Happy World Teachers Day 2023 History, Message, Wish, Quotes and Status

October 5 is recognized by UNESCO as ‘World Teachers’ Day’. Undoubtedly, the day is very significant for teachers. Because the day is celebrated in many countries of the world in honor of teachers. Teachers in various countries are honored for significant contributions to their respective fields of work. Indeed, teachers’ job is to prepare workers for building the future.

This is no ordinary job. It is undoubtedly a creative work. Because the teacher does not work with anything like bricks and stones. He/she works with flesh-and-blood students who have extraordinary minds. And by spreading a positive influence on this mind, the student has to be prepared for the future. The future is a dream come true. Especially to students.

And the realization of this dream means facing thousands of crises. Just standing will not work. To face the crisis and open the dreamy golden door. And the teacher does the challenging work of making it suitable for this work. Here is the difference between teaching and other professions.

The world-famous philosopher Socrates was originally a teacher. And although there was no worldly interest behind his teaching, he was sentenced to death by the ruling class of Athens at the time. There was no harm to Socrates, but today he lives on as a memorable philosopher and teacher symbol in the hearts of billions of people around the world.

History Of World Teachers Day

5th October is celebrated as ‘World Teachers’ Day’. The day is also known as ‘World Teachers’ Day’ or ‘International Teachers’ Day’. World Teachers’ Day is observed on October 5 in recognition of the outstanding contribution of teachers in the field of education and development.

Teachers not only teach studies but also give various advice to succeed in life, teach morals, and teach to fight against adversity. And World Teachers’ Day is celebrated as a recognition and recognition of the rights of these teachers. It is also intended that the next generation also observes this day effectively and with proper dignity. To commemorate this day, UNESCO campaigns every year to better understand the world about teachers and highlight the importance of their impact on student development.

  On October 5, 1966, the Intergovernmental Conference on the Status of Teachers was held in Paris, the capital of France. It was there that UNESCO and the International Labor Organization (ILO) signed some recommendations for teachers. For the first time, these consultations dealt with the rights and responsibilities of teachers and various aspects of the global teaching profession.

In 1994, based on the decision taken at the 26th session of the United Nations body UNESCO, October 5 was declared as ‘World Teachers’ Day’. Since then, World Teacher’s Day has been celebrated on October 5 every year in many countries including Bangladesh.

Since 1995, World Teacher’s Day is celebrated worldwide on October 5 every year.

Why do people celebrate World Teachers’ Day

Not without saying a word. Many official days are observed in every country. Students along with teachers have to be present in the celebration of these days. But this very important day for teachers is not celebrated officially. The teachers must have felt honored if this day was celebrated officially, which would have served as a great incentive for them.

 We all know that teachers have many deprivations, the accumulated pain of not being available. However, teachers get what no other profession gets. At least I don’t believe anything else in the world can compare to the sincere and genuine respect and love a teacher gets from students and parents (with few exceptions).

And that’s why I don’t consider this profession any less than any other profession.  But I want to say one thing, to get this respect and love, you have to first take a place in their hearts. If education is the backbone of a nation, then teachers are the backbone of education. If teachers are in trouble, it will be difficult to ensure the quality of education.

Therefore, not only teachers but to ensure the quality of education, all kinds of problems and inconsistencies in the education sector must be removed and a planned education-friendly environment has to be created. Otherwise, our achievement of SDGs will also be hindered. And so, the teachers also have to play the highest role in creating this learning-supportive environment. We can expect the joint efforts of all concerned parties to take the country forward by ensuring the quality of education. That’s Why this day celebrates like a festival.

How do people celebrate World Teachers Day

Various programs are organized in honor of teachers in various schools and colleges on this day.  On this day, educational institutions have a holiday, and in honor of teachers, students organize various events in schools, and they give various gifts to their teachers.

While the teacher-disciple relationship shares discipline and respect, on this day the disciple sells every emotion of his/her mind in reverence and respect to his/her teacher, removing the differences between them. On World Teachers Day, almost all schools perform songs and dramas, recite poetry, etc. for the valuable contribution of their teachers.

Students participate in various cultural programs to honor their teachers Students show their respect to their favorite teachers in the form of cards, speeches, and chocolates.

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World Teachers Day Quotes

Our teachers are the ones who guide us through teaching in our student life. They spread the light of knowledge with tireless work. They are artisans of making people. Among all these teachers, due to some special qualities, some teachers have a special place in our minds.  Became our favorite teacher, a beloved person. Here are some World Teachers Day Quotes –

  • True teachers are those who help us think. – Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan
  • A teacher exerts an overall influence, no one can say where his influence ends.   – Henry Adams
  • Medium teacher says a good teacher explains, best teacher shows.  Great teachers inspire.  – William Arthur Ward
  • The teacher is the director and guide.  He keeps the boat going, but the source of the driving force is the student.’- John Dewey
  • We must remember: A book, a pen, a child, and a teacher can change the world. – Malala Yousafzai
  • If a country is free from corruption and everyone has a good heart mentality, I firmly believe that there will be three types of people in the social life who can bring change.  They are father, mother, and teacher. -A.  P.  J.  Abdul Kalam
  • Teachers, I believe, are the most responsible and important members of society.  Because your professional efforts affect the fate of the world. -A.  P.  J.  Abdul Kalam

World Teachers Day Messages

In different countries of the world, the status of teachers is given by the state. In China, an experienced teacher is given the same status as a teacher with a doctorate. In South Korea, Taiwan, and Malaysia, the social status of teachers are very high.

Teachers are given ministerial status in Sri Lanka. There is a Japanese proverb “Better than a thousand days of pleasant study with a great teacher.” It is largely true that teaching is a profession that was once called the greatest of all professions. Below are some World Teachers Day Messages –

  • Someone like me. Success for weak students to show the way, Thank you, sir.
  • In a creative way to express something and awakening the joy of knowledge. I apologize for taking it the best part of teachers. Happy Teachers Day
  • Dear teacher, the hope inside me to inspire. Ignite my dreams to do. And learning in me
  • Thanks for your interest. Happy Teachers Day. Thank you very much
  • A little word to you to honor, you are our life. All problems are faced, Showed the way to be. Happy Teachers Day
  • You are the only one to me, not a teacher, You are an inspiration. You as a teacher I am lucky to have.  Happy Teachers Day
  • I am the guide in a person, Friendship, Discipline, and love found all this, and that person is you. Happy Teachers Day.

 World Teachers Day Wishes

A teacher is a maker of people. Teaching is a complex and difficult job. The one who does this is the teacher. Teaching is a high-stakes profession as the teacher has to work with living material.  The teacher is not just a source or repository of information, nor a collector of the necessary information. The teacher is the child’s friend, guide, and competent advisor. At all levels of education, the teacher is the main source of learning. Here are some World Teachers Day Wishes –

  • Without you we are maybe I would have failed. Thanks for guiding us. To inspire us. And success to us. To show the way. Happy Teachers Day
  • Dear teacher, what I learned from you will stay with me forever. No one can take that away from me. Your contribution to what I have become today is undeniable. Thank you and happy teachers day.
  • Happy Teachers Day. Your unique guide and the way you teach. I am on the path to success in life. Helped to move forward the ultimate in our success. To reach the peak. Your hard work kudos to the effort. Happy Teachers Day

World Teachers Day Statutes

An ideal teacher can manage the education work and education system beautifully. According to Rabindranath, a good teacher will be a good student. The youth of the teacher’s mind cannot be lost in accepting the studentship, rather he/she will always be able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the students well and that is why he/she will be very close to the children’s minds. Below are some World Teachers Day Statutes –

  • Thanks for teaching. I promise to teach you. I will never deviate from the path.  A lot of teachers day. Take greetings.
  • You are an amazing teacher who understands us. Taught that study how fun can that be. Happy Teachers Day.
  • You are not only our teacher, you are our friend. Philosopher and Guide. Your helping hand. We are very lucky to have it. Happy Teachers Day

FAQ about Teachers Day

What is the real teachers day date?

Teachers Day is celebrated in schools on the 1st Sunday of October

WHO declared World Teachers Day?

UNESCO. Source-Wikipedia

Which country first celebrated Teachers Day?

The first Teachers Day was celebrated in India in 1962.

Teachers are our guides.  It is through their guidance that we get success in life.  Their advice is the most useful for us on the way in life.  Therefore, Teachers’ Day should be celebrated every year to honor the contribution of teachers.  Happy Teachers Day to all.  Thank you so much for being with us.