International Color Day 2023 History, Significance, Quotes, Status and FAQ

International Color Day is celebrated on March 21 every year. The purpose of celebrating this day is to highlight all aspects of colors and how colors relate to our lives and the impact they have on life.  International Color Day encourages people to think about how colors can make our world more colorful.

Colors have been playing an outstanding role in our world since ancient times. Since ancient times, people have used colors to write, draw and express their thoughts. For centuries people have experimented with color to express themselves. One of the known colors of antiquity is red, which has been found in various prehistoric cave paintings.

Iron-rich soil helps to make pigments. Around 40,000 years ago, various artists used animal fat, charcoal, charcoal, and chalk to make pigments. Other pigments were developed besides red. The pigments produced at that time were white-black, yellow and brown.

Gradually humans were able to create millions and billions of colors. Scientists believe that humans can see ten million colors and that there are many more colors that we cannot see. Different shades of light affect color. According to a color expert, there are 18 decillion colors. It’s hard to imagine exactly how many colors there are.

History of International Color Day

Humans were first introduced to colors in those primitive times. About 40,000 years ago, people first drew pictures in the caves of Cantabria, Spain. At least according to the information available so far, this is taken as evidence. Man learned to use that first color. After that, they painted pictures of caves in different countries with joy in their mind. But what color did they use? Early colors were charcoal, colored crushed stone, ore powder, bone, etc.

They learned to use these ingredients as powder. But interestingly, as much as they were used for painting the cave, they were used more for coloring themselves by applying them on the face and body. Evidence for this has been found in some prehistoric specimens found in South Africa and Australia. Early cave paintings mainly used two colors — red and black. The red color was made from the iron ore hematite, while the black color was obtained from charcoal powder or manganese dioxide compounds. Also, zinc oxide was used as white color.

Later, when people learned to use more colors, there was a little more variety in their paintings. Learned the use of yellow and brown. To recognize the importance of color, in 2008 the president of the Portuguese Color Association, Maria João Durao, brought a proposal to the Association International de la couleur (A.C.I) to dedicate a day to color.

The proposal was adopted in 2009 and March 21 was recognized as International Color Day. Various competitions, science fairs, and art fairs are organized on the day. An art competition was held in Taiwan in 2012 to determine the colors for International Color Day. Hong Kong’s Hosanna Yau won the competition by drawing two circles. The meaning of the circle was that half of the circle was rainbow and the other half was black meaning that half was light, and the other half was dark.

Significance of International Color Day

Man’s first paint material was their own finger. They applied color to the picture by taking the color powder on their fingers like a cotton swab. Sometimes they used to make something like brass with something like grass or grass and then apply the color to that. Then people learned to apply color by blowing on hollow pieces of bone or hollow pieces of bamboo. In this way, they used to paint their handprints on the stone by blowing them.

Little by little the evolution of man took place. Civilization also progressed with them. The colors used in painting also changed little by little. The usage patterns have also changed. Leaving the walls of the cave, a man painted on the vessels they made, be it stone or clay.  Color them. Painted on wood. Put color on it too. Then came the paper, came the canvas for painting.  And the color has changed. The use of powder colors decreased. This is how watercolor came.

Then oil, and pastel. And now acrylic has come and won little by little everyone’s mind. With the advent of computers, the use of digital colors has also started. Colors are created directly on the computer and there is no need for ordinary colors or pigments until they are printed in some way. Even so, the importance of different types of colors according to their own needs has not diminished one bit.  Everyone’s requirements remain the same in their own case.

Will the color that can be scratched on the paper leave a stain on the wall or the cave? Art develops in the friendly coexistence of medium and color. The picture is made. Colors are closely related to human life. People can easily draw pictures and express their feelings with colors. Color can make an artist express their artistry.

Colors can indicate auspiciousness and inauspiciousness. Careful carelessness can be interpreted with colors. Then you can understand the importance of color in our life. International Color Day is celebrated with special significance to make everyone aware of the importance of colors and the impact of colors in our lives.  The use of colors in our lives will never end. Similarly, the introduction of new colors will happen day by day.

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How to celebrate International Color Day?

Thinking about the effect of color on people’s lives and the relationship of people with color, there is no end to those thoughts. Only know the way to make our life more colorful. Looking at pictures, getting pleasure from pictures, and spreading the relationship of color with pictures in every aspect of life. But that’s all. Color continues to affect us in many ways beyond images. Blue sky, white clouds like the cotton, red sky at dawn — each nature has a different effect on our psyche.

Seeing a black cloud makes the mind sad, just seeing a white cloud-like cotton makes the mind dance with joy. The smell of puja comes to the nose. That’s not all. Apart from this, color has involved our lives in many other areas. Let’s think about the traffic light such as the traffic signal. If you see red, you should understand the danger, yellow means you have to be careful and green means “go ahead” safely. This rule is valid all over the world.

A question-and-answer game can be played with each such color. As in the case of red color: this color is recognized all over the world as a sign of danger. Danger and red have become synonymous.  The red color in traffic signals also means ‘stop and see if there is any danger’. Today is International Color Day. This day is to show the effect of colors in our life. Let us now know how it can be observed-

Join on exhibitions

Various color exhibitions and webinars are organized on International Color Day. These artists try to develop their colors and try to create new colors. Many paint amazing pictures. By visiting these exhibitions, you can see the magic of artists’ colors. And realize how beautifully color can enhance an artist’s work. You can also join these exhibitions and showcase your skills. It is best if you travel with your kids to all these exhibitions.

But your child will show curiosity by picking up colors. And gradually your child will also become skilled in picking colors. Children love to play with colors. Everyone from children to adults loves to paint with crayons. When we start to grow up, our parents introduce colors to us.  We try to draw pictures according to our minds. So let your child paint on International Color Day today.

Wear your favorite color

Today on International Color Day you can wear the color of your choice, or you can wear one of the colors of the flag of the country you are a citizen of. It will show your love and patriotism towards the country. Respect your country’s flag by wearing that color on International Color Day. Color permeates our lives in many ways.

There is no end to our thinking about colors. Before choosing something, we try to see its color. What color will suit me, what color dress, what color shoes will suit me, our thoughts are endless? So, colors are essential in our life.  Show your love for color today on International Color Day.

Share your day

Although International Color Day is celebrated all over the world, many people do not know about or observe this day. Take some pictures of the events you are participating in on International Color Day or how you are celebrating International Color Day and post the pictures on your social media accounts.  Then many will know about International Color Day and how everyone can participate in International Color Day.

International Color Day Quotes

Some colors become special features. The national color of both Belgium and Serbia is red. Red has a special meaning in the national flags of both countries. But it has nothing to do with rebellion or revolution. On the other hand, the national flags of China and former Soviet Russia use red as a symbol of revolution. The red color has gradually changed from a revolutionary symbol to a socialist symbol in some countries.

This is how the color has been mixed with astrology. The twelve astrological signs are identified by twelve different colors. What is notable about this marking is the separate importance given to the mixture of the two colors. There are many different places with colors all over the world. As our rainbow has seven color variations, our eyes perceive some colors as very intense and some colors as very calm.

Being in the vicinity of calm colors also calms our mood. But if you stay in the presence of intense colors for a long time, then the mood is bound to heat up. It is the effect of color. To understand the significance of color, just as the color must be understood, its surrounding position must also be considered. Today is International Color Day. Let’s take a look at some quotes on International Color Day-

  • “But if one stops believing in dreams, life loses its meaning, loses its colors.” – Cristiane Serruya.
  • “Life is not black and white. The closes we ever get to either of those colors are wearing them.” – Karen Marie Moning.
  • “I believe the future is bright. I think people who see life painted in dark colors are the ones who do not take ownership.” – Maelle Gavet.
  • “When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls!” – Ted Grant.

International Color Day Message/Wish

There is no end to the game of colors in the colorful world. Only those who have sight can enjoy the beauty of this colorful world. The famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton proved through an experiment in 1666, a transparent object through which white light rays are divided into 7 colors. Then he saw that each color has a different wavelength.

Red has the longest wavelength. We are so used to seeing different colors around us that most of the time we don’t realize how it is affecting our brain and mind. Color has a great influence on the emotions, feelings, and behavior of the person. However, it varies from person to person and culture. The famous painter Pablo Picasso said, “Color changes people’s emotions.”

Not only mental but also physical, the effect of color is so great that in ancient Egypt and China, color was used for health. This is called ‘Chromo therapy’. Today is International Color Day. Here are some statuses you can share to your social media accounts on the occasion of International Color Day-

  • Happy International Color Day to all.  International Color Day reminds us how much color is needed to make our lives beautiful.
  • Color means beautiful colors constantly fill our lives with happiness and comfort.  Let’s celebrate International Color Day.
  • Colors can relieve our depression and cheer up our minds. Happy International Color Day to all.

FAQ about International Color Day

What is the date of International Color Day?

21 March. Source-Wikipedia

How many colors exist?

18 Decillion

What are the 3 most important colors?

Red, Green, Blue

People express their feelings of love in different ways. Color is an important medium to express the feeling of love. Certain colors represent our relationships and romantic feelings. Happy International Color Day