National Cancer Awareness Day 2023

National Cancer Awareness Day is celebrated across India on 7th November every year.  By celebrating National Cancer Awareness Day common people are made aware of the deadly disease called cancer. When we hear the name cancer, our immediate reaction is fear.  This is mainly because most of our population associate’s cancer’ with death.

Cancer has become almost synonymous with death for many, but this is very wrongly true.  If caught at an early stage, cancer is treatable and easily cured, and although advanced-stage cancer is difficult to cure, medical science has made many advances in the past few decades to prolong their lives, as well as lead a better quality of life.  Nevertheless, it is always better to find cancer early and give yourself a better chance of healing.

To detect cancer early, we should be aware of this disease on National Cancer Awareness Day, the main reason being that 7th November is recognized as National Cancer Awareness Day by the Government of India. Currently, this disease can be seen in any part of the body.

However, timely detection of this disease and proper treatment, make people healthy in many parts.  Smoking, alcohol, yellow tobacco, some processed foods, red meat, consuming burnt foods; In addition, cancer can occur due to fiber foods, vegetables, fruits, vitamin D, calcium intake, lack of physical exercise, physical obesity or overweight, ultraviolet rays, X-radiation, some chemicals, some viruses, and others.

Through this entire article, you will know in detail how to prevent cancer, the causes of cancer and history of National Cancer Awareness Day, how to celebrate National Cancer Awareness Day, Why people celebrate National Cancer Awareness Day, How to make people aware on National Cancer Awareness Day etc.  So definitely read the entire article with patience and be aware of yourself on National Cancer Awareness Day. And make others aware on National Cancer Awareness Day.

History of National Cancer Awareness Day

November 7th is the birthday of the famous scientist Madame Curie.  He did important work on nuclear therapy and radiotherapy which led to unprecedented breakthroughs in cancer treatment.  So, this national cancer awareness day is celebrated keeping in mind his contribution.

Madame Curie discovered radium and polonium.  Both of these are considered to be great tools in the fight against cancer. National Cancer Awareness Day was announced in 2014 by the then Health and Family Welfare Minister of India, Dr. Harsh Vardhan. National Cancer Awareness Day was recognized as National Cancer Awareness Day on 7th November 2014.  Union Health Minister Harsha Yavardhan urged the nation that it is high time we went to the crossroads of fighting this disease.

The statement was made based on several recent statistics which showed that cancer incidence and deaths in India have been increasing rapidly over the past few decades.  Radium and polonium are nuclear energy for cancer diagnosis.  Madame Curie’s contribution to medical science is unforgettable. National Cancer Awareness Day is being celebrated in India for the last eight years.

About 11 lakh people are diagnosed with cancer every year in India.  In two-thirds of these cases, the disease is diagnosed at a late stage, and the chances of survival are greatly reduced.  The health minister called upon people to emphasize awareness on Cancer Awareness Day. National Cancer Awareness Day is observed on November 7 to honor Madame Curie’s contribution to medical science.

Why should we celebrate National Cancer Awareness Day?

Cancer is a deadly disease.  Now almost every house has cancer.  If this disease is caught in the early stages, many treatment options can completely cure it.  But when caught in the last stage, cancer becomes fatal.  So, people need to be aware of this disease from National Cancer Awareness Day.  National Cancer Awareness Day is specially celebrated to make people aware and educated about such relationships.

According to the survey, about 1.1 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year in India.  In two-thirds of these cases, the disease is diagnosed at an advanced stage.  Delayed treatment greatly reduces the patient’s chances of survival.  According to the study, one woman dies of cervical cancer every eight minutes in India.  Also, the consumption of tobacco products is very high in this country.  A 2018 study says that tobacco consumption killed nearly 3, 77,928 women and men from cancer at home that year in India.

About 25 percent of men die from oral cancer and lung cancer, and about 25 percent of women die from breast cancer and tooth decay.  A study says that tobacco consumption can cause about 14 types of cancer.  Also, alcohol drugs, and unhealthy diets can cause cancer.  Sexual problems can lead to cervical cancer.  This type of cancer is more common in women.  Air pollution also causes lung cancer.  The then Union Health Minister in the 90s started several awareness activities at the state level to bring the cancer disease under control. On a certain day every year, people were encouraged to visit the municipal clinic at the hospital for free treatment.

They were also told about various ways to stay away from cancer and information about it was spread among the public.  They were also made aware of the early symptoms of cancer so that they could catch and treat the disease at an early stage.  If cancer is caught in the early stages, it is largely curable.

The main objective of National Cancer Awareness Day is to make India cancer free and to start treatment in the early stages of cancer.  Cancer treatment is very costly, so it is better to be aware of this disease on National Cancer Awareness Day. And try to save yourself from this disease on National Cancer awareness Day.  Therefore, to make people aware, National Cancer Awareness Day is observed every year in November.  And every Indian as a citizen of India should observe National Cancer Awareness Day to become self-aware and also to make others aware.

How to celebrate National Cancer Awareness Day

National Cancer Awareness Day is celebrated on December 7th every year.  The purpose of celebrating National Cancer Awareness Day is to spread awareness about this deadly and deadly cancer and to encourage people to help the patients suffering from this disease.  Cancer is a serious disease that requires timely treatment.  Every year a large number of people in India and across the world are infected and die from this deadly disease. Here are some ways to celebrate National Cancer Awareness Day.

  • Donate

We know cancer treatment is very expensive.  Many times, even if cancer is diagnosed at the right time, many cannot get treatment due to a lack of money.  Due to this, they are not able to cure this disease.  But many charity foundations provide free treatment to cancer patients.  Bear all their medical expenses.  Donate some money to those charities today this Cancer Awareness Day.

  • Get a Screening

If cancer is detected in the early stages, it is possible to save lives.  Cancer can be controlled with proper treatment.  So do tests every year.  Cancer testing is done in many places in India. Indore, Jaipur, Jalandhar, Kannur, Kochi, Kolkata, Kolhapur, Kollam, Kottayam, Madurai, Mohali, Mumbai, Nagpur, Palakkad, Pathankot, Patna, Pondicherry, Pune, Sangli, Surat, Tirunelveli, Trichy, and Vellore. Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Bhilai, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Dehradun, Delhi-NCR, Ernakulam, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Ludhiana.  You can do cancer tests in all these places.

  • Alert family and friends

Prevention is better than a cure for cancer.  Because this patient is very difficult to cure.  So, make the family aware of this disease on National Cancer Awareness Day.  Tell about how to save yourself from cancer, proper diet, and steps to take in case of cancer on National Cancer Awareness Day.

Why do people get Cancer?

The number of people suffering from cancer is increasing day by day.  One in five men and one in six women are at risk of developing cancer.  The statistic shows that the number of people suffering from cancer has also increased with the increase in population.  In this case, researchers consider the quality of life as a consideration. Worryingly, half of the world’s cancer deaths are in Asian countries.

Where the name of India is at top of many countries on the list.  As such, one and a half million people are at risk of getting cancer every year. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world today.  Cancer is increasing at an alarming rate in the developing world including India.  A large population of the country is affected by this deadly disease.  Most of whom are out of treatment.  Cancer is more common in men.

Comparatively, the number of women suffering from cancer here is less.  However, this gap is decreasing day by day.  Women are also getting more cancer now.  Among them, the incidence of cancer in the mouth, lungs, breast, and cervix is ​​high.  Breast cancer is the most at-risk for women in India.  In addition, the risk of cervical and gall bladder cancer is also considerable.

According to a survey of researchers, lung cancer is the main cause of death of women with cancer in at least 28 countries of the world.  Besides, women also have breast cancer.  However, the number of deaths due to lung cancer among girls is increasing.  Due to the increase in smoking prevalence among girls worldwide, their incidence of lung cancer is also increasing.  This trend is especially high in countries like the USA, Hungary, Denmark, China, and New Zealand.

 In this regard, the major reason for the increase in the rate of cancer among women in India is the disordered lifestyle.  Indian girls are now freely smoking, drinking, and taking drugs.  Besides, a large part of women in the country eats Jorda, sadapata, or similar tobacco products with betel leaves.

In addition, he believes that not breastfeeding the child, and eating irregular food or fatty food is also a big reason for the increase in the rate of cancer. Experts believe that the number of deaths due to cancer in India is increasing due to not being able to catch the symptoms of cancer at the right time or to go to the doctor.  

Causes of Cancer

Biological or internal factors

  • Age: Although cancer can occur at any age, age is generally considered a predisposing factor for cancer. This is because most cases of cancer occur with advancing age.  9 out of 10 cancer patients are 50 or older.
  • Gender: Cancer is generally more common in men than women.
  • Genetic defects: Li-Fraumeni syndrome can lead to bone cancer, breast cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, brain cancer, etc.  On the other hand, the genetic disease called Down syndrome can also lead to various cancers, such as leukemia or blood cancer, and testicular cancer.

 Exposure to environmental factors and harmful chemical radiation

  • UV radiation: Prolonged exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays or UV rays from the sun can lead to melanoma and other types of skin cancer.
  • Radiation therapy: Exposure to radiation therapy used to treat cancer can cause other types of cancer as a side effect.  For example, let’s say a person has been receiving chest radiation therapy for a long time to treat cancer called lymphoma.  This may later lead to breast cancer or mammary gland cancer.

 Cancer caused by the occupational environment

  • Long-term exposure to various types of harmful chemicals due to occupation can cause changes in the normal DNA structure of the body, from which there is a possibility of cancer.
  • Exposure to certain harmful chemicals such as radium, asbestos dust, tar or tar, etc. is also a significant cause of cancer.

Cancer caused by lifestyle changes

  • Excessive smoking causes various types of cancer, such as lung, larynx, head, throat and neck, stomach, bladder, kidney, pancreas, and esophagus cancer.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption is also one of the causes of cancer.
  • Certain foods can also cause cancer.  For example, barbecue or charred meat contains a large number of harmful nitrites and polychromatic substances, which are likely to cause cancer.

Cancer caused by bacteria and viruses

  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) can cause cervical cancer
  • Epstein-Barr virus (EPV) causes cancer called Burkett lymphoma.
  • H. pylori virus can cause stomach cancer
  • The Hepatitis virus can cause liver cancer
  • Cancer is caused by hormonal changes and a weakened immune system
  • Variations in estrogen hormone levels in the female body can lead to cancer of the uterus
  • Cancers such as Kaposi’s sarcoma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, etc. can result from poor immunity and HIV infection.

How to prevent Cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease.  Research is underway on drugs for this disease.  There is no way to avoid cancer.  Because many people die after receiving treatment.  But what is there, so that we can prevent this disease?

Experts say that it is possible to prevent cancer by making small lifestyle changes. Medical scientists say that eight healthy habits can reduce the risk of cancer as well as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and osteoporosis.  These practices are not complicated at all.  So, take control of your health by following simple things on National Cancer Awareness Day.  And encourage your family to do the same on National Cancer Awareness Day.

  • Weight control

If you are overweight, focus on not gaining any more weight initially.  It can improve your health.  Studies have shown that obesity often causes long-term inflammation, which subsequently increases the risk of cancer.  So, follow some rules to maintain health.  Manage physical activity and movement properly.  Also, eat foods rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.  Choose small portions and eat slowly.  Limit television and computer time.

  • Regular exercise

Exercise is very beneficial.  Regular exercise reduces the risk of cancer.  Although finding the time can be difficult, experts recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.  For this, select some exercises according to your needs.  Make it a habit to exercise at the same time every day.  Try to hit the gym at lunchtime and take regular walks after dinner.

  • No more smoking

Smoking is not only one of the causes of lung cancer, it also increases the risk of cancer of the esophagus, larynx, oral cavity, throat, kidney, bladder, pancreas, stomach, and even the cervix.  According to cancer experts, smoking and tobacco play a direct role in 30 percent of all cancers in the human body.  So, it’s not too late, quit smoking today as the first step in cancer prevention.  Talk to a healthcare provider for help.  Talk to your child about the dangers of smoking and chewing tobacco.

  • Healthy diet

The basics of healthy eating are pretty straightforward.  Include fruits and vegetables in your daily meal plan.  Eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.  Eat very little red meat.  It’s also important to cut down on bad fats and choose healthy fats.  Choose foods made with olive or canola oil, which contain healthy fats.  Avoid fast food and store-bought snacks (like cookies), which are high in bad fats.

  • Drink alcohol in moderation

Moderate drinking is good for the heart.  But it can also increase the risk of cancer.  If you don’t drink, don’t feel like you have to start.  If you already drink moderately (less than one drink a day for women, less than two drinks a day for men), there’s probably no reason to stop.  Those who drink heavily should cut back.  So, choose non-alcoholic drinks at meals and parties.  Avoid events centered on alcohol.  If you think you have an alcohol problem, talk to a health professional.

  • Protect yourself from the sun

Warm sunlight is essential.  However, excessive heat can cause skin cancer.  Skin damage starts in childhood.  So, protecting children is especially important.  So, stay away from direct sunlight between 10 am and 4 pm.  Because the heat of the sun is very harmful at this time.  Wear a hat, a long-sleeved shirt, and sunscreen when going out during that time.

  • Protection from sexually transmitted infections

Among other problems, sexually transmitted infections – such as human papillomavirus (HPV) – are linked to various cancers.  Protecting yourself from these infections can reduce your risk.  The best protection for this is to commit to a person who does not have an STD.  In other situations, remember to always use a condom and follow other safe-sex practices.

  • Screening test

There are several important screening tests, which can help protect against cancer.  Some of these tests find cancers early, when they are most treatable, while others may actually help cancer develop in the first place.  For colorectal cancer alone, routine screening can save more than 30,000 lives each year.  Colon and rectal cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and lung cancer should be screened regularly.

Foods that help prevent Cancer

  • Garlic: Many studies have shown that people who eat garlic are less likely to develop cancer.  It prevents cancer cells.  It even kills some cancer cells.  So eat a clove of garlic daily, it will prevent cancer inside you.
  • Green Tea: Green tea or green tea is very beneficial in preventing cancer.  This green tea contains the antioxidant catechin, which can prevent various cancers.  Studies have also shown that green tea prevents tumor formation.  Green tea is more beneficial than regular tea.  So you can have green tea or green tea instead of tea.
  • Carrot: Carrot is a food rich in many nutrients and vitamins.  And this carrot has a lot of beta carotene which prevents various cancers such as lung cancer, bronchial cancer, stomach cancer, bowel cancer, and even breast cancer.  Drinking a carrot or a glass of carrot juice every day can prevent all these cancers.
  • Tomato: Tomato is a type of fruit, many call it a vegetable because it contains seeds.  But it is also used as a vegetable for its spicy aroma.  It doesn’t matter whether the tomato is a fruit or a vegetable.  Tomatoes are a “nutritional powerhouse” that can fight cancer.  Tomatoes contain the antioxidant lycopene, which also helps prevent heart disease.  Tomatoes contain vitamins A, C, and E, which are anti-cancer agents.  Tomato juice destroys cells of harmful DNA.  So 2 to 3 tomatoes per week should be included in the diet.
  • Almonds: Almonds are rich in nutrients.  Nuts contain essential fats for heart health.  Almonds are best if you suffer from cancer-related anorexia or want to lose weight, as a small number of almonds can provide you with a large number of nutrients.  Nuts contain healthy fats as well as potassium, iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, folate, selenium, and vitamin E.  Also contains some protein and fiber. 

Walnuts are an excellent source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids.  Some studies have shown that absorbing this nutrient from food is better than from supplements.  Due to the presence of an anti-cancer element called selenium in almonds, the risk of colon, lung, liver, and other cancers is reduced.  So, you can have peanuts in the morning or the afternoon.  Apart from this, almond butter can also keep your body away from cancer.

  • Turmeric: According to a study by the American Cancer Society, turmeric contains a substance called ‘curcumin’ which prevents cancer.  Besides, it is an antioxidant that penetrates the tissues of the body and makes the body anti-cancer from within.  You can use raw turmeric milk daily or use turmeric as needed in curries like fish and meat.  Turmeric prevents cancer cells from destroying healthy cells in the body and helps kill cancer cells.  So try to eat turmeric on a regular diet.
  • Cauliflower or Broccoli: Cauliflower and Broccoli are highly nutritious and herb-rich vegetables.  Like cauliflower, broccoli is a fibrous vegetable that removes toxins from the body.  Besides, the galactose component is very helpful in eliminating bacteria in the intestine.  Sulforaphane, the indoles component of broccoli, helps reduce the risk of lung, bladder, lymphoma, and breast cancer.  It is also rich in cancer-fighting phytonutrients.
  • Watermelon: Watermelon is one of the most useful fruits.  One slice of this watermelon contains a lot of antioxidants, 80% of the daily requirement of vitamin C, 30% of vitamin A, and beta carotene.  Watermelon also contains lycopene, which can fight cancer.  A recent study found that fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of lung, mouth, and esophagus and colon cancer.
  • Greens: Greens are an excellent source of fiber, folate, carotenoids, and flavonoids.  Many of these compounds have antioxidant benefits that protect cells from damage.  As a result, green vegetables are very useful in preventing cancer.  Moreover, carotenoids called lutein and zeaxanthin protect the eyes and help reduce the risk of macular degeneration.  Due to this the problem of blindness can occur.  As a result, it is better to eat more green vegetables.
  • Onion: Regular consumption of onion reduces the risk of stomach cancer.  According to nutritionists, onions also contain anti-cancer properties that delay the growth of tumors.  So onions are very useful in cooking.
  • Mushroom: As a modern food, the mushroom is expanding widely in Bangladesh.  People who gather and eat mushrooms are known as mycophagous or ‘mushroom eaters’.  The process of finding mushrooms is commonly called: mushrooming or mushroom hunting.  Mushrooms contain anti-cancer properties.  Also contains nutrients and herbs that can prevent cancer.
  • Pomegranate or Currant: Pomegranate is the most beneficial fruit for the body.  This fruit is considered beneficial for constipation patients.  Medicines for dysentery and diarrhea are prepared from the roots, bark, and fruit peel of the plant. It is a sperm enhancer, burning-fever thirst quencher, and antispasmodic and satiating. Pomegranate flowers are hemostatic.  Pomegranate contains butyric acid, arsenic acid, and some alkaline products such as cidoperetirin, permethrin, isoperetirin, methylperetirin, etc.  This fruit is used to cure various diseases.  Apart from the anti-cancer properties of currants, it also contains a sufficient number of anti-inflammatory antioxidants.
  • Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate also has anti-cancer properties.  Polyphenols in dark chocolate help prevent cancer.  Moreover, in several studies on black chocolate or dark chocolate, experts have found that black chocolate prevents blood clotting, helps reduce blood pressure, and keeps blood vessels soft, so it is good for the heart.  But do not eat more chocolate.
  • Sea fish: Omega-3 fatty acids in sea fish play a very important role in keeping the heart active and functional.  Omega-3 fatty acids help speed up the heart rhythm, reduce the level of fatty deposits in the arteries, cool old inflammation in the arteries, and help normalize blood pressure.  Researchers report that a person needs 1750 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per week to reduce the risk of heart disease.  And the omega-3 fatty acids present in this marine fish prevent inflammation and prevent the body from taking the form of cancer.
  • Dates: Cancer Prevention Surprising but true dates prevent cancer.  A study shows that dates prevent stomach cancer.  And those who eat dates regularly have a reduced risk of cancer.

 Also, seeds, curd, cabbage, etc. have anti-cancer properties.  So, we all should keep these foods in our diet regularly. Do it from today from National Cancer Awareness Day.

National Cancer Awareness Day Quotes

We should all be tolerant of people with cancer on National Cancer Awareness Day.  People with cancer are generally neglected by society.  They are also kept alone in the family.  But it is possible to prevent this cancer. We all know that cancer is a complex and deadly disease.  Since there is no specific cause of this disease, it is necessary to follow the rules to stay free from this disease. So, encourage people on National Cancer Awareness Day.

Besides, bad habits like smoking and drinking should be avoided.  Follow the rules and your life will be beautiful and cancer free on National Cancer Awareness Day. Here are some inspirational quotes by many famous people. They tell us to be tolerant of people with cancer on National Cancer Awareness Day.

  • “Cancer is a marathon – you can’t look at the finish line. You take it moment by moment, sometimes breath by breath, other times step by step.” -Shared by Sarah Betz Bucciero.
  • “We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up or fight like hell.” – Lance Armstrong.
  • “Love and laughter are two of the most important universal cancer treatments on the planet. Overdose on them.” – Tanya Masse.
  • “Having Cancer does make you try to be better at everything you do and enjoy every moment. It changes you forever. But it can be a positive change.” – Jaclyn Smith.
  • “You know, once you’ve stood up to cancer, everything else feels like a pretty easy fight.” – David H. Koch.
  • It’s possible not just to survive but to thrive and to live a healthy, wonderful life again. -Erika Evans, Cancer Survivor.
  • “Cancer can touch you, but not your soul; neither your thoughts nor your heart.” – Vikrmn.
  • The wish for healing has always been half of health. -Lucius Annaeus Seneca.
  • “You can be a victim of cancer or a survivor of Cancer. It’s a mindset.” — Dave Pelzer.
  • “Cancer is not a death sentence, but rather it is a life sentence; it pushes one to live.” — Marcia Smith.
  • “Cancer is the be-all and end-all of the sport, and the only thing you can do is show up to the game with your jersey on.” — Colleen Hoover.
  • “Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul.” — Jim Valvano.
  • “Acceptance of death and Cancer did not mean I intended to give up, just the opposite. I was prepared to fight Cancer not out of fear of dying, but out of the joy of living.” — Edie Littlefield Sundby, The Mission Walker.
  • “Cancer is a journey, but you walk the road alone. There are many places to stop along the way and get nourishment — you just have to be willing to take it.” — Emily Hollenberg.
  • “When you die, that does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.” — Stuart Scott.
  • “Cancer is messy and scary. You throw everything at it, but don’t forget to throw love at it. It turns out that might be the best weapon of all.” — Regina Brett.
  • “Cancer is only going to be a chapter in your life, not the whole story” — Joe Wasser.
  • “I have Cancer. Cancer doesn’t have me.” — Marco Calderon.
  • You’re given this life because you’re strong enough to live it. – Ain Einziz
  • Breathe, darling; this is just a chapter and not the end. – S.C. Lourie.
  • I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me. -Joshua Graham.
  • “Cricket is my life. Before Cancer, I was happy-go-lucky. I used to think about my career and worry about the future. But post it, my thinking has completely changed. I’m happy to eat and breathe normally. I’m happy to have my life back.” – Yuvraj Singh.
  • “Working out is my way of saying to Cancer, ‘You’re trying to invade my body; you’re trying to take me away from my daughters, but I’m stronger than you. And I’m going to hit harder than you.” – Stuart Scott.
  • “The first step to fight Cancer is to be happy. I feel when it comes to fighting cancer, 50 percent cure can be attributed to medication and another 50 percent to willpower.” – Anurag Basu.
  • “Cancer opens many doors. One of the most important is your heart.” – Greg Anderson.
  • There’s no one way to tell how our experiences change us or shape us. Not all transformations are visible. What I’ve learned is to never let it hold me back. I’d rather dress up and show up!” -Sonali Bendre.
  • “Time is shortening. But every day that I challenge this cancer and survive is a victory for me.” – Ingrid Bergman.
  • I think Cancer came into my life as a gift. My vision is sharper, my mind clearer, my perspective realigned. I have succeeded in transforming my passive-aggressive anger and anxiety into more peaceful expressions.” – Manisha Koirala.
  • You can be a victim of cancer or a survivor of Cancer. It’s a mindset.” – Dave Pelzer.
  • “To fear is one thing. To let fear grab you by the tail and swing you around is another.” – Katherine Paterson.
  • “Cancer is a journey, but you walk the road alone. There are many places to stop along the way and get nourishment – you just have to be willing to take it.” – Emily Hollenberg.
  • “Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul.” – Jim Valvano.
  • “Cancer didn’t bring me to my knees; it brought me to my feet.” – Michael Douglas.
  • “I’ve always thought of myself as being a warrior. When you have a battle, it’s better than when you don’t know who to fight.”- Carly Simon.
  • “People go through challenging moments of losing people and of having their life threatened from illness and real grief. But they get through it. And that’s the testament to the human spirit and it’s -we are fragile, but we also are divine. “- Sheryl Crow.
  • “Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always.” – Hippocrates.
  • “Cancer is that awful word we all fear when we go to the doctor for a physical exam, but in that brief dark moment we hear it, the world we live in and the people we share it with begin to illuminate things we did not even pay attention to.” – BD Phillips.
  • “My cancer scare changed my life. I’m grateful for every new, healthy day I have. It has helped me prioritize my life.” – Olivia Newton-John.
  • “Cancer is not a straight line. It’s up and down.” – Elizabeth Edwards.
  • “The important thing is not how many years in your life but how much life in your years.” – Edward J. Stieglitz.
  • “Having cancer gave me membership in an elite club I’d rather not belong to.” – Gilda Radner.
  • “I am not thankful for cancer, but I am thankful for what cancer has taught me.” – Brett Conley.

National Cancer Awareness Day Status

Cancer has now gone to the epidemic stage all over the world, and the condition of cancer in the country is also terrible.  There is a lack of proper action plans for control, although the scope of treatment is increasing.

International organization International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) estimates that every year one and a half million people are newly diagnosed with cancer in the country. Among them, 1 lakh 8 thousand died.  Experts say that in 2005, the country’s first hospital-based cancer patient registration was launched.

According to experts, the government, various voluntary organizations, and those with experience in the work should be involved to emphasize primary prevention.  People from all walks of life should be encouraged, a social movement should be built from every place on National Cancer Awareness Day.

In addition, to overcome this problem, it is necessary to reorganize and make effective the National Cancer Control Council comprising of government, policymakers, and expert doctors.  Only then this disease can be prevented.  So, let’s make the cancer sufferer mentally strong with some status on this National Cancer Awareness Day. Assure them of survival on National Cancer Awareness Day.

  • No matter how painful the fight is, cancer must go so you can live on. Once You Choose Hope, Anything’s Possible! National Cancer Awareness Day 2022.
  • Never give up hope.  Praying for your sound health and mind. National Cancer Awareness Day.
  • May God of all comfort hold you up and give you the strength to go through each day. The other is as though everything is a miracle. National Cancer Awareness Day.
  • Cancer is not an end, Keep Fighting. I am here for you through it. Praying for your sound health and mind. National Cancer Awareness Day.

FAQ about National Cancer Awareness Day

What is the date of World Cancer Day?

4th February. Source- Wikipedia.

Why do we celebrate National Cancer Awareness Day?

To encourage people’s awareness about cancer on National Cancer Awareness Day. Make people aware on National Cancer Awareness Day.

It becomes clear that lack of awareness is the primary cause of the increase in cancer cases and the high number of cancer-related deaths.  Most of our population is unaware of the unhealthy lifestyle they follow, which puts them at risk of developing cancer or other deadly diseases.  Most of the common types of cancer in India can be either avoided or detected at an early stage with proper awareness and screening.

For example, tobacco use is the leading cause of cancer in India.  Adequate awareness among the public about the harmful effects of tobacco will help reduce these cancers.  Breast cancer and cervical cancer are two of the most common types of cancer in women.  The incidence of breast cancer is increasing at such a fast pace that one woman dies from it for every two women in India.  But both breast cancer and cervical cancer can be diagnosed at a very early stage through a mammogram and Pap smear, respectively.

Also, if diagnosed at an earlier stage, both these cancers are easily curable. So, make aware your family and friends about this issue on National Cancer Awareness Day. Celebrate this National Cancer Awareness Day. If you have any question about National Cancer Awareness Day comment below. Thanks for visiting us nationaldaylist.

National Cancer Awareness Day