Happy Self-Love Day 2023 History, Significance, Quotes and Status

Self-love lies behind your well-being. So, every year to highlight the importance of self-love, self-love day is celebrated on 13th February. When no one loves you, doesn’t look after you, or doesn’t take enough care of yourself, your body gets angry with you. And it shows a lack of love for oneself. Even if there are ups and downs in life, we blame ourselves. But how carefully this outer self of ours holds the inner self.

Even though the inside is torn apart by the storm outside, the tough outer shell keeps this human-machine going. That is only possible because of your love for yourself. The strange thing is that you love yourself so much that you find another person to care for you a little more. At the root of everything is the seed of love. Therefore, first of all, you have to take care of yourself. We forget to love ourselves while expecting to be loved by others or loving others.

If you can love yourself, you can love others.  Sometimes we confuse the definition of self-love with selfishness. You are the one with good and bad.  Loving yourself doesn’t mean not doing self-improvement. There will be a kind of understanding with yourself. Think deeply. Understand yourself.

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History of Self-Love Day

Many people in our society love themselves but do not want to express it in front of others. Because many people think that if you love yourself, you cannot love others, so loving yourself is selfish. But this idea is completely wrong. Instead, loving yourself creates the urge to love others. The word selfishness and the word self-love are never the same. Selfishness is when you don’t go out of your way to do good for others.

And self-love is when you love yourself as well as others. So, we mix so much love and selfishness and make a big mistake. Self-love is a powerful thing that helps us achieve success in life.  There is widespread criticism across the country about this love story. Self-love was conceptualized in ancient Greece as an account of six types of love. Christian theologians, philosophers and psychologists have given different views on this.

In the 1950s generation and the 1960s, so much love was seen as a powerful thing, and self-love was recognized as the first mainstream mentality. Various poets and writers have reviewed this issue in depth. Even in the 1970s, self-love was seen as a form of beauty that boosts our self-confidence and helps us to become beautiful people. And brings out the beauty in us.  So much love has such a positive impact on our lives.

Self-love helps us boost our confidence. And love makes us brave. Something that if you have in yourself, you can handle any situation calmly and adapt to any situation and overcome it. But many people think of self-love as selfishness. So even if you have a love for yourself, you don’t want to express it easily for fear of criticism from others.  Self-Love Day was first started by Christine Arillo. Self-Love Day is celebrated a day before Valentine’s Day on 14th February.

Observing Self-Love Day will help you understand just how powerful self-love is. By observing this day, you will realize the importance of self-love.  And after loving yourself you will realize how different your perspective will be. Many people in our society go into a sort of depression after seeing happy couples around on Valentine’s Day. But when you have a love for yourself, the happiness of others will not destroy your confidence but will increase your confidence. And you can boldly move on with your life. So, everyone needs to have self-love. Self-love is very important.

Significance of Self-Love Day

We like confident people, and can inspire others. Almost everyone wants to be such a person in their subconscious mind. If you have confidence you will be successful in life. If you love yourself, you will see that you are gradually becoming confident. Many people are confused about their flaws. Either way, it’s okay to cut back on self-love.

Otherwise, you will be disappointed for a while. If you love yourself, you will see that the surroundings look different. Family life is beautiful. When you love others, you have hope. Loving yourself requires no expectations. There is no pressure on the mind. If your mind is good, you can do more work. You can solve any family problem with a cool head. You will feel happy. You will see in the mirror; your beauty has also increased. You have to go on with family, people, and job, but even in this, it is very important to love yourself. 

Whenever you love yourself, you will also have time for yourself. People need food, shelter, and clothing to survive. These require money.  To survive in the battle of life, people run all day in search of success. People get so busy meeting the needs of their loved ones and putting a smile on their faces that sometimes they forget about their own health and well-being. Many times, you have to get stuck in the circle of failure.

Feeling sad at the end of the day. But if people learn to love themselves, they can get out of the dark circle of failure and achieve success.  Loving yourself is easier than loving others in life. Therefore, a specific day should be observed every year to understand the importance of loving yourself. And that day is self-love day. By celebrating Self-Love Day with meaning every year we can create a love for ourselves.

How to celebrate Self-Love Day

Where is the time to look at yourself in a busy life? A lot of time may be passing by thinking about this.  At one time, he saw a feeling of despair and tiredness surrounding you. Then maybe there is no time to look back.

So, there’s nothing wrong with taking time to look after yourself, looking back.  Because, when you are well, you can make your surroundings beautiful. Loving yourself starts with giving yourself time.  Have we ever thought about keeping ourselves well while caring for others?  I have to keep other things good as well as myself. Through self-love, you can find the true meaning of life. So today on self-love day try to give time to yourself after all the busyness.

You may have left many favorite tasks which you are not able to do due to lack of time. You don’t want to do it because you don’t have a love for each other.  But start loving yourself from Self-Love Day today.  Now let’s know how to celebrate this day for yourself-

Do what you like

 You may have left your favorite activities. As every person is different, so are your hobbies. Like some like to garden, some like to chat for hours, some like to swim. But while working outside the home, we sometimes give up on our favorite activities. Not too much, if you can spend half an hour every day and practice a little hobby, you can keep yourself mentally cheerful. So starting today, give importance to your favorite activities. This is how your love for yourself will gradually increase. Today you can observe the day by doing one of your favorite activities on self-love day.

Prioritize desires

 Prioritizing your desires is very important if you want to keep yourself well. Putting your own will first is not selfishness. Many times it is seen that we forget our own desires while giving preference to others.  In this case, it is very important to understand which one is more important to you. Fulfill any of your wishes today. This can be a great way to celebrate Self Love Day. We always forget about our own while fulfilling the wishes of others. Another way to love yourself is to prioritize your desires.

 Getting closer to nature

 The best solution to shake off your worries and rejuvenate yourself is to surrender yourself to nature.  Alone or in a group, visit nature for a few days and see how the mind has become calm.

 In connection with loved ones

 Always try to keep in touch with loved ones. But don’t chat on social media, keep in touch with them directly. If that is not possible due to a busy schedule, take some time to talk on the phone. Or go somewhere with your loved one today. You will have a great time.

Beat boredom with food

Cooking a new dish at the dinner table. It will help to increase the taste of eating something different from regular food and also bring joy to mind. Cook any dish of your choice and serve it beautifully and sit down to eat. It will be a gift to yourself.

 Relaxation in the bath

Feeling very tired? No matter what time it is, morning or afternoon, come outside and take a bath.  Bathing helps reduce fatigue quickly.

Time work done on time

You should do the work on time instead of thinking that you will do it another time. It does not have to handle too much workload at once.

 Regular yoga

Regular yoga practice not only relieves mental fatigue but also physical fatigue. The yoga instructor was saying, not much time. Spend half an hour a day on yoga. This exercise will quickly remove fatigue and refresh you. Apart from this, Pranayama helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Pranayama can be practiced half an hour before or three hours after meals. So start doing Yoga today on Self Love Day.

Self-Love Day Quotes

Every human being has some amazing power. We get so caught up in the battles of life that we don’t notice them. Also, when you’re busy and distracted, you can’t use these great qualities. Reward yourself for a good deed or success. Not only gifts but also sacrificing yourself for success can keep you good.

Being honest with yourself is a relatively difficult task. Because we often deceive ourselves without knowing it. Honesty is important in all relationships. If you tend to lie or make excuses, you will never fully love yourself. Because true self-love means taking responsibility and accountability. Get over the idea that everyone will love or like you.

Many may dislike you. So, stop wasting time on these people. Emotions are an integral part of our life. You cannot be an authentic person without feeling yourself. To deny your feelings is to deny a part of yourself. You should love yourself in all situations.  There are also many famous quotes about loving yourself. From this we understand the importance of self-love. Let’s see some quotes on Self-Love Day today-

  • “You deserve someone who makes you feel like the otherworldly creature you are. Yourself.” —Amanda Lovelace
  • “Am I good enough? Yes I am.” – Michelle Obama
  • “Love yourself enough to set boundaries. Your time and energy are precious. You get to choose how you use it.” – Anna Taylor
  • “Find out who you are and be that person. That’s what your soul was put on this Earth to be. Find that truth, live that truth, and everything else will come.” – Ellen DeGeneres,
  • “You won’t be happy, whatever you do unless you’re comfortable with your own conscience.” – Lucille Ball
  • “You have to be the one promoting yourself. If you don’t think that you’re worthy, you’re never going to make it.” – Misty Copeland

Self-Love Day Status

Defeat yourself as much as you can. Try to go beyond your limits. You can only truly love yourself when you can move past yourself. Only then will your confidence in yourself be reborn and you will be able to smile and love yourself and be alive. Self-love means accepting and respecting your existence.

I am accepted as a human being I am honored to think like this believe and understand. Giving importance to one’s own needs and wants and taking responsibility for fulfilling them and acting accordingly. Taking care of one’s feelings is about doing things that are consistent with one’s sense of self-respect and worth.

Competition has nothing to do with loving yourself. There is no proportionality between loving yourself and loving others. Loving yourself is essential. Everyone should be helped to understand this.  So today you can share the importance of loving yourself through a status share on Self-Love Day. Some statuses are presented for your convenience on Self-Love Day-

  • Be grateful to yourself. Love yourself even if no one else loves you. Only then you can achieve all success in life. Happy Self-Love Day.
  • A useful way to love yourself is to list your successes. This way, when you feel down, you can cheer yourself up by looking at your list of successes. Happy Self-Love Day everyone.
  • No one else will understand you exactly as you understand yourself. So be gentle with yourself as much as possible. Be tolerant and generous towards yourself. Happy Self-Love Day everyone.

FAQ about Self Love Day

What self-love means?

Love yourself.

What is the date of Self-Love Day?

Self-Love day observe on 13 February.

What is the date of World Self-care Day?

24 July. Source-Wikipedia

let’s love ourselves. Fill our earth with joy, ease, and spontaneity. Happy Self-Love Day everyone. Thanks for being with us.