Happy International Dance Day 2023 History, Significance, Benefits, Quotes and Status

In 1980, UNESCO declared her birthday on April 29 as International Dance Day. Since then, this day has been officially celebrated worldwide. By recognizing the contribution of Jean-Georges Navarre, on the one hand, as a special day is fixed for dance, an opportunity is also created to pay tribute to this talented artist. The culture of any country acts as an inspiration behind the people of that country. It is through the culture that people can meet themselves on a large scale.

just like a person, the taste of a nation can be identified through culture. Solidarity, sympathy, brotherhood, and cooperation bonds are created through cultural practices. The original mother of all cultures is dance. Dance is one of the means of cultural education. As a result, dance is popular all over the world as a research and teaching tool.

Dance develops human intelligence and thinking. People get the opportunity to artistically express all worldly and non-worldly feelings through body postures in dance. There is movement and rhythm in this expression. Love, affection, anger, affection, and protest emerge in rhythm with that speed and rhythm. Society or story history also comes up through dance. 

Life can be expressed through dance, about wanting and not getting. All in all, dance is not only entertainment, but dance is also a reflection of life.

History of International Dance Day

On April 29, 1727, world dance reformer Jean-Georges Nover was born in Paris. He invented ballet dance in 1754. He was also famous as a dance reformer. overture freed dance from its narrowness and elevated it to opera. After that, in 1760 he wrote the book ‘Letters on the Dance’.

In addition to Nové’s ballet composition, he also gave ideas on the setting, direction, and costumes of the ballet. The most significant in this case was the combination of dancers, musicians, and art directors.  Those traditions are still in place today. Known as the ‘Shakespeare of ballet’, Noverre has a total of 150 compositions. At that time, his compositions created a worldwide stir.

Noverre’s ballet was greatly refined by the Italian choreographers Dabervel and Salvatore Vigenore. But their teacher, choreographer Carlo Blasis, praised Noverre’s creations. In the mid-1700s, Nové was influenced by Marie Sale. Mary’s independent ideas and emotional importance to ballet attracted him. After the French Revolution, he came to London and addressed the King’s Theater Seminar. Nover was the choreographer.

After studying and practicing dance. In 1743 he joined the ‘Pari Opera Comique’ as an artist. During the next few years, he worked as a dancer in Berlin, Dresden, and Strasbourg. It was in Strasbourg that he met his future wife and actress Margaret Sower. After that, after working for some time in Marseille, he moved to the city of Lyon. There he choreographed his first ballets. After that, he performed ballet in different European countries.

 He thought the dance was very complicated. Like pictures and colors. The dance routine is accompanied by a variety of paintings. Its later manifestation can be thought of as equivalent to light. Dance is incomprehensible without music. It is important to control the whole body creatively and bring the rhythm of the body to the people. Another thing to look at is expression. In this case, the dynamic stirring of the soul emerges through the face.

A dancer must stand out from ten other people. Only then will one artist’s taste attract others.  Noverre’s important ballets include Admitted Arset, Le Mot d’Hercli, Mead ET Jason, The Past of Human, Dear Les Azamnon, Apples et Campespe, etc.  Noverre died on 19 October 1810.

Why do people celebrate International Dance Day?

The more time, practice, experience, sense perception, and the more beautiful the expression of dance will be. International Dance Day is celebrated through various events all over the world. Dance unites people through their familiar language. The joy of dance is exchanged between the audiences, to make their senses aware. For the development of this art, International Dance Day is being celebrated all over the world with different postures and gestures of dance.

On International Dance Day, we remember the age-old tradition of this ancient art, welcoming its incredible power to draw and unite all. There is a common idea that the life of an artist is over with age. An artist’s life does not end with age. Although some critics believe so. Dance is created by man, by man and his thoughts. As a spectator, you can take this creative energy to move forward home with you and apply it to your daily work.

This dance is a spiritual practice in physical form. Dance quickens and expands the eternal language of communication. Adds joy to it. Creates aesthetic beauty and advances human knowledge. Dance is creation. And International Dance Day is celebrated every year to make people understand and appreciate the importance of dance.

How to celebrate International Dance Day?

This culture has been stuck in our hearts for ages. The roots of dance are deeply rooted in the mind. One can become an industrial person only if he/she can acquire this knowledge. One who finds himself/herself between creative dance and classical dance practice is a true artist. Artists always reflect on society through their art. Writers, poets, and literary people also do this work through their own creations. The language of dance is perfected in the sound of Ankle.

Dance is not only an art medium, but it can also cure multidimensional human diseases. Experts describe dance as a major means of physical exercise as the main reason for this. They say that dancing removes a person’s anger, anger, and anxiety. Apart from this, dancing also has a positive effect on one’s brain. Now let’s know-how International Dance Day is celebrated-

Take a class

If you are a dancer, take a free class today. This can be a great way to celebrate International Dance Day. You can show your skills to your students. You can also try any skill on International Dance Day you have never tried before today.

Enjoy a dance program

Many events are organized around the world on International Day of Independence and the day is celebrated with festive fervor. Many events have free entry. Today you can enjoy a daily event with your family and friends. By doing this you can enjoy International Dance Day very well and have a great time.

Encourage young generation

Encourage the young generation to dance. Show the youth community that dance is not only a culture but also good for our body and motivate them to learn dance.

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Benefits of Dance

Dancing is the best exercise for everyone, young and old. Dance has great efficacy in improving physical and mental health. Dance plays a special role in keeping our body healthy starting from our heart.  Dance also plays an important role in maintaining physical balance. So, let’s know about the wonderful benefits of dancing.

  • Improves memory

According to a study in The New England Journal of Medicine, dancing can improve memory and prevent you from getting dementia as you get older. Science reveals that aerobic exercise can restore lost volume to the hippocampus (the part of the brain that controls memory).  As we age, the hippocampus naturally shrinks, which can often lead to memory and cognitive impairment.

  • Increased flexibility

Dance teaches flexibility to the body. Most dance classes consist of long stretches that consist of many stretches. By increasing your flexibility, you not only improve your athletic performance but avoid various injuries. For those interested in building muscle in the gym, increasing flexibility can improve the speed of the exercise, so the muscles will appear more clearly.

  •  Reduce stress and depression

In a controlled study in the Journal of Applied Gerontology, researchers found that dance pairs and musical accompaniment can help reduce stress. Additionally, according to a study that examined the effects of dancing on depressed individuals, dancing can increase mood.  Participating group of patients showing very little signs of enthusiastic dancing depression and high enthusiasm.

  • Equilibrium

Dancing increases the balance of the body because doing other sports, can help reduce injuries.  Many dance movements involve balancing on one foot, resting on the tips of the feet, or maintaining positions that require a lot of balance. By practicing these movements, you will strengthen the muscles throughout the body and the support muscles that lower your body. So, you will be better off maintaining balance at all times.

  • Weight loss

If you are looking for a way to lose fun weight, then dancing is the best choice. Losing weight often goes through a process that makes you feel discouraged and sad. Dancing is some fun.  Additionally, your social life will keep you active when you take up dance practice.

You take dance classes because of your desire to dance, not realizing that you’ve been exercising regularly every week. You will burn a lot of calories because you will lose weight on your own.  Then, by dancing, you’ll build strength to build some resistance to injury.

  • Muscle structure

Dance requires constant speed and strength, so dance is a cardiovascular exercise. At the same time, the dance involves several difficult makeups and even jump movements providing muscle resistance. Thus, dancing also helps to flatten the stomach, remove fat, and harden the legs and hips. If you watch professional dancers, you will see how strong and proportional their bodies are. If you add to your training schedule and do it regularly, you too will get a body like this.

  • Improves mood

While the last benefit is a fantastic way to improve your mood, it’s a benefit that shouldn’t be underestimated. Dancing, like other sports, will help produce natural antidepressants like endorphins, but it’s also fun. Because some types of dance are also done in pairs, it is good for strengthening relationships with other people.

International Dance Day Quotes

Primitive people had no difference between labor and bananas for daily living. Dance was the overall form of self-expression. Dance was closely associated with their way of life and livelihood. Primitive dances were composed as aids to livelihood efforts and thereby strengthened and enriched their livelihood efforts.

Its posture was imitated from the animal kingdom. Dance was the main means of communication for primitive people to appease the evil deity, bring rain, cure disease, to awaken the frenzy of hunting.

The communication that takes place through gestures is non-verbal communication.  Dance is a non-verbal communication. In dance, all the gestures, facial expressions, gazes, hand gestures, and gestures like love, pity, laughter, fear, surprise, fear, heroism, and calmness – through these signs or mudras, emotions, and dance themes are represented.

Dance has been a companion of man since time immemorial. International Dance Day is celebrated every year by mentioning the role. Let’s take a look at some quotes on the occasion of International Dance Day-

  • “Dancing is poetry with arms and legs.” – Charles Baudelaire
  • “Dance for yourself. If someone understands, well. If not, no matter.” – Louis Horst
  • “Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.” – Voltaire
  • “Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.” — George Carlin
  • “Let us dance in the sun, wearing wildflowers in our hair.” – Susan Polis Schutz
  • “Dance first. Think later. It’s the natural order.” – Samuel Beckett
  • “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” – Martha Graham
  • “Dance is just like film in that it allows for thoughts in movement.” — Twyla Tharp
  • “Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.” – Rumi

International Dance Day Status

Through facial expressions, the dancer communicates feelings of happiness, sadness, and joy, sadness, and calls, every aspect of life. While talking to someone we look into the audience’s eyes to get a reaction, to get a reply, or to know his feelings, but the dancer uses eye contact to convey his feelings, emotions, illusions, and feelings to the audience.

Visualization can easily determine the relationship between two people and psychologically overcome the physical distance. In this, the dancer communicates his feelings very easily and establishes contact with the audience. Dance is our source of joy. Let’s share a beautiful status on our social media accounts today on International Dance Day-

  • Dance is a sacred culture consisting of meaningful gestures originating from the soul.  Dance is more applicable not only as entertainment but also as communication. Happy International Dance Day.
  • Dance has been developed as a means of artistic expression, involving technique, stamina, discipline, and creativity. But dance is one of the performing arts in which stamina is much higher. Dance is not meaningful without meaningful gestures. Dance is not only driven by music but by body and soul.  Happy International Dance Day.
  • Dance involves the whole body and the body can be a powerful agent of communication.  Dance makes the conversation of physical energy more spiritual. Anything beyond the soul is bound up with the inevitable manifestation of the dancer’s soul. Happy International Dance Day.

FAQ about International

What is the date of International Dance Day?

29 April. Source-Wikipedia

When is International Ballet Day?

2nd November.

Happy International Dance Day to all. Hope able to give successful information about International Dance Day. Thank you so much for being with us.