National Dog Day 2023 History, Benefits, Quotes and Status

National Dog Day is celebrated every year on August 26 to honor the bond of friendship that exists between humans and dogs. The day is observed to appreciate the love and value that dogs bring to our daily lives and to generate interest in your work for homeless and abused dogs around the world. Dogs do many things for humans and even in all country dogs are used for security purposes. Dogs are used to assist the blind deaf disabled.

So, this day is observed to honor dogs. This day is a great way to pay tribute to animals. We keep dogs to keep us safe and save lives. There are various rescues and public shelters that rescue, and Shelter Street abused homeless dogs. Dogs are said to be the most faithful animals. Because dogs do not hesitate to give their lives to save their owners. So, most people keep dogs at home. A pet dog always guards the house. When a stranger enters the house or a thief comes, the dog starts barking. Dogs are very close to their owners.

This animal helps us in many ways, they become a part of our family. Therefore, National Dog Day is celebrated on August 26 every year in their honor.

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History of National Dog Day

Dogs are one of the pets of humans. They become their owner’s best friend. We celebrate many days in our life but why not celebrate one day with this best friend? Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Almost everyone has a dog in their home. Many prefer big dogs, and many prefer small dogs or puppies. The day was created by Colin Page in 2004. He is a nutritionist and animal advocate.

The purpose of creating this day was to celebrate the day with all dogs and draw attention to dog shelters. And encouraging people to adopt homeless dogs.  Colin’s family adopted him on August 26th. He was 10 years old then. So, this day is very significant for him. The first National Dog Day was celebrated in 2004. Since then, the celebration of this day has been growing.

This day is now celebrated all over the world. In 2013, a New York statute constitutionalized the day. Various rescues joined partners including the Humane Society of the United States and West Coast Labrador Retriever Rescue to spread the word about the day.  Together they participate in rescuing homeless dogs and trying to get them adopted by people looking for dogs. They built a shelter for his numerous dogs.

On this day in 2004, nearly one million dogs were saved through adoption in the United States. Dog owners adopted dogs as part of their family. And by observing this day, the friendly behavior between dogs and humans is highlighted. We have had dogs in our homes for thousands of years and enjoyed every day with them. Dogs make numerous contributions to our society and benefit us in many ways. Dogs are used to truck bombs or drug dealers. Dogs have even played a role in assisting many people. Dogs are also now being used to detect cancer.

The purpose of National Dog Day is to encourage dog owners to love dogs of all categories and put them to good use to lead abuse-free lives. National Dog Day is growing in popularity day by day. Every year dog owners post cute pictures of their dogs on this day with National Dog Day captions. Various volunteer workers have also chosen to celebrate Dog Day and on this day, they rescue dogs and adopt them to people who are looking for dogs.

Why do people celebrate National Dog Day?

Dogs always love their owners more. They even go so far as to endanger their lives at the peril of their owners. There are many instances where dogs have died to save their owner’s life. Dogs are the most loyal animals. So we keep dogs at home to guard the house. But many of us are cruel to animals. Many people throw stones at dogs when they see them on the streets. Or hit them with a stick. Even amputates hands and feet. As a result, many dogs were seriously injured and died on the streets. But we should never treat these helpless creatures like this.

Dogs never want to harm humans. We force them to harm us by throwing stones at various times. If we treat animals with a little compassion, they will never come to harm us. The purpose of observing National Dog Day is to create a love for this animal in people’s hearts. Educating people about dog owners to treat them with compassion. Many people keep dogs at home but do not feed them well or take good care of them.

Yet the animal does not leave its owner. We take advantage of the helplessness of animals. Many homeless dogs live on the streets and do not get the food they need. Each of us can adopt these dogs and shelter them. There are many benefits to owning a dog. They act as our home security personnel. Thieves and robbers cannot enter the house due to fear of them. Strangers inform us. So, feel free to shelter this animal. National Dog Day encourages us to adopt homeless dogs. And animal plays an important role in our life. Dogs should be kept showing respect and gratitude.

How to celebrate National Dog Day?

Dog Day was first observed in the United States. Almost everyone in America has a dog at home. This animal will help you overcome your loneliness. There are many breeds of dogs in the world. Many people like to keep dogs. Many keep dogs to guard their homes. They will act as your home security personnel as well as relieve your loneliness. Playing with them will surely make your day better. They always like to be close to their owner.

Just as we want the company of our loved ones, dogs also love to be with their owners all the time. A little love from you will make this animal happy. Today is National Dog Day. Celebrate this day with your beloved dog. In our daily life, we ​​celebrate various things with our dear people. But why hesitate to celebrate this special day with this close friend? Here are some ways to celebrate National Dog Day 2023-

  • Take your pet out for a walk. There are many pet-friendly restaurants where pets can be visited. If any of your neighbors or girlfriends have pets, take them with you. Dogs will also make friends during your chats. This will make your time much better for both of you. Dogs can play with each other. All these pet-friendly restaurants have pet-friendly equipment. Your pet will happily spend some time there.
  • We see many homeless dogs while walking on the streets. They have no haven. We have low-minded people who torture and throw stones or hit these helpless creatures. They enjoy torturing animals.  These helpless animals suffer torture and die for lack of a haven. Adopt a dog at a shelter today on National Dog Day. By doing this the animal will get a safe shelter and can lead a safe life. Someday this animal will be of great benefit to you. It will gradually become much closer to you.
  • Buy the dog a toy or favorite food. This can be a gift for your dog. There are many stores in our neighborhood that sell pet toys and food. Buy a cute toy for your beloved animal on this special day today. Watching the dog play will also fill your heart with joy.

Benefits of Petting Dog

Every household has different opinions about keeping a pet dog. In some families, the question of keeping a pet does not arise, but in some houses, there is a little quarrel about it. It’s a personal thing.  But those who have dogs at home can reap some wonderful health benefits. Let’s know some benefits of having a dog

  • There are more opportunities to exercise

For this, one must have the mindset of playing with the pet dog. However, studies have shown that people who own dogs are more physically active than others. A 2000 study found that those who owned dogs got more than half an hour of exercise at least five days a week by playing with them.

  • They enjoy overall good health

Within a month of adopting a dog, many people experience positive changes in their lifestyles. Such as washing hands regularly, keeping the house clean and open regularly, etc.

  • Improvement of mental health

Pets are also very beneficial for mental health. A 2011 study looked at 217 people with different personalities. It can be seen that those who have pets are happier and healthier and their lifestyles are much better than others. Researchers believe that having pets improves their social status.

  • Reduces the risk of allergies

Children of the family will be allergic to the pet’s body – many people are reluctant to keep dogs because of the fear of this disturbance. It is the opposite. According to a 2010 study, children who are used to being in contact with pet dogs from an early age have a lower risk of developing eczema. This study was also done on cats but it was found that having cats increases the risk of allergies.

National Dog Day Quotes

Dogs are dearest and closest to their owners. Dog owners always praise their beloved dogs. And at different times different owners have published different quotes praising their dogs. Let’s take a look at some quotes today on National Dog Day-

  • “Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” – Agnes Sligh Turnbull
  • “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras
  • “Happiness is a warm puppy.” – Charles Shultz
  • “Every dog must have his day.” – Jonathan Swift

National Dog Day Status

If you are a dog owner, you must love your dog a lot. And you can certainly understand the suffering of the homeless dogs on the streets and their helplessness. So on National Dog Day, encourage everyone you know to adopt a dog. By doing this, many homeless dogs will be sheltered. Share a status today on National Dog Day 2023. Many people will be motivated to adopt dogs through your status.  Some statuses are presented-

  • Happy National Dog Day everyone. Let us shelter these homeless animals. Give them a beautiful life
  • Happy National Dog Day to everyone. This helpless animal wants a loving family where this animal can live a healthy life. Let us ensure a healthy life for these animals
  • Happy National Dog Day everyone. These helpless animals never want to harm us. So we also refrain from harming them. Treat them sympathetically

FAQ about National Dog Day

What is the date of National Dog Day Canada and National Dog Day UK?

26 August. Source-Wikipedia

When is International Dog Day?

August 26.

Why do people celebrate National Dog Day?

National Dog Day is celebrated every year on August 26 to honor the bond of friendship that exists between humans and dogs. Also, people organized various National Dog Day events on this day.

Among the many members of our family, we can only try to carve out a place for the helpless animal. Let’s all provide a haven for some helpless animal on National Dog Day by adopting a dog. Thank you so much for being with us.