Happy World NGO Day 2023

Today, February 27 is World NGO Day.  The contribution of the workers of various voluntary organizations and those who help in the work of the organization in various ways is remembered on the day. The government of any country works more or less for the backward sections of society.  But only based on the work of the government or the administration, the development of the backward part of an area cannot happen.

Various small voluntary organizations (non-governmental organizations) contribute to that improvement.  Keeping in mind the contribution of NGOs or Voluntary Organizations in social development, a special day has also been earmarked for them.  Today, February 27 is World NGO Day.  The contribution of the workers of various voluntary organizations and those who help in the work of the organization in various ways is remembered on the day.

History of World NGO Day

The first proposal for World NGO Day was made on April 17, 2010.  On that day, the Baltic Sea NGO Forum (Baltic Sea NGO Forum) proposed this day in Vilnius, Lithuania, a small country in Europe.  Belarus, Denmark, and Finland were in that group.  Germany, Iceland, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, and Norway. 

Although Sweden, Latvia, and Estonia proposed earlier, World NGO Day was first celebrated in a big way in Finland.  It was held on February 27, 2014 and organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.  Since then, World NGO Day is celebrated on that day.

Governments of various countries also commemorate the importance of the work of voluntary organizations on this day.  Because various small and large voluntary organizations work shoulder to shoulder with the government and administration to make the government projects of different countries and international projects a reality. 

There are generally 2 types of voluntary organizations as defined by the World Bank.  One is operational and the other is advocacy.  The task of formulating and implementing various development programs at the grass root level is called operational.  Every year a different theme is fixed for this special day.

Why do people celebrate World NGO Day?

Some days are celebrated in different countries on certain days of each month every year.  All these days are celebrated to remember an important event of the past or to create public awareness about important issues on that particular day.  One of those days celebrated all over the world is World NGO Day.

World NGO Day is celebrated all over the world on February 27 every year.  The special day is celebrated to encourage common people to actively engage with voluntary organizations at all levels, public and private, and to highlight the importance of these voluntary organizations worldwide.  There are other objectives to celebrate this special day.

  • To highlight the efforts and success of activities of voluntary organizations in all parts of society.
  • To make people aware of the importance of voluntary organizations at local national and above all international levels.
  • To bring voluntary organizations from all levels of the world on the same platform to discuss the weaknesses and problem areas of their work.

How to celebrate World NGO Day

In general, NGO refers to any kind of voluntary organization.  United Nations while defining this NGO states that a non-profit voluntary citizen group formed at the local national and international levels is called NGO.  This organization is engaged in various types of service humanitarian activities and presents various ideas of citizens before the government.

Some voluntary organizations focus on specific issues such as human rights or child health or the environment.  World NGO Day is celebrated worldwide on 27th February every year. Here are some ways to celebrate World NGO Day

Donate on NGO

NGOs take responsibility for the medical care of orphans, poor people, and even sick people.  NGOs come forward for various types of service work.  They help the helpless people who are affected by the flood.  Even during the pandemic, NGOs provide financial support.  So today on this World NGO Day, donate some money to NGOs.


One after another, NGOs come forward in various social works.  And many people joined as volunteers.  Helping people by working hand in hand with NGOs.  Today on this World NGO Day you can also join as a volunteer.  It will fulfill your desire to be a philanthropist to a great extent.


Post about NGOs on World NGO Day and use the hashtag worldngoday.  In this, patriotic citizens will come forward for social service work with the desire to become volunteers.

World NGO Day Messages

Various domestic and foreign NGOs are constantly working for women oppressed by poverty.  They work selflessly for people.  We all know how the economic sector of every country faced deterioration during the Corona pandemic.  Because the office was closed at that time, people’s activities were stopped.  People did not have enough money to survive.  Thousands of people in every country of the world could not feed themselves.  At that time, various government and private NGOs have come to the side of those poor people.

They collected money and gave food to poor people from house to house.  They have even arranged necessary medicines during the corona epidemic.  Also, many NGOs come to the side of homeless people during various natural disasters.  They stand beside people and help them as much as possible.  There are numerous NGOs in the world that are constantly working for human welfare without any interest.  We all know that NGO is a non-profit organization.  Here are some messages for them today on this World NGO Day.

  • We will never forget your contribution.  We survived on your trust during the pandemic.  Happy World NGO Day to all.
  • You are the people who stand beside us without any interest.  It is because of you that countless poor people in a country are assured of survival.  Happy World NGO Day.
  • When a person has nowhere to turn for help.  Then you make that place.  We can ask you for help.  Happy World NGO Day.
  • You are the artisans of humanity.  People of a country trust you because of your tolerance towards people.  Then the people of that country look at your face.  Happy World NGO Day.

World NGO Day Wishes

These organizations have social or political goals; For example, human causes are formed at community, national and international levels for the welfare of the environment. And, these NGOs or non-governmental organizations play one of the main roles in international development, aid, and human welfare. In present times, NGOs play a very important role.

They try to fill the voids in society by going beyond the jurisdiction of the government. These non-profit organizations act as a kind of mechanism through which people can voice their concerns about any social or economic problems and feel free to seek help.

 NGOs make society trust them and create an enabling environment. People continue to destroy the natural environment to improve their living conditions. However, NGOs are also monitoring these activities. They are introducing various types of control measures to prevent the overuse of natural resources.

 So that our health problems or unnecessary natural disasters do not occur due to environmental damage.  NGOs constantly work for the people of the country and society.  Send a beautiful wish message to NGOs today on World NGO Day.

  • Thank you for always coming forward for social service work.  It is because of you that the poor people of society get help. Happy World NGO Day.
  • It is for public welfare that these NGOs become a major part of solving our social problems and meeting our needs. Happy World NGO Day.
  • These non-profit organizations act as a mechanism through which people can voice their concerns about any social or economic hardship and feel free to seek help.
  • Happy NGO Day to all.  Thanks to all NGOs for coming forward in the service of humanity.  It was because of you that the helpless oppressed people of the society got the assurance of survival.
  • NGOs that come forward for public welfare are the artisans of humanity.  Because of them, many children are getting the light of education, many sick people are getting medical treatment.  Happy NGO Day to all NGOs on World NGO Day.  Your debt cannot be repaid.

World NGO Day Status

NGO is a non-profit-based voluntary social organization engaged in development activities.  Along with the government, these private institutions help the people of the country for overall development.  The beginning of the 21st century saw the growth and expansion of these voluntary organizations in developing countries.  NGOs exist not only at the national but also the regional and international levels

These NGOs are working for poverty alleviation and rural development.  Currently, the main task of NGOs is to utilize the self-development potential of people.  To make it possible for people to change their situation.  Post a beautiful status on your social media account this World NGO Day and use the hashtag World NGO Day

  • NGO is a great organization of human service for patriotic people.  Let’s join hands and shoulder to shoulder with NGOs today and come forward in human service.  Happy World NGO Day
  • As human beings, it is our responsibility to serve the people and stand beside the helpless oppressed people.  And we can easily do this work as volunteers of NGOs.  Every citizen has to unite and serve the country.  Happy World NGO Day everyone.
  • Today people have got the assurance of survival because of you.  Many children are getting the light of education.  The hungry are getting food.  Those without clothes are getting clothes.  And people suffering from lack of treatment are getting medical benefits.  Your contribution is unforgettable.  Happy World NGO Day.

FAQ about World NGO Day

What is the date of World NGO Day?

27 February. Source Wikipedia.

Who started World NGO Day?

The IX Baltic Sea NGO Forum’s representative in the Baltic Sea States.

What is the full form of World NGO Day?

 Non-Governmental Organizations or NGOs work for the upliftment of society.

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NGOs are working in human service, they are constantly looking at the people who need development in some areas, according to which they are working in different parts of the world, NGOs are constantly working selflessly.  Even giving employment to the unemployed.  When the disadvantaged poor people benefit from this process, a certain self-satisfaction works in them, and their social status increases which motivate them to move forward.  Work in NGOs is very dynamic and multi-dimensional. 

They work to achieve the rights of women and children and to provide proper assistance to underprivileged women and children.  Their contribution to eliminating unemployment is also unforgettable.  We all should stand by NGOs.  With a little help from us, they can help many more people.  So, let’s celebrate World NGO Day and join NGOs as volunteers for human service