National Tree Day 2023 History, Quotes, Status and FAQ

Trees are the source of life for humans and other animals. Essential for human survival is the oxygen that plants provide. Not only that, but carbon dioxide is also one of the harmful gases that make up air. If for any reason the amount of this gas increases in the air, then the entire fauna will be destroyed. Trees protect mankind by absorbing carbon dioxide from nature. National tree Day celebrates on the first Sunday of August. This year 6 august People celebrate National Trees Day.

Water is another element as important as oxygen for sustaining life.  Just as water quenches the thirst of living beings, it also makes the rough-dry earth. And the role of trees is, trees control rainfall. Until now, most of the world’s agriculture is dependent on rainwater. So the role of trees in the development of human civilization can be easily estimated.

 Moreover, trees prevent soil erosion. Trees provide the wood needed to build furniture. Until recently, railway sleepers could not be made without wood. Besides, numerous forest resources are used for our livelihood in various ways. Conservation of wildlife is necessary to maintain the balance of nature.  Therefore, without plants, wildlife would soon become extinct.  Beyond these practical necessities, plants have a great role to play. They satisfy people’s thirst for beauty.

History of National Tree Day

In 1594, the mayor of the Spanish village of Mondoido organized the world’s first recorded arbor planting festival.  In 1805, a priest named Don Juan Abron Sumtres lived in the community of Villanueva de la Sierra, he recognized the importance of trees for health, cleanliness, decoration, nature, environment, and customs.  He decided to plant trees to create a festive atmosphere, which is now known as National Tree Day.

The celebration begins with a mass and lasts for three days. Later, Sumter, along with a large crowd of priests, instructors, and neighbors, planted the first tree – a poplar – in the Ejido Valley.  Sam tries to write a manifesto in defense of trees, which he distributed to nearby towns to encourage love and respect for the environment and to plant trees in their communities.

In 1872, the first American Arbor Day was celebrated in Nebraska.  In 1883, Northrop of Byrds, Connecticut, visited Japan and delivered his message on Tree Day and village improvement, and in the same year, the American Forestry Association made Northrop chairman of its commitment to promote National Tree Day nationwide.  He shares National Tree Day with Australia, Canada, and Europe.

The first National Tree Day was celebrated in Australia on 20 June 1889.  Many Australian states have Arbor Days, which were proposed by Premier Rupert Hammer in the 1980s.  The country decided to take it a step further in 1996 by establishing National Tree Day, and since then, communities have planted nearly 26 million trees in the program.  In 2019, Planet Ark Environmental Foundation created “The Seedling Bank” to provide financial support to schools and community groups where seedlings are most needed.

In continuation of that, the first Sunday of August every year is observed as National Tree Day.

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Why do people Celebrate National Tree Day?

Humans have been damaging the environment ever since they came to earth. At present, when the effects of public damage are witnessed, various environmental protection movements and chants have started. People have an unrealistic fantasy and hope, the desire to see everything in reality. Perhaps that’s why they didn’t or don’t think about it before witnessing the effects of environmental damage.

 Nowadays though we are environmentally conscious. However, we continue to work on the destruction of the environment. I will say, the awareness of our environment today is only verbal, otherwise, our words must match reality.  Trees act as one of the main tools to protect the environment.

Of course, there is a slogan for this – ‘Plant trees, take care of trees, protect the environment’.  After planting a tree, it must be cared for, and the existing tree will be destroyed by destroying the environment.  Moreover, the tree that is naturally born and works to protect us is outside the environment.

If the future generations of the country are busy in their pursuit of knowledge. In the university, if the environmental destruction is going on. Large trees are losing their leaves due to the smoke from the fire.  The smoke mixes with the air and creates CFC gas.

 Other plants are weakened by the burning of their roots.

 Microorganisms are dying.

 Small animals or insects survive by hiding in small trees, but burning those causes them to die prematurely.  After all, this is causing environmental damage.

 But we can easily protect the environment from such damage.  That is if we cut the unnecessary bushes instead of burning them in the name of cleaning, the environment will be saved from harm.  A beautiful and healthy environment is one of the essential elements of our life. That’s Why Trees is important to us. People celebrates National Tree Day like a festival for all.

How do people celebrate National Tree Day

National Tree Day is celebrated as a festival and also on this day various seminars and various programs are used to make people aware of the benefits of trees and the benefits of cutting trees and the need of people themselves. By doing moreover, on National Tree day, trees are planted by different organizations and people in different places. Through which National Tree day is celebrated.

Plant Trees

Can be accelerated around the forest festival or plantation festival.  However, care should be taken not to end up with a mere formality.  Whether it is seven days or a week, the plantation can continue for many more days.  Remember, tree plantation or forest festival week is just an occasion to make us aware of trees.

Besides, it is our special duty to take care of the new trees that we are planting.  A festival was held, a respectable person came and planted some new saplings, and after that, it was found that after a few days those saplings were destroyed or dead due to carelessness, there is no meaning in such a plantation festival or forest festival.

 Care for them like human children

 A tree grows like a child with care and love. Just as the responsibility does not end just by celebrating a child’s birthday, even if a forest festival is held for a day or a week in a year, the forest does not prosper. In fact, what is required is loyalty, sincerity, and concentration. Just as the good and bad aspects of a growing child need to be watched all the time, the nutrition and development of the plant should also be watched.

Besides, we benefit in other ways as a result of the prosperity of the plants. Trees stimulate our beauty growth and please the mind. As we gradually withdraw ourselves from the vast plant world in the lure of extra material prosperity, our lives are replaced by artificial luxuries and illusions.

So we should plant trees more and more.

National Tree Day Quotes

Nature always protects its environment by establishing balance.  In this case trees and forests play the most important role.  But to establish civilization and make himself civilized, man is freely attacking these trees, the protectors of nature.  As a result, we are forced to see nature’s response.  One after another we are being hit by natural calamities.

Most countries have failed to maintain at least 25 percent of the total forest area of ​​the country to maintain the balance of the environment.  As a result, forests are creating deserts in many parts of the world.  We all know about the benefits of plants.  Here are some quotes that will inspire you to save the environment by planting trees. Here are some Quotes for National Tree Day–

  • “Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.”— Kahlil Gibran
  • “Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day.”― Shira Tamir
  • “The tree is more than first a seed, then a stem, then a living trunk, and then dead timber. The tree is a slow, enduring force straining to win the sky.”― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  • Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth.”― Herman Hesse
  • “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”― John Muir
  • “Trees give peace to the souls of men.”― Nora Waln
  • “If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees.”― Hal Borland

National Tree Day Status

An increase in the amount of carbon dioxide has caused a rift in the weight of the atmosphere. This has resulted in serious problems like the greenhouse effect. If this situation is not remedied now, scientists believe that the amount of carbon dioxide in the world will double by 2050 and our lives will be extremely vulnerable. 

So, if it is not time to be aware, we will fall in front of big danger. Be aware of yourself as well as make others aware. Share a beautiful status on your social media account about the importance of planting trees and inspire others.

  • We have an existential relationship with trees. Trees are essential for our life and livelihood.  Trees provide food for all animals and give us oxygen to keep us alive.  Protect the really useful friend.  Plant trees and save the environment. Happy National Tree Day
  • We are gradually destroying forests to pass for civilization and to develop and expand industries. Developing countries are constantly destroying forests to carry their own list of developed countries. But we are going to face much bigger losses. Let’s plant trees to combat this loss. Happy National Tree Day.

FAQ about National Tree Day

What is the date of National Tree Day in India?

15 May. Source-Wikipedia

Why do people celebrate the National Tree Day?

We should be conscious of strengthening plantations. National Tree Day is celebrated mainly to explain these to people

We can never survive in a world without trees.  We should focus on afforestation and afforestation for survival.  We need to conserve and develop our forests for national economic development, individual family development, and livelihood. Thanks for being with us.