Happy World Savings Day 2023 History, Message, Wish, Status, Quotes

Today 31st October is ‘World Savings Day’. This day is observed to remind everyone to be frugal for the welfare of family and nation.  The day is mainly observed by calling for frugality. Wasters can do nothing not only for themselves but also for society, family, and nation.  Scientist Franklin said in this context, ‘Be careful with small expenses.  A small hole can sink a very large ship’.  Remember, you don’t need to be rich to save.  Every person dreams of a beautiful life.  Faith is born from this dream.  The propensity to save develops from conviction.

There are more people without resources and money in the world.  We must dream of frugality to cheer the heart of the poor, to develop sympathy for the wealthy.  The best course is to indulge in the dream of a benevolent thrift nation, rather than tossing and turning as an obligation of divine precepts and religious precepts.  The honor of the advanced nation will hang on the forehead of all people only if they can awaken the human perspective.  An abundance of money and a way out of the arrogance of wealth will open up. 

The inactivity of collecting wealth through unfair and illegal means will be prevented.  Wealth and abundance will serve as a sufficient example to realize that all the pleasures of life are not comforts.  Although the trend of earning money is very slow among the rich, poor, poor, and beggars.  Here the issue of satisfaction is taken into consideration as main, the main.  Deen-poor, hide-and-seek, hungry-naked also earn money. 

Revenue is not the exact identity, but the key identifier is within the expenditure stream, flowing within the continuum, taking into account the various areas of expenditure.  No excesses or transgressions are taken into account in the approved calculations.  A balanced and moderate philosophy of life is universally acceptable.  It needs to be clarified here that practicing frugality does not mean stinginess. 

Avarice is hated in all spheres of life.  hateful act  Frugality is the avoidance of unnecessary luxuries.  Life is one of the means of success.  Smooth progress by taking proper planning, coordinating demand and capacity by setting a planned budget, and making arrangements to make one of the world’s most valuable ‘money’ hassle-free and secure.  Creating and maintaining the mental state of surplus cash distribution systems, gaining the mental strength to spend on human welfare, and ensuring self and family well-being without any negligent austerity in the actual health care system is a smart way of indirectly cutting costs.

 According to experts, frugality means moderation in spending or spend according to income.  Moderation in expenditure also means frugality.  Every year, about 130 million tons of food is wasted in the world, which is about 60 lakh crores in Bangladeshi currency.  But every day in the world 170 million people spend their days in a state of hunger.  The upper class of society wastes food worth billions of rupees.  And the people on the side of the road have to pay for it. you may rWorld Toilet Day2023 history, message, wish, status, quotesead

History of World Savings Day

The day promotes the importance of savings among people. World Savings Day has declared the last day of the First International Savings Bank Congress held in Milan, Italy in 1924.  Italian professor Filippo Ravizza announced this on the last day of the conference. After World War II, National Savings Day gained its greatest popularity and success between 1955 and 1970.  But since Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was killed on October 31, 1984, World Savings Day is being celebrated on October 30 in India.

Why do people celebrate

Saving money and frugality is essential for a secure lifestyle.  In the course of life, we ​​have to face many situations which require a lot of money to deal with.  A thrifty person can therefore always lead a comfortable life.  Savings help in getting a proper education, getting better healthcare, and sometimes even starting a new business. 

In short, there is no comparison to a saving spirit to make life easier, worry-free, and more secure.  Not only that, but its importance is also immense in the global economy.  Therefore, to change the lax attitude of the public towards saving and make them more aware of it, this World Savings Day celebration was specially planned to highlight the importance of saving money instead of keeping it at home in a safe place in the bank without excessive spending. 

The importance of savings is promoted worldwide on this day.  Savings not only ensures personal security but also help the nation by providing financial security promoted on this special day.  Efforts are made to convince people about the importance of wealth. Thrift is a very essential thing in human life.  Thrift brings prosperity to every human life.  The more people save their lives, the more personal, family, and social security they will have.  Thrift increases people’s wealth and opens the way to help others.  Above all, the growth of internal resources is very important for our national development.

And the methods of accumulation of this wealth are voluntary savings and compulsory savings through taxation.  As discretionary wealth increases, dependence on tax or revenue income decreases.  Based on this policy, the developed countries of the world are moving forward.  Any savings can play a significant role in progress and development.  And wastage and wastage are not acceptable in the Islamic economy.  It is forbidden in Islam because of its various harmful effects of wastage and extravagance.  In the words of the great book Al-Qur’an, “And when they spend, they are not wasteful, nor are they miserly, and they are in the middle of these two.” That is why frugality is the best quality of people.

How do people celebrate World Savings Day

Saving drives are planned in various schools, and colleges.  Even on the occasion of this day, special courses are organized in schools to teach children about the benefits of saving virtue from a young age.  Even savings bank passbooks are distributed.  Efforts are made to make people aware by distributing leaflets and pamphlets about savings among the people, sometimes with the help of posters. 

Even newspaper articles and news channel special programs are part of this celebration.  Also, various educational films are shown in some parts of the world to raise public awareness about savings.  Thus behind the saintly effort to make people save around the world is the thought of secure life for every individual as well as an effort to strengthen the roots of the global economy. This day is celebrated by organizing various events to make the people more aware, to further increase the saving mentality among the people.

The first World Savings Day was celebrated in 1925. After World War I, people were no longer confident about saving.  Savings Banks then worked to promote savings to support schools – colleges, offices, sports, and women’s associations.  This World Savings Day became popular after World War II.  And since then, World Savings Day has been celebrated in the republics of Belgium, Austria, Italy, Cuba, Colombia, Germany, India, Indonesia, etc.

World Savings Day Quotes

The day is observed to draw public attention to the importance of thrift and savings.  The need for frugality is immense for citizens of a third-world country like ours.  Because the tendency of wastage is evident among the people of this country.  Wasters can do nothing for the individual, society, and the state.  Here are some World Savings Day Quotes –

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to

impress people they don’t like.”

– Will Smith, an American actor

It is never too early to encourage long-term savings.”

– Ron Lewis,

Influence is like a savings account. The less you use it, the more you’ve got.”

– Andrew Young

Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.”

– Benjamin Franklin, an American polymath

World Savings Day Messages/Wishes/Statutes

The importance of savings for the country’s economy and for individuals is highlighted.  Savings are essential to the global economy and depositors play an important role in developing these savings.  This is why it is said that a penny saved is a penny earned.  Because you can start earning more with your savings.  Below are some World Savings Day Messages/Wishes/Statutes –

Savings made today never go to waste as they help you in times of need… Happy World Savings Day.

  Save a certain amount of money in your hands for tomorrow and you will never regret it… A very beneficial Happy World Savings Day to you.

  Saving is very important, tomorrow is unpredictable.  Happy World Savings Day.

  Happy World Savings Day… Don’t spend everything today because tomorrow is waiting for you too.

  Small steps can add up to big savings over time….  Follow this philosophy to have a better future… Happy World Savings Day.

FAQ About World Savings Day

When World Savings Day is celebrated?

Ans: World Savings Day is celebrated on the 31st of October is ‘World Savings Day. source wikipedia

Why World Savings Day is celebrated?

Ans:  A thrifty person can therefore always lead a comfortable life.  Savings help in getting a proper education, getting better healthcare

At present, war, financial depression, and rising commodity prices cannot be avoided.  So every person should be encouraged to save for himself and his family.

 An increase in the propensity to save not only improves oneself or the family, but it can also make a country’s economy stronger.  For this reason, the developing countries of the world put special emphasis on saving day. 

Like developing countries in Bangladesh, the day also gets special importance.  In this regard, domestic banks and financial institutions are playing an important role. Savings provide survival.  Savings mean future success.  From childhood, our mother and father taught us that saving a penny means earning a penny.  Its importance is immense. There are three types of spending – austerity, thrift, and extravagance. 

Islam condemns stinginess and extravagance.  And encouraged frugality.  The number of wasters in our society is increasing day by day.  Extravagance or extravagance is particularly common among the capitalist rich.  Especially the government employee-corrupt clique has built a mountain of wealth through illegal means and is squandering wealth for no reason.  There is a waste of resources in various government development projects and other financial sectors.  Therefore, in all cases, initiation of frugality should be taken. Thanks for being with us.