World Letter Writing Day History, Significance, Message, Wish, Quotes and Status

World Letter Writing Day is celebrated on September 1 every year to remind people of the ancient tradition of letter writing. In the era of computers and smartphones, writing letters has become a thing of the past.  Technology has advanced so much that it is possible to write a large letter. When what comes to your mind, you can send a small SMS, chat, or email to your loved ones. But in the past, sending messages was not so easy. A message takes a long time to travel from one place to another.  A message could not be sent quickly.

Back then, there would be a huge mountain of thoughts, so the letters would also be big. Do you know what was the funniest part of the old days’ letters? There the letter meant not only the words of the heart but much more than that. For example, letter paper was a big deal. Just looking at the paper could tell how deep the care and love of the person who wrote the letter was.

Again, even with a writing pen, handwriting, etc., many aspects of letters could be understood which cannot be understood by today’s machine-dependent people. Another great thing about the letter was its smell.  To get the touch with the writer, the recipient would look at the paper to whom the letter is being written.  Some used to add perfume separately to the letter.

History of World Letter Writing Day

World Letter Writing Day was originally founded by Australian writer, artist, and photographer Richard Simpkin. He began writing letters to and receiving responses from people considered Australian legends, and the idea of ​​celebrating the day began. He then published a book on his experiences called Australian Legends and it was published in 2005.

In the book, he highlights various importance of letter writing and pays homage to the art of letter writing and mentions how he made it all possible. World Letter Writing Day was first created in 2014 to honor the handwritten letter. He asked schools to create letter-writing workshops so that the art would be practiced, and the tradition of letter-writing would never be lost. The practice of letter writing dates back centuries to ancient Egypt and Greece.

At that time there was no pen and paper, so people wrote letters on materials such as animal skin, metal, lead, wax, wooden tablets, etc. Letter writing gradually grew in popularity. Before the 17th and 18th centuries, letters were used only to exchange information and send greetings. Letters were also used to generate various critical thoughts.

As a result, several historical letters are still preserved in many museums. Letters from various politicians, historians, and diplomats have been preserved. All the letters through which the old events of history are known. Letters are a disease of ancient art and can also be called a genre of literature.  Before people used letters for personal communication, letters were the only means of communication. During the war, warriors exchanged letters with their families and lovers to their lovers.  Letters were also used to greet friends and in various political discussions.

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Significance of World Letter Writing Day

The history of letters is as old as the history of written language. The historical importance of letter writing is many. Letter writing has been around since the invention of language. Archaeologists occasionally discover ancient letters carved into rocks or cave walls. Kings used to send news through this letter.

An email has no identity, but we are thrilled to see a historical letter written by a person’s own hand. From the very beginning, people have used letters to express their feelings or to send messages of any kind. People’s days were going on like this. Postal pioneers used to deliver these letters.  People felt the same pull towards these people as their loved ones. This profession was also very important in art literature.

These days of letters began to decline after the advent of the telegraph.  Gradually people move towards fast and secure messaging. Now e-mail is also on the way to becoming old.  However, email is the last descendant of written letters. The fun of handwritten letters is not possible in this modern communication medium.

Many of those who are very learned have books with letters. World Letter Writing Day should be observed every year so that the tradition of letter writing is not lost. Letters are a part of the cultural heritage that exists in every country. To sustain the culture, the importance of letter writing should be highlighted by observing the day every year.

How to celebrate World Letter Writing Day?

Letters are an important legacy and ancillary component of cultural heritage. An important subject in everyday life. Before the invention of paper, people wrote letters on leaves, bark, leather, and metal.  And because more was written on the page, it is called ‘Paper’. This letter was the easiest and only means of communication. But with the progress of science, the necessary news is being reached by telephone, telegram, wireless, telex, fax, mobile phone, internet, etc., so the handwritten letter is slowly disappearing. But a few days ago, this letter was the only means of communication.

And the post office was in the system of exchange of letters. As a result, a large crowd of people could be seen in front of the post office at that time. Reading the hand-written letters sometimes brought a smile to my face, sometimes brought tears to my eyes. Before the age of technology, this letter sometimes provided entertainment, sometimes brought tears to the aching heart, sometimes cheered, and sometimes emotional.

What was that strange tension in the letter written in ink and paper? Some letters were opened and read again and again. As if this language of the heart will never be old. Those joys are fading today in this age of technological excellence. World Letter Writing Day is celebrated every year to keep this tradition of letter writing alive. Now let’s know how to celebrate this day-

  • What better way to celebrate World Letter Writing Day than writing a letter? So don’t delay and write a letter today on World Letter Writing Day. Suppose you want to say something to someone but you can’t say it, you can write a nice letter and let them know. Again, suppose someone needs to be explained a lot but doesn’t give a chance to talk. No worries, write a letter.
  • You can also send letters to your dear friends. Write a letter to each of them expressing your love for them and some of their qualities.
  • You can also write a letter to your parents. Our love for parents always remains unexpressed.  Letters can be a great medium to express feelings. You don’t have to say anything orally but you can express your thoughts by writing. So write a letter to your parents without delay.

World Letter Writing Day Quotes

In the era of letters, although people’s knowledge of the language was limited, there was no lack of sincerity in the pages of letters. Spelling and linguistic mistakes were hidden behind their sincere love.  In the earlier days, the king-kings used to establish relations with each other by writing letters, and information was exchanged between the diplomats of the country.

To reach the far-flung news of the native country, letters were sent on horseback or by pigeons or birds. In response, the kings of other countries also used to send news by writing letters on the feet of pigeons. Uneducated people tried to get signatures just to read and write letters. ‘Letter’ contributed immensely to the spread of education at that time.

Again, family letters were often used as a substitute for newspapers. In the letter, various news including news of any incident and hopes of the village, news of plantations, or news of natural disasters were written. Handwritten letters are used to create a bridge of close relationships and depth of love between families.

Famous people have many published books about this letter writing.  Similarly, there are various quotes from many famous people about the letter. Letters have benefited people of all times.  By writing letters, people from every country used to communicate with their loved ones during the war.  Let’s take a look at some famous quotes on letter writing on World Letter Writing Day today.

  • A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often – just to save it from drying out completely.–Pam Brown
  • This at least should be a rule through the letter-writing world: that no angry letter be posted till four-and-twenty hours will have elapsed since it was written.–Anthony Trollope
  • It does me good to write a letter which is not a response to a demand, a gratuitous letter, so to speak, which has accumulated in me like the waters of a reservoir.–Henry Miller
  • I have now attained the true art of letter-writing, which we are always told, is to express on paper exactly what one would say to the same person by word of mouth.–Jane Austen
  • A letter always seemed to me like immortality because it is the mind alone without corporeal friend.–Emily Dickinson

World Letter Writing Day Messages/Wishes

The love letters were each timeless great love stories. In the era of traditional letters, all the lovers wrote the details of the longing of the heart or the waiting time in simple language mixed with the sweetness of the heart. The loved ones used to collect what they read besides being enthralled. The language and feeling of the letters seemed to be a story or a novel made of hundreds of flowers. The world’s largest letter was written by a woman from Brooklyn, New York to her lover.

She wrote the letter in 1952 during the war in Korea. Her then-boyfriend was fighting as a soldier in the US Army. The length of that letter was 3,200 feet long, which took a month to write. Victor Hugo, the famous French writer, and novelist wrote a very short letter in excellent language. However, that time waiting for the letter to be answered has also disappeared from our lives today. Now you don’t have to wait day after day to get news from relatives or friends.

Which was once the case for handwritten letters. The internet and mobile SMS have replaced the letter. With this change in the medium of communication, people’s life has become easier, but letters are getting lost. Let’s celebrate World Letter Writing Day today. And send greetings to loved ones on World Letter Writing Day. They will also understand the importance of the letter.  Below are some greetings for your convenience-

  • No matter how modern the era is, we cannot find the joy of our handwritten letters of the past in anything else. Happy World Letter Writing Day
  • World Letter Writing Day reminds us how happy our past times were. How connected we were to each other’s emotions. Happy World Letter Writing Day
  • Day by day the tradition of letter writing is disappearing. Let us keep this tradition alive by exchanging letters with each other. Happy World Letter Writing Day

World Letter Writing Day Status

People from all walks of life used to line up on the balcony of the post office. Postage stamps, postal orders, envelopes, registry letters, money orders, postcards, insurance, parcels, GME, VPP, EMS, commemorative postage stamps, postal life insurance, life insurance, post office savings bank, and government employees’ salaries were all sent through letters at the post office. Even non-judicial stamps had to be collected from the post office.

Because of their demand, the medium of correspondence was becoming very popular. Science has given us many new technologies. Smart mobile phones are in everyone’s pocket. The words of the heart reach loved ones in an instant. Saved us labor, cost, and time. No need to carry the letter and drop it in the mailbox. If you make a mistake, you don’t have to cut it again and again.

Many innovations have been incorporated into our lives. No matter how fast the exchange of letters or information is on Facebook, Twitter, or mail, the emotionality of a letter written on paper should not be forgotten even today. Let’s remind people of this tradition by sharing a status on our social media accounts on World Letter Writing Day-

  • Writing is an art and expressing your thoughts through writing is the most beautiful thing.  Happy World Letter Writing Day.
  • None of us can deny that receiving a letter brings a beautiful smile to our faces.  Then it is understood how much the letter can give us joy.  Happy World Letter Writing Day
  • No matter how modern the era is, nothing else can make your loved ones happy as much as your own handwritten letter.  Happy World Letter Writing Day.

FAQ about World Letter Writing Day

What is National letter writing Day?

December 7, 2023

Who wrote the first letter in the world?

Persian Queen Atossa. Source-Wikipedia

What is the most famous letter in the world?

Rainer Maria Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet

Let us try to hold on to our tradition. We express our feelings by writing letters. Happy World Lettering Day. Thanks for being with us.