World Press Freedom Day 2023 History, Significance, Quotes, Status

Today is World Press Freedom Day. Every year on 3 May World Press Freedom Day is celebrated worldwide. The newspaper is the daily document of the daily happenings of society.  So this newspaper must be fearless and frank, impartial and independent. To protect the interests of the people by giving up petty selfishness, the newspaper should protest against injustice and struggle to establish justice. But newspapers are constantly hindered in fulfilling these responsibilities.

Even though the newspaper was invented a long time ago, today the question arises about the freedom of the press. Because newspapers are not able to enjoy full freedom to publish correct and objective information among the people. Journalists work tirelessly at the risk of their lives to uncover the facts about the events that happen in society.

Even during this corona time, they stop. But unfortunately, news publishers are constantly hindered from freely publishing all those facts. Because every ruling government in the world continues to dominate the newspapers for the benefit of their party.  As a result, the freedom of the press is being undermined. Today, protecting the freedom of the press has become very important.

History of World Press Freedom Month

Journalists always prefer to maintain transparency of awareness. The job of journalists is to present the truth.  Journalists are constantly under attack for reporting the truth. Every year many journalists are killed by enemies. Because journalists are a powerful key to democracy. Journalists decided to take action after civil war-era attacks on them.

A group of African journalists appealed to UNESCO at a conference in 1991.  The conference was held in the capital Windhoek. Their appeal was to present the basic architecture of a free independent pluralistic press. Then UNESCO established Press Freedom Day in 1993 at the 26th session of the General Assembly. The purpose of establishing the day is to give freedom of expression to journalists and create mutual understanding with each other which will create peace in society. 

Even today, many news workers face torture for reporting accurate news, even if they deny murder.  Press Freedom Day is observed every year based on a specific theme.

Why it is important to celebrate World Press Freedom Day

Newspapers are one of the greatest gifts of modern civilization. Therefore, it is very important to protect the freedom of the press. And the responsibility of protecting the freedom of the press is not only of journalists or news publishers. This is the responsibility of every citizen of a state, this is the responsibility of the government of every country.

Therefore, to protect the freedom of the press, everyone including the government must work together so that the information collected through daily tireless work can be objectively and accurately presented to the public by the journalists. Even if everyone is under house arrest during the Corona period, journalists are not staying at home. Despite the risk to their health, they continued to run to uncover the truth.

Because they have to present the corona situation in the country and abroad in front of everyone.  Many journalists may have been affected by the coronavirus; many may have died. Yet they have performed their duties well. Today’s Press Freedom Day should be celebrated by all the journalists, whose tireless work we are getting all the information of the country and outside the country every day.

How to celebrate Press Freedom Day?

The desire to know the unknown has existed since time immemorial. Newspapers were born out of people’s desire to know. There was a time when newspapers had nothing to say. But with the progress of civilization man has been able to create newspapers like other things. Newspapers are now inextricably linked with modern life.

It is now our daily companion. Newspaper is a powerful medium for presenting the daily happenings in our social life objectively and accurately. In 1993, as announced by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), World Press Freedom Day is celebrated worldwide on May 3 every year. Now I am telling you some ways to celebrate this day

Organize Event

An event can be organized. Where this day will be discussed in detail. It will spread about World Press Freedom Day and those who don’t know about it will be able to know about this day. The United Nations provides several materials based on studies to promote these events. You can use those elements in all discussion meetings. Through this, the world press will become the propaganda of World Press Freedom Day.

Remember journalist

Remember all the journalists who lost their lives to spread the truth.  Remember them and pay respect.  Every year almost many journalists are losing their lives while reporting the truth.  Many wars have ended, and movements have grown because of their good works. Respect those journalists who bring the truth to the people.

Find out the truth

Try to find out the truth. Many journalists in our society spread false news and mislead people.  And for those journalists who are constantly working hard to spread the truth, their sufferings fail. So, it is our responsibility as a citizen to find out the truth and recognize the man who reveals the truth.

World Press Freedom Day Quotes

Journalists who died or were jailed for creating awareness among people and collecting news are remembered on this day. A day to encourage and develop initiatives for press freedom and to assess press freedom worldwide.

It serves as an event to inform residents about violations of press freedom – reminding them that in several countries’ publications are fined, censored, and closed, where journalists, publishers, and editors are attacked, detained, harassed, and even murdered.  is done Journalists constantly risk their lives to uncover the truth. Due to this, many journalists lost their lives prematurely. Today is World Press Freedom Day. Here are some famous quotes that will help you understand the importance of this day.

  • “Freedom of the Press, if it means anything at all, means the freedom to criticize and oppose.” – George Orwell
  • “We have to uphold a free press and freedom of speech- because, in the end, lies and misinformation are no match for the truth.” – Barack Obama
  • “The freedom of the human mind is recognized in the right to free speech and free press.” – Calvin Coolidge
  • “Freedom of the press is the mortar that binds together the bricks of democracy- and it is also the open window embedded in those bricks.” – Shashi Tharoor
  • “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” – Thomas Jefferson.
  • “No prison is big enough to contain free speech.” – Mazen Darwish 
  • “History has given me the choice of a pen”. –  Gao Yu
  • We live to think and express our thoughts in writing. If an individual or government prevents someone from writing, from being published…it is as if they were taking their life.” – Ahmad Zeidabadi
  • “As journalists, we are sometimes guilty of not taking cognizance of the enormity of the challenges and the responsibilities that we carry on our shoulders.” – Geoffrey Nyarota  
  • “The press should do what it can to minimize the abuse of power (self-scrutiny can help and so can competition), but we should also try to understand with clarity why and how press freedom can enrich human lives, enhance public justice, and even help to promote economic and social development.” –  Amartya Sen
  • “We must also pause to question what press freedom must not do: It cannot be used to promote gender violence, to extol terrorism, to deny human rights, to encourage religious or racial bigotry and above all to be a tool for genocide…” – E. John Dramani Mahama, Former President of the Republic of Ghana
  • “Black press which up to now has been largely controlled and some of it financed by government institutions…Most of the Black press is being used as instruments of propaganda to get people to swallow most of the unbalanced and inflated stories.” – Steve Biko.
  • “It is important to appreciate the role that a free and vibrant press can play in bringing the horror of racism to light, and inspiring people the world over to act on behalf of victims of racism, discrimination and bigotry of every kind.” -Kofi Annan
  • “Where a free press is imperiled, muzzled, or banned altogether, every other freedom is limited too, and democracy itself is threatened…While we must recognize the danger of the mass media spreading false and ugly stereotypes, the solution lies in an ever-livelier debate in which racist ideas can be defeated.” – Thabo Mbeki
  • “As people get their opinions so largely from the newspapers they read, the corruption of the schools would not matter so much if the Press were free. But the Press is not free. As it costs at least a quarter of a million of money to establish a daily newspaper in London, the newspapers are owned by rich men. And they depend on the advertisements of other rich men. Editors and journalists who express opinions in print that are opposed to the interests of the rich are dismissed and replaced by subservient ones.” –  George Bernard Shaw
  • “As unbalanced parties of every description can never tolerate a free inquiry of any kind, when employed against themselves, the license, and even the most temperate freedom of the press, soon excite resentment and revenge.” – John Adams

World Press Freedom Day Status

Journalists are always risking their lives to deliver true news to us.  News workers are the first to reach any dangerous place.  If there is a fire somewhere, the news workers reach before the fire service.  They even admit to various accidents.  If you think about the time of Corona, it can be seen that during that time, even though the common people were confined at home, the journalists went out to gather information at the risk of their lives.

Many of them were infected with Corona.  Many have also died.  Today is World Press Freedom Day.  The day is mainly observed to ensure that news workers face no obstacles in their reporting of the truth.  Share a status on your social media account to honor news workers on World Press Freedom Day.  Many do not know what status to give.  So, some beautiful statuses are presented for your convenience.

  • Everyone should have the freedom to express the truth. Let’s pay tribute to the news workers who give us the truth. Happy World Press Freedom Day everyone.
  • Never be afraid to reveal the truth. There is much more glory hidden in speaking the truth out loud. Respect to all the brave journalists who bravely bring the truth to the fore. Happy World Press Freedom Day everyone.
  • Journalists risk their lives to go to dangerous places to gather information for us. On World Press Freedom Day, I call upon all people to stand by journalists. Every citizen has to ensure that they are not prevented from expressing their truth. Happy World Press Freedom Day everyone.

FAQ about World Press Freedom Day

What is the date of World Press Freedom Day?

3 May

Who established World Press Freedom Day?

UNESCO. Source- Wikipedia.

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There are some significant reasons behind the celebration of each day. Similarly, the significance of World Press Freedom Day is also many. It is the responsibility of the government of a state to ensure that no journalist is prevented from publishing the truth. Every citizen must treat journalists with compassion. Hope you got all information about World Press Freedom Day. Stay tuned for more such day’s lists and information about those days. Thank you