World Sexual Health Day 2023 History, Significance,10 symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases, Prevention and Status

World Sexual Health Day is observed every year on September 4 to raise awareness about sex education. Talking about sex education is still considered taboo. But everyone needs to know about sexual health.  Sex education teaches a person about responsibility, sexual activity, proper age, fertility, birth control, sexual abstinence, etc. Nowadays, people are getting awareness about sexual health through schools and public programs.

If we talk about earlier times, these matters were not given much importance.  Also, no one liked to talk about it before marriage. If someone wanted to talk about it, society would consider him wrong. There was much debate about sex education.

But today, everyone has become responsible for their health, so they keep themselves conscious. Educating women and men about sexual health to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and infections such as HIV-AIDS. Children and adolescents should receive sex education to prevent the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

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History of World Sexual Health Day

The issue of sexual punishment is such that most are ashamed to talk about it or it is somehow taboo to discuss it in front of the family. But in the modern era, a new generation with a changed mentality is starting to talk about this to spread awareness. Although more of it is through digital and social media.

To spread this awareness, World Sexual Health Day is observed on September 4 every year. World Sexual Health Day is observed every year based on a set theme. In 2010, the World Association for Sexual Health directed all its organizations to observe World Sexual Health Day on 4 September. The World Association for Sexual Health has said that this initiative is aimed at increasing social awareness about sexual health throughout the world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that to properly review the issue of sexual punishment, sexuality and sexual relations must be reviewed positively or respectfully. It should also address how to maintain pleasurable yet safe sex without coercive discrimination and violence. A single person or a couple or a family as a whole should focus on good health fundamentally.

And the aspect of development at the social and economic level of the community as well as the country should also be kept in mind. So socially it has to be accepted that it is very normal and a normal part of human life to have the sexual desire for any human regardless of male or female.

Why it is important to celebrate World Sexual Health Day?

The number of patients infected with HIV or AIDS is increasing at an alarming rate throughout the African continent. So it is very important to give them sex education immediately. At the same time, the importance of education on how they can avoid unwanted pregnancy is also being talked about  However, experts believe that not only schools but also family members should break the stereotypes and discuss this with children.

According to official data, 29,000 teenagers between the ages of 15 and 24 in Kenya are infected with HIV. Besides, one out of every five teenage girls are becoming a ‘mother’ or pregnant Needless to say, 13,000 students also dropped out of school due to early motherhood. 80 percent of Kenyans use mobile phones. For this reason, the plan to give them sex education is going on through technology Sex and health education is our right. It is a human right that everyone should have.

It is very important to heal and normalize the lives of our young people. Because there is a lot of responsibility on them. Ensuring the right to health is essential for a healthy and normal life. In that case, they will not be able to bring any positive change unless they get support for sexual and reproductive rights. Sex education is a very important issue.

Therefore, it is important to celebrate world sexual health day on September 4 every year to highlight the importance of sex education and to provide proper sex education.

How to celebrate World Sexual Health Day?

When a child reaches adolescence, many psycho-physical, social, and emotional questions arise or develop within him/her. At this time, he/she notices all such changes in his/her body and mind, about which he/she does not know. No one ever discussed these matters with him/her. He/she has no idea about this strange change in life.

The World Health Organization says that in the 10-19 years of adolescence and that is adolescence, the changes that take place in the body, mind, and intellect of people are completely unknown to them.  These problems cannot be shared with anyone.  Many questions arise about the body and mind, but no answers are available. Adolescent children do not talk much about safe sex life and health with their parents or their teachers.

On the other hand, parents also do not make them aware of the issues. Children at this vulnerable age live in a society or group that believes in and practices traditional ideologies. They do not accept any discussion about sex life and health with teenagers.  Instead, the discussion of these issues is still terribly tried to be prevented at home and outside, in the neighborhood, and in schools. Sex, family planning, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Discussing these things is a family affair and is considered a social taboo. As a result, children are not aware of sexual health. And so, to increase awareness about sexual health, every year on September 4, World Sexual Health Day is observed. Let us now know how World Sexual Health Day is celebrated-

Currently, various health organizations are continuously working to increase awareness about sexual health. They are organizing various seminars and events where they openly discuss sexual health and raise awareness. Even going from house to house, they are giving awareness messages to the elders of the family so that the elders of the family teach the children about sexual health.

 If education about sexual health is provided from childhood, the new generation will not make any wrong decisions when they grow up. Many people are affected by sexually transmitted diseases because they are not aware of sexual health. Awareness raising is the only way through which the prejudices of the society can be destroyed and awareness about all punishments. If we have proper knowledge about sexual health, we can stay physically healthy.

So besides acquiring knowledge by oneself, someone else can impart the right knowledge. In schools and colleges, teachers have started talking about sexual health with young girls and are creating awareness by giving proper education about sexual health to the students. By doing this, the ignorance that exists among people about sexual health is removed. If you are not aware of health, then try to know the correct sexual health information today on World Sexual Health Day.

Know 10 symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases!

Each organ of the human body has different problems and different diseases. Similar problems also occur in the genitals. And the venereal disease is not only AIDS. The number of sexually transmitted diseases or sexually transmitted diseases is not low.

If not treated in time it can lead to death. This disease is not always caused by sexual intercourse, but multiple sexual relations with an infected person can also cause this disease. Both men and women can be equally affected by these diseases. Let’s know the names and symptoms of 10 sexually transmitted diseases.


Abnormal discharge from the vagina and penis is a symptom of this disease. On average, this disease occurs in 50 percent of men and 70 percent of women. With prompt treatment, recovery is possible.  Chlamydia can easily cause other sexually transmitted diseases.


Chlamydia and gonorrhea often occur simultaneously. Abnormal discharge from the vagina or penis, pain during urination, etc. are symptoms of this disease. If not treated, this disease spreads throughout the body.

Genital herpes

80 percent of people who have genital herpes do not know that their body is infected with a special virus. Unknowingly, they infect the body of their partner or partner with this virus. A rash like small blisters on the genitals is a symptom of this disease. Several hours before the blisters, itching is felt in the genital area. These rashes come out again and again after a certain period.


People have been affected by this disease since ancient times. Recently, this disease can be easily cured if caught at the right time.  But when the disease progresses, it is excruciatingly painful. Ulcers occur in the genitals, anus, and mouth, and even the eyes and brain are affected. It is one of the most deadly diseases among venereal diseases. However, the symptoms of this disease in the initial stage are not detected quickly in the body.

Genital warts

A wart-like rash around the genitals and anus is a sexually transmitted disease. Many warts appear together. Human papillomavirus, which causes cervical cancer and is spread from one body to another through sexual contact, causes the disease. Sometimes these warts are like blisters and sometimes they can turn into ulcers.

 Hepatitis B

Many may not know, this disease is also spread as a result of sexual intercourse. Hepatitis A and Hepatitis C can also be spread, but their numbers are very low. Liver-related complications, change in the color of urine, nausea, etc. can be symptoms of this disease.


HIV is not fatal but the main symptom of this disease is the collapse of the body’s immune system.  So, if this virus is present in the body, any other serious disease becomes deadly.

Lice in the pubic hair

Like head hair, lice can nest in genital hair and are transmitted during sexual intercourse. Itching around the genital area may be due to this.


Abnormal discharge from the genitals, pain in the genitals during intercourse, and pain during urination are symptoms of this disease, although, with proper treatment, a quick recovery is possible.

 Bacterial vaginosis

Foul-smelling vaginal discharge is a symptom of this disease. This disease is easily cured compared to other diseases.

Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases

 To cure sexual diseases, it is necessary to know and be aware of the causes and serious consequences of the disease at the beginning of youth. Other things to do-

  • Correct use of condoms prevents many sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Avoid physical contact with more than one person. In addition, the genitals should be washed and kept clean after sexual intercourse.
  • Treatment of the patient’s sexual partner should be ensured so that the disease does not spread to others. Use a condom if necessary.
  • Anyone who thinks they have a sexually transmitted disease should get tested and treated as soon as possible. The sexually transmitted disease is easy to treat in the beginning, but difficult to treat later.

World Sexual Health Day Status

An estimated 250 million people worldwide are infected with sexually transmitted diseases each year.  Among them, more than 650 million are affected by gonorrhea alone. It is said that more than 20 million young people in the world today are dying due to the AIDS virus.

A recent statistic shows that every year in the United States, about 1 million men and women are infected with syphilis. Therefore, comprehensive measures must be taken to prevent this sexually transmitted disease. So, share some Sexual Health Day statuses on World Sexual Health Day
to make people aware of Sexual Health. Here are some statuses below-

  • Let us teach our children proper sexual health. So that their future life is beautiful. Happy World Sexual Health Day
  • Sexual health is no secret. Rather, we can make many people aware by openly discussing sexual health. So let’s come forward to make people aware today on World Sexual Health Day.
  • Children get all their education first from the family. So every parent should warn their children by imparting proper sex education. Happy World Sexual Health Day

FAQ about World Sexual Health Day

What is the date of World Sexual Health Day?

4 September. Source-Wikipedia

Why is sexual health important?

Sexual Health is important. If you know about sexual health you will get a happy and healthier life.

Why do people celebrate World Sexual Health Day?

Sexual Health Awareness is important. World Sexual Health Day mainly observe to make people aware of sexual health.

We all should celebrate World Sexual Health Day. And we all should spread awareness. Let’s celebrate World Sexual Health Day in an educative way. Thanks for being with us.