World Blood Donor Day 2023 History, Significance, Benefits, Quotes and Status

Every year this day of June 14 is celebrated worldwide as World Blood Donor Day. The main purpose of World Blood Donor Day is to encourage the general public to donate blood, including those who save millions of lives by donating blood voluntarily and free of cost. Although World Blood Donor Day is dedicated to the hero of blood donation, the day has a special significance even though it is observed on June 14. Because the name of the scientist Carl Landsteiner is associated with the day.

This Nobel laureate scientist discovered the blood group ‘A, B, O, AB’. So, the concerned authorities decided to observe World Blood Donor Day on his birthday. The blood donor also benefits in many ways by donating blood. A healthy person can donate blood every four months. The blood components in the human body are destroyed every four months and new blood is produced.

 During a blood donation, 250 to 400 milliliters of blood is usually donated, which is only one-tenth of the total blood in the body. The main component of blood is water, which is replenished within 24 hours. Blood is necessary for life. Those who suffer from blood crises are usually our relatives, brothers, and sisters. In addition to surgery, blood deficiency can occur in the body due to various reasons. Pure blood is needed at this time.

While collecting data from different countries of the world, it is known that the basic foundation of a “safe blood supply” is the voluntary and free donation of blood. Because their blood is relatively safe and the risk of life-threatening infections like HIV and hepatitis among consumers through this blood is very low.

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History of World Donor Day

The history of blood donation is very old. Richard Lower conducted many experiments on blood donation in animals. He successfully transfused blood between two dogs with no ill effects. And science began to research blood donation, gradually moving from animal to human blood. There were various curiosities in science about the subject of blood.

Karl Landsteiner was the first to discover the abo method of human blood typing. And discovered the individual blood groups of blood donors, which later became important in medicine. The topic of blood transfusion quickly began to develop health issues and treatments. On June 14, 1868, the anniversary of Landsteiner’s birth, World Blood Donor Day was widely celebrated around the world. The day was first started on 14 June 2004 by the “World Health Organization, International Federation of Red Cross, and Red Crescent Societies” to celebrate the need.

 Later in May 2005 to promote public awareness, WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION) officially established World Blood Donor Day at the 58th World Health Assembly and its 192 member countries thanked blood donors worldwide for their valuable steps and for saving lives. The main aim of celebrating World Blood Donor Day is to make people aware.

Many look down on blood donation. But World Blood Donor Day is observed every year to raise awareness about the health benefits and necessity of donating blood. And this blood donation helps in research and development in the medical field. And the day is observed to thank the blood donors who regularly donate blood and save the lives of the medical team. Because their blood donation is taking the world to a better place. Donating blood is also a kind of humanitarian service. In an emergency, a blood donor can save the life of a demented patient with blood. This day gives thanks to all those volunteers.

Significance of World Blood Donor Day

Today is World Blood Donation Day. Many people have voluntarily come forward for this great work.  Many for the first time, and many have already given several times. Many people in the world suffer from rare diseases and need blood regularly. Some blood groups are rarer. Like a golden group, AB negative, and Bombay blood group. People who have this type of blood type need to have a blood supply in advance for any type of surgery or emergency. Every country has a blood donation drive.

Many children who run into danger do not think twice while donating blood. Examples of blood donation in exchange for money in extreme poverty have been seen in many places, which is shocking.  However, many people have some misconceptions about donating blood. By donating blood, the blood never decreases but is created. During the time of covid, there was a problem with the blood supply. Many sick patients needed blood or platelets at that time. Therefore, keeping this great day in mind, all the people of the society come forward to donate blood. Will Donating blood is giving life, we are all familiar with the saying.

But the awareness about the need for blood donation and the mentality to lend a helping hand has not yet developed in all of us. Every day many people die due to lack of blood in the world, but many healthy people could not overcome the misconception about blood donation. World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on June 14 every year to raise awareness about blood donation. The purpose of this day is to encourage the general public to donate blood, including those who save millions of lives by donating blood voluntarily and free of charge.

NGO clubs organize blood donation camps in various government and private organizations, but the shortage of blood continues. As a result, many people are losing their lives. So, the main aim of this day is to raise awareness about blood donation.

How to celebrate World Blood Donor Day?

The objective of this day is to encourage voluntary blood donation and ensure safe blood transfusion.  Every year, the World Health Organization sets a theme for the day. Since the World Health Assembly in 2005, the World Health Organization has taken the initiative to celebrate this day. The other purpose of celebrating this day is to prevent deadly blood-borne diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, AIDS, Syphilis, and Malaria. To be safe from voluntary blood donation and ensure proper use of blood.

 About 9.5 lakh bags of blood are required in the country every year. Only 32 percent of that comes through volunteers. The remaining 68 percent come from blood recipients’ relatives and strangers. Due to the demand for blood, people are taking blood from illegal blood banks. It increases the risk of safe blood transfusion. Some have doubts about how safe it is to donate blood. There is no physical risk in donating blood. It is assumed that men and women (adults) have about 6 liters of blood in their bodies.

A person can donate up to 15 percent of this blood at a time. Blood is usually collected in 450-500 ml.  As such, donating blood does not remove a large amount of blood from the body. According to the Blood Transfusion Act, a person can donate 450-500 ml of blood if he/she is above 50 kg and 350 ml if he/she is 45 kg. As a result, there is no danger of physical damage in blood donation. Blood is an important component of the human body.

When there is full blood, the human body is alive and active.  And when anemia or anemia occurs, the body becomes useless and weak and the vitality declines. And this essential item is not manufactured in a factory. Despite the best efforts of scientists, blood substitutes have not yet been developed, nor are they expected to be available shortly.  People have to donate blood for they need human blood, blood donation is very important to save a life. World Blood Donation Day is celebrated every year on that important basis. As a conscious citizen, you should come forward in the blood donation program to save people’s lives. Let’s know some ways to celebrate this day-

  • Raise Awareness

Saving human life is a sacred task. A great act of yours may save the life of an innocent person.  Hospitals see many patients who die of anemia. They don’t get blood when needed. Many rare blood groups are not easily found.  Because of this, most of the patients die. Many diseases require monthly blood exchange.  All those patients require many bags of blood every month.  The patient may die without getting the necessary blood. 

As blood donation does not cause any harm to the blood donor. So today the most important task of World Blood Donor Day is to save the life of any poor person by donating blood. When you save the life of an innocent person with your blood, you yourself will feel a sense of peace. There is a distinct sense of peace in doing well. And donating blood is a noble act.

  • Donate blood

Raise awareness among people. Even though we are a developed nation, we still have superstitions. We are still steeped in superstition and it is a shame for us. Many people think that blood donation causes damage to the blood donor or blood loss in the body. But this is a complete misconception. As a result of blood donation, there is no shortage of blood in the body, rather blood is produced. And every healthy person should donate blood.

Today on World Blood Donor Day remove prejudice from the minds of people around you. Make your friends and loved ones aware. Talk to them about the importance and necessity of donating blood.  Many people do not know about this and many people in society are still uneducated about blood donation. So, we should create awareness in society. Educate society about the necessity of blood donation.

  • Join as volunteer

Many organizations or NGOs are working on blood donation programs. All these NGOs have many volunteers who are associated with various hospitals and save lives by donating blood to sick patients in hospitals. All these volunteers donate blood regularly. The role of these volunteers is very important for the welfare of the country. When any sick person needs blood, these volunteers reach out first and save the patient’s life by donating blood.

If you are a healthy person, you can join these NGOs or organizations as a voluntary blood donor. Donating blood will not harm you but save a life. Every one of us should come forward for a noble cause like donating blood. By doing this, many people in society will be aware of us and will be interested in joining the blood donation program. All these organizations and NGOs organize various events, through which they create awareness and increase in society.

Let’s know some benefits of blood donation

The main objective of World Blood Donor Day is to make people all over the world aware of blood donation, to motivate, to promote the importance of blood donation to increase solidarity and social harmony among people, to remove unnecessary fear in blood donation, to create new blood donors and to encourage safe use of blood.

Along with this, to ensure voluntary blood donation and proper use of blood to keep the people of the country safe from deadly blood-borne diseases Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, AIDS, Syphilis, and Malaria. Many organizations and volunteers from different parts of the country and abroad come forward with the great vow of blood donation.

This special day also conveys a message of gratitude to them and their work together. Blood donation is the process of voluntary blood donation by a healthy adult. Many people need blood due to various illnesses or accidents. There are many voluntary organizations that collect pure blood from people through testing and donate it to those in need.

According to the Red Cross Society, red blood cells normally last 3 to 4 months in the human body.  Because of this, the current red blood cells will not be the same as 3 months ago.  It is not right to think that only by donating blood, blood deficiency will occur in the body. Rather, donating blood has several health benefits. Such as-

Reduce the risk of heart disease

 A research report published in the American Journal of Epidemiology states that regular blood donors have a 33 percent lower risk of developing heart disease and an 88 percent lower risk of having a heart attack. Scientists say that the reason for this is the decrease in the amount of iron in the donor’s body after donating blood. If the iron content is high in the blood, the blood thickens, and the rate of cholesterol formation gradually increases. And the heart disease associated with cholesterol is not unknown to anyone.

Moreover, if the amount of iron or iron increases, the possibility of various diseases including irregular heartbeat, depression, muscle weakness, hardening of the arteries, and enlarged liver increases. On the other hand, blood donation removes about 225 to 250 mg of iron from one’s body.  Which reduces the risk of symptoms that may appear as its cause, including heart disease.

Excess weight loss

 Each pint (one-eighth of a gallon) of blood expended is 650 calories. Because the body is then engaged in work to fulfill it. So its role in weight loss is important.

Reducing the risk of cancer

 A study by the Miller-Keystone Blood Center found that people who gave blood twice a year had a lower risk of developing cancer than others. In particular, the risk of lung, liver, colon, stomach, and throat cancer is much lower in regular blood donors. The study was conducted on 1200 people over four years. Researchers say that regular blood donation reduces blood inflammatory markers and increases antioxidant production capacity.

Free health check

When it comes to donating blood, several health tests of a blood donor are going to be free.  Like his pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, hemoglobin level, etc. Moreover, after donating blood, he is screened for five blood-borne diseases Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Syphilis, and Gonorrhea. As a result, once every four months and three times a year, an overall check of his health is done. A blood donor can know if he is suffering from any infectious disease.

Increase vitality and performance

After donating blood, the bone marrow in our body is stimulated to produce new cells. Blood volume returns to normal within 48 hours of donating blood, and it takes four to eight weeks for the red cell deficiency to recover. This whole process increases the overall health, vitality, and performance of the body. But those who donate blood regularly will get these benefits of blood donation.

A report from the Journal of the American Medical Association found that people between the ages of 43 and 61 who regularly donate blood every six months have a lower risk of a heart attack. And since the red blood cells in our body change every four months, giving blood three times a year increases the vitality of the red blood cells in the body.

Excellent for improving the mind

Blood donation can save the life of dying people. There is nothing quite like the soothing feeling of helping someone, especially saving someone’s life. That emotional satisfaction is never comparable to anything else. Through blood donation, people’s sense of compassion towards people also increases.

Save for yourself

Voluntary blood donors are given a donor card. With that card, the blood donor himself/herself and his/her family can get blood from that organization for life if needed. That’s why it can be said that by donating blood, the donor is saving blood for his time of need.

Social responsibility

Donating blood is also our moral and social responsibility. It is a completely humanitarian and non-communal activity. Through this the sense of social responsibility increases and even religious harmony increases.

Those who cannot donate blood

Blood is one of the most important components of the body. There are many misconceptions about donating blood. Donating blood does not cause any harm to the body but it is very beneficial to the body. It is possible to save a person’s life along with the benefits of own body. But no one can donate blood even if he wants to.

Also, if the blood type is wrong, it can cause serious physical problems to death. But no one can donate blood even if they want to. Also, if the blood type is wrong, it can cause serious physical problems to death. Usually, one unit of blood is taken from a person’s body at a time.  This blood is regenerated in the donor’s body within a few weeks. This results in no loss to the donor.  However, not everyone can donate blood even if they want to. Those who –

1.  Donor cannot donate blood if he/she has any blood-borne disease. Besides, blood donation cannot be done even if there is AIDS, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, epilepsy, or kidney disease.  Those with anemia are also prohibited from donating blood. If your hemoglobin level is below 12.5, blood cannot be donated. If your heart rate is less than 50 and more than 100, blood is not taken. Blood cannot be donated even if you have asthma, TB, or any type of allergy problem.

2.  He/she can donate blood only if he is between 18 and 65 years. Do not give blood unless you weigh at least 45 kg. Blood cannot be given if there is a fever.

 3.  If a tattoo or piercing has been done within six months before donating blood, blood cannot be donated. Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours before donating blood. Do not smoke two hours before donating blood.

 4.  Blood donation should not be done for six months after hepatitis B, and rabies vaccination. However, blood can be donated two to three weeks after receiving the covid vaccine.

5.  No pregnant or new mother can donate blood. Also, blood donation cannot be done within six months of the abortion.

World Blood Donor Day Quotes

One bag of blood can save not just one but in some cases three lives. Because it is possible to divide a bag of blood into three parts and circulate it in the body of three people. The ingredients are- Red Blood Cells, platelets & Plasma, or Cryoprecipitate. One ingredient is required for each person.  So one bag of your blood can save three lives at once. The blood that is transfused by collecting blood from low-risk blood donors and passing necessary screening tests is called a safe blood transfusion.

By donating blood regularly, a blood donor can stay healthy as well as stay safe from life-threatening diseases like heart disease and stroke. Although this is a very important issue, many people are not aware of it. The number of blood donors beyond those who normally give blood is not increasing, thus the crisis is not abating.  Since the blood has to be collected by the patient’s relatives, many people including close relatives, colleagues, and friends donate blood. They are called targeted or party donors.

So, everyone should come forward to donate blood voluntarily to save lives. All of us should arise to do this noble work of saving human lives. Blood donation programs have been going on for a long time.  Many good people in the society are constantly saving people’s lives by donating blood. Let’s take a look at some special quotes on World Blood Donor Day that will encourage you to join the blood donation program-

  • “Never refuse to donate blood if you can, as you may be the next needy.”-Anonymous
  • “Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.
  • “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill
  • “Making a donation is the ultimate sign of solidarity. Actions speak louder than words.” – Ibrahim Hooper
  • “No one has ever become poor by giving.” – Anne Frank
  • “You are not important because of how long you live; you are important because of how effective you live.” – Myles Munroe

World Blood Donor Day Status

We should all become humane. A prerequisite for being a good person is to stand by people and help people in their danger. There are many people in our society who die prematurely as a result of not being able to buy the required blood due to a lack of money. With our little effort, we can save the lives of those people. So, let’s remove the prejudices of society and make people aware. Then many people will be interested in donating blood. So, share an awareness status on your social media account today on World Blood Donor Day-

  • Let’s give blood to save people’s lives. Let this be our pledge on World Blood Donor Day.  Donating blood is a noble act and we are mentally and physically benefited from this act. We all should join the blood donation program
  • Most of the people in our country are dying due to anemia every day. If we all are aware of our place and come forward with blood donation programs, this problem will be reduced to a great extent. And no more people will die from anemia. Happy World Blood Donor Day.
  • We all should be educated and come out of superstitions instead of drowning in them.  Donating blood does not cause any physical problems but a healthy person should donate blood every few months. On World Blood Donor Day, let’s save the lives of those in need by donating this precious blood.

FAQ about World Blood Donor Day

What is the date of World Blood Donor Day?

14 June. Source-Wikipedia.

Why people celebrated World Blood Donor Day?

Every year this day of June 14 is celebrated worldwide as World Blood Donor Day. The main purpose of World Blood Donor Day is to encourage the general public to donate blood, including those who save millions of lives by donating blood voluntarily and free of cost. Although World Blood Donor Day is dedicated to the hero of blood donation, World Blood Donor Day has a special significance even though it is observed on June 14.

Finally, blood is necessary for life. In addition to surgery, blood deficiency can occur in the body due to various reasons. At this time pure blood is needed, which has no alternative. Still, in many countries of the world, if people need blood, they have to rely on the blood donation of their family members or their friends. And in many countries, professional blood donors donate blood for money.

At one time most blood came from professional blood dealers and relatives. And most of the professional blood sellers are infected with syphilis, malaria, hepatitis B and C, and AIDS.  As a result, this contaminated blood circulates, and the blood recipient is also affected by these incurable diseases.

 Collecting data from various countries of the world, it is known that the main basis of safe blood supply is voluntary and free blood donation. Because their blood is relatively safe and the risk of life-threatening infections, such as HIV and hepatitis, in recipients is very low. So, let’s donate blood ourselves to save people from life-threatening diseases and encourage others to donate blood on World Blood Donor Day.