World Organ Donation Day 2023 History, Significance, Quotes and Status

One of the amazing inventions of medical science is the process of organ donation. Through this method, thousands of crippled people can be brought back to normal life, as well as the lives of many patients whose life lamps have been extinguished can be saved. Today is August 13.  World Organ Donation Day.

The day is celebrated in every country of the world to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation and to understand the importance of organ donation after death. The day inspires us to come forward for organ donation. To stand by them. This effort to awaken humanity not only saves a person but also saves a family.

Experts say, in this modern treatment, seven organs of a person’s body can be transplanted: eyes, kidneys, heart, liver, intestines, lungs, and pancreas. After certain tests, if the two people have certain things in common, the doctors proceed to transplant the organs. You will be surprised to know that one person on the way to death can light the life lamp of seven people. So, let’s make this small momentary life great through posthumous organ donation.

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History of World Organ Donation Day

According to history, the first organ transplant was done in the United States in 1954. However, the Middle Ages and human history also have numerous accounts of organ transplants. While some organ transplants were successful during that era, most are believed to have failed. However, we have proven time and time again that organ transplantation is safe in today’s era.

World Organ Donation Day is celebrated to encourage people around the world to donate organs. Every year a special theme is adopted on this day. World Organ Donation Day is celebrated in different ways in different countries.  Most people think of eye and kidney donation when they think of organ donation. But do you know if multiple organ donation is possible? The heart, liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, and pancreas can be transplanted into a human body. After certain tests, it is possible to replace it only if certain things match in the body of two people.

So, encourage everyone about this great workday. Today this special day is celebrated to give the message to every people to come forward for organ donation. In 1954, the first successful organ donation case was registered. The kidney was the first organ to be successfully transplanted. Until the 1960s, heart, liver, and pancreas transplants were successfully performed in the late 1960s.

In the early 1900s, transplants of all major organs such as the heart, liver, pancreas, lungs, eyes, intestines, and kidneys were performed in hospitals with a success rate of about 100%. After the tests will be identified he/she can donate his/her organs after death. Organ donation also depends on your habits, if someone smokes a lot, he/she can’t donate his lungs, eyes , or kidneys.

Significance of World Organ Donation Day

World Organ Donation Day is a global awareness day. The purpose of the day is to encourage people worldwide to donate their organs after death. Organ donation is an opportunity for every normal person to become a hero and save the lives of various people. The day aims to remove all myths and fears from people’s minds about organ donation.

Organ donation is a medical procedure in which organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and intestines are removed from a dead body and transplanted into the body of a person in need. A person who donates his organs is called a “donor” and organs are donated only after the consent of the donor. According to a 2018 report, 1.46 lakh people donate their organs every year, which is a very poor ratio.

Because every year, about 5.6 crore people die.  Only 0.01 percent of people in India donate their organs. Without question, every organ donation gives the gift of life to a person in need. As mentioned earlier, a healthy person can donate tissue, bone marrow, blood, various organs, or parts of organs, such as a lung, part of their liver, or a kidney.

A person’s organs are fresh for the first 6 hours after death. But only keeping the eyes in the fridge can keep them fresh for a few days.  Therefore, in the case of organ donation, within 6 hours of a person’s death, his or her organs have to be re-transplanted. Just as organ donation can save a person’s life, a living person can also overcome financial problems by donating an organ. Therefore, World Organ Donation Day is celebrated every year.

How to celebrate World Organ Donation Day?

Organ donation is one of the noblest acts of human life. But many are still in the dark about which body parts can be donated and who is eligible for organ donation. Therefore, many have not taken the pledge to donate their organs even if they want to. Although many people have come forward in great work like organ donation.

So there are many myths about organ donation. One organ donation can save eight lives. And donating tissue can improve the lives of about 50 people. The greatest thing you can do in the name of humanity is organ donation. A person does not need organs after death. But that organ can give someone else new life. There are many myths and superstitions about organ donation.

World Organ Donation Day is observed on August 13 every year. To break these myths and make people more sensitive and encouraged about organ donation. Let us now know how World Organ Donation Day is celebrated-

  • Donate Blood

An important way to observe Organ Donation Day is to donate blood. Many people around us are constantly dying due to a lack of blood. There are many people whose blood type is very rare. And these drops of blood are not easily available. As it is very difficult to get negative group blood, patients of this group die due to lack of blood. Many organizations are constantly doing social service as blood donors.

Donating blood is a noble act. A sick person can regain a healthy life with your donated blood. So help a sick patient by donating blood today on World  Organ Donation Day. And donating blood does not cause any harm to the body rather there are many benefits to donating blood. Every healthy person should donate blood every three months. So come forward today on World Organ Donation Day to do this great work.

  • Register as an organ donor

Every year many people die due to a lack of necessary organs. You can register as an organ donor in any hospital. After your death, your organs will be donated to a sick person. And discuss this with your family before that. And at any time you can change your decision. So definitely register as an organ donor in a hospital. Maybe you have a specific organ or tissue that you want to donate after you die. An organ donated by you can save a life.

  • Encourage people

Encourage people to donate organs. Many people in our society are afraid of organ donation or don’t want to donate their organs after death. But have you ever thought that these organs will not be useful after your death, but a sick person can get back to life through these organs of yours? Saving human life is the noblest act.

So encourage all your family and friends to donate organs and spread awareness messages to clear the misconceptions people have about organ donation. You can make people aware of organ donation by sharing various posts on your social media accounts. Any living person can also donate an organ. If a healthy person donates internal organs, it will not cause much harm. By doing this, a sick person can save his life as well as you.

On World Organ Donation Day, know some things to keep in mind before donating organs

Today is August 13 World Organ Donation Day. Many people around the world donate organs. Organ donation shows you are very generous as a person. But many people do not know that some things must be kept in mind before organ donation. As a result, health is damaged. Even death can occur. So, on World Organ Donation Day, remember some things before donating-

1) Age is very important to remember while donating organs. However, if a person is healthy and fit to donate organs at an older age, he/she can donate organs at an older age. Of course with the doctor’s advice.

 2) Keep in mind how healthy you are while donating organs. If you suffer from diseases like diabetes, cancer, and HIV, then you cannot donate an organ. The organ to be donated must be completely healthy.

 3) If you continue to feel sick or worried about your body after organ donation, then definitely consult a doctor immediately. If necessary, quickly fill the deficiency of the body.

 4) You can never set the price of your organ at the time of organ donation. If you want to donate the organ, the cost may also be borne by the hospital authority who is taking your organ. You will not be charged for organ donation.

 5) If your blood and cells match with the blood and cells of the person you are donating to, the process of organ donation becomes easier.

World Organ Donation Day Quotes

Organ donation is a life donation! In other words, posthumous organ donation is one of the noblest acts.  But there is not much awareness about this. Various programs are being organized to create awareness about post-mortem organ donation. And various organizations have come forward to make people more aware of organ donation. Organ transplantation will play an important role in saving lives.

An organ donor can save about 8 lives by donating his or her properly functioning organ. Organs that can be successfully transplanted include kidneys, liver, bone marrow, heart, lungs, cornea, pancreas, and skin. Be aware of how our organs can save more lives even after death. In fact, after the death of a person, his/her organs can give new life to several others. Babies born with end-stage renal disease or heart disease die from organ failure alone.

As a result, only organ donation can save their lives. Let us join this great work of saving human lives. On World Organ Donation Day, here are some quotes to encourage you to donate organs-

  • “The decision to become a donor can save up to eight lives and enhance many more—men, women, and children who depend on the generosity and sacrifice of others. I encourage individuals of all ages and backgrounds to consider this unique opportunity to help those in need and to discuss this choice with friends and family.” -Barack Obama

  • “I never used to pay that much attention to organ donation, but I’m tremendously glad for it: it turned out that I was one of the ones in need. I hope my donor’s family will be blessed a thousand times for their sacrifice.” –Karl Black

  • “To me, transplant represents life and hope. Although none of us know when we may lose our life, my husband’s transplant gave us hope that we may be able to spend many more years together with each other and our families.” -Maxine Billings

  • “When I think back on my life just four years ago, the circumstances were dire. I wasn’t sure if I would still be alive in six months—now, I’m a mommy, all because someone said yes to being an organ donor.” –Amanda Washek

World Organ Donation Day Status

Organ donation is an important social movement, and process, but its perspective is somewhat different. In this case, a person can donate his whole body and organs voluntarily during his/her lifetime, which is called full compliance with the law. Organ donation represents the ultimate humanitarian approach to social responsibility.

What is the value of the body to the deceased after death? But if by this another can live healthily, what can be more virtuous than that?  So let’s encourage people to donate organs today on World Organ Donation Day by explaining the importance of organ donation. On World Organ Donation Day we can make everyone aware by sharing some important statuses. Some of the statuses are given below for your convenience-

  • Not all people are eligible for organ donation. Those who are eligible to donate should donate their valuable assets. Happy World Organ Donation Day
  • Let’s raise awareness on Organ Donation Day today and encourage people to understand the importance of organ donation. Happy World Organ Donation Day.
  • Death is inevitable but after death, you can give life back to many people through organ donation. Happy World Organ Donation Day

FAQ about World Organ Donation Day

What is the date of World Organ Donation Day?

13 August.

Who started World Organ Donation Day?

Ronald Lee Herrick

Which organ is donated the most?


What is the date of Blood Donor Day?

June 14. Source-Wikipedia

Let us be vocal about organ donation and save lives through organ donation. Hope I have been able to provide all information about World Organ Donation Day. If you have any questions you can do them in the comment box we will try to answer them as soon as possible. Happy World Organ Donation Day everyone.