National Son and Daughter Day 2023 History, Significance, Messages, Wishes, Quotes and FAQ

We all know about Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. This arrangement is to show love to them on a special day. But have you ever heard of national son and daughter day? But indeed this day exists. This special day is celebrated to show the love of parents to their children in various countries including Canada, and South Korea.

Today August 11 is National Son and Daughter Day. People from different parts of the world celebrate the day with joy. On this day parents spend some time separately with their children. Spend the day in a festive atmosphere by going for a walk together or having something to eat. If you have children, hug them.  Kiss the forehead and say, love. You can cook your child’s favorite food today. Or everyone can eat outside together.

History of National Son and Daughter Day

About the 1930s. A child from St. Joseph, Missouri complained to a gentleman named J. Henry Duce Berry. According to him, both father and mother have separate days. So why not?  His complaint is believed to be the beginning of this fun day. Which was quite popular till the seventies. The Nanaimo Daily News finds out more about National Son and Daughter Day.

According to Canadian publications, the day was first celebrated in British Columbia in 1988. Regardless of the origin, people from different parts of the world celebrate the day with joy. For parents to express their gratitude and affection for their children, the mysterious Invented National Son and Daughter Day.

The relationship between children and their parents seems to be quite special.  No matter how fat or thin, disciplined or notorious, young or old, teenager or preschooler, the relationship between parents and their children is one of the most precious relationships in the world. Therefore, National Son and Daughter Day is a great opportunity for parents to spend the whole day with their children.

Why do people celebrate National Son and Daughter Day?

Babies get their first words from their parents and from birth onwards children develop a deep bond with their parents. Humans are social animals and parents want to spend their whole lives with their children. We always want to have a friendly relationship with our children. We teach our children to love from a young age and teach them to solve all problems.

Children are an essential part of every parent.  Children celebrate Mother’s Day and even Father’s Day with parents. But why not celebrate son and daughter day for children? Just as children make their mothers happy on Mother’s Day with gifts of their own money, they also try their best to please their fathers on Father’s Day. Likewise, every parent should celebrate this day with joy with their children. Just as children praise their parents on Father’s Day, sons should also praise their children’s activities, creating a bond between parents and children.

There is no special day for the love of children, but national son and daughter day is a special day for them. We celebrate each of our children’s birthdays on their birthdays. But National Son and Daughter is one such day we can celebrate the day together with all our children. Celebrating this day will let your children know just how much you love them. So, this day is celebrated every year to create a close and beautiful relationship between parents and children.

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How to celebrate National Son and Daughter Day?

Love for a child is something that doesn’t need a special day to express. Still can observe a day completely dedicated to children. Can do some work of their choice. When national son and daughter’s day comes, many memories come to mind. We don’t remember that time when your little child stood holding your hand.

Then, walking through many paths, bringing them up with love and discipline.  Celebrate this wonderful day with your children. This will make them realize how much you love them and their love for you will double. It is a great day to spend time with children. Now let’s know some ways to observe this day-

  • Go with your child to his favorite restaurant

Money can give gifts to anyone, but the most valuable thing you can give someone is your time, something you’ve made yourself – a homemade evening for a child. That evening can be in the familiar room, you can go to your favorite restaurant with the children.

  • Go for a walk

I bet kids will love visiting your favorite places with you, and eating your favorite foods with you.  Show him/her around your world, just as the children will be happy to know that you are not keeping him/her away from your world, getting to know the boy and girl a little better will relieve him/her of many worries.

  • Cook and feed yourself

You can sit all day and make his favorite dishes for your child. The joy your child will feel after coming home after a long day at work and seeing your arrangement may not be possible even by spending lakhs of rupees.

  • Gift

If there is something that your child wants for a long time, you can buy it if you can afford it. It could be perfume or his favorite brand of watch. You can buy your father’s favorite book or CD of your favorite artist. Many people have a hobby of different types of collections. If your child has a hobby, you can find something exclusive for his collection!

  • Invite your child’s friends

Now let’s talk about a master plan for national son and daughter day. It will be the best gift from you for your child. So start day planning without delay. Invite as many of the child’s friends as possible. Plan a different evening for the child. You may think it will be a lot of trouble, and it will take a lot of time to organize, but your child will be much happier. At the end of the day, children can go to bed with a smile on their faces after a wonderful day spent with their parents.

National Son and Daughter Day Quotes

Parents take care of their children very lovingly. Children are dearest to their parents. Parents are always ahead in all the good and bad work of the child, starting from raising the child from childhood.  Even parents work tirelessly to bring up their children. Parents have only one hope that their little child will one day grow up to take care of them and be with them. Children also learn to love their parents as they grow up.

At some point, parents grow old and children grow up. Then begins to fulfill the responsibility of the child. Starting from looking after the elderly parents, children make every effort to keep them well. This day is dedicated to those children. National Son and Daughter Day on this day parents express their feelings to them and let them know how much they love their children. Parents are the only ones who love their children the most no matter how bad the parents are.

To every parent his children are equal. Let’s take a look at some sayings on this National Son and Daughter Day today that will make you understand how much children are loved by parents-

“If you can give your son or daughter only one gift, let it be enthusiasm.” – Bruce Barton

“My son is my son till he has got him a wife, But my daughter’s my daughter all the days of her life.” – Thomas Fuller

We’ve begun to raise daughters more like sons… but few dare to raise our sons more like our daughters. – Gloria Steinem

You don’t raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they’ll turn out to be heroes, even if it’s just in your own eyes. — Wally Schirra

I’m a widower with three sons and seven grandchildren. One of my sons is my partner on the ranch. – Welford Brimley

National Son and Daughter Day Messages/Wishes

This beautiful day is celebrated by parents with their beloved children. Some go out to eat with their children. Many people make their children happy by giving them gifts. Children love the company of their parents the most. Likewise, parents love their children the most.  Just as children celebrate Parents’ Day, parents also celebrate Son and Daughter’s Day by devoting themselves to their children. This day is now celebrated in many places around the world.

On this day parents take leave from all of them and celebrate the day with their children.  Celebrating this day creates a great understanding and friendly relationship between parents and children. A child’s best friend can only be his parents. Children openly share everything with their parents. Similarly, children are their only hope for parents.

Parents take hard to care of their children and that child grows up and takes on all the responsibilities of the parents.  Educate the children with good education and fulfill all the needs of their parents. Celebrate this day with your beloved child. Wish your beloved child by sending a cute message. This will make your child much happier. Here are some greetings for your convenience-

  • I always feel lucky to have such great blessings in my life. I have no words to express how happy I am to see my children. Wishing you National Son and Daughter Day.
  • When I look at my children, all my sorrows, pains, and fatigues disappear. Again I am reminded that I am a responsible person who fulfills all the responsibilities of my children. Happy National Son and Daughter Day.
  • Today on national son and daughter day I want to say you are my world I love you the most I always try to make you happy no matter how hard it is. I think you are a gift to me.  Happy National Son and Daughter Day.
  • Today on National Son and Daughter Day I want to say I love you because you have made me proud with your work. I am very proud to have children like you. Thank you for being my worthy child.
  • Today is National Son and Daughter Day I dedicate to my children. My children are the most beautiful gift of my life. I love you more than my life. I will always try to fulfill all your needs and be a good father. Happy National Son and Daughter Day.

FAQ about National Son and Daughter Day

What is the date of National Son and Daughter Day?

11 August.

Why is there a National Son and Daughter Day?

 St. Joseph News-Press/Gazette, in 1936, J Henry Dusenberry first pursued the idea of a Sons’ and Daughters’ Day. The thought occurred to him after hearing a child ask why there was no such occasion

Is there another son Day?

Yes, September 8.

Is there any daughter day?

Yes, fourth Sunday of September. Source-Wikipedia

As we are busy with our various activities, we often do not have time for children. In these families, both parents work and cannot give much time to their children, which creates a distance between parents and children.  But to bridge this distance there are some special days in the year when parents can express their love to their children and make them understand that parents work so hard for their good. One such day is national son and daughter day.

Today celebrate this special day beautifully with your family with your son and daughter. Happy National Son and Daughter Day. Hope you have a good day. Hope you have already got all the information about son and daughter day. Many people are not aware of this day. This article will help you to know all the information about National Son and Daughter Day.

If you have any more queries, then feel free to ask in the comment box. We will try to reply as soon as possible.  Make your child happy today by sending our mentioned greeting messages. Thanks for being with us. Visit our website regularly to know all the information about the upcoming days.