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Happy Brazil Carnival 2023

Happy Brazil Carnival

Brazil’s Carnival is the world’s most popular festival. this year 17 February the Brazil Carnival started. The Brazilian Carnival (Portuguese pronunciation: Carnaval) is an annual festival in Brazil that takes place forty days before Easter.  On certain days of Lent,…

Happy Gambia Independence Day 2023

Happy Independence Day Gambia

18 February Gambian people celebrate Gambia Independence Day. The Gambia is a country in West Africa.  When one hears of West Africa, one thinks of the Sahara Desert, which conjures images of lush, barren people, and dark jungles, Gambia is…

Happy Valentine’s Day 2023

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is February 14.  World Love Day.  Valentine’s Day.  This day is celebrated worldwide as love day.  Lovers-lovers, close friends, husband-wife, mother-child, student-teacher, people bound in various bonds express their love to each other on this day.  Today, this day…