Happy National Library Day 2023 History, Significance, Messages, Wishes, Quotes and Status

National Library Day is celebrated on the 6th of April every year. The collection of various types of books is called the library. The library stores the priceless wealth of people’s thoughts, ideas, and knowledge from ages, which satisfies the insatiable thirst for knowledge. Libraries are called ‘people’s universities’ as they spread the light of knowledge among the masses.

The role of the library is incomparable in developing the advanced thinking and thinking of any country or nation. Hospitals are needed for the relief of human physical diseases, and libraries are needed for mental well-being. The origin of the library is people’s interest in reading books. Libraries can be private, family, community, or state.  Personal libraries are built according to individual preferences.

Again, in the family library books are collected according to the preferences of the family members. And public libraries are open to all. In various educational institutions, libraries are built mainly according to the needs of students. The need for the library is increasing day by day. Readers can easily get their favorite books in the library.

Books bring life to the monotonous and tired life. A good book makes a special contribution to making a good person.  Good books and good libraries can save people from moral degradation. Libraries preserve and nurture a nation’s intellect, history, heritage, and culture. Therefore, the contribution of libraries in making the nation developed, educated, and cultured is outstanding.

History of National Library Day

In 1998, the American Library Association and the Advertising Council first announced National Library Week. Since then, Americans began to realize the importance of libraries in society, and libraries became an essential part of the American community. Despite the growth of the Internet and e-books, Americans still prefer to visit libraries and read books.

The library is not a new concept the concept of the library has been around for many years. The world’s first library was established in the seventh century BC. The world’s first library was established by the Assyrian ruler Ashurbanipal in Nineveh, Iraq.  And about 30 thousand books were stored there.

Since then, libraries have started, and libraries have become part of the civilization of every country. By going to the library, people began to become great repositories of knowledge. Some ancient library survives today. The purpose of the library is to collect knowledge and distribute it for use in daily life. We are a library where books are stored based on all subjects. The library has books related to the medical industry production war and various improvements in life.

Over the years people began to benefit from reading library books and accepted the library as an essential part. Gradually, libraries were established in cities around the world. And going to the library and reading books became an important characteristic of people. When the trend of reading books on the Internet started, many people thought that going to the library might not be necessary to read books.

However, the fun that readers get from going to bookstores and reading books has never been found on the Internet. Hence the popularity of the library remains. Not everything is available on the internet and many people do not like to read books on the internet due to the abundance of information.

So, despite the availability of internet book reading, people prefer to go to the library to read the book directly, and spending time with the book in the library is the preferred activity of book lovers.

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Significance of National Library Day

The priceless wealth of human thought is kept in the library. A person can’t acquire all kinds of knowledge. As a result, libraries are needed. In private libraries, the will of the individual prevails. Here the individual builds a personal library of books according to his taste. In a public or family library, the wishes of all are given precedence to the words of all classes of people.

A public or family library is developed by thinking. A library is a treasure trove of ideas. The great wealth of the people’s pursuit is seen here. The contribution of libraries in making a nation developed, educated, and cultured is undeniable. Libraries play a role in preventing social degradation. The library bears witness to the times with its collections.

Erases the boundary between past and present. Collections of welfare research, own thoughts, etc. are stored in the library. Sometimes people rush to the library for special needs, to provide food for the mind. A nation that does not have a rich library does not have a rich history.  Libraries are an essential part of education.

The library is the perfect tool to get rid of the curse of ignorance. Therefore, we all need to focus on the establishment of the library and its practice.  Therefore, National Library Day is celebrated every year to explain the importance of establishing libraries and encourage people to establish more libraries. National Library Day is observed with deep significance to encourage people to establish libraries.

How to celebrate National Library Day?

The true identity of the rise and fall of a country, race, civilization, and culture is found in the library.  Libraries introduce today’s people to the creations of all poets, writers, scientists, philosophers, and historians of the world. Humans derive immense pleasure from immersing themselves in their extraordinary creations. Libraries satisfy curiosity and thirst for knowledge. The role of the library is also immense in the field of education and leisure.

A library is a public library. Here is a warm invitation to all people the pursuit of knowledge. Libraries stand proudly to quench the thirst of knowledge seekers all over the world by arranging diverse materials of knowledge. The voices of the thinkers whose voices have been silenced forever in the lap of the past can get their enlightened proximity in the book collection of the library.

By delving into the ocean of knowledge they have discovered, one can get a sense of great joy. Through the library, people are benefited from the resources for the pursuit of knowledge across countries and eras. The public spirit developed in proximity to the library. They are enlightened, they enjoy pleasure, and the power of thought is awakened. Therefore, National Library Day is observed every year. Let’s find out how you can celebrate National Library Day-

Get a library membership

People who regularly visit a library can easily get a membership to that library. One of the benefits of having a library membership is that you can borrow books from the library and return them when you’re done reading.

All types of books in the library are reserved, so if you get a membership to the library, you can read any type of book at the library at any time or bring it home from the library. So, sign up for your favorite library membership today on National Library Day. And encourage your family, friends, office colleagues, or children to take up library memberships.

Donate Books

Today on National Library Day you can donate a book to a library you know. The library keeps all types of books and is always trying to collect new books. Many people donate books to the library. So that it is convenient for others to read the book. Maybe you can donate an old book or a new book to the library.  Many people will benefit from reading your donated book. So you can do this great thing today on National Library Day.

Thanks a librarian

There is always a librarian for a library review. One who looks after the library and helps the patrons of the library to find the books they need. Many people go to the library to read books but do not know which book they want to read. Then if you ask a librarian for help, he/she will suggest you some books according to your taste.

So, thank the librarian of the library you visit regularly today. A library is incomplete without a librarian. Because the librarian always tries to keep new books in the collection so that the readers can easily find those books. So today on National Library Day whoever runs the library deserves a thank you.

National Library Day Quotes

Books are the best friend of human life. Various books show different ways to develop his/her life properly by being by the side of people throughout his/her life. So, people read different books.  Sometimes different types of books are grouped. The library Libraries facilitate and open the path of people’s knowledge by collecting, storing, and exchanging various books. In the modern era, the method of arranging books can be adopted very easily through computers.

A library can facilitate the development of knowledge as anyone can easily get the books they need. By reading a few textbooks people pass exams easily but real knowledge does not develop. So, students can enrich their knowledge by studying books in the library along with institutional studies. Moreover, the role of the library is immense in developing the thirst for knowledge in post-institutional education.

Here people’s thoughts, philosophy, research, and history come together. Each library bears witness to the philosophy of life of people of bygone eras. Based on those philosophies, history, and research, people progress on the path of building a beautiful present. The present cannot develop beautifully if the past is elaborated upon.

The library forms a balanced bridge between the past and the present. As a result, people’s traditions, history of civilization, and historical thoughts are preserved and new free thoughts of the present and future are developed. National Library Day is celebrated every year to highlight the need for libraries.  Let’s see some library-related quotes on the occasion of National Library Day today where we can understand the importance of library-

  • “Libraries allow children to ask questions about the world and find the answers. And the wonderful thing is that once a child learns to use a library, the doors to learning are always open.” — Laura Bush
  • “Good librarians are natural intelligence operatives. They possess all of the skills and characteristics required for that work: curiosity, wide-ranging knowledge, good memories, organization, analytical aptitude, and discretion.” — Marilyn Johnson
  • “Schools and libraries are the twin cornerstones of a civilized society. Libraries are only good if people use them like books only exist when someone reads them.” — Nicholas Meyer
  • “Librarians save lives: by handing the right book, at the right time, to a kid in need.” — Judy Blume

National Library Day Messages/ Wishes

Libraries originated from people’s interest in reading books. The history of libraries is quite old.  Early people began to store books in the corners of their homes, in temples, mosques, shrines, and royal buildings. The first library was established in Rome. Libraries were established in the first century AD for the dissemination of knowledge among the masses.

Apart from Rome, libraries were established in ancient times in Babylon, Egypt, China, India, and Tibet. During the rule of Muslims, many rich libraries were established in different countries of the world. In the history of civilization, the country became a pilgrimage site for scholars of the world to establish libraries in Spain. Food nourishes the body, and books nourish the mind.

So ‘book’ is the daily companion of civilized people. Books are the manifestation of knowledge. Let us celebrate National Library Day. And encourage others to read books in libraries by sending greetings on National Library Day-

  • The library is the sacred meeting place of the great man, where knowledge, information, and the human soul meet wonderfully. So we should go to the library more and read books. Happy National Library Day
  • Knowledge is the most important element that shapes human life. The source of that knowledge is the book. And on the other hand, students are the future of our society.  Happy National Library Day
  • Nowhere else does the library provide the opportunity for knowledge to the interested reader. A library is a huge collection of books, which can meet the expectations of people. Happy National Library Day.

National Library Day Status

In educational institutions, students and teachers spend the daily tiffin period or other free time chatting and gossiping. But if there is a library, students and teachers can spend their daily free time studying.

 The role of libraries in the success of democracy is no less than the mass media. The need for libraries in the modern world is increasing day by day. The library is open to all. There is no religious sectarianism here, no conflict. Therefore, for the development of the nation’s sense of dignity, every citizen should regularly attend the library to study and acquire knowledge of politics that helps build society.

Therefore, it is necessary to establish a library in every educational institution. Today on National Library Day we can share a status on our social media accounts to make everyone aware of the need for libraries and encourage people to visit libraries and read books. Below are some statuses for your convenience.

  • In today’s era, various digital media have emerged as a source of entertainment for everyone. But earlier when all these modern digital entertainments were not prevalent in society, interesting books written on various subjects were the main source of entertainment for people. Happy National Library Day to all.
  • The richer a school’s library, the richer its store of knowledge. Above all, a school with a well-stocked library always bears the signature of a well-minded student body and faculty. For that reason, it can be said without a doubt that school libraries help in the mental development of many people at the same time. Happy National Library Day.
  • The importance of school libraries is increasing in the era of increasing scientific practice in the world. The relevance of libraries even in the age of the internet and digital revolution cannot be denied. Knowledge is the most important element that shapes human life. The source of that knowledge is the book. Happy National Library Day.

FAQ about National Library Day

What is the date of National Library Day?

6 April.

Who is the father of the National Library?

S.R. Ranganathan. Source-Wikipedia

Who made the first library?

Ashurbanipal, King of the Assyrians,

Who is the mother of the library?

The Digital Library

Let us go to the library more and enrich our knowledge.  Happy National Library Day to all.  Thank you so much for being with us.