International Beer Day 2023 History, Message, Wish, Quotes and Status

Beer Day is celebrated all over the world. International Beer Day has been celebrated since 2007.  Drinking these alcoholic beverages is considered by most to be harmful. However, do you know that drinking beer also has benefits? After tea and coffee, the fame of this bitter-tasting drink caught the attention of the world. Although it tastes weird, it has many virtues. 4th August is celebrated as Beer Day across the world.

Beer contains B vitamins, antioxidants, phosphorus, folate, and some good bacteria. So beer does not harm the body. However, more beer can decrease homocysteine ​​levels. It can lead to a heart attack.  So drink enough beer to stay healthy.

History of International Beer Day

The earliest traces of brewing were discovered during the study of Babylon and Mesopotamia.  Archaeologists have found recipes for beer written on clay tablets dating back to 4300 BC and ceramic vessels dating back to 3400 BC. In ancient Egypt, this product was part of the daily diet: pharaohs, farmers, priests, and even children drank beer.

In ancient recipes, ingredients were unusual for us: for example, dates and olive oil. And in the Middle Ages, monks in the Christian church began brewing beer using hops. Modern breweries use the same technology, but they have improved over time.

n August 2007, California hosted the first day of beer that was destined to grow internationally.  American Jesse Avshalomov came up with this idea – when he wanted to attract more visitors to his bar in Santa Cruz. The idea was acclaimed: five years later, by 2012, International Beer Day was already celebrated in 50 countries on five continents.

In those years, the holiday had a non-transferable date, it was celebrated on August 4th every year. But later, the organizers, after interviewing fans, decided to postpone the celebration at the beginning of the weekend. International Beer Day is now celebrated on the first Friday of August every year.

Why do people celebrate International Beer Day

According to experts, beer increases bone density. Along with joint pain, beer helps in bone formation.  So it does not harm the body. You can eat beer. Drinking beer can get rid of cancer. Beer inhibits cancer-causing enzymes. If you can be free from this disease. Similarly, the role of beer in increasing the skin area is great. It is also good for hair. You can apply it to your hair with beer. Many problems will be solved under this. Beer shampoo is also very beneficial for hair.

Drinking beer keeps the kidneys healthy. It reduces the risk of kidney stones. However, drinking too much beer can damage the liver, pancreas, and heart.

Beer can cause multiple physical complications along with multiple benefits. Those who suffer from insomnia should not forget the beer. It disturbs sleep. Follow these special tips. Multiple complications will be removed.  Also, it contains a certain amount of alcohol. Which can cause multiple damages to the body. In that case, if you want to stay healthy, it is better to stay away from alcohol.

Pregnant women do not forget to drink beer. Drinking beer can cause serious harm to children. Even, this is harmful to the expectant mother. Also, stop drinking beer while planning to conceive. The more you stay away from alcohol, the healthier your body will be. Follow these special tips. Multiple complications will be removed.

Therefore, International Beer Day is mainly celebrated to make people aware of the benefits and harms of beer.

How do people celebrate International Beer Day

Various theme parties, quizzes, and games, excursions are organized on International Beer Day. Tastings are held at factories, private breweries, and bars. Holiday participants can participate in competitions drink beer for a while, guess the type of drink, and come up with the best outfit for a bottle. A popular game is beer pong, in which players throw balls, trying to get into beer mugs standing at the other end of the table. Gathering and rallying friends.

Congratulate and thank those involved in the production and serving of the frothy drink. Taste beers from different races and cultures.

 Local organizers come up with new competitions, games, and traditions every year, and on this day the drinking establishments don’t close until morning.

One of the most popular and oldest festivals is Oktoberfest in Germany, where more than 6 million people from different countries gather every time. The event has been held since 1896.

 Every year in September, people from all over the world come to Munich to have fun with like-minded people, attend folk festivals, listen to good music and drink real beer.

According to tradition, exactly at noon on the day of the inauguration, the chief of the city opens a barrel of the foamy drink and begins the “Beer Marathon”, which lasts about 16 days.

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International Beer Day Quotes

Beer is without a doubt one of the oldest beverages and as such is the most consumed beverage around the world. Most people begin their attempts by consuming alcohol with beer. Here are some International Beer Day Quotes-

  • He who drinks beer sleeps fast;  He who sleeps long does not sin;  He who does not sin enters heaven!  So, let’s drink beer!”  – Martin Luther
  • “Well, there’s free beer in Irish heaven.  Everyone is jealous.”  – Kevin Hearn.
  • Beer, it’s the best damn drink in the world.  – Jack Nicholson
  • Intellectuals of beer.  What a shame so stupid drinks it.  – Ray Bradbury
  • Beer culture is part of the food and beverage world.  It is not just a product in cans and bottles but has value as an agricultural product with good ingredients.  – Michael Jackson
  • Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.  – Benjamin Franklin
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  – Kinky Friedman
  • Today we are friends because we both like beer and we both like to drink together.  – unknown
  • Milk is for babies.  You gotta drink beer when you grow up – Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Stick with beer.  Beer is continuous blood.  constant lover  – Charles Bukowski

International Beer Day Messages

Living alone in a foreign country, there is no chance to go to the pub with friends and get drunk in Somers. Then only one love fills the mind, aroma bath after office back to dormitories. And then sit on the rattan chair on your favorite balcony and close your eyes and listen to your favorite Rabindra music, holding a glass of beer, even a can, no harm. Below are some International Beer Day Messages-

  • I know my day is going to end with a beer so I’m excited to start in the present! Happy International Beer Day!!!
  • Life is boring without beer!  Wishing all a glassful beer day.
  • I’m excited to start this day because I know my day is going to end with a beer!
  • My son made sure his mom didn’t come to find out about my love of beer today!
  • There is a day for everything.  Why not for beer?  Cheers!
  • I give due respect to beer because it is always with me to give pleasure.
  • Fall in love with your beer every time you take a sip!  Happy National Beer Day.
  • When love is cold, it will leave you.  But when a beer is cold, you don’t leave it!
  • I want to marry a girl who loves beer!  Have a great Beer Day 2023!

International Beer Day Wishes

Beer, as we know it today, appeared around the 13th century.  It was then that hops began to be added to it.  Breweries appeared in Iceland, Germany, England, and other European countries, and each has its secret for making this drink.  And then these traditions were taken to other countries. Here are some International Beer Day Wish-

  • There’s no celebration without beer. Happy International Beer day.
  • There are 24 hours in a day and to my surprise, there are 24 beers in a case! Happy International Beer day.
  • You can’t taste any gold but you can taste beer!  A precious thing in a glass! Happy International Beer day.
  • Rather than fall in love with a girl and hurt me, I ask Bear to be my Valentine! Happy International Beer day.
  • If you are a beer lover, wherever you go, you find a family! Happy International Beer Day.
  • The doctor advised me to do yoga.  So I had to do yoga every day until I got a good posture!
  • Beer is a manly thing!  Keep your doctor away with a glass of beer! Happy International Beer Day.
  • They say don’t drink beer.  Why should I believe them?  Who are ‘they’? Happy International Beer Day.

International Beer Day Statutes

The beer was brewed according to various family recipes, passed down from father to son, and kept in strict confidence.  It is believed that the tradition of hosting wild beer celebrations comes from Iceland, the home country of the VikingsBelow are some Statutes-

  • When beer levels exceed, all languages ​​are the same! Happy International Beer Day.
  • Life without beer seems boring!  Wishing everyone a glassful of International Beer day.
  • Celebrate this International Beer Day with a glass of beer.  No other meaningful celebration. Happy International Beer Day.
  • Grab a glass of beer and reunite with your lost friends. Happy International Beer day.
  • May International Beer Day helps you reconnect with your near and dear ones.

FAQ about International Beer Day

What is the date of International Beer Day?

4 August. Source-Wikipedia

What is world alcohol day?

On October 3

What is World No Alcohol Day?

October 2nd

Beer is the most consumed beverage in the world.  Hope you enjoy the day and wish you a Happy Drink Beer Day. National Beverage Days allow you to enjoy small celebrations throughout the year and, falling on most weekends, can help you turn the mundane into something extra special.  Thanks for being with us.