Happy World Food Day 2023 History, Message, Wish, Status, Quotes

Indeed, it seems that the English New Year was celebrated on this day.  As time went by, the year suddenly came to the tenth month.  One by one, the date on the calendar is coming to 16 and it is telling that today is World Food Day. World Food Day is celebrated on October 16.  It is an initiative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). 

The day is celebrated to raise global awareness, combat hunger and resolve to ensure healthy food for all. The UN report also states that 70.5% of Indians, 84% of Nepalis, and 83.5% of Pakistanis are unable to consume healthy food.  The report provides data from several other countries, according to which about 12% of people in China, 19% in Brazil, and 49% in Sri Lanka are unable to eat healthy food.

According to the FAO, today’s agri-food system suffers from deep inequalities and injustices.  At least two billion people do not have enough access to safe and nutritious food.  The FAW report also said that billions of people go hungry every day, but huge amounts of food are wasted.  A large amount of food is wasted during production or transportation.  Also ‘surplus’ food is thrown into dustbins in home kitchens, retailers, or restaurants.  It also affects the environment.  Greenhouse gases such as methane are produced from food waste. you may reWorld Wide Web Day 2023 History, Message, Wish, Quotes and Statusad

History of World Food Day

The ‘World Food Day’ was launched in November 1979 as suggested by Dr. Paul Romany, former Minister of Agriculture and Food of Hungary.  It then gradually became a way to raise awareness about hunger, malnutrition, sustainability, and food production.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations first started celebrating World Food Day on October 16, 1979, to combat global hunger and fight hunger around the world.  It is noteworthy that earlier food was recognized as a universal right by the United Nations.  But recognizing the need for healthy food for every human being, in 1945, the United Nations recognized food as a special right for all.

Why do people celebrate World Food Day

Each day conveys a different message.  But what happens on Food Day?  Naturally, food day will give a message about food.  We know that people have different eating habits.  And since the word food before the day can come to many people’s thoughts, maybe on this day you have to eat a lot!  Is it so?  The UN’s opening message was not one of gluttony or waste. 

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), about 12 percent of the world’s people are living without food!  In the modern world of the 21st century, there is much to see.  The smartphone in hand reveals a lot.  As well as social media!  Many people’s lifestyles can be seen due to these.  There you see the light of light in someone’s city, the lack of candlelight in someone’s house.  Again, some have an abundance of food on their tables, while others’ food comes from dustbins.  How incongruity of living in the same world! 

Many cook more than necessary;  Or arrange many dishes to decorate the table.  In the presence of so much food, not much is eaten, it has to be thrown away.  Again, many people are looking for these discarded foods.  When their screams are heavy on our ears, we close the window and leave the fan to sleep peacefully.  To show that the state is developing, many people use advanced modernity.  In addition to many things, the food store is not left out. 

The names of these dishes arranged in various dishes are buffet, set menu, and platter.  Everything is fine.  But why waste not being able to eat?  But hopefully, many write a no-waste request at restaurants to avoid waste. Women and children are the most affected by the lack of food.  According to The Hunger Project in the US, about 690 million people live in extreme poverty.  Women suffer from a lack of food due to malnutrition, disease, or the birth of disabled children.  Since ancient times, there has been an accusation of eating and drinking during the pregnancy of the wife of the house. 

We don’t know why a mother comes in a different form when she becomes a mother-in-law.  Most housewives complain that maternal nutrition is far away, and they do not get the opportunity to eat normal food or whatever they want in their in-laws’ houses.  Either there is apathy from the husbands or silent mental torture from the in-laws.  It should be noted here that not all families are like that.  But the number of such families is not less.  This day is celebrated to make people aware.

How do people celebrate World Food Day

Every year on the occasion of World Food Day, various awareness programs and campaigns are organized to spread awareness about the health risks associated with unsafe food and ensure economic prosperity and growth in agriculture.  Such as food banks spreading awareness about providing food to the needy at the local level and such public and private projects that provide food to the needy, food waste, or leftover food such as making good compost from vegetable and fruit peels. 

Able to buy food as needed, etc. According to the available food data, our planet produces enough food to feed all humans and living beings.  But 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted worldwide every year, which is about 20% of the total food produced.  If people use food carefully and avoid wasting it, the number of hungry people can be reduced to a great extent.

World Food Day is an occasion that can work to reduce food waste and create livelihoods for people and encourage them in food production.

World Food Day Quotes

Every hungry and needy person should have access to healthy food, reduce food waste and improve food production and agriculture at large and small scales and meanwhile increase efforts. Here are some World Food Day Quotes –

There are people in the national territory to whom God cannot appear without bread.”  – Mahatma Gandhi

 People who love to eat are always the best.  – Julia Child

 Food symbolizes love when words are insufficient.  – Alan D.  Wolfelt

 Eating is not just a material pleasure.  Eating well gives us joy in life and contributes greatly to goodwill and happy companionship.  It is very important for morale.  – unknown

My weaknesses have always been food and men – in that order.  – Dolly Parton

 Food is our common ground, a universal experience.  – James Beard

 Food, it’s not just about nutrients and calories.  It’s about sharing.  It’s about honesty.  It’s about identity.  – unknown

 Before looking for something to eat and drink, we should look for someone to eat and drink with.  – Epicurus

World Food Day Messages

According to the FAW, to fix this, concerted action is needed.  Ensure that everyone has access to an adequate supply of safe and nutritious food.  Also, the entire food production and supply chain need to be streamlined and planned. For this change, everyone has to play their role.  From home kitchens and caterers to restaurants, everyone needs to stop overcooking and wasting food. Below are some messages about World Food Day –

Blessed are those who can enjoy three meals a day, let us thank God for blessing us with food.  Happy World Food Day!

 We should always respect the food we receive because it is a blessing from God and loves from someone who cares for us. Happy World Food Day.

 If one does not eat well, one cannot think well, love well, or sleep well.  Happy World Food Day!

 Food symbolizes love when words fail to define it. Happy World Food Day.

 Let us not forget to celebrate food because it is the most important lifeline. Happy World Food Day.

 The food we have on our plates is the result of a lot of hard work that is put in at various stages and consumed with the utmost respect. Happy World Food Day.

 On this World  Food Day, we must pledge ourselves to never waste food as an initiative and contribution to saving food for the hungry, let’s make a big difference with our small actions.

World Food Day Wishes

In verse 31 of Surah A’raf, the holy book of Muslims, it is said to avoid waste, ‘Eat and drink;  But don’t waste it.  Surely Allah does not like the wasteful.’ What a beautiful word.  But what do many of us do?  Eat, drink, waste.

  It is necessary to say why people are so interested in banning it.  Because the reason for the ban was there, the ban was learned by stumbling.  Meanwhile, the consequences are dire.  A waste of one place, another plant of hunger! Here are some World Food Day Wishes –

“It’s a day to celebrate the progress we’ve made in the fight against hunger and recommit ourselves to finishing the job.” Happy World Food Day.

 “This is an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to end hunger and all forms of malnutrition by 2030.” Happy World Food Day.

 “This is a day to remind us that we can end hunger in our lifetime.” Happy World Food Day.

 “It is time to recommit ourselves to ending hunger and malnutrition.” Happy World Food Day.

 “Feeding every hungry stomach is not only a responsibility but also an opportunity.” Happy World Food Day.

 We should always respect the food we receive because it is God’s blessing and love from someone who cares for us.  Happy World Food Day!

World Food Day Statutes

Here are some statutes about World Food Day –

The food we have on our plates is the result of a lot of hard work put into it at various stages.  Take it with utmost respect… Happy World Food Day.

 Food symbolizes love when words fail to define it….. Sending you warm wishes on World Food Day….  Enjoy the meal with happiness!!! Happy World Food Day.

 “It’s a day to celebrate progress in the fight against hunger and recommit ourselves to finishing the job.” Happy World Food Day.

 “It’s a reminder that we all have a role to play in achieving zero hunger.” Happy World Food Day.

 “World Food Day reminds us that hunger is solvable and that collective action can end it.”

FAQ About World Food Day

When World Food day is celebrated?

Ans: World Food Day is celebrated on October 16. wikipedia

Why World Food day is celebrated?

Ans: We know that people have different eating habits.  And since the word food before the day can come to many people’s thoughts, maybe on this day you have to eat a lot

Unprecedented food security disasters can strike at any time.  About 500,000 people are in famine in Ethiopia, South Sudan, Yemen, and Madagascar.  Many communities in Burkina Faso, Nigeria are in the same situation. The purpose of observing this day is not only to strive for the availability of food for every person but also to increase awareness among people about safe food production and consumption.  Also on this day, discussions and efforts are made on the possibilities of food production, marketing, and import-export, which will also benefit the economy of many countries of the world. Thanks for being with us.