makes us realize that we can study from anywhere in the world by adapting to that place.

Education Freedom Day is celebrated all over the world like other international days.  On Education Freedom Day local communities inform and encourage children and adults how to learn with free software. Freedom Foundation celebrates Education Freedom Day every year and strives to provide essential educational materials free of cost. Many volunteers work with this foundation, and they organize events in different parts of the world which are globally recognized and work towards bringing education to all.

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Significance of Education Freedom Day

Education has no age, universally accepted saying is perfectly correct and applicable. People of any age should read, and need to read. Education is one of the basic human rights. It is important to be educated to stand tall in the world. A large part of the total population of our country is still illiterate. Various government and private projects are working to spread education. Still, it is seen that many children are deprived of education.

Education should be delivered to the doorstep of all people. Education should be made open to all, rich and poor. Education should be delivered to urban areas as well. Education is the main driver of the economic and political progress of any nation. The more educated people are, the more developed, civilized, and advanced they are. Every country in the world looks towards the young generation. We all know that good education is necessary to make a child an ideal and thoughtful citizen. But even today the light of education has not reached many places. Every year many children drop out prematurely due to a lack of proper education.

And that’s why child labor is increasing. Proper education and structure and a proper educational system help achieve the ultimate goal of development of a country. So currently every country is giving the highest priority to the education sector. Among the five basic human needs, education is the foremost. Education can make a man a nation a civilized ideal humane.

It is very necessary to modernize the education sector to educate and develop every child in the country. Every country’s government is internationally committed to ensuring universal education.  Therefore, Education Freedom Day is celebrated every year to ensure education for all. Education Freedom Day aims to ensure free education for all. A person needs to understand the importance of education to live a comfortable life. Therefore, Education Freedom Day is observed every year with deep significance.

How to celebrate Education Freedom Day

The greatest importance of education is that it helps people to get a proper sense of life and human children to be inspired with a true sense of humanity. Education brings a positive change in human life.  It strengthens a person’s knowledge, skills, and intellect and enables him/her to lead a successful life.  Education is very important to eliminate the problem of unemployment in a country.

It is also essential for the development of technical and technological industries, trade and commerce, and for the prosperity of a country. Apart from this, besides improving the general education system, it is very necessary to spread technical or vocational education. Education makes people refined, elegant, gentle, polite, and modest.

It makes us aware and broadens our perspective. Education makes us more self-aware of ourselves, but also helps us to be more aware of society and the things around us that affect our lives. So, education is very important. Every human being needs a complete education. And that’s why Education Freedom Day is celebrated every year to provide free education. Education Freedom Day is celebrated through various programs. Let us now know how Education Freedom Day is celebrated.

On Education Freedom Day, Freedom Foundation celebrates the day every year by bringing together various organizations around the world. And on this day, there is a global campaign to educate children and adults through timeless software. And common people are encouraged to learn from the software for free. And on Education Freedom Day, Freedom Foundation goes to different areas where the light of education has not yet reached and distributes educational materials to the communities of the area for free.

Also, various educational institutions and organizations organize various events and seminars on Education Freedom Day. All those seminars and events discuss how to make free education accessible to all through software. And how to increase the spread of education, and how to make the software more standardized is discussed.

All these events also guide how to get free education from the software. Also on Education Freedom Day, various TV programs are organized around the world where educational questions are answered directly, and advice is given on how everyone can get an education.

Education Freedom Day Quotes

Education enables us to earn a living – get good employment and help us become self-reliant. We need money to live. With the advancement of science and technology, our needs are also increasing day by day. Along with the basic needs of life like food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care, entertainment, communication, and comfortable living are needed. A fulfilling and rewarding career ensures a fulfilling life.

Education is the root of all power – this proverb is four hundred years old.  English Philosopher Francis Bacon said it and he also gave its proper explanation. Even after hundreds of years the word has not lost its value. Education is power. Education is the main driving force of any economic and political arena. The role education plays in democracy and justice needs no retelling. We see examples of it every day. No progress is possible without education.

This simple, true sentence has long been recognized by the international community and has led its countries accordingly. One of the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations is to ensure at least primary education for every person in the world. Freedom of education is needed by all. And to ensure the freedom of education, Education Freedom Day is celebrated every year.  Let’s take a look at some quotes on Education Freedom Day today-

  • “Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy, and sustainable human development.” -Kofi Annan
  • “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”
    – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”
    – B.B. King
  • “The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.”
    – John F. Kennedy
  • “An education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It’s being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don’t.”
    – Anatole France
  • “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
    – Nelson Mandela
  • “Why should society feel responsible only for the education of children, and not for the education of all adults of every age?”
    – Erich Fromm

Education Freedom Day Status

Education is said to be the basic foundation of the development of a society. Education plays a major role in the development of a nation. A country’s literacy rate depends on the number of literate of its citizens. The country with the highest literacy rate is the most developed.  Education helps the development of the country and education is an integrated celebration of stability. A nation’s stable economy is inextricably linked to education. Educated people contribute to the development of society with their knowledge and correct thoughts.

Education is also an essential part of human life. Because we need money to meet all the needs of our human life and a proper and honest way to earn money requires complete education. So, every country is now working towards educating its citizens. With the development of technology, new software is being invented where it is possible to get free education at home.

Also, education is being made available to all by providing free educational materials to the marginalized areas in every country. The education rate is increasing day by day. Education Freedom Day is observed every year to keep the flow of education intact.

Education Freedom Day is mainly celebrated to realize the importance of education in our life. Everyone needs to be aware of education. So, you can make everyone aware by sharing an educational status on Education Freedom Day. Some of the statuses are given below for your convenience-

  • Education is a tool that will help you win the battle of your life. Happy Education Freedom Day.
  • Education is the power with which you can move ahead in the difficult and difficult moments of life. Happy Education Freedom Day.
  • Educated people are the wealth of a country. Therefore, along with the government, Wa well-educated nation. Happy Education Freedom Day.

FAQ about Education Freedom Day

What is the date of Education Freedom Day?

21 March. Source-Wikipedia

When is International Education Day?

24 January

Let us all realize the need for education and become more aware. And come forward to deliver the light of education from home to home. But we will be able to develop as a developed and well-educated nation. Happy Education Freedom Day to all.

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