Day of Trees 2023 History, Quotes, Status

Trees are an important element of natural beauty because they prevent soil erosion and create a weather-protected ecosystem under their canopy. Trees also play an important role in producing oxygen and removing carbon dioxide from the air and in regulating land temperature. They are elements of landscaping and agriculture, due to their aesthetic appeal and variety of fruits. The wood obtained from the tree is used to build various structures including houses and firewood.  As of 2005, there were about 4,000 million trees on Earth, about 61 per person.

Every year 29 April Day of Trees is observed. Trees are very important in our lives, so embrace them like friends and take care of them. Trees are being cut for people’s personal needs. As a result, the balance of the environment is destroyed.

If it continues like this, there will be a disaster in the world, there will be an oxygen crisis. Now people are somewhat aware but not enough. Every year on Day of Trees we plant trees with a ceremony.

History of Day of Trees

Day of trees is celebrated every year on April 29th and is celebrated as Arbor Day in many countries around. The world celebrates the holiday by planting trees in Colombia. This day dates back to 1594 in the village of Mondenido, Spain. Hundreds of years ago, this village was the site of the first arbor planting festival in history.

The day was originally established in the small village of Villanueva de la Sierra in Spain in 1805, with the first examples of the modern tradition. Although the day was originally a Spanish culture day, it quickly spread throughout the world.

For example, the first USA Day was held during the annual meeting of the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture on April 10, 1872, and on this day millions of trees were planted in the USA.

Then slowly this day spread to big countries such as the USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, and Colombia. In Colombia, a holiday was declared on this day as day of trees. And many trees were planted on day of trees.  Moreover, day of tree is observed in more than 50 countries to combat deforestation and the resulting climate change due to acute environmental problems.

Why we should celebrate Day of Trees

Trees are our best friends.  Trees not only enhance natural beauty but also protect lives and property by preventing soil erosion, preventing floods, preventing storm surges.  The role of trees in weather control is immense.  Without trees, the world would become a desert.  Trees keep us alive by providing oxygen.

The necessity of trees in our lives is immense.  We live by consuming oxygen from trees.  Trees are very important components of our environment and one of the forest resources.  We take leaves, fruits, and seeds of trees as food.  The fibers extracted from trees are used to make the clothes we wear.  Our houses and furniture are made from wood obtained from trees.  Our most essential writing materials are paper and pencils made from tree wood. Medicines to cure our diseases are also made from this tree.

Trees regulate temperature by shading the living world.  Trees in extensive forest areas condense water vapor-rich air to cause precipitation.  Trees take in carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere and release oxygen gas, which humans and other animals breathe.

A treeless environment is a serious threat to life and livelihood.  Hence rampant deforestation needs to be stopped to meet the growing shortage of this resource.  Also, we should be conscious of strengthening plantations. Day of Trees is celebrated mainly to explain these to people.

How to people celebrate Day of Trees

Day of Trees is celebrated as a festival and also on this day various seminars and various programs are used to make people aware of the benefits of trees and the benefits of cutting trees and the need of people themselves.  By doing moreover, on Day of Trees, trees are planted by different organizations and people in different places. Through which Day of Trees is celebrated.

Plant Trees

Can be accelerated around the forest festival or plantation festival.  However, care should be taken not to end up with a mere formality.  Whether it is seven days or a week, the plantation can continue for many more days.  Remember, tree plantation or forest festival week is just an occasion to make us aware of trees.

Besides, it is our special duty to take care of the new trees that we are planting.  A festival was held, a respectable person came and planted some new saplings, and after that, it was found that after a few days those saplings were destroyed or dead due to carelessness, there is no meaning in such a plantation festival or forest festival.

 Care for them like human children

 A tree grows like a child with care and love. Just as the responsibility does not end just by celebrating a child’s birthday, even if a forest festival is held for a day or a week in a year, the forest does not prosper. In fact, what is required is loyalty, sincerity, and concentration. Just as the good and bad aspects of a growing child need to be watched all the time, the nutrition and development of the plant should also be watched.

Besides, we benefit in other ways as a result of the prosperity of the plants. Trees stimulate our beauty growth and please the mind. As we gradually withdraw ourselves from the vast plant world in the lure of extra material prosperity, our lives are replaced by artificial luxuries and illusions.

So we should plant trees more and more.

Benefits of planting trees

Nature always protects its environment by establishing balance. In this case trees and forests play the most important role.  But to establish civilization and make himself civilized, man is freely attacking these trees, the protectors of nature. As a result, we are forced to see nature’s response.  One after another we are being hit by natural calamities.

Most countries have failed to maintain at least 25 percent of the total forest area of ​​the country to maintain the balance of the environment.  As a result, forests are creating deserts in many parts of the world.

Here are some benefits of planting trees-

Prevention of natural disasters: American politician Al Gore, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, blamed global warming for natural disasters, overpopulation, and indiscriminate deforestation by humans to meet their needs.  Due to deforestation, we are facing various storms, droughts, erosion of rivers, and intermittent floods.  Coastal green belt protects against coastal disasters in our country.  So we need to plant trees to prevent natural calamities.

 Prevention of air pollution: Plants provide oxygen by absorbing harmful carbon dioxide from the environment. But due to deforestation, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is increasing day by day.  In the absence of trees, the environment is not able to purify all other sources responsible for air pollution.  As a result, people are suffering from various serious diseases due to air pollution.  So we need to do adequate afforestation to stay free from this air pollution and diseases caused by it.

 Prevention of Greenhouse Effect: Scientists believe that due to this greenhouse effect the Arctic Ocean will melt and the sea level will rise further soon.  And if it rises another 1 meter, a third of the world, especially countries like the Maldives and Bangladesh, will be under 10 feet of water.  So we have to do more afforestation to get rid of it.

 Prevention of Land Erosion: Deforestation increases soil erosion and causes drought and desertification.  So it is very important to plant trees to prevent soil erosion.

Effects of cutting trees

Loss of trees and other vegetation can lead to climate change, desertification, soil erosion, reduced crops, floods, an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and many problems for indigenous peoples. Cutting down trees leads to deforestation which increases soil erosion. Excessive deforestation in a place reduces the oxygen level in that place.

The balance of nature will be disturbed.  The temperature of the earth will increase which will cause global warming.  Animal habitat is disturbed in this process animals will be killed by other animals or humans. Trees are a source of rainfall on Earth and prevent soil erosion during floods.  Continuous deforestation and cutting of trees are poisoning the Earth’s environment and leading to various environmental threats.

Day of Trees Quotes

Nature always protects its environment by establishing balance.  In this case trees and forests play the most important role.  But to establish civilization and make himself civilized, man is freely attacking these trees, the protectors of nature.  As a result, we are forced to see nature’s response.  One after another we are being hit by natural calamities.

Most countries have failed to maintain at least 25 percent of the total forest area of ​​the country to maintain the balance of the environment.  As a result, forests are creating deserts in many parts of the world.  We all know about the benefits of plants.  Here are some quotes that will inspire you to save the environment by planting trees. Here are some Quotes from Day of Trees –

“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.”— Kahlil Gibran

“Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day.”― Shira Tamir

“The tree is more than first a seed, then a stem, then a living trunk, and then dead timber. The tree is a slow, enduring force straining to win the sky.”― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth.”― Herman Hesse

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”― John Muir

“Trees give peace to the souls of men.”― Nora Waln

“If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees.”― Hal Borland

Day of Trees Status

According to a UN report, developed and civilized countries of the world are destroying more forests than developing countries. But its harmful effects are mostly in third-world countries.  Global warming has been exacerbated by high deforestation in developed countries. The polar ice is melting.  As a result, sea level rise, and coastal areas are likely to sink.

An increase in the amount of carbon dioxide has caused a rift in the weight of the atmosphere. This has resulted in serious problems like the greenhouse effect. If this situation is not remedied now, scientists believe that the amount of carbon dioxide in the world will double by 2050 and our lives will be extremely vulnerable. 

So, if it is not time to be aware, we will fall in front of big danger. Be aware of yourself as well as make others aware. Share a beautiful status on your social media account about the importance of planting trees and inspire others.

  • We have an existential relationship with trees. Trees are essential for our life and livelihood.  Trees provide food for all animals and give us oxygen to keep us alive.  Protect the really useful friend.  Plant trees and save the environment. Happy Day of Trees.
  • We are gradually destroying forests to pass for civilization and to develop and expand industries. Developing countries are constantly destroying forests to carry their own list of developed countries. But we are going to face much bigger losses. Let’s plant trees to combat this loss. Day of Trees.

FAQ about Day of Trees

What is the date of the Day of Trees?

April 29. Source – Wikipedia.

Why do people celebrate the Day of Trees?

We should be conscious of strengthening plantations. Day of Trees is celebrated mainly to explain these to people

We can never survive in a world without trees.  We should focus on afforestation and afforestation for survival.  We need to conserve and develop our forests for national economic development, individual family development, and livelihood.  Appropriate initiatives need to be taken not only at the government or private level but also individually and the implementation of those initiatives needs to be ensured.

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