National Policewomen’s Day 2023 History, Message, Wish, Quotes and Status

National Policewomen’s Day is celebrated on 12 September every year. The day recognizes and celebrates the contribution of women police officers in maintaining law and order across the country.  Only 10% of the United States police force is currently made up of women.

National Policewomen’s Day hopes to rectify that by encouraging more women to join the force.  Campaigns and events are held to encourage more women to take up law enforcement roles. In addition to expressing gratitude to these officers, the day also hopes for a future where law enforcement agencies have strong female representation.

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History of National Policewomen’s Day.

In the 1850s, police matrons were employed by New York City to guard and search prisoners who were women, but this was the extent of their duties, and they had no authority within law enforcement. It is believed that the first female police officer in the United States was a woman named Mary Owens. Owens joined the Chicago, Illinois police department in 1891, nearly thirty years before women gained the right to vote in the United States.

She held the rank of sergeant and specialized in child labor and welfare law enforcement. 1910 brings Alice Wells, a Los Angeles policewoman. A college-educated social worker, Wells became a pioneer in the movement to create a place for more women in police forces across the United States.

The history of women in law enforcement has grown steadily over the past century. Often fighting against discrimination and oppression, women now play an important role in police forces throughout the United States and elsewhere in the world. Although the number of women in US police has increased from 3% in the 1970s to at least 13% in recent years, gender equality still has a long way to go. National Law Enforcement Day in January and National Police Week in May provide opportunities to honor and give special attention to police officers of all genders.

But National Policewomen’s Day is especially dedicated to women in law enforcement who are committed to their communities and risk their lives every day on the force. Created to celebrate and recognize women in the police force, National Policewomen’s Day seeks to promote the role of women in law enforcement and encourage more women to join this noble career.

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Why is National Policewomen’s Day celebrated?

September 12th is a day to celebrate the achievements of law enforcement officers and women.  YCRPD is proud to have a good representation of women in our ranks. We appreciate our female officers and their commitment to the community and profession. If you see a female officer, please thank her for her service, and please encourage young women to consider law enforcement as a career.

We celebrate and recognize the female officers of the Tyngsborough Police Department and all female officers who serve their communities across the country. Join us in thanking five of our female officers for their service to Tyngsborough: Sgt. Cynthia Shaw, Ofc. Bethany Bonzer, Ofc. Olivia King, Ofc. saisha Caruccini, and Ofc. Marisa Eastwood. People will show their support by wearing logo t-shirts, bracelets, and custom challenge coins as gifts to thank the women of the National Police for their service.

How to celebrate National Policewomen’s Day?

Enjoy and celebrate National Policewomen’s Day in a variety of ways that honor and respect the women who serve and protect. Try some of these ideas for the day. Thanks to a policewoman Those who have a female police officer in their lives can simply start by saying ‘thank you’. 

Take a moment to tell them how much you appreciate them and see their efforts to serve their community. Write them a card, give them a small gift or take them out to lunch to let them know what their protection and service mean to the world. Support women in local police forces. Raising awareness, participating in fundraising and local events, and educating yourself about the benefits of having women in law enforcement are great ways to be supportive of National Policewomen’s Day.

Attend an event, create one, or make a donation to show women in law enforcement how much they are appreciated!

National Policewomen’s Day Message.

The day is a time to reflect on the progress that has been made in law enforcement and to celebrate the women who have made careers in the field. It’s a day to celebrate the challenges women in law enforcement face and commit to working to ensure equality and justice for all. On this day, we honor the women who have sacrificed their lives to keep our communities safe.

We remember the challenges they have faced and the challenges they continue to face, and we renew our commitment to work towards a more just and equal society. Let’s see what kind of message we send on national policewomen’s day.

  • We’ve collected some National Policewomen’s Day wishes to inspire every woman in law enforcement.
  • They work to keep us safe and we stand by them today and every day. Thank you, and Happy National Policewomen’s Day! This National Policewomen’s Day wishes to appreciate their dedication.
  • Nowadays, the role of women in law enforcement has become essential. This day is a reminder of the sacrifices made by these women and their commitment to keeping our communities safe.

National Policewomen’s Day Wish.

National Police Women’s Day is meant to honor women who serve or have served in law enforcement. They must deal with sexism, discrimination, and sexual harassment both on and off the job. We have to send wishes on national police Woman’s day.

  • These women put their lives on the line every day to keep our communities safe. They are strong, courageous, and dedicated to their work.
  • Women who serve in law enforcement are an important part of our society and we are grateful for their service. We want to encourage everyone to thank a police officer today.
  • Despite many challenges faced by women in law enforcement, they continue to serve with strength, courage, and determination. They are an inspiration to us all, and we are proud to celebrate their achievements today.
  • “The toilet of the local police station was stolen. The police told that they have nothing to do.

National Policewomen’s Day Status.

On this National Policewomen’s Day, we honor the women who have sacrificed to keep us safe.  We also celebrate the progress made in recruiting and retaining women in law enforcement.  Show your support for women in law enforcement by sharing one of these National Policewomen’s Day quotes on social media!

  • We thank our women police officers for their impeccable and inspiring service to our country and countrymen.”
  • “We know we are safe because our incredible female police officers are taking care of the law.”
  • “Greetings to all on the occasion of National Policewomen’s Day. We are truly blessed to have such a strong and motivated force of women police officers in our country.”

National Policewomen’s Day Quotes.

A quotation giving the estimated cost for a particular service. And it is related to life. Now I am telling you some quotes which are related to National Police Woman’s Day. Now let’s talk about National police woman’s day.

  • The motto of the police force is ‘to protect and serve’ a motto that applies not only to the men and women in uniform but to the entire community.   – Police Chief Kathy Lanier
  • “We are the women behind the badges, the women who keep our communities safe We are mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters.  We are strong.  we are brave We are proud.” – Sergeant Kimberly Munley, Texas
  • “Action has risks and costs.  But they far outweigh the long-term risks and costs of comfortable inaction.”   – John F. Kennedy.

FAQ About National Policewomen’s Day.

When is National Policewomen’s Day celebrated?

Ans: National Police Women’s Day is celebrated on September 12 every year in the United States.

Who is known as the first female police officer in the United States?

Ans: Mary Owens is known as the first female police officer in the United States when she was hired by the Chicago Police Department in 1891.

Are there a National Day for Police?

Ans: On October 1, 1961, President John F.  Kennedy designated May 15 as a day to honor police officers.

National policewomen’s day is observed on September 12. The day honors and recognizes the efforts of women police officers across the country to uphold the law. Currently, women make up only 10% of police departments in the United States. By enticing a larger section of women to join the force, National Policewomen’s Day seeks to address this issue.

The day aims for a future where there are more women in law enforcement while also showing gratitude to current police. Women’s education and freedom are connected, and Scholar provides a list of the best women’s scholarships available worldwide.