Maghi Purnima 2023 History, Message, Wish, Quotes and Status

Magh is the tenth month of the Bengali month.  Another name for this month is Magha.  Magh is the tenth month of the Bengali calendar and the eleventh month of the Indian Rashtriya Shakbda.  The name “Magha” in Bengali Magha and Shakabda comes from the Sun’s position in Magha Nakshatra.  In Khana’s words, “If the end of the year is Magh, the holy land of the blessed king”.

The full moon of the month of Magh is called Maghi Purnima.  Saraswati Puja is celebrated on Shukla Panchami Tithi of Magha month.  Maghotsava of Brahmo Samaj is celebrated this month.  Magha month is presented as a subject in many poems.  The full moon of the month is also considered very important.  The full moon of this month is known as Maghi Purnima.  Maghi Purnima is a Buddhist religious festival.  On this day, Buddha announced his parinirvana. This year Maghi Purnima is 5 February.

Maghi Purnima is a Buddhist religious festival.  On this day, Buddha announced his parinirvana.  It is said that as soon as the Buddha took such a resolution, a great earthquake suddenly started.  When the Bhikkhu Sangha asked the reason for this, the Buddha said that it was because of his resolution of parinirvana;  In other words, the world is stirred during the Tathagata’s birth, death, and attainment of Buddhahood.

 When the monks present were sad and sad after hearing about the Buddha’s parinirvana, the Buddha told them, ‘Death is inevitable, it is inappropriate to be sad about it.  You are determined and determined to practice religion, only then will you be able to overcome this world of birth-root-disease-death and overcome sorrow.’

That is, the significance of this day is the development of self-strength and attaining the ability to attain benevolent nirvana by destroying all kinds of tribulations.  Another lesson of this day is that if a person attains perfection in spiritual pursuits, then he can control his own life and death.

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History of Maghi Purnima

Buddha was established in Bianubana of Rajbari for 45 years. the last year.  At that time, he fell very ill during the rainy season.  He was 80 years old then.  After completing the Betuban varnavrata he traveled the country and gradually became the Betuban Vihara and Chapel Chaitya of Vaishali.  The chief servant said to Anand, O Anand!  Udain Chaitya, Gautama Chaitya, Saptiamar Chaitya, Bahuhuputrak Chaitya, Sarandana Chaitya of E Vaishali are beautiful.

 Full of natural beauty.  Oh, joy!  Go to Chapal Chaitya and rest.  Then Chapel happily went to Chaitya.  At this time Tathagata Buddha pointed to Ananda and said, ‘Ananda!  Tathagatas can remain in the present body for some time as self-aware if they wish.  Oh, joy!  The four Riddhipadas of the Tathagata are Bhavidita, Bahulikritta, Rathagatisdarsha, Anargal, Antiraana, Vastubhumishaddasha, Well-known, Well-known, and Timely.  Therefore, if you wish, you can stay for a long time.’ 

The Mardwara-tempted Tathagata Buddha was unable to understand the meaning of these words even with clear hints to the chief servant Ananda.  Even after the second and third hints, Ananda, possessed by death, did not understand the significance of the Tathagata Buddha’s hint.  So the Tathagata Buddha went to Chapel Chaitya in Vaishali and on the auspicious day of Maghi Purnima forbade his self-revival in a state of recollection and auspiciousness.

Why do people celebrate Maghi Purnima?

Maghi Purnima is a unique religious event in Buddhism.  Every year they wait for this day in the month of Magha with special interest. The special significance of this day is that Mahadev Buddha announced his parinirvana on this day.  That is to attain liberation from this world or Buddhahood.  On this day, Mahadev Buddha renounced all the illusions of this world and attained disillusionment.

 On this day ordinary Buddhists pray for their salvation and pray for a better life.  And Buddhist monks pray to become perfected beings and to gain insight into the true nature of existence.  Monks who have attained Nirvana will also strive to continue their ascetic life.

 Followers of the Buddha observe this day every year to remember the time of his parinirvana and to spread his teachings.  That’s Why This day is celebrated in Bangladesh like many other countries of the world.

How do people celebrate Maghi Purnima?

The grace of nine planets is easily available during Maghi Purnima.  Bathing, donation, and meditation are especially fruitful on this day.  The full moon itself is considered the completion date.  The ruler of this tithi is the moon god himself so the moon is full on this day.  Sun and Moon are equidistant.  It is believed that on this day special energy comes to water and the atmosphere.  So bathing is done in rivers and lakes.

 By worshiping:

 First, resolve before taking a bath in the morning.  Then take bath according to the tithi.  Take a bath and offer it to the sun god.  Wear clean or new clothes and chant mantras.  After chanting the mantra donate as desired.  Can take water-fruits.  Some also fast on this day.

 By making nine types of donations for the nine planets:

 Sun causes heart disease and failure problems.  To prevent this, donate jaggery and wheat.  Due to Chandra, mental diseases and mental stress are created.  Donate water, sugar candy, or milk to avoid this.  Mars causes blood problems and litigation problems.  Donate lentils to avoid this.  Mercury causes skin and intellectual problems.  For its prevention, green vegetables and gooseberry should be donated.

 Jupiter causes obesity, digestive system, and liver problems.  To prevent this, donate bananas, maize, and chickpeas.  Venus causes diabetes and eye problems.  To prevent this, ghee, butter and white sesame, etc. should be donated.  Saturn causes the nervous system and chronic diseases.  Black sesame and mustard oil should be given for its prevention.  Rahu-Ketu causes strange diseases.  Donate seven types of grains, a black blanket, and slippers to prevent it.

Maghi Purnima Messages/Wishes

To establish a beautiful life in this life and the hereafter, he meditates and vows to make his life virtuous, thoughtful, and pure.

 Also, Buddhists all over the world will celebrate this great day with various pujas.  Throughout the day, Anitya Gathas are recited in all temples, pagodas, and residences, and memorials are contemplated.  Ashtasheel along with Sanghadan and Buddha Puja is observed in Bihar and collective prayers are offered for world peace. Here are some wishes about Maghi Purnima –

The night of Magha Purnima brings nectar rain with it.

 Which fills our life with happiness and prosperity

 Hope this festival brings new enthusiasm to your life

 Best wishes to all of you on Magha Purnima.

 Moon-like coolness, whiteness, tenderness, generosity, lovingness

 provide for you and your family

 Best wishes to Magha Purnima.

Maghi Purnima Status

Life is impermanent, reformation is impermanent.  Death is inevitable after birth.  No matter how powerful and powerful one may be in this world and no matter how rich and opulent one may be, no one is free from death.  The meditator-the sage, the sage-the sage- death touches all.  All are subject to death.  This great truth is also inescapable in Buddha’s life. Below are some Maghi Purnima Status-

May the rain of money be immense on you

 May you get immense happiness and prosperity

 Sharad Purnima came every night

 Got lots of happiness in life.

 Best wishes to Magha Purnima.

Radha walks to Krishna’s door with gopis

 The shades of Kanha’s dark complexion are immense

 She got the bright light of the full moon from Krishna

 Raas Leela will happen today and the whole world will dance

 Best wishes to Magha Purnima.

FAQ about Maghi Purnima

Which date is Maghi Purnima?

Maghi Purnima in India, or Magha Purnima, is a full-moon day that occurs in the Hindu calendar month of Magha. Source-Wikipedia

Which God is Worshipped on Maghi?

The sun god is worshipped on Maghe Sankranti.

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