World Pharmacist Day 2023 History, Significance, Benefits, Status and FAQ

Today September 25 is World Pharmacists Day. Like every year, the day is going to be celebrated worldwide. Here, the profession of a pharmacist is called a trusted friend of a patient or customer. At the core of any relationship is trust.

Research papers around the world have repeatedly shown that mutual trust and confidence between a patient and a provider is critical to effective healthcare. The pharmacist profession is one of the most trusted healthcare professions globally.

The study revealed that teaching is among the most trusted professions and scientists are the most trusted by the general public. Happily, the pharmacist profession represents both of these professions. Just as pharmacists are involved in drug development, marketing, and safety, teaching and scientific research are inextricably linked to the profession of pharmacy.

History of World Pharmacist Day

If we look at the history a little back, it will be seen that the first initiative to celebrate World Pharmacist Day was taken by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), an international organization that works with students, teachers, professionals, researchers, and scientists associated with pharmacy.

Around 140 organizations and around 4 million pharmacy affiliates are associated with it worldwide.  The International Pharmaceutical Federation was founded on 25 September 1912 in The Hague, Netherlands, and the first executive meeting was held.  For this reason, September 25 was originally proposed as World Pharmacist Day.

 In 2009, the Council meeting of the International Pharmaceutical Federation was held in Istanbul, Turkey. There, the Turkish Pharmacists Association proposed September 25 as Pharmacist Day. World Pharmacist Day has been observed worldwide since 2010 after this proposal was adopted unanimously by the Council.  A new theme is given every year on this occasion which helps in highlighting the right position of pharmacists in healthcare.

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Why do people celebrate World Pharmacist Day?

The main objective of this day is to encourage those who are working in the profession of pharmacy and to make common people aware of this profession, to highlight their importance in front of society, and to spread the right idea about them among all. That is why World Pharmacist Day has been celebrated all over the world since 2010. Pharmacists must be given importance to advance this industry which contributes significantly to the national economy.

Bringing these issues forward, not only the common people but also the role of pharmacists at all levels of the country’s health sector should be brought to the policy-making level of the government. This day can be an important means of catching. Pharmacists play an important role in health care by making quality medicines in the country and abroad.

This day has been celebrated all over the world since 2010 to encourage the people working in the pharmacy profession and to make the general public aware of this profession. In the field of medicine, not only doctors are everything, but pharmacists also play an equally important role along with doctors. Just as a doctor is very necessary to cure a patient’s disease, a prescription is also necessary to cure a disease. So naturally, pharmacists play a very important role in the medical world.

How to celebrate World Pharmacist Day?

A graduate pharmacist is determined to work for the country. A pharmacist starts by preparing medicines, determining the quality of medicines, prescribing medicines, prescribing dosages, or ensuring proper use of medicines. The story of the health and beautiful life of thousands of people is indirectly created by the hands of a pharmacist. The industrial main responsibility of a graduate pharmacist is drug preparation.

But the scope of a graduate pharmacist is not limited here. Let’s shed some light on the need for pharmacists in other sectors of pharmacy. 25 September World Pharmacist Day. It has been celebrated since 2010. Earlier there was no special day to celebrate pharmacists worldwide. Then gradually many spread. Now, this day is observed every year with due dignity.

World Pharmacist Day is celebrated regularly by organizing rallies and voluntary blood donation programs, seminars, and various public awareness activities with the initiative of the pharmacy department of each university, various pharmaceuticals, drug administration departments, and various pharmacy professional organizations.  ‘World Pharmacist Day’. Millions of pharmacists from all over the world participated in this day’s celebration. It is celebrated with a new theme every year.

World Pharmacist Day Status

Apart from the industrial duties of pharmacists one of the most important duties is to manage the hospital pharmacy. The patient will come to the doctor for treatment after being sick, the doctor will give the medicine after considering the disease and consulting the pharmacist.

Otherwise, it is difficult to determine what dosage of medication is appropriate for the patient, and what the side effects may be. In health care, it is the right way to treat the patient with a combination of doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and technologists. A patient is likely to have various physical complications due to the lack of knowledge about the dosage or side effects of the medicine. Nurses are responsible for doctors in current medical care.

Of course, it is never possible or intended for a nurse to diagnose drug toxicity. So, in considering the quality of medicine, the pharmacist cannot be thought of as an alternative.  Let’s take a look at some statuses which we can share on World Pharmacists Day that will help others to understand the importance of pharmacists-

  • Just as doctors are experts in diagnosing patients, pharmacists are experts in medicine. A doctor’s job is to diagnose the patient and give a prescription or instructions. And the work of the pharmacist is to recheck the prescription, prepare the medicine, dispense it to the patient and advise the patient on the usage and storage of the medicine. Happy World Pharmacist Day.
  • In all countries of the world, doctors and pharmacists work together to provide patient care. As a result, patients also get quality healthcare.  Because of this, the quality of healthcare in developed countries is much better. If hospital pharmacists are appointed, the pharmacists could give detailed advice on the usage and storage of the drugs after distributing the correct drugs to the patients. It would ensure the rational and safe use of medicines. Happy World Pharmacist Day
  • Pharmacists are health professionals who specialize in the safe and effective use of medicines.  They have knowledge of drug preparation, drug effects on the body, metabolism, mechanism of action, kinetics, and above all drug toxicity. Happy World Pharmacist Day
  • The background character called the pharmacist is also working day and night along with other frontline fighters risking their lives. As a pharmacist, I am happy and proud to dedicate myself to the service of people, so I humbly thank the great Lord. Happy World Pharmacist Day.

How Pharmacists Benefit Us?

Pharmacists are health professionals who specialize in the safe and effective use of medicines. They know drug preparation, drug effects on the body, metabolism, mechanism of action, kinetics, and above all drug toxicity. Using the knowledge gained about the mechanism of action of drugs, the pharmacist can understand how they can achieve maximum benefit, minimize side effects, and avoid drug interactions.

Pharmacy education gives a pharmacist better knowledge about the chemical and physical properties of drugs and various dosage forms. A pharmacist interprets and communicates this specialized knowledge to physicians, patients, and other healthcare providers. It also can play an important role in providing accurate information about both prescription and over-the-counter medications. With all the contributions pharmacists make to the health profession, we’ve compiled a list of eight interesting things you may not know about pharmacists-

Pharmacists are doctors

You probably don’t refer to your pharmacist as a doctor. When you meet the pharmacists at your local apothecary, they will probably introduce you by their first name. But they are actually doctors. Most of the pharmacists are women. Few, but the majority.  According to a report published in the United States, 56.8 percent of pharmacists in the United States are women. It employs 167,000 women as pharmacists, compared to 127,000 men. The mean age of female pharmacists was 39.9,  for men, it is 44.4.

Pharmacists administer vaccines

Less than 25 years ago, only nine states allowed pharmacists to administer vaccinations. Today, all 50 states (including Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico) allow it, making it easier and more convenient for people to stay up to date on important immunizations, such as making the seasonal flu vaccine. Pharmacists administer the vaccine.

Pharmacists are everywhere

While access to primary care physicians and specialists is often a struggle for people living in rural communities, these same people are likely to have better luck finding a pharmacist nearby. Because 91 percent of Americans live within five miles of a community pharmacy, the National Association of Chain Drug Stores reports. 

Pharmacists work in many settings

 A pharmacist can do much more than work behind the counter in a retail pharmacy. Some teach in university pharmacy programs. Some work in hospital pharmacy helps physicians determine the best course of action for patients. Others work for manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry, where they use their skills and knowledge to help develop new drugs and improve and modify drugs. Government agencies like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hire pharmacists, as do health insurance companies and managed care organizations.

Pharmacist Specialist

 Just like medical doctors, pharmacists can become board certified as specialists in certain disciplines.  The Board of Pharmacy offers specialty board certification in 11 specialties in pharmacy practice: ambulatory care, cardiology, compound sterile preparation, critical care, geriatric, infectious disease, nuclear pharmacy, nutritional support, oncology, pharmacotherapy, psychiatric pharmacy, and solid organ transplantation. The American College of Clinical Pharmacy and other organizations also offer certificate programs.

Pharmacists invented soft drinks

 Yes, it’s true.  Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, and Vernon’s ginger ale were made by all the apothecaries. Coke was invented in 1866 by pharmacist John Stith Pemberton, who began selling what would later become one of the world’s best-selling soft drinks for five cents a glass at his pharmacy in Atlanta. Vernor’s Ginger Ale was invented the same year by pharmacist James Vernor in Detroit, Michigan. Charles Alderton, a pharmacist from Waco, Texas, brought peppermint onto the scene in 1885.

FAQ about World Pharmacist Day

What is the date of World Pharmacist Day?

September 25.

What was the theme of World Pharmacist Day 2022?

Pharmacy united in action for a healthier world.

What is the theme of World Pharmacist Day 2023?

Not declared yet.

Who is the father of Pharmacy?

Mahadeva Lal Schroff. Source-Wikipedia

When was the first World Pharmacist Day?

In 2009 first celebrated World Pharmacist Day.

What is the color of the Pharmacist?

Dark green.

Who is the first pharmacist in World?

Sabur Ibn Sahl was the first pharmacist in the world.

Happy World Pharmacists Day everyone. Pharmacists play an important role in our healthcare. If we look at the Corona period, doctors as well as pharmacists played an important role in our medical field.  Pharmacists are also people, they risked their lives to serve people during the Corona period. From the preparation of various medicines to determining the dosage of medicines and proper administration of medicines to the patients, they were engaged in the service of people even during this epidemic.

With the help of doctors and pharmacists, many people infected with corona have recovered. In our field of medicine, we always highlight the contribution of doctors or thank the doctors themselves. But even more than doctors, the pharmacists whose prepared foods make us healthy are the ones who contribute the most.

On World Pharmacists Day we express gratitude and respect to all pharmacists.  Hope we were able to give you all information about World Pharmacists Day.  And you benefited from our article. If you have any more queries feel free to do it in the comment box, we will try to answer them as soon as possible.  We are always ready to help you with all information. Thank you so much for being with us. Keep an eye on our website for all the information about the upcoming days.