World Vegetarian Day 2023 History, Message, Wish, Quotes and Status

‘World Vegetarian Day’ is being celebrated in many countries of the world to make people aware and encourage about the benefits of vegetarian or vegetable food. Celebrated worldwide on October 1, World Vegetarian Day was established in 1977 by the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) to raise awareness of the health, ethical, human, and environmental benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle.

A vegetarian diet varies from vegetables, seeds, legumes, fruits, nuts, and grains.  The lifestyle also includes vegetarians, who consume animal products such as eggs, dairy, and honey.  A strict form of vegetarianism is veganism, where consumers refrain from eating anything that may contain any kind of animal product or may be made from animal labor.

Others include raw vegetarianism, where consumers eat only raw foods or dehydrated products, and fruitarians, where adherents consume only fruits and nuts, preferably those obtained from plants without harm.

History Of World Vegetarian Day

The North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) was founded in 1977 and the day was first celebrated the same year. It is believed that vegetarianism originated in Asian countries in ancient times and was mainly based on the religious traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism.

In Europe, vegetarianism appeared only at the beginning of the 19th century, and especially in England, where Buddhist teachings, which were met by colonists in India, contributed to the wide spread of this “hobby”.  However, the first society of the same name was founded in England (in 1847), and today it is the country where the largest number of vegetarians live (about 6% of the total population).

It should also be noted that the economic crisis in Europe also contributed to the development of this doctrine, which then led to an increase in the price of a significant portion of food. The day is celebrated by the Vegetarian Society of North America in partnership with the International Vegetarian Union.  North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS).  Vegetarians take this food mainly for health reasons.  In Bangladesh, the day is not celebrated with much importance.

Although there are no exact statistics, the people concerned believe that the number of vegetarians in the country is not less.  Further endorsed by the International Vegetarian Union in 1978, the entire month of October is observed as Vegetarian Awareness Month (World Vegetarian Day).

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Why do people celebrate World Vegetarian Day?

Vegetarianism is an integral part of religion in many cultures such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.  Many such communities prohibit the consumption of meat and animal products, although the consumption of milk, honey, and sometimes fertilized poultry eggs is acceptable.

Religious vegetarianism tends to stem from a philosophy of nonviolence and compassion toward the natural world, so members of the Jain religion follow a form of vegetarianism that prohibits the consumption of only animal products.  Also restrict the intake of root vegetables like onions and potatoes.  People also follow a vegetarian diet as a way to protect the environment, as they believe that raising and killing animals for food negatively affects the environment.

There are many methods of prolonging life, among which a vegetarian diet occupies an important place.  The more fruits or green vegetables you include in your daily diet, the fewer chemicals and toxins will build up in your body.  This will help you stay healthy for a long time.

 Vegetarian food is very easy to digest.  These dishes are easy to cook and affordable.  That’s why a vegetarian diet is not only important for healthy living, but also the environment.

 Nutritionists say that it takes 72 hours to digest meat.  But vegetables are digested in just two hours.  Due to the easy digestion process, the energy produced from vegetables is used by the body without being wasted.

 Nutritionists say that vegetarian food is very beneficial for health.  A vegetarian diet is a balanced diet.  It contains a lot of vegetable fiber, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, magnesium, saturated fat, and a lot of phytochemicals.

 For this reason, high cholesterol or low blood pressure are not commonly seen in vegetarians.  Even such people have less risk of heart disease.  At the same time, vegetarians have fewer physical problems related to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and obesity.  That is why this day is mainly observed to reach these messages to the people.

How do people celebrate World Vegetarian Day?

The public is welcome to respond to International Vegetarian Day, supporting Food Wise and the concept of vegetarian food through practical activities and supporting Food Wise restaurants by shopping in stores.

 Bring some vegetarian food to share with your vegetarian office or school colleagues and tell them the benefits.

 Explore veggie offerings on restaurant menus and opt for meatless dishes.

 Shop at a farmer’s market. There are many types of things in a vegetarian diet.  Like fruits, green vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds nuts, lentils, milk, butter etc

 Fruits include apples, bananas, oranges, pears, peaches

 Vegetables include all types of greens, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, etc

 Grains like rice, oats, barley

 Lentils, peas, beans, chickpeas etc

 Nuts include cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts etc. can be eaten cooked or bought and given as gifts to others.

World Vegetarian Day Quotes

Our diet is largely responsible for causing our cataracts.  It has been observed that the percentage of cataracts in the eyes of vegetarians is much less than that of non-vegetarians. Here are some Quotes about World Vegetarian Day-

The more red meat and blood we eat, the more bloodthirsty, the more violent we are.  The more vegetarian food we eat, the more peace we receive – Ziggy Marley

 When we eat vegetarian food, we don’t need to worry about what kind of disease our food has killed;  It makes for a delightful meal!  – John Harvey Kellogg

 I am a vegetarian and a passionate anti-drinker, because I can make better use of my brain – Thomas A. Edison

 Nothing will benefit human health and increase the likelihood of life on Earth as much as the evolution toward a vegetarian diet – Albert Einstein

 “Vegan diet leads to healthy and compassionate living. I’ve had so many benefits. My weight is easily maintained, my skin glows, I sleep better and I feel more energized. – Megan Duhamel

World Vegetarian Day Messages

Vegetarians are much happier than non-vegetarians.  Vegetarians have much more mental and physical peace than non-vegetarians and can lead a much simpler life.  Consuming fresh vegetables keeps the body and mind much fresher.  If this vegetable is produced organically, it can increase the freshness of our body manifold. Below are some World Vegetarian Day Messages-

Always make a good choice for a healthy and happy life ahead….. Happy World Vegetarian Day.

  Happy World Vegetarian Day!  Let’s show the world the many benefits of being vegetarian and inspire them to join the cause.

  Eat vegetarian, and stay healthy….  Happy World Vegetarian Day.

  On the occasion of World Vegetarian Day, food is not only for taste but also for healthy living and one choice can affect your whole life.

  The only thing that can keep this planet safe and secure for future generations is a vegetarian diet.  – Happy World Vegetarian Day!

World Vegetarian Day Wishes

Not only does a vegetarian diet save animal lives, but it also helps save fossil fuels.  Plant-based diets are full of fiber, folic acid, and vitamins C and E. Here are some World Vegetarian Day Wishes-

A person who goes against nature and eats meat has to eat some kind of vegetarian food, because only meat eating is incomplete food and it shortens human life. Happy Vegetarian Day !!!

 People who love to eat vegetarian food are always the best. Happy World Vegetarian Day.

One may not eat well, think well and sleep well. Happy World Vegetarian Day.

It is good to eat but it is not good to eat too much it is harmful to our health. Happy World Vegetarian Day.

Hunger is the best motivation before starting work. Happy World Vegetarian Day.

World Vegetarian Day Statutes

To maintain good health one should be aware and careful about food intake.  There are some foods, which will be good for your skin;  Digestion will also increase.  If you want to lose excess weight and maintain good health, the first thing you need is a healthy and balanced diet. Here are some Vegetarian Day Statutes-

Herbivores do not have sharp teeth, nor claws sharp enough to tear prey.  Their teeth and nails are suitable for food such as fruits. Happy World Vegetarian Day!!

The lower jaw of herbivores moves only up and down and they swallow the food without chewing it.  The lower jaw of herbivores moves in all directions—up, down, right, left—and they chew their food.  Happy World Vegetarian Day!!

Carnivores have sharp tongues, they stick out their tongues to drink water.  Vegetarians have soft tongues, they do not stick out their tongues to drink water, but drink water with their lips. . Happy World Vegetarian Day!!

FAQ about World Vegetarian Day

What is the date of World Vegetarian Day?

October 1. Source-Wikipedia

Who started World Vegetarian Day?

the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS)

Some even call it ‘World Meat Free Day’.  On this day, many slaughterhouses around the world will stop slaughtering, some restaurants will serve only vegetarian food, and even hospitals, prisons and other places will serve vegetarian food to draw everyone’s attention to carbon reduction and humanitarianism. 

Taiwan has a vegetarian population of 3.3 million, the second largest proportion in the world, and an annual business opportunity of 60 billion yuan. Vegetarians have a higher pH in their blood, so it tends to be alkaline. The saliva of vegetarians is alkaline, and their saliva contains Ptyalin which facilitates the digestion of carbohydrates. Thanks for being with us.