Happy Grandparents Day 2023 History, Message, Wish, Quotes and Status

The beautiful bond between grandparents and grandchildren is the sweetest relationship to know.  Grandparents are our counsel, our guide, and our constant source of happiness. They help us become better people. We have a day to celebrate grandfathers and grandmothers. Every year, Grandparents Day is celebrated on the first Sunday, and this year Grandparents Day falls on September 10.

Grandparents are fun to be around. They not only spread pearls of wisdom but fill our lives with lots of love and care. The feeling of being around them cannot be described in words.  The love and affection of grandparents are unmatched. Most grandparents share a special bond with their grandchildren.

The bond between grandparents and grandchildren cannot be described in words. Grandparents not only inculcate good habits and moral values ​​in children but also become their best friends in having unlimited fun. Although parents try their best to provide their children with all-around development, their growth is incomplete without their grandparents.

 Grandchildren are found to possess many characteristics of their grandparents. You may have noticed that they sometimes behave the same. Interestingly, this is not only the case for those who live together, but also for those who rarely get a chance to see each other. This is because children inherit certain traits from their grandparents at birth.

History of Grandparents Day

The first National Grandparents Day was celebrated in the United States on September 10. In 10, Russell sent a letter to then-US President Richard Nixon asking him to dedicate a day to his grandparents.

A secretary to President Nixon responded by saying, “The President likes your idea, but they are not able to announce the day without a decision from Congress.” After 1978, a resolution was passed on 8 May 1969 to observe the second Sunday of September every year as National Grandparents Day in the country.

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Why do people celebrate Grandparents Day?

 A young boy or girl learns his family history from his grandparents. Which is very important in developing their minds as they grow up. His/her family history will teach him/her to know himself/herself and to find his/her roots.

  Children get their first lessons in ethics, social values ​​, and emotions from their grandparents. When parents are busy with a thousand tasks, they are the ones who try to be friends with their grandchildren.  Also, by spending time with them, children will learn to respect and take care of their elders.

  If you spend time with your grandchildren, they don’t have to suffer from age-related depression. This depression is born from loneliness. So the company of grandchildren does not make them feel alone.

But the company of not only parents but also grandparents is equally important for the healthy growth of the child. That’s why people celebrate Grandparents Day.

How to people celebrate Grandparents Day?

National Grandparents Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of September in the United States. The purpose of the day is to show the bond of love between grandparents and grandchildren. The day is celebrated on the same day in the United States as well as in Canada and Estonia and all over the world. Let’s know how we can celebrate this day-

Give them time

When was the last time the family got close to the grandparents just to enjoy their company? Park your cell phone, TV, and worries for a while and sit down to chat with your grandparents and listen to them attentively. Surely that time with family will make you feel loved and let them know how important they are in your life.

 Host a family meal

Save this day to enjoy a family meal. Grandparents will love spending hours with their children and grandchildren.

Of course, remember this is a day to honor grandparents, so it’s not all about grandma cooking.  If you have a lot, you can arrange for everyone to bring a plate of food or dessert. This way you will save time and money and it will be a special and varied meal.

See old photos

It is sure that grandparents have many photos and memories of their life. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy an evening with the family, review those memories and get to know your grandparents a little more. They will love to show you part of their life and know that they are important to you.

 Telling family stories

All grandparents know many stories and legends that will delight children and adults.Take advantage and enjoy hours of imagination as a family with the best storytellers.

 Gift with heart

Have your kids make a craft or write a text to give to their grandparents. A dedicated picture, a poem, a drawing, or anything made by the hands of your grandchildren, they will love and it will surely occupy a favorite place both in their home and in their hearts.

Go out with them

Day-to-day life can also create stress for grandparents. Also, with age, getting closer often can make them more complicated at times. Take advantage and get them out of the routine. You can go for a walk, to the cinema, to the theater or to an exhibition that interests you.

 Picnic with family

Summer is the ideal time to organize a picnic in the countryside or on the beach. Also, contact with nature will be a fantasy for everyone, especially grandparents who can enjoy a relaxing family day.

 Family history

 Grandparents are an inexhaustible source of memories and stories. Why not enjoy an afternoon around the great “little fights” that all grandparents remember? They will be happy to share things about their past and you will learn a lot about family history and life in another era.

Grandparents Day Quotes

 Grandparents share a special bond with their grandchildren. They get along well and are at their happiest in each other’s company. In some families, this bond is stronger than parent and child. The love and affection that grandparents shower on their grandchildren is unmatched. Here are some Grandparent’s Quotes-

  • “What children need most is what grandparents provide in abundance.  They offer unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, and life lessons.  And, most importantly, cookies.”  – Rudy Giuliani
  • “The reason grandchildren and grandparents get along so well is that they have a common enemy.”  – Sam Levenson
  • “You don’t choose your family.  They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.”  – Desmond Tutu

Grandparents Day Wishes

Most single families are seen in our society now. But do you know how beneficial it is for your children to keep them with you? Grandparents staying at home means that they have a lot of responsibility to take care of the children. It is through them that the children learn about his family history. But many are not lucky enough to have the company of grandparents. Below are some Grandparents Day Wishes-

  • You are the best grandparents any child could ask for. Thanks for spoiling me rotten.
  • When I think of my grandparents I think of the smiles, hugs, and fun times we had together. Thanks for being great-grandparents.
  • Hey, if I take you to Starbucks, you’ll be a medium-sized parent. You guys are the “grandparents”.
  • Grandma and Grandpa, I’m sending you hugs and kisses from your beloved grandchildren.
  • You are a blessing from God to my life and the rest of our family.  Thank you for the stability, support, wisdom, kindness, and love you provide to all of us.
  • It’s a shame that Grandparents Day is celebrated only once a year to honor our grandparents because, for grandparents, it’s every day for the little ones.
  • You guys constantly spoil me.  Happy Grandparents Day!
  • Happy Grandparents Day Grandma and Grandpa!  I hope you have an amazing day.  I look forward to seeing you guys soon.

 Happy Grandparents Day Messages

Grandparents are known as the core of the family. They are experienced and wise and share their valuable life lessons to help the new generation learn and grow. They serve their children and grandchildren selflessly and help them become better people. Here are some Grandparents Day Messages-

  • It’s my way of saying thank you to my mom/dad for raising me—and then doing it again with me!
  • Grandma, thank you for your infinite love and wisdom.  Happy Grandparents Day.
  • Thank you for creating a family of love and kindness.  Happy Grandparents Day.
  • Happy Grandparents Day to the best huggers I know!
  • I am thankful for you today and every day.  Happy Grandparents Day!
  • Grandpa, thank you for your stories and memories, I cherish the time we spent together.  Happy Grandparents Day.
  • Grandma, spending time with you is one of my favorite memories of my life, thank you for your endless love!  Happy Grandparents Day.
  • I am grateful to have you/both of you in my life.  Happy Grandparents Day.
  • Thank you for the wisdom and joy you bring to the lives of all those around you, Happy Grandparents Day!
  • Thank you, Grandpa, for being my hero, someone to lean on, and my best friend.  Happy Grandparents Day.

Grandparents Day Status

The life lessons that grandparents teach cannot be learned by reading many books or attending a class.  Parents are the connecting point between grandchildren and grandparents and they must take it as a responsibility to keep this connection alive. Below are some status about Grandparents Day-

  • Happy Grandparents Day!  May God shower you with good health and happy moments.
  • Dear Grandma and Grandpa, I am thankful to the almighty for blessing me with sweet grandparents like you today and every day.  Wishing you an amazing Grandparents Day!
  • Happy Grandparents Day to the sweetest grandparents in the world.  My love and prayers for you know no bounds.  love you.
  • Happy Grandparents Day!  Thank you for your constant love, support, and care.
  • You are a true blessing in my life, and I cannot express how much I love you.  Happy Grandparents Day.

FAQ about Grandparents Day

What is the date of Grandparents Day?

September 10.

Is Grandparents Day being a real holiday?

National Holiday. Source-Wikipedia

Children get their first education about justice, social values ​​, and emotions from their grandparents.  When parents are busy with a thousand tasks, children try to find peace with them as friends.

 Besides, if children spend time with grandparents, they will learn to respect the elders and learn to take care of them. Becoming a grandparent, especially for the first time, can be an overwhelming experience.  Keep calm, be patient, and have a positive outlook as you enter this new phase of life.

 Even if you can spend time with grandchildren, grandparents or grandparents will not fall into age-related depression. This depression is born from loneliness. The company of grandchildren will not let them feel alone. Thanks for being with us.