International Museum Day 2023 History, Significance, Quotes and Status

International Museum Day highlights the importance of museums to create research opportunities for students, teachers, researchers, scholars, and global citizens to learn about museums and their heritage. The day has been celebrated worldwide since 1977 at the call of the International Council of Museums. ICOM was established in 1946. It currently has 28,000 museums from 107 countries as members.

A museum is an institution where a collection of archaeological artifacts is preserved. It collects and preserves objects of scientific, artistic, and historical importance and exhibits them to the public. A museum is an institution where a collection of archaeological artifacts is preserved.  Museums collect and store objects of scientific, artistic, and historical importance and display them to the public. Every year on 18th May this day is observed with deep significance.

This day inspires people to know the ancient history and creates interest in visiting museums. People flock to the museum to learn about agriculture, fashion, history, art, and natural history. This increases the knowledge about the historical past of the people. Museums are a part of our culture that creates peaceful coexistence within our national community. So, let’s visit museums with family and loved ones on International Museum Day.

History of International Museum Day

The concept of International Museum Day was first conceived in 1951. A meeting was held which was held by the International Council of Museums. The meeting was called the Crusade.  And the meeting had a debate about museums and students. At that meeting, the museum accessibility strategy was established. And it was the beginning of the creation of International Museum Day. International Museum Day was first observed in 1997.

International Museum Day was first celebrated in Moscow. The I.C.O.M General Assembly then proposed an annual day to further illustrate the need for museums to promote the contribution of museums to mankind to the world. Proposals are invited for the museum to be an institution that promotes world peace and through which the historical past is known. Every year this organization sets a new theme and International Museum Day is celebrated based on that theme.

This day has been observed every year since 1977 to raise awareness among people about the importance of museums and to encourage others to participate in this activity. Since the promotion of the day, International Museum Day has become increasingly popular among people. The number of participants in celebrating this day is constantly increasing. People’s interest to know about history is constantly increasing. Nowadays, many people visit museums every day. Even the number of students studying history in universities is increasing.

Why do people celebrate International Museum Day?

The history of museum establishment starts in ancient Greece. There is evidence that museums were established under the auspices of the temple at that time for the practice of art and philosophy. The most visited museum in Paris is the Louvre Museum. Which is about 86 lakhs per year. Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting ‘Mona Lisa’ is in this museum.

On the initiative of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), since 1977, May 18 has been celebrated as International Museum Day in different countries. According to the 21st edition of the database published by ICOM, there are more than 55 thousand museums in 202 countries of the world. The Madame Tussauds museum in London, UK has wax sculptures of world-famous personalities.

 The Kerry Museum, established in 1818 in Srirampur, West Bengal, India, is the first university museum in the subcontinent. The ‘Charles Stewart Museum’ located in Kolkata is the first museum established by private initiative. There are many famous museums in different countries all over the world that visitors want to visit every day.

The purpose of International Museum Day is to highlight the importance of museums among people and to encourage museum visits. Museums empower us by giving us knowledge. Enriches our psyche by awakening our consciousness. Museums are powerful social organizations. Every year, International Museum Day is celebrated with these objectives in mind.

The purpose of establishing the museum

There are several reasons behind the initiation of each affair. And there are certain reasons behind setting up every institution. And the actions of a country are always directed toward something good. Similarly, there are some significant reasons behind the establishment of museums. Which may be unknown to many of us. Let us now know the reason for establishing the museum

Living History:

The historical elements of the museum do not have a theoretical place in history but have a real existence in history. Museums bring history alive with these materials.

Research help:

Historical artifacts collected by many people can be preserved in museums. An important purpose and function of the museum are to facilitate research into the true history of those artifacts.

Help Revisiting Past History:

All the historical artifacts or material collected in the museum can be said to help in the re-enactment of history. The various representations that emerge from the pages of books make our textbooks or history come alive. In other words, it can be said that museums help in the re-emergence of history.

Promotion of public awareness and knowledge:

Artifacts preserved in museums evoke awareness in the mind of the viewer. They are also used for research purposes. Viewing the representations also expands the viewer’s knowledge.

Building a collection of memorable personalities:

Several museums around the world have been built as collections of statues of famous and memorable personalities in whole or in part. In this context, the museum of Madame Tussauds can be mentioned. This museum has historically recognized royal figures, sports stars, and political leaders of different countries, cultural figures, and even famous movie heroes and heroines.

Conceptualization of past societies:

We get a general idea of ​​the past civilization from the things that are displayed in the museum.  The various signs and monuments of the progress of human society and civilization through evolution can be glimpsed from the various representations preserved in the museum.

Portrait construction:

Museums build models (replicas) of various ancient, modern, important historical monuments or activities or objects, or persons. These models are arranged to show the audience.

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How to celebrate International Museum Day?

A museum is an institution that disseminates knowledge accumulated at one level of society to the general level of society. This is how the road to democratization is widened. Museums not only spread knowledge but also spread ideology. So, it can be said that the museum is the creation of social and state thought as well as can cause social and state change. There is another simple thing that the museum gives us pleasure. If we read about the endless invention of man, his/her relentless creative power, his/her pursuit of beauty, and his/her attempt to surpass himself/herself repeatedly, we are extremely happy to be introduced to these things. 

One of the main functions of museums is to preserve cultural heritage and provide sources of self-identity. And to learn more about history, we usually go to museums. The national museum of any country carries the national identity of that country. By visiting the museum of his/her country, every person can understand the nature of himself and the nation, find culture and get motivation for self-development. And every year on May 18, International Museum Day is celebrated. All over the world people try to visit museums on this day. The main aim of observing this day is to encourage people to visit museums. Now know some ways to celebrate International Museum Day

Visit Museum

Travel to your home country’s national museum. In this, you will learn about the traditions and culture of your country. National museums of each country trace the heritage culture of that country. National museums are established in every country so that people can develop their own cultural self-identity. In the National Museum, you will find some artifacts that will help you learn about the history of your country. Visit the museum exhibition with your loved ones and children. By doing this, they will be curious about history. Which will develop their self-identity.

Go on a Museum tour

Can go on a tour. Where you will have the intention of visiting the museums of certain countries. If you are financially sound and have a passion for travel, then with International Museum Day in mind, choose a few specific countries that you have a strong desire to learn about. And visit museums in all those countries. It will increase your knowledge to extremes.  And your interest in learning will increase a lot. A museum is an institution where we never get tired of the exhibits. The museum helps us to learn as much as it gives us pleasure. The best way to learn about cultural history is through museum displays.

Share experience

If you have any experience visiting museums in the past, you can share it on your social media account. This will create a desire to visit the museum among those who have not yet visited the museum. And International Museum Day will also be promoted. So don’t forget to finally share your past experiences on International Museum Day.

International Museum Day Quotes

In general, a museum is a collection of various historical materials, where various types of historical, cultural, scientific, industrial, etc. important artifacts are preserved and arranged for permanent or temporary display for the public. In a word, institutions or buildings where various archaeological artifacts are collected and preserved are called museums.

Similarities can be found in the general objectives or functions of museums in different countries of the world. One of the main objectives of museums is to collect and preserve various artifacts from different countries and eras of the world. Ancient coins, scripts, various works of art (sculpture, architecture, painting), rare artifacts, and various models and charts are preserved in museums. Museums build models (replicas) of various ancient, modern important historical monuments or activities or objects, or persons. These models are arranged to show the visitors.

We get a general idea about the past civilization from the things that are arranged in the museum. The various signs and monuments of the progress of human society and civilization through evolution can be glimpsed from the various representations preserved in the museum. We should all visit a museum exhibit at least once. There are also several quotes on museum display requirements. Which will inspire you to visit the museum. Now I am presenting all those quotes in front of you-

  • “A country that has few museums is both materially poor and spiritually poor …museums, like theatres and libraries, is a means to freedom.” – Wendy Beckett
  • “A visit to a museum is a search for beauty, truth, and meaning in our lives. Go to museums as often as you can.” – Maira Kalman
  • “The best introduction to art is to stroll through a museum. The more art you see, the more you’ll learn to define your own taste.” – Jeanne Frank
  • “A museum is a spiritual place. People lower their voices when they get close to art.” – Mario Botta
  • “Museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples.” –ICOM

International Museum Day Status

The past is always the foundation of the future. The result of history is the present. So we find the past again and again. The past is recorded in the pages of history and displayed in museums. The old objects that are displayed in the museum each bear the testimony of history, and tell the story of culture, and tradition. That is why the museum is a very necessary institution for the people of a country. Today 18 May is International Museum Day.

Recognizing the importance of museums, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) has been celebrating this day every year since 1977. A museum bears the living evidence of a country’s history and culture. In that case, it is very important to create more awareness about the museum. And you can come forward to increased awareness about the museum. Share your status on International Museum Day to give your social media accounts. Many people will be interested in the museum display through a status of yours. For your convenience, here are some statuses that you can collect on International Museum Day

  • If you have enough time on your hands and you are interested in visiting a place that shows you will never get tired. Then I think the best option for you is to go on a museum tour. Happy International Museum Day to all.
  • Today is International Museum Day. We should all go to museum exhibits. Museums help our guests present their history to us. Museums are institutions that connect us with history. So, without delay, visit the museum with your family and loved ones. Happy International Museum Day to all
  • Museums are one of the most beautiful and interesting places to take kids on a trip. Your kids will enjoy it as well as get an education. They will be interested in history.  Even self-identity will develop. So bring your child to the museum. Happy International Museum Day to all

FAQ about International Museum Day

What is the purpose of International Museum Day?

International Museum Day highlights the importance of museums to create research opportunities for students, teachers, researchers, and scholars and for global citizens to learn about museums and their heritage.

What is the date of International Museum Day?

18th May. Source-Wikipedia.

Finally, it can be said that the museum not only preserves history but also gives pleasure to the common visitors. For an individual, history often becomes an obsession, and the importance of museums in that aspect is undeniable. So, we should all go to the museum exhibition on International Museum Day. Wishing everyone a very Happy International Museum Day. Thanks for being with us.