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The synonyms of the word ‘book’ are book, book, Kitab, book, book, manuscript, etc.  National Book Week is observed on November 20-24 every year.  Books convey people’s thoughts to the next generation.  People store their thoughts, feelings, knowledge, wisdom, and experiences through books.  Books are one of the vehicles of culture, civilization, and communication.  Books carry knowledge from one century to the next. 

Books can create links between people with people, old people with young people, a society with society, the past with the present, present with the future.  In ancient times, materials such as stones, clay tablets, leather, tree leaves, pieces of wood, metal sheets, etc. were used as books.

Books must be printed or handwritten. Books must be portable. Bound with two bindings at the top and bottom. Bound pages must be easily turned. Each book must generally have three parts.  For example primary part, the main part, and the auxiliary part.

The history of book printing is not very long.  Only 1 thousand 154 years ago, the world’s first book was printed in China.  The electric-powered printing press had not yet been invented.  The book was printed using a hand-operated machine made of wooden blocks. During 1934, the Philippine Library Association proposed a celebration to Governor General Frank Murphy that promoted library services. 

Murphy announced the Philippines’ first National Book Week in June of that year.  Later in 1936 it was proposed in November.  After which the whole world celebrates.

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History of National Book Week

Why do people celebrate National Book Week

The role of books is the main one in creating modern civilization by saying goodbye to ancient times.  Books bring the history and results of past knowledge to the present.  Books help to overcome the limitations of the elderly to the young.  Without the help of books, human society would have to invent new knowledge at every age.  As a result, the desired progress of society was disrupted. 

The man could not change or develop from his primitive prehistoric condition.  So the society where people are more interested in books is more advanced than others.  This is not an idea, this is reality.  Advanced societies in knowledge, science, technology, humanity and innovation are moving forward by sheltering the habit of reading books. 

On the contrary, in backward, dependent societies, books and other social facilities related to books such as libraries, educational institutions, etc. are not valued as much.  As a result, they remain in the dark chambers of a violent, inhuman, primitive mentality.  If they don’t like the book, there is no development, no transition.

How do people celebrate National Book Week

The beauty of the room depends on the arrangement of books and their care.  Now let’s start by arranging the book.  Arrange the books on the bookshelf in such a way that you can easily find any book.  List the books you want to keep on your schedule.

 Books can be divided into categories by author, subject, character, or even year of publication.  Also, you can divide fiction and poetry subjects forward.  In this case, you must be careful that according to the position and popularity of the story, good quality books should be placed at the top or bottom. Various programs will be held with books. 

How the book tackles violence and builds a culture of peace will be discussed.  This year the programs will focus on three themes.  They are, reclaiming public space, building social bonds, and establishing solidarity.

National Book Week Quotes

The main body or text is part of the book that contains the main discussion.  This part is formed with the thoughts and words of the author.  It may be divided into several chapters.  The reader understands this part as a book. 

If there is more than one chapter, the chapter title and main title of the book are written at the top of each page.  It is called Running Title.  In this part, the author presents his imagination and speech to the reader. 

If necessary, he tries to make his thoughts simple by using images, maps, designs, etc.  The reader evaluates the author’s creativity and writing style based on this part. Here are some National Book Week Quotes –

“Once you learn to read, you are free forever.”  – Frederick Douglass

“If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.”  – JK Rowling

  “Reading is essential for those who want to rise above the ordinary.”  – Jim Rohn

“Learning to read means lighting a fire;  Every syllable spelled is a spark.”  – Victor Hugo

 Read your favorite books first.  Otherwise, you will not get a chance to read.”  – Henry David Thoreau.

National Book Week Messages/Wishes

Books of ancient times did not have different sections as in modern times.  But in modern times a book usually has three parts. 

But all books must have at least two parts. Primary part or pre-part, main part or subject, subsidiary subject. Here are some National Book Week Messages/wishes –

Human Loneliness is the perfect companion book to Guchana. Happy National Book Week !!

Great books are an inexhaustible source of inexhaustible joy for the human heart. Happy National Book week!!

When we are lonely in the depths of the mind due to external mechanisms, we can meet our best friend by reading a book.  Happy National Book week!!

Books not only remove the loneliness of the individual mind but also develop civilization and culture.  Excellent role.Happy National Book Week!!

We have the privilege of sitting in one age and meeting with the hearts of the sages of another age by reading books. Happy National Book Week !!

Books give happiness to people over various conflicts and problems of worldly life. Happy National  Book Week!!

National Book Week Statutes

The appeal of the book never seems to run out.  As long as the earth exists will burn books in the lonely watch of man. 

A book will become a dear companion on a tired afternoon or a gloomy afternoon.  The book will hug you like a mist on a winter night.  A book will remind us of many things. Here are some National Book Week Statutes –

Books introduce people to various branches of science. Happy National Book Week!!

The best book purifies the superstitious mind, man finds the way to become the right man. Happy National Book Week!!

All the various experiences that people have had about the world and life over the ages have been shattered On the pages of the book. Happy National Book Week!!

FAQ about National book week

When do we celebrate national book week?

Ans: on November 20-24 every year. source wikipedia

How We Celebrate National Book Week?

Ans: Books can be divided into categories by author, subject, character, or even year of publication.  Also, you can divide fiction and poetry subjects forward.  In this case, you must be careful according to the position and popularity of the story.

We Celebrate National Book Week?

Books bring the history and results of past knowledge to the present.  Books help to overcome the limitations of the elderly to the young.  Without the help of books, human society would have to invent new knowledge at every age

Increases thinking excellence and analytical ability or skill.  A good book can bring a positive influence on many aspects of our life.  Books are our companions of loneliness, if there is a book with us then loneliness can never touch us. Books are basically the product of the scholar’s pursuit of knowledge.  A seeker of knowledge will pass on his experiences to future generations

 He writes books from the urge to know.  At one stage of the development of civilization, people resorted to writing books to convey their thoughts, feelings, and experienced knowledge to future people.  In turn, the invention of the printing press widened the circulation of books. 

As a result, people started to gain knowledge about everything sitting at home.  Not only the events of the past but the world of knowledge of the present is opened.  It is like sitting on a small seat and getting the company of the world. 

The roar of the ocean of knowledge can be heard in the pages of the book.  The Mahasamudura is always flowing with the great vow of imparting knowledge from age to age. Thanks for being with us.