Happy Chocolate Day 2023 Wishes, SMS, Message, Status, and Quotes

Happy Chocolate Day is a well-liked celebrated day worldwide. It is a part of Valentine’s week and is celebrated on February 9 every year. We all love to eat chocolate and people all over the world celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. Scientifically proven that chocolate stimulates the segregation of serotonin and dopamine which induce a feeling of love, joy, and happiness.

So, chocolate is a strong sign of love, care, and adoration. People love to celebrate Happy Chocolate Day with their family, friends, and loved ones. As this day is celebrated during Valentine’s week, it’s a great chance to propose to your loved ones with happy chocolate.

As we know women and kids love chocolates a lot and it is the cutest gift ever. On this day, people give each other happy chocolate as a means of expressing their love. You can put a smile on anyone’s face by gifting happy chocolate. So, get ready to celebrate Happy Chocolate Day 2023.

History of Happy Chocolate Day

The history of Happy Chocolate day (9 February) isn’t similar at all with world chocolate day. People celebrate this day on 9 February as valentines week to express their love and care for their loved ones. On the other hand International chocolate day celebrated in 7 July every year to commemorate chocolate’s introduction to Europe in 1550. This chocolate day celebrated on the third day of valentine’s week. Chocolate maker and philanthropist Richard Cadbury made the best chocolate that time when people started to give attention on Valentine’s Day. In 1840s began getting worldwide attention.

Soon, people began exchanging chocolates and flowers as gifts on the occasion. After that, Valentines week began to be celebrated one after another in different countries of the world. People started observing each day in different ways. And then on February 9, the Happy Chocolate Day began. People started to celebrate this day every year in valentine’s week. Gradually the day become quite popular. On this day, parents give chocolates to their children parents also do the same thing to express their love. Husband and wife also express their love for each other by gifting chocolates. Even friends take chocolates to school and give them to each other as gifts.

Chocolate Day Gift Ideas

As this day is celebrated in Valentine’s week and the week is for lovers, don’t forget to make your loved ones happy with gifts. It doesn’t matter whether the gift is big or small, any gift is capable of putting a smile on your loved one’s face. And this Day is a beautiful medium to express your love. People of all classes and professions can celebrate a beautiful happy chocolate day with their loved ones. We know a bar of inexpensive chocolate can make someone’s day also. Everyone is happy when they receive a gift. And if it is chocolate, then there is no point. Everyone loves chocolate. Giving chocolates can be a great gift to put a smile on your loved one’s face, happy chocolate day my love.

Now I will give you some great Love happy chocolate day gift ideas. And that will surely make your loved ones happy.

Chocolate Day Gift Ideas for Parents

As we all know parents are the most important part of our life. And we loved them more than anyone. As the day celebrates in valentine’s week, we should surely celebrate this day with our parents. To be honest I think you will not find a parent who didn’t give chocolate to their parents. There are some ideas for chocolate day gifts for mothers and fathers.

  • Buy some chocolate and give them to your parents and of course, wish them.
  • If you are a shy person, then make a wish card and adjust some chocolates on the card and leave it in your parent’s room.
  • There is also another idea if you are a master of baking then make a chocolate cake and cut the cake with your parents.

Chocolate Day Gift Ideas for Children

We know children are always fond of chocolates. Every kids love to eat chocolate. A gift of chocolate is enough to make a child happy. Parents always love and give chocolate to their children. So, the children also expects to receive chocolates gifts from his parents.

  • Get some chocolates and decorate your kid’s room beautifully with chocolate. They must be surprised.
  • Place a box of chocolates next to his/her pillow after goes to sleep. And they will be W
  • Put some chocolates in their school bag. They will be surprised when they open the bag and see the chocolates.
  • Melt some chocolate and make a chocolate lollipop cake. We know kids always love lollipop.

Of course, try this, and make your children happy.

Chocolate Day Gift Ideas for Her

Women always love chocolate more than men. Female reproductive hormones, Estrogen and Progesterone may be responsible for more women craving chocolate than men. So, it’s a great chance to express your love and make your wife/girlfriend/her happy by gifting chocolates.

  • Make a bouquet with full of chocolates instead of flowers. And give it to her.
  • Make an explosion box with card papers and adjust lots of chocolate on it and also write your feelings inside that and propose to her with that. Surely you will be acceptable.
  • Buy some cute love shape mini chocolate cake and put them in a beautiful box and give it to her. If she is foodie she will love it more than anything else.
  • If you have a cycle then decorate it with full of chocolates and present it in front of her. She will be surprised.
  • Or collect many types of chocolate that she loved. Like white chocolate, dark chocolate and gift all of it to her.

Now, make your women surprised with this ideas.

Chocolate Day Gift Ideas for Him

There is no one who don’t love to get gift chocolates. In this day try something cool ideas and make you men feel special. Express your feelings and love for your husband/boyfriend/ him in that way.

  • Women always love to cook. So, this is the best time to impress your men. Make some delicious dish with chocolate or bake a cake and enjoy it together.
  • Make a DIY gift card and adjust a chocolate and write some beautiful words for your men.
  • Make some cute candy jar and gift it to him. You will be happy so see your effort for him.
  • Make a chocolate bouquet and gift it to him.

Give some effort on this day make something new to feel your partner special.

Chocolate Day Gift Ideas for Friends

Usually friends always love to share their chocolates with each other. They enjoy sharing chocolates with their friends at school. So, this is the great day to enjoy with friends and make bonding much stronger.

  • Organize a group picnic and then everyone brought various delicacies made of chocolate from everyone’s home and enjoy together.
  • Buy some chocolates and put them in your friend’s bag they will be happy when they open the bag and see the chocolates.
  • Or make a cake together and cut together to make this day memorable. Don’t forget to take a group selfie.

Follow all of those ideas and make your day. You can also gift chocolates your respectable teachers, neighbors. A small gift will strengthen your relationship. Everyone loves chocolate. Celebrate this Day in a great way. This is the day to make feel special of your loved ones. Go gift some chocolates and make a great day.

Happy Chocolate Day Messages 2023

Be the first to make your loved one happy by sending a beautiful message for Chocolate day. A message from you can make your parents, friends, and loved one feel special on this special day. We all hope for beautiful messages from our loved ones on special occasions like Chocolate day. Here I’ll present you with some awesome happy chocolate day messages that surely make your loved ones happy.

5 Beautiful Messages for Parents:

  1. I clearly remember when I was a child, you would take me by the hand and buy me chocolates. Now is my time to treat you like that. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • You know how much I love chocolate mom/dad. But I love more than chocolate. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • You’re like a chocolate to me. That I want to bring all the time with me. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • Smile and eat loads of chocolate because I love to see your smile. That is most precious things for me. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • Happy Chocolate Day dear mom/dad. Don’t forget to open your bag and enjoy the full box of chocolates. I love you more.

Top 5 Heart Melting Messages for Wife/Gf/Her:

  1. There are lots of chocolates in the world. But my eyes still at you. You know I love chocolates but not more than you. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • You started our journey is this day last year. The day is very special for me. I wish it has always been as sweet as chocolate. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • You are sweeter than chocolate. If given a choice between you and chocolates. Definitely I choose you. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • You are my cute little candy that will melt with the warm of my heart. I love you. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • Our relationship is like a full of chocolate box. Because it’s sweeter things ever in the world. Happy Chocolate Day.

Top 5 Romantic Messages for Husband/Bf/Him:

  1. You know I don’t love to share my chocolates. But I love to share it with you. That means you are special for me. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • Hey, my lovely man you know today is chocolate day. I want that my dearest love surprise me with something special.
  1. Happy Chocolate Day, to my love who is as sweet as chocolate. If I am a princess in a fairytale, you are the magical prince. Your love and support is all I need.
  1. My heart start melting like chocolate when I see you. You’re the blessing of my life. I wish our relation become sweeter as much as chocolate. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • You are sweet, velvety, soft, nutty and flavorful just as chocolates. Having you is like eating chocolate all the time. Happy Chocolate Day!

Messages for Friends:

  1. You gave me chocolates the day we first met. From then our friendship started. I think chocolate is a blessing for us. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • You are the person whom I share my chocolates. So never leave me always be by my side as sweeter like chocolates. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • “You are truly the sweetest thing that has happened to me in my life. You are the chocolate to my life that I can’t refuse. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • My addiction to you is as strong as my addiction to chocolate. Happy Chocolate Day to my dearest friend
  • Hey Candy you know I love to called you in this name. Because you are cute as like as Cute Candy. Happy Chocolate Day.

Happy Chocolate Day SMS 2023

Sending a message is the easiest way to put smiles on someone’s face. Express your love by sending cute cute sms. Many people can’t tell their parent’s or loved one’s or friends their feelings for them due to shyness. So send them the sms below first and express your love for them.

SMS for Wife/Gf/Her

  1. Chocolate tastes sweeter when it’s been shared with you. Happy Chocolate Day my Lovely wife.
  • I will never get tired of chocolates and you. Thank you so much for bringing up my day. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • Thanks for making me feel special every day and year. You know you are cute as kitkat. Sending you greetings full of chocolaty flavor. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • May all the negative energy get soaked in from you and be gone far away. And our relation become sweeter as chocolate day by day.
  • You make me fall in love with you every day a little bit more than yesterday. This day is sharing chocolate with a special person. And that is you. Happy Chocolate Day.

SMS for Husband/Bf/Him

  1. Every day I thanks god for two things. The existence of you and chocolate in my life. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • When I share chocolate with you, it become more delicious. You are the sweetest person I have ever met. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • You are the sweetest chocolate of my life because each moment spent with you becomes so much more special. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • May the sweetness of chocolate fill every page of your life.No worries, I’m always here to make every moment special as like this day. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • I can never imagine how I got so lucky to get opportunity to count you as one of my greatest blessing. Happy Chocolate Day.

SMS for Friends

  1. I find myself lucky as I found my best friend in you who never get tired to give me chocolates every day. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • With you, the world feels like the most beautiful place to me as if I’m in heaven. My sweetest chocolaty best friend. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • Thanks for always being with me in my hard time that’s why I love to share my chocolates only with you. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • Hey I know you love chocolates. Me being a good friend sending you a full bar. Enjoy every bite of it. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • On this day I’m sending you a full of a chocolate box from my heart to make it sweeter than ever. Happy Chocolate Day my friend.

Happy Chocolate Day Wishes 2023

Don’t forget to wish your parents, your loved ones and friends on Chocolate Day. They are the most precious person in our love. We always try to find a way to make them feel lovable. So it’s a great way. Wish them Happy Chocolate Day wishes on this day and make your parents, lover, and friends happy. If you want to wish your boyfriend, you can use Chocolate day wishes for boyfriend and if you want to wish your girlfriend, you can use Chocolate day wishes for girlfriend.

Wishes for Parents

  1. Dear mom and Dad, I have no words to thank you for giving me more than I deserve. This little gift for you. Happy Chocolate day.
  • You both are the sweetest and precious things in my love as like chocolates. Happy Chocolate Day 2023.
  • You are my ideals, you are my strengths, and you are my inspiration and the sweetest chocolate ever that I love. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • I will never take for granted how greatly I have been blessed, for when it’s come to parents. I wish you a Happy Chocolate Day.
  • Mom, Dad you are the best. You know I love chocolate but the quantity is very little I love you both. Happy Chocolate Day.

Wishes for Wife/Gf/Her

  1. Happiness will be found only in your true love. But a chocolate can deliver it. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • I want to share a full box of chocolates with you. You never know what you are getting next but I want to have it with you. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • Happy Chocolate Day my lifeline. You have always supported my heart and encouraged me to do what I love. I love you.
  • Our life is together is a journey that I cherish most in my lifetime. Thank you so much for making my life like a cute chocolate. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • Happy Chocolate Day to the one who light up my world like nobody else can. Wish you a Happy Day Again.

Wishes for Husband/ Bf/ Him

  1. I hope you have a day as sweet as chocolate. May your life become as delicious as chocolate bar. Happy Chocolate Day.
  2. When every time we fight I surprise you with chocolate. When every time we make love I surprise you with chocolate. Happy Chocolate Day my love.
  • With these smoothest chocolates, may our relationship be also smooth and happy. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • Here’s to growing together old together hand in hand with lots of chocolates and being each other’s partner. I love you. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • You know sweetheart what describes you best? Chocolate. You are sweet, tempting and simply irresistible. Happy Chocolate Day.

Wishes for Friend

  1. Words are not enough to express my love for you my best friend. Please stay the way you are. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • Even chocolate is nothing in front of you, your sweetness can give someone diabetes. Because you are my sweet friend. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • This is a chocolate message for a dairy milk person, from a five star friend, for a melody reason, and a kitkat time. On a munch day, in a perk mood to say. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • Like a chocolates you add sweetness in my life. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • You are as sweet and as adorable as chocolate. I pray for a life blessed with all the happiness and success for the cutest friend. Happy Chocolate Day.

Happy Chocolate Day Status 2023

Constantly we try to share some beautiful status or quotes on social media. Usually we give different status by mentioning our parents, friends or loved ones.  Beautiful tasteful status and quotes attracts people. So, here I’m sharing some unique and awesome Happy chocolate day status, Chocolate day status, Happy chocolate day WhatsApp status, and Chocolate day special statuses with you.

  1. All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.
  • Chocolate is like duct tape, it can fix anything. And also make everything perfect. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • Life is like a chocolate box. And each chocolate is a portion of life. Some are crunchy some are nutty some are soft. But all are delicious. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • Today is Happy Chocolate Day. Dairy milk for my love, Kitkat for my friends and Polo for haters and Mentos for cool person.
  • Life’s been a fruits and nuts chocolate since your entry into my life. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • As long as I’m your friend I’ll make sure you will never short of chocolates. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • There is nothing better than friend, unless it is a friend with lots of chocolates. Happy Chocolate Day.

FAQ about Happy Chocolate Day

  1. Is chocolate good for health?

Chocolate isn’t good for our health.One must not eat more than 30 to 60 grams of chocolate in a day. Consuming too much chocolate will increase your daily calorie count leading to weight gain and other issues.

  • Which chocolate is more expensive?

The DeLafée gold chocolate box is more expensive than any other chocolates. It is a coveted luxury gift box comprising eight fine Swiss pralines topped with 24-karat edible gold. This chocolate box is priced at 470 CHF which is about USD 490.

  • Which chocolate is best for weight loss?

Chocolate isn’t good for our health at all. But Dark chocolate is best for weight loss.  It has monounsaturated fatty acids that improve metabolism and rapidly burn calories.

  • How do wish a chocolate day?

You can wish someone by sending beautiful messages or sms or in front of him/her with some beautiful words.

  • Is July 7 a world chocolate day?

Yes, according to Wikipedia, July 7 celebrated as world chocolate day every year. But Happy Chocolate day is celebrated on 9 February in valentine’s month as a part of valentine week.

So, here is the full package of this Day. Don’t forget to celebrate this day with your loved ones. Show some care and loves in this day by gifting some chocolates.

Chocolate day is all about celebrating with our special person whom we love. Share some love with a great gift chocolate. Give some gift. Wish with beautiful messages, sms and quotes. And give a status on your social account by mentioning your friends.

To know more about about upcoming day please keep your eyes in our website. Thank You.