Happy International Children’s Book Day 2023

Fairy tale wizard Hans Christian Andersen was born on April 2, 1805, in Odense, Denmark.  He is the father of funny fairy tales, including the story of the ugly duckling, Tambolina or Angelina, the little mermaid, or the red shoes, the snow queen, the emperor’s new clothes, which have won the hearts of all people all over the world.

He is called the unforgettable creator of fairy tales.  He died on August 4, 1875.  Until his death, he wrote for children, expressed his love for children, and encouraged children.  On his birthday, World Children’s Book Board based in Switzerland has been celebrating April 2 as International Children’s Book Day every year.

Various events are organized in different countries of the world to celebrate the day.  Famous writers and publishers from different countries write and publish good books for children and teenagers so that children and teenagers are attracted to books and encouraged to read books that are why Happy International Children’s Book Day is celebrated.

History of International Children’s Book Day

He lived in a wonderful fairy tale world.  As if he could read the innermost words of children.  He is the Danish children’s writer and poet Hans Christian Andersen.  His writings “The Snow Queen”, “The Ugly Duckling”, and “Thumbelina” have won the hearts of children all over the world even today.  He is called the Magician of Fairy Tales for writing fairy tales.  Hans Christian Andersen was born on April 2, 1805, in Odense, Denmark.  Anderson’s Fairy Tales numbers over 3381.  Translated into more than 125 languages. 

However, as a child, he did not like going to school at all.  He later said at one place that school days were the darkest and most boring of his life.  At first, Anderson tried to rewrite the stories he had heard in his childhood.  Later, however, he started writing various fairy tales.  Stories like “The Empress’s New Clothes”, “The Little Mermaid”, and “The Nightingale”.  But initially, his original fairy tales did not get much recognition.  In 1845 Anderson’s translation of four fairy tales was published.  Wonderful Stories for Children was published.

The book was widely praised.  Anderson attached great importance to human interaction with nature.  He used to say that to live properly, man needs sunshine, freedom, and flowers.  This fairy tale magician died on August 4, 1875.  International Children’s Book Day is celebrated on April 2, the birthday of Hugs Christian Anderson every year.  It is maintained by a non-profit organization called the International Board on Books for Young Pupils, created in 1967.  This organization invites children to give books to children to develop the habit of reading fairy tales.

Why people celebrate International Children’s Book Day

Children’s literature is one of the most important aspects that contribute to the development of children.  This is the age when you have to start promoting a love for literature and that is why children’s literature is considered a key factor in learning, because it helps us grow as a person, teaches us, and broadens our horizons and our creativity.

Children’s literature is a perfect first contact for little ones, teaching them to discover new worlds.  World Children’s Day promotes children’s interest in reading books.  Children these days are very busy with digital devices.  Most children are addicted to mobile games.  But this addiction causes harm to children. International Children’s Book Day is observed to develop the habit of reading books among children.

How to celebrate Children’s Book Day?

Every year, International Children’s Book Day will be celebrated keeping in mind the ‘World Children’s Book Board’.  Branches of this board are spread in almost every country of the world.  The World Children’s Book Board decides which country will be responsible for celebrating the day internationally.  A famous children’s author of that country is designated in the year that the country is responsible for celebrating International Children’s Book Day. That child writer wrote a wonderful letter for children and teenagers.  A famous artist was also asked to draw a beautiful poster based on that letter.

 Hans Christian Andersen created the children’s own world in a mixture of wonderful imagination and dreams, as an attempt to develop the child in creativity and mind.  His fairy tales and children’s literature still inspire children and teenagers worldwide.  Hans Christian Andersen’s works are considered classics in expanding children’s thinking and morals, and his birthday is recognized as World Children’s Book Day.  This day is observed for the mental development of our child.  Below are some ways to observe International Children’s Book Day.

Book Fair

On this day, children’s book fairs are organized in all countries of the world.  Parents attend the book fair with their children.  And all children love story books very much.  Because storybooks have different types of artwork along with the story.  Children prefer to read books by looking at pictures.  Children go to the book fair and choose their favorite book.  By traveling to book fairs, every child develops an interest in reading books.  And with his joy enjoy the day with their parents.

Collecting Autograph

Children these days buy books at book fairs and collect author’s autographs on their favorite books.  Almost all authors of children’s story books are present at the book fair.  They encourage children.  Help children choose the book they want when they go book shopping.  And children are delighted to see their favorite authors.  They collect photographs of favorite authors and take pictures with them.  This increases their interest in buying books every year at book fairs.

How to develop children’s interest in reading books

Although many parents understand the benefits of reading story books, many times it turns out that the problem lies with the child.  Due to smartphones, cartoons, and mobile games, many children have lost the habit of reading books.

We always look at reading books a little differently.  Just think, about how we get lost in another world while glancing over the black ink scratches on the white page.  I can see the characters by closing my eyes.  The main point here is the authors.  Therefore, if we can give the seeds of this extraordinary imagination to the new generation, the whole world will be illuminated with the light of knowledge. Let’s know how to develop the habit of reading books to develop the child’s knowledge-

Keep the child awake with questions

As children grow up, they want to know everything around them.  The wonder of the kingdom is in his eyes.  At this time, your task will be to continuously answer the questions that he wants to know.  The thing to watch out for here is that you don’t get tired of answering his questions.  And don’t scold him in anger.  With the help of his eager mind, you can start a book relationship with him at a very young age!

Interest in reading books regularly

When he finds a match between the book and everything around him, he will automatically stick to the book day and night. Spend a lot of time identifying the pictures.

Now your task will be to buy new books for him.  By doing this, you will see that he has seen the previous books thoroughly before the new one comes.  And eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new book!

Read the storybook to him

If the child is between 2-6 years of age, read a storybook to him regularly before going to bed every day.  You might think of taking a little rest in your tired body after working all day.  But think about it every day, when the baby sleeps, you usually put him to sleep with him.  Just do this now – just read a book to him for 15 minutes before bed?  This will reduce his attraction to smartphones or cartoons and you will be able to spend some quality time with the baby.

Give books as gifts on birthdays

Most parents gift toys on the child’s birthday.  But if you want to develop the habit of reading books, gift books to the child on his birthday.  By doing this, your child will also understand the importance you give to books and will gradually develop a love for books in himself.

So buy your child a book on his next birthday.  On someone else’s birthday, give them a book.

Select the book

Many times children lose interest in reading books.  Because the books are not suitable for their age.  So choosing the right book is very important. If the child is below 4-5 years, buy books that have 3-4 lines per page.  Fewer lines are better for younger children.  Must be a colorful book.  The writing language should be very simple.

Read books in the proper order

Many times children do not develop an interest in reading books or die after a few days due to not reading books properly.  Children don’t have long attention spans.  So new types of books should be given.  And the biggest thing is that he should read the book in the right way.

Take the child to buy books once a month

If you develop the habit of buying books with your child, your child will go a long way toward becoming a reader.  Take your child to various bookstores on weekends.  This will not only get him to smell new books, which will make him more interested in books but will also make him more interested in going to bookstores and libraries.

Own book collection

If your bookshelf is full of your favorite books, he will be willing to build his own personal library.  Place a bookshelf in his room or give him some space from your own bookshelf or closet.  He may carefully arrange his favorite books in a place reserved for him.  By doing this he will learn to take care of books and will be more interested in reading books.

International Children’s Book Day Status

Reading books helps in controlling any stress.  While reading the book, you have to imagine the story or the topic at the same time.  It increases people’s imagination.  Imagining is in no way less than acquiring knowledge.  Through reading books, children learn to acquire the ability to make decisions from an early age. 

Apart from this, books create a bond between the past, present, and future.  Now our academic curriculum has also entered the creative age.  Imagination is given more priority than memorization in exams.  Reading books enriches vocabulary and helps in creative writing.  Reading books increases endurance in everyone, young and old.  In addition to accepting the opinions of others, children develop their own beliefs. 

Today on this International Children’s Book Day let all parents know about the day by sharing a status about Book Day on your social media account’s timeline.

  • First of all, it is important to buy books to instill the habit of reading in children.  Buy books for the child according to his age.  If the child is serious about listening to the story, read the book to him.  He will develop an interest in reading once he hears it. Happy International Children’s Book Day to all.
  • Children are imitators.  They learn by watching adults.  For this, you read the book yourself.  He will also develop an interest in reading. Talk to the child about the book he is reading.  He wants to know the content.  He will be encouraged to read more books. Happy International Children’s Book Day to all.
  • Build a reading corner on the house balcony, fireplace, roof, or any convenient place.  Chat over books.  You will see that the younger member of the house will also sit here and start reading books. Try to keep daily newspapers, teenage magazines, and periodicals at home regularly.  The interest in reading will develop in the child after watching. Happy International Children’s Book Day to all.

FAQ about International Children’s Book Day

What is the date of World Book Day for Kids?

2 March. Source-Wikipedia.

Why should people celebrate International Children’s Book Day?

Famous writers and publishers from different countries write and publish good books for children and teenagers so that children and teenagers are attracted to books and encouraged to read books that are why the day is celebrated.

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Books are man’s best friend.  Through the habit of reading books, our generation will develop intelligence, thinking, and creativity with sophisticated and human qualities.  The new generation should pass on the seeds of this extraordinary imagination by developing their reading habits.  Books are man’s best friend.  Through the habit of reading books, our generation will develop intelligence, thinking, and creativity with sophisticated and human qualities.  The new generation should pass on the seeds of this extraordinary imagination by developing their reading habits.