American Wetlands Month 2023 History, Status, Significance.

Every year in May, American Wetlands Month is observed across the country. The objective of observing this month is to create awareness about the environmental, social, and economic importance of wetlands. It is observed throughout the month. American Wetlands Month is observed from 1st May to 30th May.

About a third of endangered species live in American wetlands. Along with protecting wildlife, it is our responsibility to protect wetlands as these wetlands protect our environment. These wetlands protect us from various natural disasters. Wetlands store water. 

But to keep our cities clean, we dump the garbage around us into the wetlands, which turns our wetlands into garbage dumps and is a major cause of wetland destruction. We should save our wetlands and make everyone aware of wetland conservation. In addition to self-awareness, others also need to be aware, so wetland month is observed throughout May.

History of American Wetlands Month

American Wetlands Month was first observed in 1991.  The day is initiated by the Environmental Protection Agency and its partners across sectors to conserve wetlands.  Since then, E.P.A. has been trying to spread the awareness message through various regional and national conferences.  The main objective of these events is wetland conservation. 

And they are constantly researching to conserve wetlands.  And many are in the field of managing events.  There are academic non-profit groups of various scientists and researchers.  Every year the bash is celebrated based on different themes.  And a highlight of these events is the National Wetlands Awards.  Every year those who try and work the hardest to conserve wetlands are selected and awarded.  This recognition inspires many to do the same.

In addition to the EPA, many other organizations are constantly working to conserve and maintain water and water resources.  In addition, local and tribal governments in every region are campaigning for wetland conservation.  Protecting wetlands is our responsibility just as it is our responsibility to protect wildlife Wetlands are important to our environment.  And that’s why awareness should be increased.  It will benefit the environment if everyone raises civic awareness from their place.  If we all work together to protect the environment, our environment will be freed from being damaged.

Why it is important to celebrate American Wetlands Month?

Not only fighting against climate change or cleaning up dirty water, but wetlands are also the arena of biodiversity.  Wetlands are home to numerous plants, birds, fish, and mammals.  The wetlands also help purify the city’s air, preventing flooding during heavy rains in the city.  The purpose of Americans observing this month is to spread education about the ecological balance that wetlands serve to protect our environment.

And informing everyone about wetland conservation strategies.  By observing American Wetlands Month, Americans become more aware of protecting wetlands.  Wetlands not only protect our environment but also provide us with entertainment.  The zoo has a variety of animals to see in the wetlands, which children enjoy seeing.  Wetlands are home to many animals, if we don’t protect wetlands, these animals will become extinct very soon.  So, it is important to observe this day to protect wetlands.

How to celebrate American Wetlands Month?

Wetlands play an important role in preserving our environment.  Organisms living in wetlands are our resources.  Every country takes different steps to protect wildlife.  Similarly, wetlands are good for our environment.  Protects our natural balance and protects us from natural calamities.  So we all should come forward to conserve wetlands.  By raising awareness this American Wetlands Month, we can protect wetlands for the sake of our environment.  Here are some ways you can celebrate American Wetlands Month

Explore Wetlands

Go to one of the wetlands near your city.  And identify the status of that wetland.  See if the wetland is protected.  But take your camera and binoculars and rubber boots before you go exploring.  Because sometimes it is not possible to go near the swamp because there is a lot of mud around the swamp.  Carrying binoculars allows you to observe the condition of wetlands from afar

Read Books for self-awareness

Learn about the benefits of wetlands.  Try doing a little research on wetlands yourself this American Wetlands Month.  Ask experts if necessary.  Get to know them and buy a book on how to save wetlands and increase your awareness by reading the book

Do something to protect wetlands

A great way to celebrate American Wetlands Month is to get involved in wetland conservation.  In this case, you can work as a volunteer in association with various organizations.  American Wetlands Month brings together many organizations and countless volunteers to help conserve wetlands.  Try to do something yourself to save wetlands by joining those organizations.

Why is it important to save wetlands?

According to the United Nations, about 85 percent of the world’s wetlands have been lost since the 18th century.  Wetlands are being lost at three times the rate of forests.  A March 8, 2021 editorial in the journal Nature Geoscience reports that nearly 35 percent of wetlands have been lost from the Earth in the past 50 years. 

Global and national efforts to protect, conserve and restore wetlands from rapid loss are urgent now. Wetlands are highly sensitive to biodiversity.  It provides suitable habitats for endangered and rare species of birds and animals, plants, and insects. Wetlands are shelters for various animals and wintering birds. According to Ramsar Convention, a wetland is considered a place where there is water for eight months of the year.

Wetlands not only serve as important wetlands for water retention but also reduce the risk of flooding by retaining excess flood water.  Water flow and water storage are controlled by wetlands. So, wetlands are called the kidneys of the earth. Wetlands help sustain life on Earth. So, we need to save the wetlands for our own sake.

American Wetlands Day Status

Wetlands purify our livestock and fill underground aquifers and provide fish and rice for billions of people.  Wetlands also act as natural defenses against flooding and protect our coasts.  These wetlands are home to many rare and endangered species.  Let us all come forward to protect wetlands.  To be aware of yourself as well as to be aware of others, share a beautiful status in your networking world today during American Wetland Month so that many people can be aware of your shared status.

  • Wetlands are crucial for food production, recreation, employment, and livelihood water security.  Wetland is an ecosystem that is very important for humans and wildlife.  Let us all save this ecosystem together.  Let’s all come forward to protect our wetlands this American Wetlands Month.
  • Our wetlands are of immense importance in cultural, social, economic, and commercial fields.  Wetlands are inextricably linked to our existence.  Happy American Wetlands Month everyone
  • Climate protection can be achieved through well-planned and well-thought-out actions.  Keeping the importance and necessity of wetlands in front, everyone joins hands together and spread the awareness message of wetland conservation.

FAQ about American Wetlands Month

What are three important things Wetlands can do that make them worth protecting?

Wetlands provide a livelihood for many people.  Wetlands play a special role in flood mitigation and storm prevention.  Wetlands are sources of hydropower generation.

What are the two main threats to wetlands?

When the wetlands are destroyed, the species living in the wetlands will become extinct.  And wetlands help protect us from flooding, and if wetlands are destroyed, our environment will suffer from natural disasters. Source-Wikipedia.

Many wetlands are facing destruction due to a lack of conservation and human intervention.  Massive carbon stocks are being systematically depleted.  As a result, the natural resistance to climate change is slowly closing down.  Let us all come together and raise public awareness.  Help conserve wetlands throughout the month during American Wetlands Month.

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