Happy National Tea Day 2023

National Tea Day is one of the most celebrated days in the world. National Tea Day is celebrated on 21 April every year to celebrate tea drinking. It is celebrated in tea houses, hotels, pubs, and cafes with special events around the country and charity fundraising events, including a tea ‘Face-T-Vol’ at London’s Chiswick House and Gardens.  Tea brands and press outlets simultaneously broadcast promotions and features on this day, including The Independent, Metro and The Telegraph, as well as local newspapers.

This day is celebrated with great enthusiasm.  One of the main reasons for observing this day is to establish the safety of tea workers and their safe workplace and to create a fair wage structure for them.  And one of the objectives of tea day is to spread the importance of tea among people worldwide.


Tea is usually an aromatic and aromatic hot beverage made by boiling or steeping in hot water.  Tea leaves are obtained from the tea plant.  The scientific name of the tea plant is Camellia sinensis.  Tea Leaf Functionality Tea is an agricultural product of leaves, stems, and buds that are prepared in a variety of ways.

The original reason for Tea Day is that a Portuguese woman named Catherine of Braganza popularized tea in England in 1662 when she married King Charles II. Her dowry included several loose-leaf teas which she drank daily in the UK.  The 21st was chosen because it is Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday.


Today we know tea as a drink that can calm and energize us at the same time.  And now people are addicted to tea.

This year’s triumph has set its sights on the global tea business.  Why not, the economic condition of most of the countries that produce tea in the world is not very favorable.  On the other hand, the tea workers also have various hardships.  All in all, if this aspect can be improved, there are several benefits.  Firstly, if the demand increases through fair trade in the world market, the production of tea will increase, which will give new impetus to the economy of these countries.  And based on that formula, it is expected that the life of the tea-producing geographical area, its workers, and its residents will also be enriched.


Although tea is a classical drink, its worldwide celebration did not start long ago.

After water, tea has become the most popular beverage in the world.  From village thong shops to five-star hotels, dilapidated cottages to plush homes – tea is everywhere and proudly present.  Now I can’t think of starting the day without waking up and sipping a cup of steaming tea. Moreover, the main purpose of this day is to highlight the benefits of tea workers to the whole world and to take appropriate steps to solve their problems, governmentally and globally. Also, this day is celebrated by organizing various seminars.  By performing  Tea is our second drink.

This day is mainly for tea workers.  On this day they perform various events by themselves. Various seminars are organized to explain to them all the innovations of tea and how they can complete their work very easily.  Tea workers are paid much less because it is mainly related to tea, yet they celebrate this day with such a festival that it is considered or their main festival for them.


Tea is the best drink you can shear your story by drinking. Here are some national Tea Day Messages that you can shear your partner, friends, and family –

For everyone, tea is like a picnic inside the house.”

 “Beauty and peace are found not only in the great things but also in the small/tiny things that seem like nothing but make a moment precious like tea.”

 “Tea has the power to fix things for a person because it can appease his soul, even Armageddon.”

 “If the leech eats peaches instead of my blood, I can drink tea in mud.”

 “The afternoon glow is brightening the bamboo, the fountains are bubbling merrily, and the pines in our kettles are calling.”

 “Tea must be as bitter as wormwood and as sharp as a double-edged sword.”


After water, tea is the most enjoyed beverage in the world.  It has a mild, soothing taste and is enjoyed by many.  According to the process of preparation, tea can be divided into five main categories.  For example – black tea, green tea, Isaac tea, oolong or oolong tea, and Paraguay tea. [3] Also, there are other types of teas including white tea, yellow tea, and Puerh tea.  But the most known and used teas are white, green, oolong, and black tea.

  Almost all types of tea are made from Camellia sinensis, but each type of tea has a unique flavor due to the different methods of preparation.  Puer tea is a type of post-fermented tea that is used medicinally in many ways.

Below are some greeting messages you can send to your friends or family members on Tea Day-

  • No problem in the world cannot be solved with a hot bath and a cup of tea.  Happy National Tea Day!!
  • Dreaming of disappearing with a sip of tea and lingering in beautiful stupidity. Happy National  Tea Lovers Day.
  • Who needs people, when there is want?  Happy National Tea Day!!
  • You can’t make everyone fall in love with you.  You do not “want” where you want, there is hope!  Happy National Tea Day!!
  • Tea is a drink that not only quenches thirst but also removes sorrow.  Happy National Tea Day.

National Tea Day Status

Tea is one of the favorite drinks of people.  And almost all people drink tea regularly.  There are many people for whom tea is like addiction.  They cannot imagine their day without tea.  When people enjoy chatting with family friends, tea is one of the companions.  Even if we go out on a winter night with our loved ones, we are not the first to choose tea.  Today World Tea Day is one of the most popular day.  Today on this world tea day share a status on your facebook whatsapp instagram account mentioning your loved ones.

  • Happy National Tea Day everyone.  My favorite drink is tea.  I know tea is one of the favorites of my loved ones too.  Today everyone is invited to afternoon tea at my house.  But don’t forget to come.
  • Whenever I feel down or have a bad time, a cup of tea cheers me up.  I feel immobile without tea.  This tea is my daily companion.  Which removes all my fatigue.  Happy National Tea Day to all
  • A chat with a hot cup of tea is quite solid.  And today I want to organize such a meeting.  Invite my dear friends.  Let’s have a tea chat today on National Tea Day.

FAQ about National Tea Day

Why do have National Tea Day?

One of the main reasons for observing this day is to establish the safety of tea workers and their safe workplace and to create a fair wage structure for them. 

Which country is number one in tea?

China. Source-Wikipedia.

Which tea is world famous?

Black tea.

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Tea is our favorite drink.  This tea is the daily companion of most people.  A cup of tea during work or busy time removes all our fatigue.  There are many people who drink tea numerous times a day.  But have you ever wondered if those who produce this tea are getting proper appreciation?  Tea is produced mainly by the people of hilly areas. 

These poor people do not get proper evaluation of their production.  The government of every country should stand beside these people.  which is to pay the production workers their due wages.  Based on this, National Tea Day is celebrated on April 1st every year.  Let us learn to respect tea workers by observing this day.