World Beard Day 2023 History, Message, Wish Quotes and Status

Beard-less or bearded- it’s about disclosure! Such a crisis appears in the world. Are you smiling after hearing ‘World Beard Day’? But every year this ‘World Beard Day’ is celebrated on the first Saturday of September. A beard is considered a symbol of masculinity. A man’s personality and taste can also be identified through his beard.

Men’s beards are an object of attraction even for women. Studies show that an adult man spends 3,350 hours or 139 days of his life behind his beard. That is, by cutting the beard or keeping it neatly trimmed.  Many people think of these troubles and start growing their beards in their freedom.

Among the funny stories of famous people with beards, the story of former US President Abraham Lincoln comes first. One day Lincoln received a letter from a little girl. The letter read, “You look good with a beard.” And after receiving that girl’s letter, Lincoln began to grow a beard. Beards are regarded with considerable respect in religious disciplines. All the Prophets of the world wore beards, so all those who believe in the Divine Book respect beards.

Among them are Jews, Christians, and Muslims.  In Christianity, the beard is said to be the image of the Lord, because the image of the Lord has a beard, so trimming or cutting the beard is among the greatest crimes.  These are their thoughts and the words of the book. However, due to the considerable influence of the Roman culture on the Christian religion, almost all Christians in the world got used to having a beard in imitation of the Romans instead of the beard of the image of the Lord. Therefore, the beard of Jesus Christ does not adorn the face of today’s Christians!

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History of World Beard Day

As early as 800 BC, Danish pirates thought of such a day and celebrated it by drinking heavily.  Since then, this tradition has been going on in many different ways even today.

 According to the National Day Calendar, the day started in 2010. After that every year people celebrated World Beared Day on the first Saturday of September.

 This day has a great significance. Many women’s love the guy who has beard.

Why do people celebrate World Beard Day

Some say a beard is a symbol of masculinity. Beards also have some great health benefits. Beard prevents harmful bacteria present in the environment from entering the mouth. As a result, the risk of throat disease is reduced.  Beard also plays an important role in maintaining body temperature.

There are many ethnic groups in the world. Every nation has its uniform and distinctive symbols. As such, the Muslim nation will also have its unique uniform – this is natural. And it is universally accepted that a nation that does not protect its uniform will soon disappear into another nation. Keeping the mustache short and the beard length is the religious symbol of Muslims.

Beard is not a fashion, it is worship. This is the Sunnah of all Prophets including the Holy Prophet (PBUH). A sunnah beard is one of the signs that a person is a Muslim.

Unani medicine long ago concluded that beards enhance male beauty. Protects throat and chest from cold and heat. One of the modern doctors wrote: Constantly hoofing the beard causes an adverse reaction on the veins of the eyes. In this, the light of the eyes gradually weakens. Another doctor wrote: Beards make it difficult for germs to enter the beard. Prevents him from passing up to the throat, and chest. Not having a beard leads to zero sexual power.

 A doctor wrote, if the habit of shaving the beard continues among the men of a clan for seven generations, then the offspring of the eighth generation will be beardless. This is because, as a result of this, sexual power will decrease in each generation and will reach zero in the eighth generation.

 A BBC show—Trust Me, I’m a Doctor—recently ran a little experiment on this question. Based on this, scientists say, they have not found any evidence that bearded men have more bacteria in their mouths than clean-shaven men. A hospital in the United States recently researched this. As a result of this research published in the ‘Journal of Hospital Infection’, it is said that more pathogens were found in the faces of men who shaved their beards than those with beards.

Methicillin-resistant staph aureus (MRSA), a bacteria known to be resistant to antibiotics, was found three times more often in the mouths of shavers than those with beards, researchers say. What is the reason for this? Researchers say that the light rubbing of the facial skin while shaving creates an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. Beard on the other hand helps prevent infection. The BBC’s ‘Trust Me, I’m a doctor’ conducted a similar experiment by collecting bacteria samples from the beards of several men.

That’s why people celebrate World Beard Day every year.

How to people celebrate World Beard Day

On this day, beard-loving people from all over the world sing the praises of beards together and talk about beards.  On this day, they loudly express that bearded people are truly happy.

Beard is the Style Quotient of the concerned person. As a result, it is also a day to celebrate a man’s style statement with or without a beard. But there is also a reform associated with this day. No matter what you do, no one should shave their beard on this day! It is believed that shaving the beard on this day is an inauspicious thing.  And it is better to avoid it.

 On this day, there is a tradition of feasting with bearded men. In many places, on this day, bearded men indulge in Dedar drinking.

Every year, an organization named the ‘World Beard-Mouch Association’ organizes the Beard-Mouch World Cup.  Chappadari, moch, and a long beard – these 3 categories have about 22 events in this World Cup. Even bearded women have a special event!

World Beard Day Quotes

In ancient times beard was very much a symbol of respect. All the kings had beards of different designs. Minister-Generals themselves used to be discussed for their beards. The beard was a symbol of valor and nobility. Every soldier in the army wore a beard with bravery. People could not grow beards if they wanted to.  For them, beards were an act of injustice and disrespect for a person of high rank. Here are some World Beard day Quotes –

  • “Beard is like the niqab, that covers cheeks.” ― Arsalan Khan
  • “Don’t go shaving, fellas.― Alexander “Conquistador” Ante
  • “A goatee is to beards what diamonds are to ornaments.” ― Pawan Mishra
  • “The funny thing about having any kind of mustache or beard is it grows on you—in two ways. I mean, it grows on you. It also becomes part of your identity. I’ve had it for 40 years. I don’t think I would recognize the person  in the mirror without it.” ― John W. Boyer
  • I grew my beard out a little bit just to show that, indeed, I am a man. “– Johnny weir
  • “The scruffier your beard, the sharper you need to dress.” – Ashton Kutcher

World Beard Day Message

There are many people in the world, who like to keep their beards and mustaches to make them look attractive.  Many people in the world trim their beards and trim their faces to make them look attractive. It does not wait for a man to decide whether he wants to have a beard or not. In time, the beard starts growing on its own. People can only decide whether to keep it or not.

 Beard has become a fashion item these days. Below are some World Beard Day Messages –

  • Today is World Beard Day, a day to pamper and love your beard… Best wishes to you on this special day.
  • There is only one reason why you might think of shaving your beard and that is to grow it back and make it new fashion ….  Wishing you a very Happy World Beard Day.
  • For men, the beard is a part of their life.  Happy World Beard Day!
  • World Beard Day is all about having fun with beards while doing something with beards.  Happy World Beard Day!

World Beard Day Wishes

A beard is a hair that grows on one’s cheeks, muzzle, and lower jaw. Beards usually grow in adolescent or post-pubertal males. When asked to distinguish between upper and lower facial hair, the beard refers to the hair on the lower part, excluding the mustache. The study of beards is known as psychology. Below are some World Beard Day Wishes –

  • Celebrate with your bearded brothers this World Beard Day and party and have fun together.  Happy World Beard Day!
  • A beard is a gift from God that you put on your face.  Happy World Beard Day!
  • There are two types of people in this world.  Those who can appreciate a good beard by keeping it and those who do wrong by cutting it.  Happy World Beard Day!
  • On World Beard Day, remember that a beard is not just facial hair, it is the covering of your face which keeps your face free from bacteria.
  • The only reason to even consider shaving your beard is for the joy of re-styling it.  Happy World Beard Day!
  • On World Beard Day remember that with age comes great responsibility with a great beard.  Happy World Beard Day!

World Beard Day Status

In different countries of the world, different types of people design their beards according to their wishes. But for the best design, you need a cheeky beard. If there is no beard on the cheek, what will you design? In addition, the beard can not be designed by design!

Apart from humans, beards are also seen in some creatures of the Srishti clan. Among domestic animals, beards are sometimes seen in goats, sheep, goats, deer, and camels. Beards are rarely found in native chickens. A bundle of light feathers can be seen under the beak of the beak, such chickens are very aggressive. Animals that have beards are usually more expensive and valued in the market. Bearded animals are characterized by distinctive features.Here are some World Beard Day Status. Post it with World Beard Day Hashtags –

  • World Beard Day is a day to have some fun with your brothers by growing a beard to make it a memorable day.  Best wishes on this special day.
  • Happy World Beard Day… Trim it but never cut it, grow it but never shave it because it makes you unique.
  • Cheers Bearded Men!!!  Happy World Beard Day!!!

FAQ about World Beard Day

What is the date of World Beard Day 2023?

September 2. Source-Wikipedia

Is there any National No Beard Day?

October 18th.

Beard is also an essential part of an organ.  Which is made as a standard to protect the dignity of individual life.

 We cannot grow a beard; it is our inferiority. Therefore, denigrating someone with a beard is tantamount to making fun of the Creator and creation. Nowadays, bearded people are shown in movies and dramas to mean bad people, creating ideas in children’s minds that bearded people are bad. Now in our native culture, there is a victory song for people who hate beards.

They are those who seek to uproot an established social structure and permanently imbibe it in a foreign culture and try to replace it with a foreign culture. How Roman culture displaced a fundamental principle established by Christianity. Even ordinary Christians, including the venerable Pope, made the Romans better than the great Jesus. Therefore, the existence of the Romans is visible in the place of the existence of Christ in his face. Thanks for being with us.