World Heart Day 2023 History, Message, Wish, Quotes and Status

World Heart Day is today. The day is observed every year on 29th September to make people aware of heart issues. High cholesterol, obesity, and smoking cause heart disease along with other problems. The age group of 45 to 55 years of people in this country is the most vulnerable to heart disease.

A heart attack can sometimes occur if there is a problem in the human heart. Sometimes a heart attack can occur without any chest pain. Age, high blood pressure problems, high cholesterol levels, excess fat, unhealthy diet, alcoholism, and stress are also responsible for heart attacks.

Cardiologists say that weakness and frequent breathing problems start about a month before a heart attack. Sudden excessive sweating is also a symptom of a heart attack. Such problems should not be neglected, and the doctor should be consulted.

 Regular physical activity or exercise can reduce the risk of a heart attack. There are mainly 4 types of heart disease. These include coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, heart failure to pump, and irregular heartbeat.

History of World Heart Day

In 1978, the International Society of Cardiology and the International Federation of Cardiology established in 1970 merged to form the International Society and Federation of Cardiology. In 1998 its name was changed to World Heart Federation.

 This Federation organizes the World Congress of Cardiology. In 1933, a preliminary and informal international meeting of cardiologists was held in Prague, but since the last event in Mexico, the Advent of Nazim and the Second World War has caused interruptions. The first real World Congress was held in 1950.

The International Society of Cardiology, established in 1946, held its first ‘World Congress of Cardiology in Paris in September 1950. Subsequent congresses were held every 4 years from 2006, after which it was decided to hold them every two years.

World Heart Day was observed on September 24, 2000, and every year until 2010 on the last Sunday of September to raise awareness about life-threatening diseases such as heart disease and stroke. Since 2011, September 29 has been observed as World Heart Day.

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Why do people celebrate World Heart Day

World Heart Federation on this day promotes awareness among the general public about various diseases related to the heart including cardiovascular diseases, strokes, etc. How to take care of one’s heart or what kind of diet can be used etc are discussed. It is repeatedly said that heart disease can be reduced by up to 80%, especially by giving up tobacco and eating a healthy diet.

Heart disease is the number one killer disease in the world today. Statistics show that children and women are at higher risk of heart disease. Currently, heart disease has been identified as the number one killer in the world. Every year about a quarter of a million people dies of this disease.  Experts fear that by the year 2030, it may exceed 23 million.

However, there is no such campaign regarding the severity of heart disease. The World Heart Federation states that without a healthy diet and a smoke-free environment, it is difficult for anyone to stay heart-free. Every year 1 crore 73 lakh people die of this disease, and it is expected that this number will increase to 2 crore 3 lacks by 2030.

But there is no widespread campaign about the dangers of heart disease. To avoid the silent killer heart disease, the entire lifestyle needs to be changed. There are some steps to take to keep the heart healthy.

Therefore, this day is mainly celebrated to show the importance of the Heart.

How to celebrate World Heart Day

Emphasis has been placed on bringing about fundamental changes in society by developing health awareness at the individual level through the existing health programs in society. Doctors have said that changes in caloric diet and regular exercise can help people get rid of heart disease. Moreover, it is possible to be free from heart disease if you are aware of it before it occurs.

To get rid of heart disease, you have to take treatment consciously. Along with treatment, meditation and exercise can also protect against heart disease. On World Heart Day we must be listening to the heart. Let’s look back at the health of our hearts.

Everyone needs to know what their blood pressure is. Blood sugar and fat levels also need to be known. If not controlled within the normal range, the risk of death will increase.  Even knowing the size of the weight is important. ‘Healthy heart everywhere, everyone’s choice’ so let’s try to do whatever it takes to keep the heart healthy, that’s our hope on World Heart Day.

Around 18 million deaths worldwide are caused by heart disease and stroke each year, most of which are preventable through individual health awareness. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle and preventive hygiene should be followed to keep the heart healthy.

World Heart Day Quotes

Today is world heart day. Let’s celebrate this day. Here are some quotes. Below are some World Heart Day Quotes-

  • We’re in a situation now where weight and extreme weight and heart disease is the biggest killer in this country today.” — Jamie Oliver
  • “Heart disease is a food-borne illness.” — Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn
  • “Most women do not realize that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of American women.” — Monica Potter
  • “The problem with heart disease is that the first symptom is often fatal.” – Michael Phelps

World Heart Day Messages

The most important organ of the human body is the heart. Your risk of heart disease depends on how you live your life. Excessive smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, and consumption of fatty foods leads to the accumulation of fat and narrowing of the arteries. And when the blood flow inside the artery is completely blocked, an event like a heart attack can occur.

According to the World Heart Federation website, without a healthy diet and a smoke-free environment, it is difficult for a person to remain at risk of heart disease. So everyone must ensure a healthy heart-friendly environment. Here are some World Heart Day Messages-

  • Stop all your coronary heart-related issues earlier than they stop you. Happy World Heart Day.
  • Don’t let cardiovascular diseases ruin your life, keep it happy and healthy. Happy World Heart Day.
  • Stress and strain are the underlying explanation for all types of cardiovascular ailments.  So be happy and keep smiling. Happy World Heart Day.
  • Start taking care of your coronary heart health from. World Heart Day.
  • A healthy heartbeat is crucial to truly feel good about your life. Happy World Heart Day.

World Heart Day Wishes

No matter where we live, where we work, and where we play or play, it should not increase the risk of heart disease in any way. A healthy heart-friendly environment should be maintained in all areas. So everyone must ensure a healthy heart-friendly environment. Here are some wishes-

  • Start taking care of your coronary heart health from. World Heart Day.
  • On World Heart Day, you start doing all the pieces to have a nutritious coronary heart. Happy World Heart Day.
  • Start taking care of your coronary heart before it falls once. Happy World Heart Day.
  • You will need nothing more in your life than maintaining a healthy coronary heart. Happy World Heart Day.
  • Continue a little during the day to bring your excess weight. Happy World Heart Day.

World Heart Day Statues

To prevent heart disease, there are a few things that are especially important to take care of our hearts. They are, just as you have to take care of your own heart, you also have to take care of the heart of others.

 Make a habit of eating fresh vegetables and fruits every day. Oil is an essential ingredient in our daily diet.  Fat is an essential nutrient in our body. Food with a moderate amount of fat gives energy to our body. But fried or fatty foods above oil are harmful to the heart. At least 30 minutes of physical exercise should be done every day. Here are some World Heart Day Statues-

  • Skip the party, quit smoking, skip and start hitting the tracks. Take your first step towards a healthy heart. Happy World Heart Day.”
  • May you have a healthy and long life with a healthy and happy heart. Wishing you a Happy World Heart Day.
  • Eat right, sleep well and prevent heart disease. Happy World Heart Day.

FAQ about World Heart Day

What is the date of World Heart Day?

29 September. Source-Wikipedia

Who discovered World Heart Day?

Antoni Bayés de Luna.

In medical terms, heart disease is called a myocardial infarction. Doctors say that the heart, like the rest of the body, needs oxygen to function. And the coronary artery supplies that oxygen to the heart. But unhealthy eating habits and irregular lifestyles lead to the accumulation of fat on the inner walls of the coronary arteries.

 As a result, the oxygen supply is interrupted over time. Blood supply to the lungs is obstructed. As a result, a situation of cardiac ischemia is created, in which there is a shortage of oxygen in the heart. If left undiagnosed for some time, or if treatment is delayed, heart cells die one by one. That’s why people get heart attacks.

Apart from this, high blood pressure and diabetes must be kept under control for the health of the heart. Smoking, Gul, and Zorba should be avoided. Regular walking and exercise must be done. Thanks for being with us.