World Pollution Prevention Day 2023

Nature and the environment are facing a crisis today.  This crisis is not of any particular group, country, or nation but of the entire mankind.  The endangered environment is due to various natural and man-made activities.  To build a world suitable for human habitation, we want a pollution-free environment.  Therefore, ‘World Pollution Prevention Day’ is observed to increased awareness and take an effective role in preventing environmental pollution worldwide. December 2 is celebrated as ‘World Pollution Prevention Day.

The day is observed with the aim of global political action and public awareness for the conservation of the environment and biodiversity, control of environmental pollution, and improvement of environmental standards. The environment is the container of life, the carrier of vitality.  Since the beginning of creation, its existence has depended on the ability of the animal to adapt to the environment.  If the environment is unfavorable, the destruction and destruction of organisms are inevitable.  Humans and other plant and animal life develop depending on the environment.

So, there is a close link between the environment and people.  But due to various reasons, human civilization is facing extreme threats due to the problem of environmental pollution.  There are various types of research going on to get rid of it. So, every year we should observe World Pollution Prevention Day to create public awareness so that people can know about the serious harmful aspects of environmental pollution and by doing this it will be possible to prevent environmental pollution to some extent.

History of World Pollution Prevention Day

On this day in 1984, a terrible gas accident in Bhopal took place.  The reason why this day is observed every year as National Pollution Control Day is to make people aware of environmental pollution and to create awareness to save themselves from a polluted environment. Bangladesh ranks after India and China on the list of the most polluted countries in the world.

On the other hand, the capital Dhaka ranks third in the world in terms of pollution among big cities.  The report of the International Global Burden of Disease Project shows air pollution as the fourth leading cause of death in the world.  More than 5.5 million people die worldwide every year due to air pollution.  Environmental experts say that Bangladesh will suffer from severe air pollution in the future if effective measures and public awareness are not raised.

 Meanwhile, the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) and the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) have confirmed that the Earth is healing itself from the huge hole in the weight layer caused by the reduction in carbon emissions due to the lockdown.  Earlier, during the coronavirus epidemic, scientists reported the creation of a huge hole of 1 million or 100,000 square kilometers in the sky of the ice-covered North Pole at the beginning of April.

The people of the world would be under direct threat if this hole turned towards the south. According to a report published by the World Bank, Bangladesh is one of the countries most affected by pollution and environmental hazards.  28 percent of the annual deaths in Bangladesh are due to pollution-related diseases.  But the average death rate worldwide is only 16 percent.

 The statistics of the World Bank also said that the level of pollution in urban areas has reached an alarming level.  While comparing the Asian countries, the report mentions that while 28 percent of deaths are due to pollution in Bangladesh, this rate is 11.5 percent in Maldives and 26.5 percent in India.

Why we should observe World Pollution Prevention Day

We should celebrate World Pollution Prevention Day to rise Environmental protection requires awareness.  Through awareness, we can keep nature and the environment beautiful.  As a result, the earth will survive, and mankind will survive.  For this, environmentally friendly thinking is needed. Thousands of people are dying due to global warming, water, and air pollution, and environmental degradation due to adverse effects on biodiversity and soil.

If we do not address this with proper planning, the consequences will be dire.  Natural resources will be destroyed, migration will increase and so will conflict. Environmental pollution is a serious threat to mankind.  So, we can do some work to control environmental pollution for our own sake. How important nature is in our lives, many people may have understood a little after the corona epidemic.  Efforts to increase awareness about the environment have been going on for many years.  But now many avoid that conscious message.

The main purpose of World Pollution Prevention Day is to make people aware.  Promote more afforestation to prevent environmental pollution.  The role of trees in maintaining the balance of the environment is many.  However, the environment is under threat due to the reduction of afforestation. So, we all should observe World Pollution Prevention Day every year.

How to Observe World Pollution Prevention Day

There is no alternative to healthy breathing.  In this case, air purity is important.  It appears that the country’s air pollution is so dangerous that the opportunity to breathe normally has become limited.  The air is always polluted with dust, toxic fumes from vehicles and factories, and stench from garbage and other elements.  At times it is also seen that the polluted air keeps the city covered in fog.

People are living in such a toxic atmosphere.  Inhaling polluted air is causing incurable diseases.  Cancer, breathing problems, asthma, heart disease, and kidney diseases are being affected by various complex diseases. If we do not take effective measures now to stop environmental pollution, we will face a dire disaster.  So, on World Pollution Prevention Day, we all should come forward to protect the environment.  Let’s take some effective steps on World Pollution Prevention Day to make the environment beautiful. Here I’m telling you the way to celebrate World Pollution Prevention Day

Plant trees

Fruits and vegetables can be produced in one’s area.  As a result, the number of vehicles used to deliver fruits and vegetables can be reduced.  In addition, the use of pesticides and preservatives can be reduced for the long-term storage of fruits and vegetables.  These preservatives directly cause air pollution.  Emphasis should be placed on organic food items.  Get into the mindset of growing them in your garden.

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

Waste materials should be recycled.  Glass, plastic, aluminum, or newspaper should be recycled instead of thrown away.  As a result, the accumulation of garbage will not spread pollution.  Even the fumes emitted by burning these wastes will not harm the environment.  So plastic or glass bottles, even newspapers can be recycled without throwing away. So, start to recycle your waste materials on World Pollution Prevention Day.

Make family members aware of toxic things

It is better not to use contaminated and toxic things at home.  It is possible to create a healthy environment from home on World Pollution Prevention Day.  Wooden jars can be used instead of plastic toothbrushes, cans, and bottles.  Instead of using chemical sprays to kill mosquitos or mosquitoes, it is possible to repel insects with some natural or homemade products.

Say no to plastic

Say no to e-plastics today on World Anti-Pollution Day.  Plastic is the most harmful material to the environment.  Plastic mixes with soil and harms our environment.  So start using cloth bags and glass bottles instead of plastic.

Organize Seminar/TV shows

Besides, on World Pollution Prevention Day, various environmental organizations and NGOs should organize seminars, symposiums, human bonds, meetings, gatherings, rallies, exchange meetings, the celebration of national and international days related to environmental pollution, publicity and campaigns on environmental pollution prevention and cultural activities related to the environment. 

Harmful aspects of pollution

The environment is our only source of survival.  But we are constantly polluting this environment in various ways.  The level of environmental pollution around the world is increasing every day.  Significant causes of environmental pollution include overpopulation, unplanned urbanization, indiscriminate deforestation and deforestation, misuse of natural resources, rapid industrialization, excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides, industrial waste, toxic vehicle fumes, depletion of the ozone layer, acid rain, and unplanned housing construction.  , poverty, use of cosmetics, plastic products, etc. One day people became addicted to conquering nature.

Mankind’s addiction did not end even after conquering nature.  With the benefit of science and technology, humans began to dominate water, land, and space.  But this victory of a man plunged man into defeat.  Today we face a dire crisis.  This crisis is not a particular country, nor is it a particular nation.  This crisis is all over the world today.

The environment of the world today is polluted in many ways.  Our future is now terrible because of this lot of pollution. Millions of people in the world are in fear today due to terrible environmental pollution.  Waiting for a catastrophe!  Poison in the water today.  Panic in the air.  Terror on the ground.

Over 80 species of animals have become extinct in the last 60 years.  Hundreds of species of plants are extinct. Our economy has improved.  As a result, 22 million tons of carbon monoxide is being stored in the air every year.  The proportional rate of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrous oxide gas in the atmosphere is gradually increasing.  As a result, the amount of acid in the rainwater is increasing.  This acid rain is causing epidemics in forests.  Poisoning food grains.  Green forests are rapidly being destroyed.  80 percent of the world’s current tropical forests.

Of this, every minute 21 hectares of arable land is barren.  Every year 75 lakh hectares of land is becoming desert. Every minute 50 hectares of fertile land are becoming sandy.  A huge amount of oxygen is decreasing in the air every year.  Misuse of science is increasing the oppression of nature.  Various types of pesticides are being developed and applied to protect crops.  These dangerous chemicals are entering our bodies.  As a result, many complex and difficult diseases are forming in our bodies.

 80 percent of new diseases are being created in the world due to environmental pollution.  As a result of environmental pollution, polar ice is melting and turning into water.  .  As a result, the sun’s deadly ultraviolet rays will touch the animal world.  Plants and wildlife are endangered today due to pollution.  The number of fish in sea-river-reservoir is decreasing day by day.  Various diseases are appearing in fish bodies.

What can be done to prevent pollution?

Plant Tree

Air is polluted when the number of gases and dust particles other than oxygen in the air increases.  All animals on earth take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide during respiration.  Plants, on the other hand, take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen.  Due to the continuous increase in population and indiscriminate killing of green trees in the world, trees are decreasing.  For this, trees should be planted.  The brick-and-mortar city lacks space to plant trees.  You can plant trees on the balcony or the roof.

Throw garbage in the right place

As drainage drains are usually connected to reservoirs, the wastes of cities, bazaars, houses, excreta of various animals, canals, bills, and rivers are polluting the water.  It is mandatory to set up a treatment plant or Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) with every industrial plant.  Also, do not throw household garbage into the water and throw it in a designated place.  This will prevent both water and air pollution.

Stop honking unnecessarily

The sound of bus trucks, railways, hydraulic horns of launch steamers, loud noise of airplanes, the sound of factories, the sound of breaking bricks and stones, sound of microphones, sound of crackers, bazaars, traffic jams, the noise of people in public meetings, the sound of drums, storms,  Cyclones, lightning and roaring of the sea are major causes of noise pollution.  Noise pollution causes symptoms such as hearing loss, headache, heart disease, neurological disorders, mental disorders in children, insomnia, irritability, loss of concentration, etc.  So avoid activities that cause noise pollution.

Stop burning garbage

During the dry season, many people collect garbage and burn it.  Especially the dry leaves of the forest are wasted in this way.  The smoke produced from it is very harmful to the environment.  Besides, smoking is one of the causes of air pollution.

Use fans instead of air conditioners

Using AC consumes a lot of energy and emits a lot of heat which is bad for the environment.  AC takes more power to operate than the fan.

Avoid bursting crackers or bets

The use of firecrackers in any festival is increasing day by day.  It is causing noise pollution as well.  It is also responsible for air pollution.  Also, many accidents are happening due to this.

Reduce the use of pesticides

On the other hand, the use of pesticides should be avoided.  Pesticides that are being used to control insects on land are polluting all three areas: soil, air, and water.  Which is very harmful to human health.

The use of plastic should be reduced

It is a threat to the environment.  Plastic waste is polluting the soil, water, and air.

World Pollution Prevention Day quotes

Our environment is constantly being polluted due to man-made causes such as overpopulation, the establishment of factories, an increase in the number of vehicles, the destruction of forest areas, etc.  And the harmful effects of this pollution are falling on the entire living world.  Nowadays pollution is one of the biggest problems all over the world.

According to experts, various complex diseases including cancer, heart disease, infertility, deafness, tuberculosis, hepatitis, asthma, and typhoid are increasing as a result of environmental pollution.  Human performance is decreasing.

In May, a research report by the Lancet Planetary Health Journal, a UK-based health journal, said that more than 2 lakh people die every year in Bangladesh due to toxic air and waste pollution.  Which needs to be remedied immediately.  And to remedy this, it is necessary to increase public awareness. Here are some inspirable quotes you can use in World Pollution Prevention Day

  • “Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites.” -William Ruckelshaus.
  • “It is horrifying that we have to fight our government to save the environment.” -Ansel Adams.
  • “People ‘over-produce’ pollution because they are not paying for the costs of dealing with it.” -Ha-Joon Chang.
  • “Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented.” -Barry Commoner.
  • “The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river.” -Ross Perot.
  • “We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” – Aldo Leopold.
  • “Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented.” – Barry Commoner.
  • “Environmental pollution is a blight on people’s quality of life and a trouble that weighs on their hearts.” – Li Keqiang.
  • “Today we’re dumping 70 million tons of global-warming pollution into the environment, and tomorrow we will dump more, and there is no effective worldwide response. Until we start sharply reducing global-warming pollution, I will feel that I have failed.” – Al Gore.
  • “Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.” – Jacques Yves Cousteau.
  • “Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because we’ve been ignorant of their value.” – R. Buckminster Fuller.
  • “The earth we abuse and the living things we kill will, in the end, take their revenge; for in exploiting their presence we are diminishing our future.” -Marya Mannes.

World Pollution Prevention Day Messages

From ancient times to today, the world as a whole is losing its pure environment.  That is, the environment is getting polluted.  Human health, morale, and performance depend on a healthy environment. It is the responsibility and duty of every citizen of the country to protect a healthy environment.  The environment around us consists of water, air, light, soil, and plants.  If any one of them is destroyed, the natural balance will not be maintained.

The existence of living things will be endangered.  Each of us should take a pledge to create a pollution-free environment for our own sake. We should take care that our new generation does not play a vocal role towards the environment only through social media.

Indeed, let them become nature lovers and be responsible for the preservation of the environment not only on a particular day but throughout the year. In this World, Pollution Prevention Day sends messages to your friends and family to encourage them to come forward to prevent pollution.

  • Saving the environment means saving a life.  Let’s take a pledge to prevent pollution.  Come forward for the welfare of the environment on World Pollution Prevention Day.
  • We have already done a lot of damage to the environment.  Now it’s time for compensation.  Let’s come forward to prevent pollution this World Pollution Prevention Day.
  • It is our responsibility to protect our environment.  Let’s protect the environment together.  Celebrating World Pollution Prevention Day.
  • Progress is not possible without change.  We are responsible for this damage to the environment.  Prevent environmental pollution without facing real death.
  • Destroying the environment means destroying yourself.  We have to save the environment from this destruction. This World Pollution Prevention Day Save the environment by planting real trees.

World Pollution Prevention Day Status

Environmental pollution is a serious threat to the balance of the environment as well as to mankind.  Environmental pollution is constantly driving us towards silent death.  So, to live a happy and healthy life, environmental pollution must be avoided.  There is no substitute for our awareness. On this World, Pollution Prevention Day shares some statuses on your social media accounts.

  • See nature is crying today because of human oppression.  If we continue to pollute nature at this rate, we too will die soon.  We are making cities by cutting down trees, making luxury, and destroying green nature with our own hands.  But this nature is the key to our survival.  So today on World Pollution Prevention Day let’s do something good for nature.
  • In the face of crisis, the entire environment, the entire plant corner, the entire forest.  Thousands of green lands in the face of destruction.  Sometimes it rains the imbalance is increasing.  Save the environment only then you will be considered human.
  • Congested city traffic sighs.  Carrying the disease on the chest.  Life is miserable today.  Human society is responsible for this condition.  Come forward for the environment on World Pollution Prevention Day.

FAQ about World Pollution Prevention Day

What is the theme of World Pollution Prevention Day 2022?

“The Air We Share” is the theme of World Pollution Prevention Day 2022.

What is the Date of World Pollution Prevention Day?

2, December. Source- Wikipedia.

Why do we celebrate World Pollution Prevention Day?

To know people the harmful aspects of pollution and to encourage people to make our environment healthy and safe.

We have done a lot of damage to our environment.  Now is the time to protect the environment from harm.  Otherwise, we and our next generation will face various natural problems.  Urgent steps should be taken today to prevent pollution.

On World Pollution Prevention Day, all the people of society and the government should come forward to prevent the pollution of the environment.  It is our responsibility to save our environment.  It is the responsibility of every citizen to protect his environment to protect society to protect the country.  So, on World Pollution Prevention Day, do something for yourself for the sake of the environment.  This World Pollution Prevention Day. Let’s do the environment well. Keep eyes on nationaldaylist. Thank You.