Mahalaya 2023 History, Message, Wish, Quotes and Status

Sarva Pitra Amavasya or Mahalaya is celebrated on October 14 this year. this is a significant day for all Hindu Devotees. The word means shelter.

Mahalaya’ is used as a feminine word.  Because on this day the patriarchy ends.  The darkness of the new moon is removed and the bright Goddess Paksha begins auspiciously.  Here Goddess Durga is the great sanctuary or refuge.

Mahalaya means counting the days of Durga Puja, Mahasaptami after 6 days of Mahalaya, hence the invitation to Goddess, etc. This day has greater importance than that.

From Kailas, Goddess Durga leaves for her father’s house from this day. Hence Mahalaya Tithi occupies a special place in Durga Puja.

History of Mahalaya

The word ‘Mysore’ originates from the city of Mahisasur.  And living in this city, a terrible demon named Mahishasura became a tyrant.  …Devakula worshiped Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesvara to escape from his tyranny.  One goddess was created in the light of three gods and other gods.  The gods and goddesses gave weapons to him.

Now fight with Mahishasura.  Mahishasur was killed in the battle.  Devi took the form of Chamunda and killed him.  Chamunda temple still exists on Chamunda Hill.  This Chamunda is Goddess Durga because Goddess Durga killed Mahishasura in the form of Chamunda.… Devi Paksha and Devi Puja started in Mysore on this day.

The Dussehra festival started again in the fifteenth century.  Mahishasura was killed on the Mahalaya Tithi, — not mentioned in that article.  Even if not there, Mahalaya Tithi is associated with Goddess Puja.  In many places during Mahalaya days.  Ghatodak of Durga Devi is arranged.  It is believed that, in that case, after the new moon, Shukla happens at the beginning of Pratipada, and the beginning of Devi Paksha is in Lagna.

 Three important moments of Durgotsavam.  One — Mahalaya, two — Bedhan, three — Sandhipujo.  Mahalaya Tithi is said to be the preparatory phase of Durgotsavam.  In Hinduism for any auspicious work such as marriage upanayana etc. Nandimukh Shraddha is to be done before the work, just as Tiljal is to be offered before worshiping the mother by remembering the ancestors.  It is based on the belief that even when a person dies, his soul does not die.

There is no annihilation or decay of the soul.  Mahalaya tarpana-shraddha for appeasement of ancestor’s soul.  After completing tarpana-shraddha, proceed toward the goddess side. This is the juncture of the end of Pitra Paksha and the beginning of Devi Paksha.  It can be said that this is the beginning of Devipaksha.

Why do people celebrate Mahalaya?

Goddess Durga is also celebrated on this day in many parts of the subcontinent.  Awakening in the sense of ‘realization’.  After this, autumn Durga Puja is started by placing pots in honor of Devi Paksha, Mother Paksha, and Shukla Paksha.  Shravan to Paush – these six months of Dakshinayana.  ‘Dakshinayana’ is the sleeping time of the deities.  So, the gods were awakened from that sleep. Durga Puja is the holy festival of Hinduism.

From Mahalaya, the atmosphere of worship begins.  Which is of immense importance in the contemporary culture of the subcontinent.  According to the scriptures, it is the confluence of paternal and devi parts.  The period starting from the Pratipada of the Krishna Paksha of Bhadra month till the next Amavasya is called Pitra Paksha.  According to the Puranas, on the orders of Brahma, the patriarchs came closer to Manushyaloka during these 15 days.

 It is customary for parents to dedicate anything to them at this time.  It is believed that if something is offered to the spirits during this time, it will reach them easily.  It is from this belief that the ancestors are remembered and offered for the whole period.  whose final day or Maha Lagna is this Mahalaya.

 Durga Puja should be organized after Mahalaya.  This is called Kalparambha.  However, the main activities of the puja begin from the sixth.  That is why it is called Shashtyadikalparambha.  Puja to Vigraha from Saptami.  Only worship happens from Pratipada.  Chandipath with It is said that on the day, Devi Durga received the task of killing Mahisasur from the gods.

How do people celebrate Mahalaya?

Puja is coming.  Are there any comparisons between these two words that make any Bengali laugh? Durga Puja is not just a religious festival.  It is one of the cultural and family reunions of Bengali life.  The economy of Bengal revolves around Durgotsava.

Millions of people depend on Puja for their livelihood.  From potters to dhakis, everyone earns a year from the puja. Moreover, on this day, many Bengalis come out to the market to buy new household goods, buy new clothes, clothes, and all the tools for Puja. Besides, children in different places announce the arrival of Puja by playing in the dance box. Each neighborhood-mahalla village gets dressed up in a new way.

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Mahalaya Messages / Wishes / Statutes

From Kailas, Goddess Durga leaves for her father’s house from Mahalaya.  Hence Mahalaya Tithi occupies a special place in Durga Puja. Here are some Messages / Wishes / Statutes-

  • May Goddess Durga fill your life with joy?
  • Mother’s blessings can remove all obstacles from your path in life. 
  • Empower your family with Swarupa, fame, health, wealth, happiness, humanity, learning, education, devotion and strength. 
  • May the arrival of Mother bring you happiness.
  • Oh, who are you, where are you, forget what is in the heart today, as much pain and sorrow as the gold goes in the name of mother, the word of arrival comes from afar.
  • May it completely remove all worries from your life and give you the strength to face every fight. 
  • Memories of moments celebrated together Moments forever stuck in my heart Miss me more on this festival Hope this maha laya brings good luck.

FAQ about Mahalaya

Is Mahalaya a happy day?

Is believed to be a happy day.

Why mahalaya is important?

Sarva Pitra Amavasya or Mahalaya is celebrated on October 14 this year. this is a significant day for all Hindu Devotees. Source-Wikipedia

Whether Mahalaya is auspicious or inauspicious, there is no less argument about this.  Some say this day is not auspicious.  Since this day commemorates the ancestors, it is a day of mourning.  It is not appropriate to mark the day as auspicious.

Conversely, in Hindu scriptures, the patriarch is remembered or tarpan at the initiation of any auspicious work. Devas are immortal by drinking nectar, asuras are mortal by deprivation of nectar.  Goddess Mahini is the abode of the gods. Mahat Alaya.  Goddess Mahini was worshiped by deities on Mahalaya Tithi.  Goddess Mohini was recognized as Mahalaya. Thanks for being with us.