Joseph Brackett Day 2023 History, Message, Wish, Quotes and Status

Joseph Brackett Day commemorates Joseph Brackett’s birthday and also honors his song “Simple Gifts”.  It is sponsored by the American Tune Lovers Society, an online group “designed to help preserve and protect American tunes from the past through research, recordings, and other information.”  Pine Tree Productions, of which the American Tune Lovers Society is a part, is the founder of the day.

Joseph Brackett was born Elisha Brackett on May 6, 1797, in Cumberland, Maine.  At age ten, he changed his name to Joseph, the same name as his father, and at the same time, his family joined a Shaker community in Gorham, Maine.  Shakers are members of the United Society of Believers in the Second Coming of Christ.  In 1819, Brackett’s group moved to Poland Hill, Maine, and he eventually became head of the Maine society, after which his official title was Elder Joseph Brackett.

Joseph Brackett Day History.

Joseph Brackett Jr. was born in 1797 in Cumberland, Maine. He joined the Shakers community at the age of 10 The community was short-lived, but a new community was formed centered on Brackett’s property The group moved to Poland Hill in 1819. In later years he worked for the community and later became its head.  In between, he lost his father on July 27, 1838.

In 1848 Brackett wrote ‘Simple Gifts’.  The song was not very popular at first.  It was a short song about simplicity and humility.  It used a little rhythm for the dance that the Shakers practiced in their religious activities.  Brackett never expected his song to become so popular.  But now it is one of the most popular songs.  It is sung everywhere including churches, TV shows, weddings, funerals, etc.  Many versions of the song were published by different people over the years.  But the song gained popularity when Aaron Copland used the tune in a ballet score.

 Brackett, being an elder of The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, never married.  The Shakers are essentially Christians, but with some modifications to their belief system.  They believe that the end of the world is fast approaching and that the second coming of Christ will happen soon.

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Why Joseph Brackett Day Is Observed?

We love exploring communities and their practices.  Joseph Brackett is a portion of the Shaker sect and the day provides an opportunity to explore the community. Joseph Brackett is best known for his famous song ‘Simple Gifts’.  We love the song and we love the concept that the song is also getting attention these days. Shakers live together in small communities.  It is an amazing experience for those who love this kind of lifestyle. Participants of the day were invited to listen or perform “common gifts”.  Some notable arrangements for listening can be found online. 

Copland’s Appalachian Spring, whose lyrics helped popularize it, is also heard.  Free scores are also available online for those who want to perform the song.  Some other ideas on how to celebrate the day include reading the book “Simple Gifts”: The Great American Folk Songs by Roger Lee Hall; Seeing Simple Gifts: Chamber Music Society at Shaker Village; Visit the Alfred Shaker Museum, where Brackett wrote his famous song; Visit Brackett’s grave in Shaker Village Cemetery; And visit nearby Shaker Lake Sabbathday Village, the village where he died.

How to Observe Joseph Brackett Day?

Those attending the day are invited to listen to or perform “common gifts.”  Some of the most notable arrangements to listen to can be found listed online.  Copland’s Appalachian Spring, which contained the song and helped spread its popularity, can also be heard.  Free scores are also available online for those who want to perform the song. 

Some other ideas on how to celebrate the day include reading the book “Easy Gifts”: Great American Folk Songs by Roger Lee Hall; Seeing Common Gifts: Chamber Music Society at Shaker Village; visiting the Alfred Shaker Museum, located in the town where Brackett wrote his famous song; visiting Brackett’s grave at Shaker Village Cemetery; and visited the nearby Sabbathday Lake Shaker village, where he died.

Joseph Brackett Day Message.

He was a popular singer song a simple gift to everyone’s heart was six leader’s birthday we remember him and celebrate the day we all have to post different messages about him on his birthday so we all should about him on his birthday. His birthday is celebrated Joseph Brackett Day.

1. On this special day may I say that you make us all sing along with all the songs you sing.  Happy birthday, dear!

2. Happy birthday my rockstar, keep singing and stealing hearts with your songs.

3. Dear, you are truly spectacular and we are glad that you are among us today! 

4. Celebrate today’s special day like the rockstar you are!  Have a blast and a rocking birthday.

5. Dear, we always believed in you and you proved yourself and here you are!  Never lose faith in yourself!  You can achieve the best through your music and fly high.  Happy birthday, playback singer!

Joseph Brackett Day Wish.

as a writer and lyricist.  He composed the words and music for “Simple Gifts” in 1848, while he was in the Shaker community of Alfred, Maine.  Also known as “Tis the Gift to Be Simple,” the Shaker dance song became his best-known composition and is still frequently performed and adapted today.  It gained worldwide fame in 1944 when Aaron Copland used it in the score for his ballet Appalachian Spring.

1. Happy birthday dear, may you have a great singing career ahead and break tons of records.

2.  Happy birthday classical music maestro!  You are a generational singer who always hits the right notes with a magical touch to the lyrics every time.

3. Dear friend, may the rhythm of your life vibrate in harmony.  Happy birthday and God bless you.

4. A melodious vocalist, a great composer, and a heartwarming person – how can we wish our favorite singer on his birthday?  Wishing you a very happy birthday!

5. Dear singer, you have a voice that spreads love and heals the wounds of millions.  On this special day, we wish you a very happy birthday and joseph Brackett day.

Joseph Brackett Day Status.

We all should wish him on this day on social media because i present social media when we share a post on social media it reaches everyone instantly so we have to celebrate bracket day based on social media and know about him.

1. Happy birthday rockstar, may you give hit after hit and reach the sky.  God bless you!

2. Dear Rockstar, You have always been a rockstar to me since the day you started singing.  On your special day, I want to wish you a very happy birthday as your biggest fan.  Keep rocking!

3. I remember the song you sang on our special day and since that day I have followed you as a fan-friend family.  Today is your special day and would like to wish you warm wishes on your birthday!

4. Dear, you are truly an inspiration to the younger generation and to those who want to be melodious singers!  Keep motivated and walk the road to fame! 

5.  If I can sing you a melodious song on your birthday, you’ll definitely do that part better than me!  Wishing you a very happy birthday!

Joseph Brackett Day Quotes.

We know that quotes man speech. Which are given by the respected person. A quotation giving the estimated cost for a particular service. Quotes are a very important thing. Because an honorable told that speech. And it is related to life. Sometimes quotes are related to poem lines and real life. Now I am telling you some quotes which are related to Joseph Brackett Day Now let’s talk about Joseph Bracket Day.

1. When True Simplicity Is gained to bow and to bend We Shan’t be Asham’d, To turn, Turn Will be our delight till by turning we come round right. ___ Joseph Brackett.

2. Tis the gift to be simple, ’tis the gift to be free, ‘Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be, And when we find ourselves in the place just right, ‘Twill be in the valley of love and delight.

­___ Joseph Brackett.

FAQ About Joseph Brackett Day.

Which Date did We celebrate Joseph Brackett Day?

Ans: We celebrate Joseph Brackett Day on May 6. Source-Wikipedia

Why we Celebrated Joseph Brackett Day?

Ans: Joseph Brackett is a part of the Shaker community and the day provides an opportunity to explore the community. Joseph Brackett is best known for his famous song ‘Simple Gifts’. 

Honors Joseph Brackett Day Shaker religious leader, born 6 May 1797, in Cumberland, ME.  He composed the popular Shaker song Simple Gifts (also known as ‘Tis the Gift to Be Simple) in 1848 while in the Shaker community in Alfred, ME.  This Shaker dance song became known worldwide after Aaron Copland used it in his score for the ballet Appalachian Spring in 1944.  Elder Joseph Brackett died in New Gloucester, ME, on 4 July 1882.