World Kidney Day 2024

The International Society of Nephrology and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations have declared the second Thursday of March (March 10) as ‘World Kidney Day’ since 2006.  The purpose of the day is to raise awareness about kidney disease. Kidneys remove waste products or substances from the body as urine purify the blood and maintain the balance of acid in the body.  Thus the kidneys keep the body clean and healthy.

Apart from removing waste from the body, our kidneys perform many other important functions like making blood and strengthening bones.  So, awareness about kidneys is very important to keep the physiological process active. Any time you can face this kidney problem.  So, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the symptoms of kidney disease. 

Some symptoms may signal kidney disease.  For example: burning during urination, frequent urination, red urine, bad smell in urine, severe pain in both sides of the waist and lower abdomen, swelling of body and face, etc.  In medicine, if the kidney disease does not improve after three months of treatment, it is considered chronic kidney disease.

If these symptoms appear in the body, one should seek medical attention without delay.  Doctors initially perform dialysis to solve kidney problems.  If the disease is not diagnosed in time and treatment is not started, there is no other option but a kidney transplant.  However, if the disease is detected at an early stage, expensive treatment like a kidney transplant can be avoided.

World Kidney Day History

In 2006, World Kidney Day was celebrated for the first time and since then it has been celebrated every year.  It is said that 1 in every 10 people worldwide is suffering from kidney disease.  World Kidney Day is a joint initiative of the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the International Federation of Kidney Foundation (IFKF). Not only public awareness but also doctors, nurses, and health workers involved in public health services and various social institutions and government officials. 

This day aims to create awareness about the disease. Apart from awareness, the day is also observed to encourage and take necessary measures in the field of prevention.  World Kidney Day is celebrated jointly by the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations (IFKF) and local kidney organizations in different countries.

Why should people celebrate World Kidney Day?

Every year on the second Thursday of March, World Kidney Day is observed around the world to raise awareness and educate people about the prevention of kidney diseases and awareness of its risks.

 Every year a theme is decided to celebrate World Kidney Day.  For example, in 2016, the theme of this day was ‘Kidney-related problems and children-rapid treatment for disease prevention.  The theme in 2017 was ‘kidney disease and Obesity: Healthy Lifestyles for Healthy Kidneys’.  The theme for 2018 was ‘Kidney and Women’s Health: Inclusion, Standardization, and Empowerment’.  The theme for 2019 and 2020 was ‘Kidney health is important for everyone everywhere. 

The theme of 2021 is ‘Be healthy in kidney disease’.  In 2024 also the day was observed with a special theme.  The purpose of observing this day is to raise awareness about kidney-related diseases and their cures.  Treatment of kidney disease is quite expensive.  If we know the symptoms and remedies of this disease in advance, we can get rid of this disease to a large extent.  Every year people are made aware of kidney-related diseases through this observance.  So, World Kidney Day is observed with special importance

How to celebrate World Kidney Day

The kidney is the organ of the human body.  The role of kidneys is immense in keeping the body functioning.  Kidney Day is celebrated every year in March around the world to raise awareness about the importance of kidneys in the human body and kidney diseases. The kidney is an important part of the human body. 

The importance of healthy kidneys is immense in the case of children, young and old people. Kidney patients are increasing day by day due to industrialization.  More than 2 crore people in the country are suffering from kidney disease in one way or another.  Experts emphasize prevention.  Today is World Kidney Day. 

The International Society of Nephrology and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations have declared the second Thursday of March as ‘World Kidney Day’ since 2006.  The objective of the day is to raise awareness among all about kidney disease.  So, World Kidney Day is observed to raise global awareness.  You too can observe World Kidney Day and raise awareness among people by adopting some ways this World Kidney Day.  Those ways are highlighted

Spread Awareness

Taking care of kidney health is essential for good health.  One in ten people in the world suffers from some kind of kidney disease.  9 out of 10 kidney patients are unaware of their disease.  The disease is winning here.  People are dying due to a lack of awareness.  Children as well as adults are affected by kidney disease.  This is causing concern.  So raising awareness on World Kidney Day is the best way to celebrate this day.  Educate your family and loved ones about kidney disease and treatment.  Be aware of yourself and be aware of others.

Get a Check Up

Every part of the human body is essential for survival.  The kidney is also an important part of the human body.  Every person should have a checkup of all body parts at least once a month or a year.  By doing this, we can easily know if any disease has settled inside the body.  And any disease can be cured if caught early.  It is almost impossible to know what is going on inside the human body.  Only through medical science, we can know whether any disease has settled in our human body by doing a checkup.  Kidney disease is easily treatable if caught early.  So get your kidney checkup today on World Kidney Day.

Share Your Experience

If you have ever suffered from a kidney-related ailment and got relief from it through treatment, share your experience with others.  By doing this they will also be aware.  And will know about kidney-related diseases and their symptoms.

Why does kidney disease occur?

Millions of people worldwide die every year due to kidney problems.  The kidney is a very important organ of the body.  But many of us do not know how to take proper care of it, how to avoid kidney damage and live daily life.  There are many things we do in our daily lives that can cause damage to the kidneys. Every organ in our body is very important. 

Because even if one is sick, your mind and body are sick.  Many of us are suffering from kidney problems.  But do not understand.  Kidney problems are not diagnosed early.  But when the problem is protracted, you have various physical problems. When the kidney is damaged, many people get a new kidney transplant. Kidney transplants and treatment are all painful. So, the easiest way to avoid any disease is to know and be aware of the disease.  Doctors said that prevention is better than getting sick.

 Let’s know why kidney disease occurs.

Not drinking enough water

  One of the most common causes of daily kidney damage is not drinking enough water.  One of the main functions of the kidneys is to remove digestive waste from the body and maintain the balance of red blood cells.  However not drinking enough water reduces blood flow to the kidneys.  As a result, toxic chemicals accumulate in the blood.

Prolonged urinating

  Prolonged incontinence is one of the daily problems.  Women in urban areas especially suffer from this problem due to the lack of adequate public toilets.  Keeping the bladder full for a long time can cause various complications in the body.  Stress on the muscles can lead to complications such as diverticulosis.  Apart from this, due to not urinating for a long time, hydronephrosis or the problem of increased urine pressure in the kidney is created.  Due to these, the kidneys lose their function and dialysis becomes necessary.

Eating more salt

 Another important function of the kidneys is to digest the salt found in various foods.  Salt used in cooked or packaged foods is a major source of sodium in our bodies.  But most of this sodium has to be eliminated from the body as waste through digestion.  When we eat more salt, the kidneys have to work harder to process this sodium.  It puts a lot of pressure on the kidneys.

More addiction to caffeine

  When we feel thirsty, we often drink soft drinks instead of water.  But these drinks contain a lot of caffeine.  Excess caffeine can increase blood pressure in the body.  High blood pressure also puts pressure on the kidneys and damages them.

Addiction to painkillers

  Whether it’s a headache, a sore throat, or whatever, many of us have a bad habit of taking painkillers by word of mouth.  But almost all painkillers have some side effects.  These drugs are harmful to various organs including kidneys.  Studies have shown that long-term dependence on regular painkillers lowers blood pressure and reduces kidney function.

Eat more protein

  If the kidney is damaged, it is not good to eat red meat or beef and goat meat.  A diet high in protein can put stress on the kidneys.  However, such protein-rich foods can be consumed unless there is a kidney problem or a doctor’s prescription.

Addiction to alcohol

  Many people who have a habit of drinking often have no sense of moderation.  Drinking too much alcohol is very harmful to the kidneys.  Alcohol contains many types of toxins, which put extra pressure on the kidneys to eliminate them from the body.  As a result, to save the kidneys, alcohol addiction must be reduced.

Addiction to smoking

  According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking is harmful to all organs in the body, including the kidneys.  Apart from this, various studies have linked smoking with kidney disease.  Quit smoking if you want healthy kidneys.

Staying awake at night

  Staying up at night, and not being able to sleep is a regular problem for many of us.  But sleep is very important for the body for many reasons.  The tissues of the body’s organs are regenerated only during sleep.  As a result, if the problem of not being able to sleep continues regularly, the function of the organs of the body, including the kidneys, is hindered.  It reduces the normal functioning of the kidneys.

Symptoms of kidney disease

The kidney is an important organ of the body.  Kidney disease is one of the most deadly diseases that people die from.  Symptoms usually do not become apparent until 50% damage is done.  This disease is a silent killer and wreaks havoc on the body.  So it is important to know the early symptoms of kidney disease.

Changes in urination

A major symptom of kidney disease is changes in urine.  If there is a kidney problem, the urine is more or less.  This problem increases especially at night.  The color of urine is dark.  Sometimes urine is not passed even though the urge to urinate is felt.

Pain during urination

 Pain during urination is another symptom of kidney problems.  Pain during urination, and burning – are the symptoms of urinary tract infection.  When it spreads to the kidneys, it causes fever and back pain.

Blood in the urine

 If there is blood in the urine, it is very dangerous. In this case, consult a doctor immediately.  This is a very important sign.

Swelling in the body

Kidneys remove waste and excess water from the body.  If there is a disease in the kidneys, it becomes difficult to get this extra water out.  Excess water causes swelling in the body.

Difficulty concentrating

Oxygen transport to the brain is reduced due to decreased red blood cells.  It makes it difficult to concentrate on work.

Always feeling cold

In the case of kidney disease, coldness is felt even in hot weather.  And fever can also occur if the kidney is infected.

Skin rash

When the kidneys fail, waste products build up in the blood.  It can cause itching and rashes on the skin.

Small breaths

Kidney disease causes fluid to accumulate in the lungs.  Apart from this, kidney disease also causes anemia in the body.  This causes breathing problems, so many people take short breaths.

Back pain

Some kidney diseases cause body pain.  There is pain down the side of the back.  This is also one of the symptoms of kidney disease.

Prevention of kidney disease

One of the risk factors for kidney disease is diabetes and high blood pressure.  So it is mandatory for those who have diabetes and high blood pressure for a long period to maintain a controlled lifestyle and take medication as per the regular doctor’s advice so that diabetes and high blood pressure are always under control.

Regular physical activity should be done and excess body weight should be reduced quickly.  For those who smoke, smoking can be one of the reasons to quit.  The habit of eating excess salt in food should be abandoned.  Care should be taken to ensure that blood cholesterol is always at a normal level.  Eat more vegetables and fruits every day.  However, in the case of those who have kidney disease, the fruit should not be consumed without consulting a doctor.  Regular medication and routine checkups are essential for kidney patients. Also, there are other things to keep in mind

1.  Diabetes and high blood pressure must be controlled.

 2.  Must be tested.

 3.  Do not take any pain medication and antibiotics without a doctor’s advice.

 4.  Action should be taken quickly to stay short.

 5.  Nephritis should be treated.

 6.  Treatment is needed to prevent stones from blocking.

 7.  If there is a prostate block, it should be removed.

 8.  Diarrhea and vomiting should be treated immediately.

 9.  Immediately go to the doctor if the urine decreases.  In this 90-95 percent returns to normal.  But after a week or two, it does not return to normal.

 10.  Urinary complications should be avoided.  Children should not be made to urinate by incompetents.

 11.  When a urinary tract infection spreads to the blood, it can damage the kidneys.  For this, the infection must be controlled.

World Kidney Day Status

The kidney is an important organ of the human body.  Healthy kidneys are of immense importance for children, young and old alike.  Today is World Kidney Day.  The International Society of Nephrology and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations have declared the second Thursday of March as ‘World Kidney Day’ since 2006.

  The objective of the day is to raise awareness among all about kidney disease.  This World Kidney Day you can also raise awareness.  You can convey important messages to people through a status.  Today we present you some statuses that you can post on your social media accounts on the occasion of World Kidney Day.

  • Keep blood pressure under control, control diabetes, take medications as prescribed by your doctor, exercise moderately, avoid smoking and alcohol, and eat fruits and nutritious foods. World Kidney Day to all
  • Let’s not underestimate kidney disease and get our kidney checkups done every year.  Knowing about kidney disease cure and prevention makes someone else aware.  World Kidney Day.
  • Let’s make people aware to keep kidneys healthy.  To keep the kidneys healthy, eat healthy food, drink adequate water during the day, control blood sugar and blood pressure, avoid smoking, and do not take regular painkillers. World Kidney Day

FAQ about World Kidney Day

What is the date of World Kidney Day?

March 10. Source- Wikipedia.

Why would Kidney Day be celebrated?

The purpose of the day is to raise awareness about kidney disease. Kidneys remove waste products or substances from the body as urine purify the blood and maintain the balance of acid in the body

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We all know that we have two kidneys in our bodies.  So, when one is useless the other continues to work.  As a result, the problem is not detected in the first place.  According to kidney experts, kidney disease is a silent killer.  Since it is not known in advance, it is very important to know about the risk of kidney disease and get regular checkups.  Kidney disease is preventable.  This requires awareness.  Kidney failure can be prevented if caught early.  Let’s be aware of ourselves and make others aware on World Kidney Day