World Environment Day 2023 History, Significance, Causes, Solutions, Quotes and Status

Nature and the environment are facing a crisis today. This crisis is not specific to any group, country, or nation. Of all mankind. The endangered environment is due to various natural and man-made activities. To build a world suitable for human habitation, we want a pollution-free environment. Therefore, ‘Environment Day’ is observed to increase awareness and take an effective role in preventing environmental pollution worldwide.

June 5 is celebrated as ‘World Environment Day’. The day is observed with the aim of global political action and public awareness for the conservation of the environment and biodiversity, control of environmental pollution, and improvement of environmental standards. Every year this day is celebrated with a different theme. For the past few years, we have seen, heard, and read, the problem of environmental pollution in the world was becoming more and more intense. Humans have created resources for their benefit and destroyed the environment for it.

A global platform is created to deal with the problems caused by this effect. The main reason for celebrating World Environment Day is to make people aware of the environment.

History of World Environment Day

The original incident took place 50 years ago. Sweden is a science-minded country. The world-famous scientific organization Royal Swedish Academy of Science is located here. The government of that country wrote a letter to the United Nations Economic and Social Council on May 20, 1968. In the letter, the Swedish government expressed deep concern about nature and environmental pollution.  After receiving this letter, the same year the United Nations included the issue of environmental protection in the agenda of its general session.

A few years later, the country that sent a letter to the United Nations expressing concern about nature and environmental pollution, held the United Nations Human Environment Conference from June 5 to June 16, 1972, in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The ceremony was held with the permission of all the member states of the United Nations.  This event is organized by the United Nations to discuss in detail the conservation of nature and the environment and to find solutions to various problems of nature and the environment including environmental pollution.  This event recognized the conference as the first international conference on the environment in the history of the world. The first day of the said conference was in 1973.

5th June was declared World Environment Day by the United Nations. Since 1974 this day has been celebrated as World Environment Day every year since a year after that. Every year this day is celebrated in different cities with different themes. For example, the first World Environment Day was celebrated in Spokane, Washington, USA in 1974.  The theme of which was only one Earth during expo 74. The next year in 1975, this day was celebrated in Dhaka, Bangladesh with the theme of Human Settlements. In this way, in 2018, World Environment Day was held in New Delhi with the theme of beating plastic pollution, and in 2019 in China, with the theme of Air Pollution.

The day is celebrated in different countries based on different themes every year.

Why do people celebrate World Environment Day?

Environmental issues like deforestation, increasing global warming, food wastage, and loss, pollution, etc. need to be tackled. Several campaigns are organized around the world with a specific theme and slogan to bring the action. The day successfully achieves carbon neutrality, reduction of the greenhouse effect, forest management, planting on degraded land, energy generation through solar sources, development of coral reefs and mangroves, and new drainage systems. Celebrated development etc.

A study conducted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in 2015 says that around 6.3 billion tons of plastic waste have been generated in the world so far and around 90% of it will not decompose for at least 500 years. According to scientists, micro plastics or tiny particles have been found in soil, tap water, bottled water, beer, and even the air we breathe. World Environment Day is celebrated to spread awareness among the general public about environmental problems. Another purpose of World Environment Day is to inspire people and communities to become active agents of sustainable development and to change attitudes toward environmental problems.

The ultimate goal of World Environment Day is to sensitize the world’s population to environmental issues.  Explain what the solutions are. World Environment Day is celebrated every year with the aim of these issues.

How to celebrate World Environment Day?

There are many things we can do to protect a pollution-free environment. Like planting trees without killing them and encouraging others to plant trees. Stop harmful things and hill-cutting off cars. Avoid littering and littering. Many other things that are harmful to the environment and the earth are to be stopped or to inspire people to take a vow to stop them. To deal with environmental disasters first of all we need a little awareness because only with a little awareness we can protect the environment around us.

Besides, the law should be enforced. To build a beautiful livable world, we have to protect the environment and deal with the disasters caused by climate change in any way. Influencing policymaking at the national regulatory level worldwide, including changing people’s daily habits to protect the environment. Empowering people with the right information also requires mobilizing people for change. Various types of pollution in almost all elements of nature and the effects of climate change are currently evident in human health and the world’s ecosystems. 

For a long time, the common people in the society of different countries are struggling with issues like oil spill accidents, factory pollution, untreated waste, toxic waste discharge, various harmful effects of pesticides, encroachment of open space, environmental destruction, etc.  The adverse effects of climate change are becoming increasingly visible in front of us. Hence the need to take various measures to ensure a clean environment is increasing. That’s why everyone needs to work fearlessly for a healthy world.  If we all work to protect the environment from where we are, we can prevent environmental pollution in many ways.

Let’s find out how we can celebrate World Environment Day from our respective places.

Plant a tree

 One of the most important ways to celebrate World Environment Day today is by planting trees.  We all know trees are an essential part of our environment. Day by day people is clearing forests for employment and housing. Now the open space in the world has reduced a lot. People are cutting trees to make shelters. Even trees are constantly being cut down to make necessary furniture.  Which is having a terrible impact on our environment. We need to plant more trees to prevent climate change. So, on World Environment Day, we should all plant a tree

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By recycling old things we can reduce environmental pollution a lot. Like we throw away our old used paper pieces but once you think about it you can see that old papers can be recycled again.  We can see many videos on YouTube on how to recycle old things. Hope all those videos will be useful for you. So from today, take a vow of no recycling old things

Clean garbage

Together we can form a team to clean the streets around us today on World Environment Day.  While driving on the roads, we see plastic bottles, polythene, and other garbage lying on the road. All these plastic things mix with the soil and damage the environment, spoiling the fertility of the soil and even causing climate change. So today we can form a team to clean the streets around us as well as create awareness among people so that no one throws plastic garbage on the streets.

Causes environmental pollution

People are polluting the environment in various ways for their own needs. People cut trees only when necessary. People are cutting trees to build houses, make furniture, burn them as fuel in brick kilns, and grow crops. It is destroying the balance of the environment. People are building numerous factories everywhere. Factory waste is polluting the environment. People are using fertilizers, pesticides, etc. on the land to produce crops.

As the population is increasing day by day the number of vehicles is increasing. Black smoke from vehicles is spreading poisonous gas in the air.  Radioactive material is released from various sources and floats in the air.  Radioactive gases, chemicals, pesticides, nuclear and atomic bomb building competition, and missile testing are polluting the environment and endangering wildlife.  Below are some causes and details of environmental pollution

Population Growth:

The population is increasing day by day. Population growth is one of the causes of environmental pollution. Everything is being used more and more to meet the additional demands of overpopulation. There is a shortage of food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education, and transportation for the overpopulation. And to solve this problem, forests are being destroyed indiscriminately. Fertilizers and pesticides are being used on the land to produce more crops to solve the food surplus problem.

Additional vehicles are required for transportation.  As a result, black smoke is poisoning the air. Chemicals are being used to make additional medicines for treatment. As a result, its abandoned waste is polluting the soil and water.  Deforestation is being destroyed for human habitation and goods. As a result, the balance of the environment is being lost and the environment is being polluted.

Widespread use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides:

 The population is increasing day by day. As the population increases, food shortages occur.  More crops are needed to reduce this food crisis.  People are using chemical fertilizers on the land to produce more crops.  Fruits are using pesticides to protect crops from insect attacks.  Due to the widespread use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, the environment is being polluted, and the fauna and flora are facing threats.

Excessive use of chemical products:

Soil, water, air, food, radioactive gas, and noise pollution all contribute to environmental pollution.  People are using an excessive amount of chemicals in various sectors for various needs.  It is polluting the environment, people are getting sick.  Due to necessity, people are using chemical products in various ways, due to the burning of coal, and oil, the polluting carbon dioxide is mixed in the air as smoke.  As a result, the air is getting polluted.  Different types of colors are mixed with chemicals and used in industries.  The industrial waste is directly mixed with the water of rivers, canals, and canals.  It is polluting water and air.

Disadvantages of using firearms:

There is a war going on in some countries in the world.  As a result of the use of various types of weapons in these wars, human lives are being destroyed and the environment is also facing destruction.  Chemical processes used in firearms pollute soil and air.  Soils that are hit by firearms do not produce crops.  And the temperature of the atmosphere on earth is increasing.  Scientists believe that the earth’s temperature will rise from 1.5 to 4.5 degrees Celsius in the next hundred years. May increase, which is considered one of the causes of sea level rise. 

And if the sea level rises, the coasts of the world will be flooded.  The greenhouse effect will affect the atmosphere, monsoons, cyclones, agricultural practices, crop production, forests, fisheries, etc.  And the earth will become uninhabitable.

Remedies for environmental pollution

The environment is the biggest bane of man.  The environment is facing destruction today because of humans.  However, due to the destruction of the environment, people are suffering the most.  If the environment is destroyed in this way, human existence will be extinct from the earth.  Therefore, it is necessary to protect the environment from pollution to sustain human existence on earth.  And in this case, the whole world should come forward to take and implement initiatives to protect the environment.  First, public awareness should be created to protect the environment.  The first step to protecting the environment is to plant more trees.

And the cutting of trees must be stopped.  25% of the total area of ​​each country should be created as forest land.  The use of wood as fuel should be stopped.  In this case, solar and water electricity should be used.  The use of polythene should be completely banned.  If necessary, legal recourse should be taken.  Industrial and domestic waste should be disposed of in a designated place.  Initiatives should be taken to control the pest by stopping the use of pesticides on cropland.  Expired vehicles should be banned

Organic fertilizers should be used instead of chemical fertilizers on cropland.  An international workshop on climate change should be organized.  Population growth must be curbed.  The rate of education should be increased.  We must find ways to protect the Earth from the greenhouse effect. The government should take urgent steps in these matters.

World Environment Day Quotes

It is necessary to protect the environment and nature to protect the existence of every living being including humans.  Because the environment keeps us alive, keeps us healthy.  The world’s environment is becoming more polluted due to the waste produced by industrialized countries.  Environmentalists should protect the environment through various agreements, making the earth habitable for humans and other animals. Environmental degradation is happening all over the world due to industrialization and urbanization.

Global warming is keeping environmental scientists awake.  As the temperature of the earth is increasing, the water and fuel stored underground are reaching the bottom, and there is no doubt that a huge crisis will appear in front of human civilization shortly.  We all have a responsibility to protect the environment.  With a little effort, we can make a significant contribution to protecting the environment.

Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 all over the world.  The objective behind the celebration of World Environment Day is to increase awareness among people about the environment.  Every day can be an environment day to thank nature.  But the significance of June 5 is to raise awareness about the importance and importance of mankind in danger if nature is not saved.  There are several quotes about how the environment is beneficial to us.  All those freedoms have been presented to you. I hope these quotes will encourage you to come forward to protect the environment.

  • “Climate change is the environmental challenge of this generation, and we must act before it’s too late.”
    • John Delaney
  • “We are using resources as if we had two planets, not one there can be no ‘plan B’ because there is no ‘planet B’.”
    • Ban Ki-moon
  • “Birds are indicators of the environment If they are in trouble, we know we’ll soon be in trouble.”
    • Roger Tory Peterson
  • “The environmental problems of developing countries are not the side effects of excessive industrialization but reflect the inadequacy of development.”
    • Indira Gandhi’
  • “If civilization has risen from the Stone Age, it can rise again from the Wastepaper Age.”
    • Jacques Barzun
  • “Until man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so-called scientific knowledge.”
    • Thomas Edison
  • “Design our world so that we have positive social and environmental side effects.”
    • Bjarke Ingels

World Environment Day Status

As a result of the environmental disaster, people’s lives are suffering. It is the responsibility of humans to preserve the purity of the atmosphere, the diversity, and community of life, and the ecosystem on earth. But people are constantly failing to fulfill this responsibility. According to the United Nations, a quarter of the world’s land that is owned, managed, and used by indigenous and local communities is experiencing less degradation than other areas. The most pressing issue affecting people on Earth today is environmental pollution.

 Ever since the dawn of human-made machine civilization, the environment has been gradually losing its balance. We get everything necessary for life from the environment. Therefore, if the environment is unfavorable, the destruction and annihilation of the human and animal worlds are sure. Today we have to come forward to protect the environment.  In addition to being self-aware, someone else must be aware.  Share a World Environment Day status on your social media account to raise awareness of World Environment Day today. Seeing you, others will also be inspired to protect the environment-

  • Everyone should become proactive about environmental awareness without worrying.  If every person in the world fulfills his responsibility then this beautiful world environment will not be destroyed.  Let’s make people around us aware today on World Environment Day.
  • Plant trees and save the environment.  Make your environment clean and beautiful.  An environment is a place where we all meet and where we all have mutual interests.  Let us protect our environment.  This is the call on World Environment Day
  • When nature is beautiful our mind is happy.  The nature of ease makes us happy all the time.  We all should keep our surroundings clean.  Let’s join hands to protect the environment on World Environment Day

FAQ about World Environment Day

What is the date of World Environment Day?

5 June.

Why do people celebrate 5 June as World Environment Day?

The day is observed with the aim of global political action and public awareness for the conservation of the environment and biodiversity, control of environmental pollution, and improvement of environmental standards.

Who started World Environment Day?

 The United Nations General Assembly established the World Environment Day. Source-Wikipedia

World Environment Day comes every year.  Every time this day shakes the conscience of the people of the world.  On this day the people of the world take a new oath.  Realizing the need for environmental protection.  It is on this day that the people of the world feel compelled to accept a certain code of conduct.  Works to protect the environment through planned programs.  On this day people of all countries come together in a specific program. Committed to making the world habitable. Hope you benefited from this article.

Tried to give all information about World Environment Day.  The environment is an essential part of us.  We all should come forward from our respective places to protect the environment and work towards making the world a peaceful habitat