World Brain Tumor Day 2023 History, Significance, Causes, Prevention, Treatment, Quotes and Status

A slight headache is like nothing else. But as headache is a well-known and common problem, we do not give importance to them. But this headache is a symptom of a major disease.  Headache is the primary symptom of brain tumors in particular. Be careful if there are problems like vomiting, forgetfulness, and sudden blackout.

World Brain Tumor Day has been observed worldwide since 2000. World Brain Tumor Day is being celebrated by the initiative of the German Brain Tumor Association; a charity organization formed in 1998. A brain tumor can be a cause of death, so everyone panics when they hear the name of this disease. This tumor can be only in the brain and can spread to the brain from other parts of the body.

 Usually, if some abnormal cells grow uncontrollably and form a tumor in the brain, it is called a brain tumor. There are two types of tumors. One grows slowly and does not spread elsewhere in the brain. These are called benign tumors. However, the pressure of a large tumor can cause brain problems. In this case, urgent treatment is required.

More than 500 people are diagnosed with brain tumors every day worldwide. Even the number of patients suffering from a secondary brain tumor is more than five hundred on average every day. The aim of observing the day is to inform people about this disease, to develop sympathy for the victims, and to make people aware of prevention.

History of World Brain Tumor Day

There is no mention of brain tumor disease in ancient medical books. There is no description of this disease in any of the ancient medical books. However, ancient medical texts describe the trepanation of the skull to relieve symptoms of brain tumors. Various famous people have mentioned this. Socrates Celsus Galen and many other thinkers described in their medical treatises how trepanation was performed to reduce intracranial pressure.

But there they don’t mention brain tumors anywhere. Several diseases such as headache convulsions and coma are mentioned where death is caused by brain tumors after a long struggle. X-ray was discovered in 1895. Then many neurosurgeons began to diagnose brain tumors. Fedor Krause, a German neurosurgeon, diagnosed brain tumors using x-rays. In 1954, nuclear scanners were used to localize brain tumors and non-invasive methods were introduced.

The CT scan was invented decades later. CT scan was invented by Sir Godfrey N. Housefield in 1971. And the London England and USA CT scans are installed. Full body scanning with CT scan was introduced in 1975. Then the research began on how to isolate tumor tissue.  In 1971, Raymond V. Damadian reported that tumor tissue could be distinguished by nuclear magnetic resonance MRI.  And then brain tumor treatment started with MRI.

In 2003, Lauterbur received the Nobel Prize for the invention of MRI. Gradually, research on the treatment of brain tumors began. And with the advancement of technology, there are now procedures for removing brain tumors. Just as many complex diseases can be cured, brain tumors can also be cured through surgery.

Why do people celebrate World Brain Tumor Day?

Today June 8 is World Brain Tumor Day. Since 2000. World Brain Tumor Day has been celebrated to show courage, compassion, and global awareness of brain tumor patients. Tumors are abnormal cells or tissue fragments in the body, which grow much faster and uncontrollably than normal. This cell cannot coordinate with other cells.

There are two types of tumors – 1.  Benign Tumors—This problem can be cured with minimal treatment. The tumor is covered by a single layer, but it grows slowly and resolves with surgery. 2.  Malignant – A tumor is harmful and dangerous.  Cancer is also a type of malignant tumor. Cancer is not naturally covered by a covering, which causes it to grow uncontrollably and haphazardly. Spread through the blood to other parts of the body.

Most cancers are curable if treated early. However, there is a risk of recurrence. So, you have to take treatment for a long time. As soon as these symptoms appear, consult a doctor and follow the doctor’s advice. Many times, even if there is a tumor, due to a lack of awareness, common people do not take any action.

But later on, it turns into cancer and there is no way to survive. Tumors can occur at any age, in anyone. So, awareness is needed. World Brain Tumor Day is celebrated every year to raise awareness about brain tumor symptoms and treatment.

How to celebrate World Brain Tumor Day?

World Brain Tumor Day is observed internationally to show respect for brain tumor patients and to show sympathy for their families. The number of people affected by a brain tumor is not less. It is known that every year around two and a half million people in the world are affected by a brain tumor. But no awareness programs are conducted in this regard, a brain tumor is a brain tumor.

When cells in a particular area of ​​the brain grow uncontrollably, it is called a brain tumor. The brain tumor of two types. It grows much faster than normal cells and spreads rapidly like the claws of a black snake throughout the body. Primary brain cancer originates from cells in the brain and metastatic brain cancer originates from cells in different parts of the body.

Anyone of any age can develop a brain tumor. Cancer deaths are highest in people over forty-five years of age, and among children aged six to nine, the death rate is alarming. So, awareness is needed.  Let’s find out how the world can celebrate World Brain Tumor Day-

  • Alert family and friends

Prevention is better than a cure for a tumor. Because this patient is very difficult to cure. So, make the family aware of this disease on World Brain Tumor Day. Tell about how to save yourself from a brain tumor, proper diet, and steps to take in case of a tumor on World Brain Tumor Day.

  • Spread Awareness

This day is an opportunity to inspire brain tumor survivors and show them that they are not alone in their fight. The voice of NGOs has been very influential in spreading information about brain prevention and its effective treatment. They participate in and organize camps for people suffering from various types of brain tumors. Provide awareness programs that teach you how to stay healthy at home by making simple changes like avoiding risks.

Causes of Brain Tumors

 Brain tumors are formed when cells grow abnormally in the brain. A group of cells is formed in a particular part of the brain. It sometimes turns into a cancerous mass, so brain tumors should never be taken lightly. The exact cause of brain tumors is not known, but some factors are believed to be responsible, such as wrong lifestyle, chemicals, and pollution found in food and drink, genetic factors, or exposure to the radiation used to treat a disease can also cause brain tumors.

Although the exact cause of brain tumors is still unknown, some factors are believed to be responsible, such as wrong lifestyle, chemicals, and pollution found in food and drinks, genetic factors, or any disease. Brain tumors can also be caused by the radiation used in treatment. Tumors are usually associated with cancer, and although not every tumor is responsible for cancer, it is still very deadly.

Brain tumor is a very dangerous disease, it not only affects the brain, but it also affects the whole body because the brain itself controls the whole body. Timely identification and treatment of symptoms are very important.

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Brain tumor symptoms

Everyday problems like headaches and fatigue can be symptoms of a brain tumor. How to understand whether these symptoms are serious, or normal? Not many people get brain cancer or tumors. But it is almost always fatal because its symptoms are not easy to detect. Brain tumor symptoms are very confusing. Know some of its symptoms-

1) Difficulty speaking

 Problems with speaking such as stuttering, not being able to easily remember names of things or people, and difficulty understanding others can be symptoms of a brain tumor.

 2) Risk-taking tendency and irritable temperament

 Patients with brain tumors are prone to depression, anxiety, and even irritability.

 They constantly show interest in risky activities and show aggressive attitudes.

 3) Loss of hearing and ringing in ears

 Seek medical advice immediately if you experience loss of hearing in one ear or no hearing at all or a ringing or ringing sound in the ear.

 4) Infertility

 The function of the pituitary gland in the brain is to regulate the release of various hormones in the body. Women may be unable to conceive or breastfeed after childbirth if the pituitary gland is affected by a brain tumor.

5) Persistent headache

 The difference between a normal headache and a brain tumor headache is that these headaches don’t go away easily. Day after day the headache continues. Even in the morning, this headache starts bothering people as soon as wake up. If these headaches don’t go away with any medication, talk to your doctor.

 6) Loss of eyesight

 Loss of vision is a very subtle change. Many people don’t notice it. Doctors call this bitemporal hemianopsia. Many times, there is a tendency to frequently bump into house furniture or have a car accident due to this.

 7) Fatigue and laziness

 The motor cortex part of the brain controls muscles throughout the body. The right motor cortex controls the left side of the body, while the left motor cortex controls the right side of the body.  If there is a tumor in these places, there will be no pain in the body, but there may be a weakness in the arms and legs and problems in moving these organs.

 8) Imbalance

 Difficulty with balance while walking, especially in the dark, or a tendency to lean to one side can be signs of a tumor in the cerebellum.


There is no way to prevent an early brain tumor, until it is diagnosed. But the risk can be reduced by keeping the brain active. Some rules should be followed to increase brain power. Some simple rules and a healthy lifestyle will work to keep brain tumors away, experts believe. Which include-

Eating anti-cancer foods

Anti-cancer properties are available from a large number of natural food ingredients. Try to keep all these beneficial food items like apples, grapes, broccoli, and carrots in your daily diet.

Enough sleep

Every adult needs enough sleep every day to rest the eyes and brain.

Limited use of mobile phones

Radiation from mobile phones increases the risk of developing brain tumors. So mobile phones should be used as less as possible.

Avoid smoking

Have to agree on this. Smoking increases the risk of cancer. Besides, this bad habit also contributes to an increase in the risk of brain tumors.

In addition, regular physical exercise, brain performance-enhancing work (puzzles or math solutions), and efforts to reduce mental stress should be continued. Besides, the biggest thing that should be taken care of is that if the above symptoms appear, the doctor should be consulted as soon as possible. Due to the development of modern technology in science, brain tumors can be easily diagnosed through advanced tests. With complete and proper treatment, many patients can recover and return to a completely normal life.


Treatment options for brain tumors include medical treatment, surgery, radiotherapy, and in some cases chemotherapy. Surgery is the main treatment for brain tumors. Some tumors are separate from the main part of the brain. They are surrounded by curtains. In this case, it is possible to remove the tumor completely through surgery.

In some cases, the tumor arises from the main part of the brain. In all those cases, the entire tumor cannot be removed by surgery.  Then the tumor must be partially removed, and other treatment methods should be applied. Again, some tumors are quite small and can be completely cured only by medicine.

Many people want to know if there is no tumor treatment without surgery.  They unnecessarily delay the operation.  I tell them, if the doctor asks to operate, then it is better to do the operation without unnecessary delay.

World Brain Tumor Day Quotes

Brain tumors are usually called brain tumors.  Brain tumors can occur at any age.  Some tumors originate in the brain.  These are called primary brain tumors.

Brain Tumor Day is celebrated worldwide on June 8. In 1998, a charity called the German Brain Tumor Association was formed. Since 2000, Brain Tumor Day has been celebrated globally under the initiative of this organization. A brain tumor is a very complex and multi-organ tumor. Therefore, the treatment of the disease is very complicated and expensive.

In some cases, the desired results cannot be obtained even by treating the brain tumor. So, World Brain Tumor Day is observed to raise awareness among people. Let’s see some quotes on World Brain Tumor Day.  Usually collected from those who survived-

  • “It is crucial to maintain hope despite the substantial and numerous challenges of this devastating disease.” – Kathy, caregiver, and founder of the International Brain Tumor Alliance
  • “Don’t ever quit and don’t ever give up hope. Don’t ever ask yourself, “Why is this happening to me?” – Jered, oligodendroglioma survivor
  • “To live as well as I can with this disease, I find it helpful to be able to turn toward pain and difficulties rather than away.” – Gretel, ependymoma survivor
  • “Early on in my cancer journey, I adopted a fighter mindset. I knew I had a choice when I was diagnosed. I could choose to feel sorry for myself or I could choose to live my life.” – Darien, PXA Tumor survivor
  • “Don’t panic! Procedures are evolving. Be positive and never give up hope. It’s also important to do your research, seek a second opinion and find an expert care team so you can continue to live life to the fullest.” – Lawrence, pineal region tumor survivor

World Brain Tumor Day Status

When we hear about tumors or cancer, we are shocked. People were very worried. Earlier, if someone had cancer, they would wait for death. But now with time, many advances have been made in cancer treatment. Cancer treatment is good. However, the disease must be diagnosed at the beginning. Tumors or cancer can occur in different parts of the body.

Tumors can also occur in the brain. World Brain Tumor Day is celebrated worldwide on June 8 to raise awareness about brain tumors. In 1998, a charity called the German Brain Tumor Association was formed. Since 2000, World Brain Tumor Day is being celebrated worldwide on June 8 by this organization.

Let’s raise awareness on World Brain Tumor Day. Some statuses are shared for you on the occasion of World Brain Tumor Day. You can make everyone aware on World Brain Tumor Day by posting these statuses on your social media accounts.

  • Today 8th June is World Brain Tumor Day. Medical science has advanced a lot now. So there is no reason to fear. Brain tumors can be cured.
  • I know people with brain tumors suffer a lot in life. But there is no reason to worry you too will get well soon. World Brain Tumor Day is today. I wish everyone good health.
  • Let’s trust the doctors and fight for recovery. May this be the pledge on World Brain Tumor Day.

FAQ about World Brain Tumor Day

What is the date of World Brain Tumor Day?

8 June. Source-Wikipedia

When is brain tumor awareness week?

October 29, 2022 – November 5, 2022

Let us celebrate the day by making awareness. World Brain Tumor Day to all. Thank you so much for being with us.