Let’s Hug Day 2023

On December 3rd we celebrate the comfort of a hug. Let’s Hug Day. We know hugs are multipurpose. When we are feeling desperate and need someone to just hold and pacify us then hugs are a staple. Many of us hug when we wish to share our happiness with family, friends, and special people.  Hugs are also the perfect reconciliatory gesture when we want to make up with someone after a discord, Hugs are known to release good hormones that can help to lower our stress level and balance our blood pressure.

An act of holding someone tightly in one’s arms is called a hug. We hug someone for showing affection. Hugs are an essential form of physical touch that humans rely on from the moment they are born throughout the rest of their lives. Depending on the type of hug, it can be a sign of emotional support, friendship, security, romantic intimacy, or love. Hugs can reduce your stress by showing your support.

History of Let’s Hug Day

This Let’s Hug Day isn’t the Hug Day of Valentine’s Week. They are totally different. But the way of celebration is the same. We can see from our research that there is no clear indication in Genesis of the creation of “Let’s Hug Day.” But many people said that Kevin Zaborney was the godfather behind the day.

But Zaborney called that the day is a national hugging day, which falls on January 31, this is still a question of why Zaborney’s holiday is 31 January, why not 3rd December. Because this is included with another day. Zaborney’s holiday is recorded in the famous Chase’s calendar of events which also hosts several other unique holidays. As if it’s an idea behind having a national hugging day but we take in the same thing for let’s hug day too. possess a friend, family member, or another loving person, and get ready to show them how much they are loved by you because it’s time for Let’s Hug Day.

We know that the word ‘hug’ though comes from the ancient Norwegian word “hugga’, Which means “to Easement”. Other scholars uttered that the word may have risen from the German/Teuton word ‘hegen’ roughly construe to ‘cherish’ or ‘foster’. In the English language, In the 16th century Hug is said to have been used somewhere.

While the etymology and history of the word may disagree, the pathological behind it has more or less stayed the same since the Inauguration of the duty. A hug is a universal form of showing affection and it is interesting to note that. While certain forms of greeting might change based on the plane, like the bow or the high five the handshake or, the hug looks to be universal among almost all cultures in places all over the world.

Why we should celebrate let’s Hug Day

There are many other reasons why we should celebrate let’s hug day. We Celebrate the day by saying ‘let’s hug’ and sharing hugs with our family, friends, and partner. Hugs are given in many continuities: as a greeting or goodbye, for sympathy or congratulations, for gratitude, support, and affection, and even as a way of making up after a fight. Before two people embrace for one of these reasons, they often say “Let’s hug!”

Today is all about coming together, saying “Let’s hug!” and hugging! Sometimes hugs work like oxygen. We love to hug each other for sharing our joy and sorrow. If we want to bond built trust and a strong relationship together hug is the only way to show love and affection. Hugs and relief from your pain.

Hugs increase bonding between parents, brothers, sisters, other family members, and loving people. We love to cuddle our friends it relieves mental and physical tiredness. The hug is not only a physical activity it is also a mental activity. Hugs are very Important activities in our life.  That’s why we should celebrate hug day.

How to celebrate Let’s Hug Day

A hug is the actual best thing ever. Hugs are very important for mental health. Don’t ever think that needing a hug makes you less of a man. You are a king. And you deserve the right to be respected and heard when you let down walls. Let’s find some delectable ideas for celebrating Let’s Hug day.

           Hug someone on Let’s Hug Day.

Nothing is better than a hug. A hug can be the most beautiful way to celebrate Let’s Hug Day. A warm hug is everything you can give your partner to make them happy. You don’t need to do lots of things. Just hug and say I LOVE YOU. Express your love and express your feelings.

Let’s Hug Day is just the beginning and can act as a great reminder that hugs are fun and healthy any day of the year. Of course, the most important thing to do on this day is to give someone you love a big hug. First thing in the morning, grab a family member and give them a big bear hug. Or call up a friend and meet them for coffee, adding in an additional hug just in honor of Let’s Hug Day.

Learn about the benefit of hugs

We know that hugs are not only joyful but also it’s can assist in improving a person’s health. If we practicing regular hugs with our loving person can give us a health boost to us. Hugs give peace not only to our bodies but also it gives peace our brains.

  • Hugs can Improve the immune system.

Hugs may help to increase protection against illness by giving support, which can give us pleasure and also knock off the risk of getting sick. Hugs help us to be free from distress and distemper.

  • Hugs May increase Heart Health.

Hugs have been shown to knock off blood pressure and heart rate, which are important factors related to heart health. When we hug each other it can trickle down benefits though out the body.

  • Hugs reduce stress.

hugs provide a favor to mental health. Touch has been proven to reduce the negative impact of painful and stressful situations in humans. And it’s also good for the person who is offering the hug to show support. When people felt very sad at that time one hug can remove their illness and it is scientifically proven that a hug is an important medicine for anyone.

When he or she felt sorrowful. We saw that. When people work for a long day and felt depressed then a hug can reduce the stress, then the man can come to his routine. And get the strength to start a new work. So we can be told now hugs are very important for reducing stress.

 Let’s Hug Day is important for children and adults.

What was perhaps known all along but not able to be scientifically vindicated is the fact that hugs are important for humans to prosper. This is moreover true for babies after they are born. Children who do not receive hugs and cuddles when they are small usually fail to prosper and grow in the way healthy, well-loved children will. When the babies cry we hug them. After the warm hug, they can fall in love and the children stop crying. And it is proven that babies understand the benefits of hugs and cuddles.

And adults can also benefit from hugs. Many studies have been made to reveal that hugs can be healthy not only for the mental and emotional benefits, but also it is a strength for any human being. It means big support to our friends, family friend, and our partner.

So people don’t be shy – get ready to celebrate let’s hug day and hug someone on Let’s Hug Day! And they will understand how much you love them.

How to Let’s Hug Day benefits f or health

Hugs may release a hormone called oxytocin into the bloodstream. This hormone, produced in the pituitary gland, helps lower blood pressure, heart rate, and the stress hormone cortisol. The hug also reduces anxiety, improves mood and memory, and increases bonding and closeness.

Those who hug often tend to have increased empathy for others. For hugs to be beneficial, those participating must trust each other and both want to hug. Otherwise, the opposite effect happens, and cortisol levels rise, causing stress. This shows how it is favorable to preface a hug with the words “Let’s hug.

Important Quotes Related to let’s Hug Day:

Hugs and cuddles are very important for babies we are adults we understand the value of a hug. But the children do not understand the importance of the hug. So it is very serious that we told our children how important the hug is. Hug gives us physical and mental peace.

It is also good for health. At this moment I suggest some of the quotes for everyone. These are very interesting for all because they learn the importance of hugging with fun. These quotes help us understand the value of a hug. And how much it benefits a human. And these quotes help to gather more knowledge about a hug.

  • “They invented hugs to let people know you love them without saying anything.”-Bil Keane
  • “We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.”-Virginia Satir.
  • “A hug is an amazing thing. It’s just the perfect way to show the love we’re feeling but can’t find the words to say.”-Johnny Ray Ryde.
  • “I love hugging. I wish I was an octopus, so I could hug ten people at a time.” Drew Barrymore.
  • “Hugs and kisses are ways to express what cannot be said.” -Kacie Conroy
  • “Hugging: the truest form of giving and receiving.” -Carol Miller
  • “A kiss without a hug is like a flower without the fragrance.” –Proverb
  • “Feel the presence of love, wrapped up within a hug.” Robert M. Hensel

Let’s Hug Day message

The hug is the universal truth. We all want to celebrate this day with parents, family, friends, and loving people. You share some short messages for your loving person. If you give the message the other person felt special and smiles.

So why are you late? send some pleasant messages for your parents, friends, other family members, and your loving person, and make them happy.  I will try to give you some ideas for your special message. I am sure that it’s the melting heart of your special person. And make them much happier.

Best 5 messages for parents Let’s Hug Day

  • When I was born on the earth at first I felt your warm touch mom/ dad. Please hold me for the rest of my life with your arms. Happy hug day mummy/ daddy.
  • your hug makes me strong and teaches me the lesson of life. Please always stay by my side. Happy hug day mummy/ daddy.

  • 3. When I fell sick and there was nothing to entertain me at that moment your hug give me strength. Happy hug day mummy/daddy.
  • when I saw your face I forgot my pain please come to me and give me tight hug. Happy hug day mummy/papa.
  • no one is more special than you. You are my whole heaven. And I want to hug my heaven. Happy hug day mummy/ papa.

Let’s Hug Day message for Friend

  • Thank you so much my dear friend for always supporting me and holding me in your arms. happy hug day.
  • The hug is the cutest thing given by god to help us express love hidden in the heart to ones because of whom life is beautiful. Happy hug day bestie come soon, I am dying to hug you tight.
  • This hug day, I am sending you the warmest hug that will remove your all pains and worries so that you can smile crazily again as you use to do. Happy hug day my dear friend.
  • I know it is difficult to find a perfect gift for you but then I realize that hug can be the best gift for you. Happy hug day my loving friend.
  • A long tight hug is the best gift of Medicine for all worries in life. That is why; here I am to hug you tight so that it removes your sorrows.  happy hug day my dear friend.
  • if you are searching for a gift for me then be happy and save your money as your hug is the best thing to gift me. Wishing you the happiest hug day my dear friend.
  • hug has the power to end a fight making everything right let us again shake hands & be friends again alright? happy hug day.
  • Whenever you feel sad, remember I am always with you only a call away with open arms to hug you. Happy hug day.

Let’s Hug Day Heart-melting and romantic message special person.

  • No matter how good or bad my day is, I will always need your hugs to complete my day with lots of love, Happy hug day, darling.
  • The best way in which I can express my love to you is by giving you a tight hug so that you can listen to my heartbeat. Happy hug day my love.
  • A warm hug is the expression of love, affection, and care you have for the person. Wishing you a very happy hug day my love.
  • I wish I could make every day a special one for you lost of hugs and love each day. Happy hug day sweetheart.
  • Wish every morning I could borrow you from the world and lock you in my arms to tell you what you mean to me. Happy hug day my loving sweetheart.

Let’s Hug Day wish

A hug is a sweet thing given by god to help us express our love hidden in the heart to ones because of whom life is beautiful. Don’t forget to wish your parents a friend and special person. Your one wish can make their day very special. So let’s take some idea how you wish your parents, friends and your loving person. I will try to give you the best idea of how you wish for your special person.

Let’s Hug day wishes for parents

  • mom and dad, you never know that you are special you are in my life. I never express my feeling. But on this day I want to express how much you are special to me with a tight hug. Happy hug day my earth.
  • There is no doubt parents are most special than other people in life. You are my sunshine. If I saw you in the morning my day gone without pain. On this special day, I want to hug you. Happy hug day
  • there was no word to express my feeling and love for you. Come to me and hug me. Happy hug day.
  • parents are the most important thing for men and women. But sometimes we hurt them for some misunderstanding. I am sorry for my behavior. I want a warm touch with your arms. Happy hug day mummy/papa
  • wishing you a very special day. As you are very special to me. happy hug day.

Let’s Hug day wish for the special person

  • A hug is like a boomerang- you get it back the right way
  • When a hug is this big and warm you feel it for days
  • The best place to sleep is in the arm of your loved one. And you are my loved one.
  • Instead of wrapping the gift in boxes wrap me in your arms.

Let’s hug day status

A hug can reduce your pain and make us happy we always celebrate hug day in valentine’s week. But in this article, we know the origin of hug day. And we celebrate let’s hug day on 3rd December. If we celebrate it properly we have to tell everyone about this day. In this digital world, the best way is social media status. So we have to write our Facebook wallpaper about the day. Not only on Facebook but also give statuses on Instagram WhatsApp and other social media handle. Now I share some ideas about the let’s hug day status

  • Confined in your hug, I call it my home.
  • I have a special present for you my dear, but I need to borrow your arms for wrapping it.
  • A sweet friend is like a pillow when you are tired you sleep on it when you are sad you drop tears on it when you are angry you punch it & when you are happy you hug it. Happy hug day.
  • A hug can say I miss you. It can say you are special. It can soothe a crying mind, it can calm fear, and cheer you. Ho, there is a big hug from me to you.
  • Two hearts wrapped in arms is what, they call a hug.  

Some Important Questions about Let’s Hug Day

Who is the Godfather of Let’s Hug Day?

Kevin Zaborney.

Which date do we celebrate Let’s Hug Day?

3rd December. Source- Wikipedia.

What Should We say on Let’s Hug Day?

Today is all about coming together, saying “Let’s Hug”.

What are the benefits of the oxytocin hormone?

Oxytocin hormone, p helps lower blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol. heart rate, and hormones, produced in the pituitary gland.

Why we should celebrate let’s hug day. Explain in one word.

We celebrate let’s hug day because we want that people know about let’s hug day and they understand the importance of hug and let’s hug day.

From this article, you got to know about Let’s Hug Day. History of let’s hug day, Origin of let’s hug day, why we should celebrate let’s hug day, how to celebrate let’s hug day, Benefits of let’s hug day. A hug is very important for a human being. Not only are its benefits for physical health it’s also important for mental health. This is a great part of our life. So, we have to celebrate this day with our family, friends, and partner. We have to tell the next generation about this day. Stay tuned and stay with knowledge. Please keep your eyes on the National Day List. Thank You.