World Music Day 2023 History, Significance, Quotes and Status

World Music Day is celebrated on June 21. Whether it is a time of joy or a time of sadness, music is a daily companion of people. There is no better way to beat the boredom of everyday life than music. Indeed, experts have also endorsed this music therapy. Music is very useful in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Listening to music also improves sleep. Doctors take the help of music to cure mental illness. Sometimes an old song brings back good memories. It also feels bad.  But music can always be by your side like a good friend. Music also strengthens children’s memory and helps improve concentration.

Music lovers, however, do not have a specific day or time for music. Rather, music is 24 hours 365 days a. But there is a special day to celebrate the day. World Music Day is a special day for music-lover. Music is now used in treatment in different countries. All over the world, music is being practiced in different languages ​​with equal rhythms. Today is a special day for all music lovers in the world. Today is music day. France has been hosting traditional music festivals on this day for many years.

In 1982, a day celebration called ‘Fête de la Musique’, or ‘Make Music Day’ was started in France.  French culture minister Jacques Lang started thinking about the issue in 1981. In France in 1976, American musician Joel Cohen proposed an all-night song to celebrate the ‘Summer Solstice’. Since then, June 21 Music Day has been celebrated in 120 countries around the world, either locally or with the help of French embassies. This day is also celebrated with importance in various countries. As always, in 2023, ‘World Music Day’ will be celebrated in different countries of the world.  As June 21 is the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere, this day has been chosen as Music Day.

History of World Music Day

Music is inextricably linked with our lives. The oldest musical instrument in the world, the flute, was made 60,000 years ago. The flute that the Neanderthals made. Music not only gives joy to our minds but also through music we can express our feelings.  There is perhaps no better means of expressing feelings than beautiful melodies and words. Music is a form of human expression. Music knows no boundaries and the purpose of World Music Day is to unite people through music and break all barriers through music. June 21 is celebrated worldwide as International Music Day.  In that sense, tomorrow is a special day for music lovers.

The international observance of this day started in France.  A traditional music festival in France is called ‘Fête de la Musique’.  It means World Music Day. A variety of musical events are celebrated in France around this special music festival. From the beginning, many musicians from many countries appeared to participate in this festival. It was only in 1982 that this special music festival day flourished as ‘World Music Day’.  A year before that, in 1981, French Minister of Culture Jacques Lang tried to make this festival an international one. Later the French government declared this day a National Holiday.

The popularity of Music Day in France gradually spread to other European countries.  This day was celebrated across Europe in 1985. With time, the celebration of this day started outside Europe. They tried to promote music in two ways, one was to encourage new musicians to perform on the streets and organize free music concerts. So that people can get familiar with new music.  Over the past few years, Music Day has gained international popularity.  More than 120 countries around the world celebrate World Music Day.

Why do people celebrate World Music Day?

This conference or movement was started to give individual recognition to music artists in the court of the world and to be able to perform music in a free environment with a free mind and a free voice. It honors professional and amateur musicians. More than 120 countries observe this day by organizing free conferences in open fields, museums, museums, stations, roads, and various national places.

 The primary purpose of World Music Day is to introduce amateur and new music artists to the world and to bring music to the world for free. Various studies have shown that music can improve mental health. With the help of music therapy, efforts are being made to reduce the stress of people in different parts of the world today and it is largely successful. World Music Day promotes this ideology to improve mental health in human life, helping to develop new talents.

 Musicians and musicians of different languages ​​from different parts of the world share their music with everyone on this day. Various conferences are organized all over the world. The purpose of this day is to spread music among all. Music has no religion, no caste, no color, music has no country. Therefore, the mind is easily connected by the hand of music.

How to celebrate World Music Day?

The melody of life is in the middle of the song. What can be easily said in the song, is often not possible to express in spoken language. A song shows a beautiful way to a miserable life. Brings relaxation to health. The mind is connected by the hand of music. Whether it’s a musical journey or an exploration of the unknown, World Music Day unites the world through music. A small human child begins to hum and hum before it can speak. If nothing else, all animals obey the sound.

A ferocious tiger also listens to an unknown song. From the North Pole to the South Pole – across time, age and place, tunes and songs are everywhere. But not many people in France thought about music the way Jacques Lang did. He hired Maurice Fleuret to break the mold of traditional French music.  Fleuret ran a huge statistic in 1982. This figure shows a lot of people working in music. At that time, one in two young people in France could play a musical instrument.

All the rules were kept aside, and a new section was announced. Where young people learn not only traditional music but rock, jazz, and pop—all genres of music. And finally, with the efforts of Jack Lang, engineer Christian Dupavillon and Maurice Fleuret, this initiative was successful. Currently, this day is celebrated in about 120 countries and 450 cities, including Argentina, Australia, Britain, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, and Costa Rica. In restaurants, parks, and vehicles artists perform free music everywhere on World Music Day. Let’s take a look at some ways to celebrate World Music Day-

Join on music event

Music programs are organized almost everywhere on the occasion of World Music Day. All those events are free to enter. All famous artists sing great songs on this day to entertain people. Today on this special day you can go and enjoy the musical program with your family and loved ones. If you are a music lover then this is a great way to celebrate this special day. We all like some songs very much. We like to listen to songs or hum and sing songs in the gap of tiredness of the whole day. Even enjoying musical performances is also a great pleasure.

Learn music instruments

Many of us aspire to play the guitar or learn to play the flute. But maybe there is no time to be busy or take the initiative even if you want to. Take the initiative today on World Music Day. Buy a musical instrument that you like. And there are many institutes where playing musical instruments are taught.  Get admission to an institute near you. Learn to play your favorite instrument.

Write Songs

Many of us love to write songs. Or like to create new tunes. Write a new song today on World Music Day. The young generation will go crazy with this new song of yours.

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Benefits of listening to music

Are you wondering why I suddenly sat down to write about the benefits of listening to music?  Because today is June 1st World Music Day. A whole day dedicated to music. So here are a few things about the benefits of listening to music. Music is the comfort of life. Music is not only the language of life but also the language of life. There are many benefits of listening to music. Our emotions are mixed with the rhythm of our favorite songs. People who don’t love music are rare. Music is always a cure for sadness or happiness.

Researched the benefits of listening to music for different occasions. Deals with the psychological and physical effects of listening to music. Even in the medical field, a new term called music therapy has been added. The benefits of listening to music are numerous. Our brains are designed in such a way that we can easily distinguish between noise pollution and melody. Again, different variations of music also excite us in different ways.

Fast music makes our heartbeat faster and slow music helps us to slow down. Research doctors have acknowledged the benefits or effects of listening to music based on various research observations. We listen to music out of habit or love during Year. But the benefits of music add up as our extra credit. Some benefits are also mentioned-

Listening to music has heart-healthy benefits

Studies have shown that when we listen to calming music, our blood flows naturally. Music lowers heart rate.  Reduces high blood pressure. Listening to music for a long time causes the release of the stress hormone cortisol.  On the other hand, the secretion of the happy hormones serotonin and endorphins increases.  As a result, stress and anxiety are reduced.  After all, there are many benefits of listening to music to maintain heart health.  Moreover, music indirectly helps to control cholesterol

Listening to music improves mood

Research has shown that listening to music can improve our mood.  Music helps keep us happy by affecting our emotions.  Music helps us to relax physically and mentally.  Music plays a role in improving our bad mood

Listening to music reduces our stress and anxiety

Music helps us reduce stress and anxiety.  Listening to our favorite music increases the release of a hormone called dopamine in our brains. This dopamine plays an important role in reducing our anxiety and depression.  Moreover, listening to music reduces the secretion of cortisol hormone in the body.  This reduces stress

Listening to music has benefits in maintaining memory

Let’s associate our songs with our good and bad events.  Different songs remind us of different events.  Therefore, various pieces of research are going on about the relationship of music with our memory power.  Research is underway to see if music can be used to restore memory in case of memory loss.  Moreover, studies have shown many benefits of listening to music in improving general memory.  Music therapy reduces some symptoms in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.  Music therapy helps calm agitated patients

Music helps in pain relief

Many benefits of listening to music in pain relief have been noted.  Music therapy affects the pain center of the brain.  As a result, the intensity of pain is felt much less

Listening to music increases the ability to exercise

Listening to music while exercising or working out increases the ability to do physical work.  Many people may have noticed it, especially during exercise.  Listening to music creates a different feeling while exercising or going to the gym.  Music is often played to motivate players during practice

Music helps you eat less

If weight loss is your goal and you are a glutton, listening to music while eating has its benefits.  Playing light music while eating slows down eating.  And as a result of eating slowly, you can eat less.  So it is very beneficial to eat slow music in low light for weight loss

Cure insomnia

Nowadays, many suffer from insomnia.  After tossing and turning in bed for a long time, sleep does not come.  However, researchers say that listening to music can be very useful in this case.  Various songs with slow tempos are very useful in preventing insomnia.  It has been found that listening to music before going to sleep induces sleep faster.  And sleep well

World Music Day Quotes

Both happiness and sadness exist in music.  Music is a unique medium of human emotions.  Be it in any kind of music.  Music and dance have been or are being represented in different styles in different countries of the world.  There is no end to people’s craze about this companion.  New tunes and new sounds are created together in music, and just as an artist’s voice is needed to give it sweetness, various musical instruments have been prepared to help or accompany him from time to time.  One day the idea of ​​this music day was created in a frenzy about this music.  Music lovers from all over the world celebrate this day as a music day. 

Who doesn’t like music?  Not only humans but all animals as well as the living world in one way or another constant worship music.  We are in tune with any sound stream from birth.  Which calms our minds and attracts enthusiasm.  Only one day is allotted every year for special appreciation of music.  June 21 of the year is celebrated worldwide as International Music Day.  In that sense today is the much-awaited day for music lovers.  Regular listening to music is a part of many people’s daily routines.  Music is considered to be a technique to awaken human feelings of happiness.  When listening to music, a different feeling of happiness flows through the body and mind. 

Many sayings have been created over the ages about music.  All the quotes express the love and attraction of famous people toward music.  On the occasion of World Music Day, all those quotes are presented before you-

  • “Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.” –Khalil Gibran.
  • “Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours.” –Elton John
  • “Music is all about transporting people; speaking a language which languages fail to express.” – A.R. Rahman
  • “Music is a stenograph of feelings.” – Leo Tolstoy
  • “Music is energy – a mood, atmosphere, and feeling.” – Kurt Cobain
  • “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ― Bob Marley
  • “If music be the food of love, play on.” – William Shakespeare
  • “I live my daydreams in music, I see my life in terms of music.” – Albert Einstein
  • Music is the universal language of mankind.” ― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • “Music is healing. Music holds things together.” ― Prince
  • “Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory.” — Oscar Wilde

World Music Day Status

There is no substitute for wellness for living life well.  And this requires complete development.  Many people think that only physical health is real health.  But that idea is not correct.  Because it is possible to protect overall health by combining physical and mental health.  This process starts with the birth of the baby. Music is a medium that brings peace to the mind, bodies, and souls of young children.  Environment and surroundings are intimately involved in the overall development of the child.

It plays a very important role in the mental, physical, and overall development of the child.  For this reason, it is important to introduce children to music from an early age.  Studies have shown that children’s problem-solving skills increase through art practice.  In this case, child participation plays a very important role.  For this, it is necessary to seriously consider the issue of creativity in the physical and mental development of the child.  Share your status on your social media account on World Music Day.  Many will understand the importance of music from your important status-

  • The intellectual, imaginative, and expressive qualities of students are developed through musical practice.  Music has a positive contribution to the development of overall mental qualities by developing latent talents.  Music education makes people creative.  This creative attitude has a positive effect on solving any problem in life.  Happy World Music Day to all.
  • If children are exposed to creative activities in childhood, they become talented and intelligent.  According to experts, listening to good music releases a chemical called dopamine from the brain, which makes children interested in learning something.  That is, cultural practices are very important in increasing the skills of children. They play a greater role in increasing skills than institutional education.  So introduce your baby to music.  Happy World Music Day to all.
  • A child cannot develop fully if education is confined within four walls.  A healthy culture is necessary for the development of the child’s thinking power.  Music helps improve mental health.  Because, when a child grows up, the surrounding environment influences him a lot, which reflects in his personality.  Happy World Music Day everyone.

FAQ about World Music Day

What is the date of World Music Day?

21 June. Source-Wikipedia

Why do people celebrate World Music Day?

The primary purpose of World Music Day is to introduce amateur and new music artists to the world and to bring music to the world for free.  Various studies have shown that music can improve mental health.  With the help of music therapy, efforts are being made to reduce the stress of people in different parts of the world today and it is largely successful.  World Music Day promotes this ideology to improve mental health in human life, helping to develop new talents.

The brains of those who play an instrument are more active than those who listen to music.  Because they always play with the melody of the world of music. Creating music usually requires the full attention of music lovers. Music does not make people brutal but makes them more humane. Nowadays music can be accepted as an alternative to medicine. Headphone therapy is now given to patients in the ear to treat coma or brain death. Music creates a kind of network in the listener’s brain. So it can be said that music is very much connected with our life.

Happy World Music Day to all. Wishing you a good day with music. Hope we have been able to provide all information about World Music Day. If you have any questions, feel free to do so, and we will try to answer in the fastest time. Thanks for being with us