International Day of Peace 2023 History, Message, Wish, Quotes and Status

International Day of Peace, sometimes informally known as World Peace Day, is a United Nations-sanctioned holiday observed on September 21. It is dedicated to world peace, and specifically to the absence of war and violence, such as temporary cease-fires on battlefields to allow access to humanitarian aid.

This day is also called World Peace Day. This day is observed to maintain peace, friendly relations, and harmony. This day is also observed to maintain good relations between different countries. The world is colorful and diverse. Everyone has the right to peace. Peace and development, not war, should be the eternal goal of human society.

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History of International Day of Peace

The developed countries of the world complain about the violation of humanity in third-world countries, anti-humanity incidents continue to happen in their countries. World Peace Day is celebrated on the 21st of September in all countries belonging to the United Nations in search of this peace.

The main objective of the day is to increase awareness about peace among people. Let’s know the history of observing this Peace Day or why we are celebrating this, Peace Day. In 1981, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution by the United Kingdom and Costa Rica aimed at establishing a world without war.

 According to the proposal, the day on which the session of the United Nations General Assembly begins on the third Tuesday of September is declared as the “International Day of Peace” under the slogan “We want peace, not war”. Later, according to the resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on September 7, 2001, it was decided to observe September 21 every year as “International Day of Peace” from 2002.

The day is celebrated to end war and conflict and implement ceasefires in war-torn regions to establish global peace and humanitarian aid in those regions. This year will not be an exception because the International Day of Peace will be celebrated with various events. The day will be celebrated in all the member countries of the United Nations.

There is no denying that the significance of the day is very beautiful considering the establishment of peace and all the countries have been celebrating the day with due dignity whether work is done or not.

To establish a war-free world (not war, want peace) as per Resolution No. 36/67 adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1981, it was decided to recognize the day on which the session of the United Nations General Assembly begins on the ‘third Tuesday’ of September every year as the ‘International Day of Peace’. 

How do people celebrate International Day of Peace?

To commemorate the day, the ‘Peace Bell’ is rung at the UN headquarters in New York. The Peace Bell was given by the Japan Association of the United Nations in June 1954. The Peace Bell was cast from coins and medals donated by UN member states, the Pope, and more than 60 children. The bell tower was modeled after the ‘Hanamido’ (a small shrine decorated with flowers) which symbolizes the birthplace of Gautama Buddha.

The Peace Bell is rung twice a year on the first day of spring and on September 21 to celebrate the International Day of Peace. On the International Day of Peace, the United Nations Secretary-General, in the presence of representatives of permanent missions and officials of the United Nations Secretariat, rang the bell to pray for world peace. Moreover, various rallies are held through which people are encouraged to establish peace in the world.

Why do people celebrate International Day of Peace?

One of the most spoken words in the world is peace. Without peace, the world’s economic development is severely hampered. In search of this peace, we are constantly running forward. In many cases, economic development is achieved but the development of peace is not happening. Despite all these developments, we are not getting real peace.

The word peace is elusive everywhere in the world, from individuals to families to societies. We are making many laws for this peace, and we are not paying attention to these laws for our interests. We see that new laws or new agreements are constantly being created to protect peace and order. These laws or agreements are being violated again. So, it is the idea of ​​almost all people that the laws have become paper based. Law cannot always move at its own pace.

 Even if everyone has equal rights in the eyes of the law, it is not applied equally everywhere, especially in underdeveloped and developing countries. Due to this, unrest is increasing at all levels of society. We are destabilizing all levels to establish our dominance. Even if we talk about peace with our mouths, we do not cherish the idea of ​​injustice in our hearts.

Although we say for peace everywhere, we are changing our mind in our time. But none of us indeed want unrest, but the problem is that we want peace by maintaining our dominance. We want everything from others at any cost. From individuals to all parts of the world today humanity is insecure. So, people celebrate this day to reduce violence.

International Day of Peace Quotes

The principles which he declared for the establishment of peace in the society are- prohibition of caste discrimination, fair trial, ensuring the basic rights of life, providing security of life, giving rights to the poor and needy to the wealth of the rich, preserving freedom of speech and thought, life  -Guarantee to protect honor and wealth, respect agreements and be patient.  If the things mentioned here are fully followed, it is possible to establish peace in this still troubled world. Below are some wishes-

  • ‘On the day when we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on earth.’ [L. Ron Hubbard].
  • ‘Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.’ [Albert Einstein].
  • ‘Peace is liberty in tranquility.’ [Marcus Tullius Cicero].
  • ‘Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.’ [Ronald Reagan].
  • ‘Peace begins with a smile.’ [Mother Teresa].
  • ‘If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there’d be peace.’ [John Lennon].
  • ‘We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.’ [Dalai Lama].

International Day of Peace Message

Peace is a noble and much-needed goal.  It can only be achieved by creating a better and fairer world for all people.  However, in many places, in many contexts, we are failing to establish peace.  Here are some messages-

  • Whenever you face an adversary, conquer with love.  Happy International day of Peace .
  • Peace is a journey of a thousand miles and must be taken one step at a time.  Happy International day of  Peace .
  • People also want peace, and to get happiness, they do not hesitate to spend day and night together.  or desiring peace with happiness.  That is, to desire forever for these two conditions, is the common religion of man. Happy International Day of Peace.
  • In general, it can be said that happiness and peace are complementary to each other.  He/she who is happy can have peace and can live in peace.  May not find peace again.  It becomes very difficult to get relief from a turbulent life.  But he/she who coexists with peace is a happy man. Happy International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace Wishes

‘Peace’ invisibly motivates people to move forward for a beautiful and humane life.  “Peace” is one of the basic things that claim special importance for human survival. Here are some International  Day of Peace wishes-

  • International Day of Peace reminds us that no matter how busy we are we always have to do our little bit to bring peace to our lives and the lives of people around us. Happy International Day of Peace to you.
  • Life is not just to survive, it is to be lived peacefully and joyfully. Let us take a pledge on the International Day of Peace to contribute in our way toward a peaceful world. Best wishes to you.
  • If you have peace in your life, you can have a good life. So on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, I send you my best wishes and hope that there is peace in the world we live in.

International Day of Peace Status

Happiness and peace are two unearthly, absolutely non-selectable feelings, which play a supporting role in living, a lifestyle.  The general idea about happiness in the minds of common people is that happiness and money are closely related.  That is if there is money, his/her life changes.  He/she can be said to devote himself/herself to living a happy life.  He/she co-exists with peace at that moment. Happy International Day of Peace. Let’s share some status on international day of peace. Here are some status below-

  • “When the power of love conquers the power of evil, the world will know peace. Happy International Day of Peace.”
  • Peace is a journey of a thousand miles and it must be taken one life at a time. Happy International Day of Peace.
  • Peace is a thing we all want in our life. Let’s find peace in a productive way. Happy International Day of Peace.

People Interest on International Day of Peace

What is the date of International Day of Peace?

21 September. Source-Wikipedia

What is the symbol of International Day of Peace?


Who created International Day of Peace?

The International Day of Peace was established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly

If we want to stop violence, hatred, strife, fighting, intolerance, and bloodshed in the world, there is no alternative to establishing sustainable peace. And for the establishment of this sustainable peace, world leaders must also adopt sustainable policies. And on the eve of adopting sustainable policies, the mismanagement of the world’s human society must be prioritized.  Instead of merely enacting policies on paper, move towards implementation. To implement sustainable policies, the gap between the rich and poor in the world must first be reduced. Because real law enforcement is never possible by keeping people under control. Everyone wants a peaceful world where future generations will grow up. Thanks for being with us.