Happy National Law Day 2023 History, message, wish, Status

Laws are some rules necessary for human behavior.  ‘Ain’ is a Persian word and noun.  The literal meaning of the word ‘law’ is – government regulation;  provisions; laws;  Rules that all people in the country obey or are bound to obey. 

The English equivalent of the word ‘Ain’, which comes from the Persian word and is found in the Bengali dictionary, is Law.  national law day is very important for all. The word Law comes from another word called Lag, which literally means fixed and unchangeable and applies equally to all. Analyzing the above definitions of law, it can be said that law is the statutory rule governing the external behavior of people; which is accepted, supported, and implemented by the state and society. 

We must remember that laws are essential for the welfare of the people of a country.  When the law is broken, the sovereign authority compels compliance with the law, using force and punishment if necessary.

Like every year, National Law Day will be celebrated on 26th November.

 History of National Law Day

The Constitution of India which came into force on 26 January 1950 was adopted on 26 November 1949.  Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, chairman of the Khasra Committee, is considered to be the main framer of the Constitution of India.  Of course, he is also the person of the Indian constitution.  Basically, the constitution is framed by the members of the parliament. 

The 1935 Constitution was drawn from various sources.  B R Ambedkar studied the constitutions of more than 60 countries before enacting this constitution of India. you may reWorld Stroke Day History, Message, Wish, Quotes and Statusad

Why do people celebrate National Law Day

Ignorance of the law is not excusable nor can ignorance of the law be a ground for pardon.  That is, the state will assume that the citizens are aware of the provisions of the relevant prevailing law.  So even if in reality, you violate any provision of the said law without knowing about the concerned law, and later if you show any excuse that you do not know about the concerned law, it will not be acceptable to the state in any way.  You should be punished for breaking the prevailing law.

 Before knowing the need to know public law, we need to know what law is.  In modern times, the law refers to a set of rules and regulations that are enacted by the state to regulate human behavior. 

Simply put, the law determines what is a crime and what is not, and prescribes punishment for the crime so that people do not commit a crime.  That is, the main purpose of making laws is to make people aware of crime and to keep people away from crime.

 If someone willfully disobeys the law then the state uses force to obey the law i.e. punishes the breaking of the law.  However, laws and legal systems may differ from country to country.  It is natural that the concerned persons will be experienced in any subject.

  For example, a doctor is experienced in medicine, a lawyer is experienced in law, a writer is knowledgeable in literature, etc.  However, all people can’t have sufficient knowledge of all subjects.  But even if you don’t have enough knowledge about other subjects, you must know the daily general law. National Law Day is celebrated to make people understand the need for law.

How do people celebrate National Law Day

Humans are social creatures.  Laws are needed in society to regulate human behavior.  if A law that deals with the inner workings of man is called moral law And if it discusses the external behavior of people, it is called social or Political law. 

In social life, people follow social and political laws. Moreover, since this day is National Law Day, this day is celebrated for the purpose of the nation. On this day, various types of mass media are conducted about various types of legislation, as a result of which people change their ideas and thoughts about the law and if any law is amended, it is also passed. 

Also on this day, various organizations visit different village panchayats to give an idea to the people of the city about what their panchayat laws are and various seminars are held to give the idea to the village people about how the city people implement their laws.

National Law Day Quotes

In political science, the word law is used in a special sense.  The rules of the state are called laws. All the restrictions recognized by the statesman and the violation of which is punishable, are political science By definition they are called laws. Here are some National Law Day Quotes –

The minute you read something you can’t understand, you can almost be sure it was drawn up by a lawyer.

-Will Rogers

The leading rule for the lawyer, as for the man of every calling, is diligence.   

-Abraham Lincoln

Any good trial lawyer knows that if you’ve got one credible expert or scientific study, then you can let the jury decide.”

-Joe Jamail

A Lawyer will do anything to win a case, sometimes he will even tell the truth.

– Patrick Murray

After years as a civil rights lawyer, I rarely find myself speechless.

– Michelle Alexander

National Law Day Messages/Wish

Crime can never be suppressed in the absence of law.  Criminals can only be deterred from crime by the threat of punishment under the law.  As a result, others are protected from harm.  If a man does not have adequate knowledge of day-to-day laws, he cannot have an idea of ​​his position in society. Here are some National Law Day Messages/Wishes –

It amuses me when I see a man discuss an immutable law. Happy National Law Day.

Horrible laws are the most conspicuous form of oppression that can destroy a state. Happy National Law Day.

Laws made by fundamental consent should not be broken by the people. Happy National Law Day.

Where every man will doubtless heed the law to which he is subject.  Hence the law. Happy National Law Day.

Law is the rudder of the ship of the state.  Which is stateless. Happy National Law Day.

There must be laws, which will be equal for all. Happy National Law Day.

Mislaw is the worst form of oppression.  The law should be used for freedom, not oppression. Happy National Law Day.

National Law Day Statutes

Of the state, Where is the sovereign power located, and how will the governance of the country work? Regulates the law.  of power between the Legislative Council, the Administration, and the Judiciary.

This administrative law determines how far the distribution limit is, and how the general law is made.   As the law is very important, its modification and extension are done in a very carefully complex manner is accomplished. Below are some National Law Day Statutes –

Laws made by the government should not be suspended by the people. Happy National Law Day.

A world without law guarantees as little equity as a hard man’s mercy to the powerless. Happy National Law Day.

FAQ About law day

When Law day is celebrated?

Ans: National Law Day will be celebrated on 26th November. source wikipedia

How Law Day is celebrated?

Ans: In social life, people follow social and political laws. Moreover, since this day is National Law Day, this day is celebrated for the purpose of the nation.

Where there is law, there is no need to think about justice. Happy National Law Day.

Prevailing custom In all countries, one of the sources of law is social custom or custom

 customary practice.  Before the creation of the state, people’s lives were governed by social customs.  Social The custom is recognized by the state and becomes law.  Some customary provisions of the law in different countries created  Customary provisions are also the law in addition to various laws made by the state Gains dignity.

Religious regulations can become law with the support of the state.  Hindus’ and Muslims’ Religion is the source of many community laws.  So it can be said that religion is another source of law. Thanks for being with us.